When EVERYONE wants to get something for NOTHING . . . WHO’S LEFT TO SUPPLY THE SOMETHING?

Even amongst the MOST well Intentioned, Fair-Minded, and Independent People . . . there are within our midst, those who believe that the Government should PROVIDE Services above and beyond National Security, Law and Order (Police), Fire Protection, Solid Infrastructure, Good Education, ETC . . . TO A NEVER-ENDING DEGREE.


The FIRST Question we have to Resolve is this . . . Does the Government have Money outside of what it Taxes its Population?

The SECOND Question . . . Is the Government Above and Beyond the People?

The THIRD Question . . . Does the Government Exist to Serve the People? Or do the People Exist to Serve the Government?

The Answers . . . Are All We Need To Know – To Know The Truth.

You All Know The SIMPLE Answers To The Preceding . . . So let me tell you about a somewhat heated conversation I had the other night with a 20-Something Year Old Farmer Wannabe, who believes in the Socialist System of “Supply Management”, which is a Fancy LEFTIST Way of putting a Positive Spin on Communism, where the Government Picks Winners and Losers, and decides upon everything from who can Farm, what he or she CAN & CANNOT Farm, how much the person can Farm, what the Prices of the Product will be, and how much the Product can be Sold for.


Wherever in the World, when Supply Management has been Government Policy . . . be it in the USSR (Russia), Cuba and Venezuela to mention just a few – there has been nothing short of MISERY, DEPRIVATION & FAILURE. History has IRREFUTABLY proven that it simply does NOT work.


Two Things Came out Of This Conversation . . . which bothered me more than just somewhat:

The Young Man I Was Debating With . . . thought he was smart, but freely admitted with Pride, that he paid no attention to the Media, didn’t Read Books, and knew Nothing about the Government and Social Issues, because as he said to me . . . “I’m too busy trying to make money”.

He also said that he supported Supply Management, as long as he was on the RECEIVING END. So, when I asked him about the people who SUFFERED because of the INADEQUACIES of Supply Management – HIS RESPONSE WAS TOUGH! That’s their problem. And I know that his Hard Working Parents didn’t raise him that way.

SO . . . From where did this Young Man develop such an Ignorant, Arrogant and Selfish Attitude, which with GREAT Regret isn’t JUST UNIQUE TO HIM, which points the FINGER IN ONE DIRECTION . . . TO THE SCHOOLS.

If This Is What The Schools Are Turning-Out? . . . We’re Up The Creek.

I have good Friends who I care about . . . who are Dairy Farmers, who Depend on Supply Management, who are otherwise Conservatives, who don’t want to see this system end, because it’s their GRAVY TRAIN, and I don’t want to see them get hurt . . . BUTTTTTT:

I neither see the Fairness nor Democracy . . . and especially the MERITOCRACY where perhaps as FEW as 12,000-Dairy Farm Families throughout all of Canada, should Benefit at the Cost of 35-MILLION Canadians, because the Government allows them to have a Food Monopoly.

Because of this COMMUNIST ERA SYSTEM OF SUPPLY MANAGEMENT . . . we in Canada, pay as much as FOUR TIMES the money for the same Milk, Cheese, Poultry and Eggs than Americans Pay for the Same Produce.

AND TO DEFEND THIS OUTRAGE . . . We constantly hear from our Canadian Farmers and Government, how the American Farmers are going Broke, because of Competition, how our (Canadian) Produce is Better and Healthier than the same Produce available in the USA because of our system (yet I haven’t heard of mass food-caused-illness in the USA where People are Dying in the Streets), and how in the long run our Canadian System is far more Equitable than the System is in America.


AND THE REALLY SAD PART IS . . . those who don’t know better, or don’t want to know better, or who do know better, but don’t want the Consumers to know better, DEFEND THIS COMMUNIST ERA OUTRAGE, as if it is somehow a good thing for the Canadian People, to FORCE Canadians NOT to have Competition and Better Prices in what we eat.

IMAGINE THE OUTRAGE . . . if the Government FORCED my Farmer Friends to buy their Farm Diesel Fuel from ONLY ONE Source, when everyone else could buy their Fuel from whomever they would want?

Or . . . that they could ONLY buy their Seed from ONE Supplier, where everyone else could buy their Seed from whomever they would want?

Or . . . that they could ONLY repair their Tractors at just ONE Repair Shop, when everyone else could repair their Tractors wherever they would want?

Or . . . Even Better; they Could Only Buy Their Tractor From ONE Dealer, when everyone else could buy their Tractors from any Dealer they would want?


What happens if the Product You’re Producing gets SO EXPENSIVE, because of Supply Management, that people simply stop buying it, and you can no longer make a living Farming to pay your Bills, your Rent/Mortgage, Taxes, Tractor and Equipment Loans, Seed, Fertilizer, Fuel, Insurance, Maintenance, Light, Heat and Electricity, plus Food To Put On Your Table? . . . To which he responded . . . “I’LL SELL THE FARM”. As if that would solve all of his problems.

I think the MOST Disturbing part of our Conversation . . . was when I asked, what about all the FOOD PRODUCTS, which are so much more expensive in Canada, than we can buy for a Fraction of the Cost in the USA, just a few miles across the Border from where we’re at? His solution . . . “BAN IT FROM COMING INTO CANADA”.

What Else Could Have Been Said To Describe This North American Tragedy?


AFFIRMATIVE ACTION . . . in many ways, is akin in theory to America’s Supply Management, since it is based almost Exclusively CONTRARY TO A MERITOCRACY.

Do you think Black America IS WHERE IT’S AT TODAY, with its Unbelievable Level Of Unemployment, Underemployment, Single Parent (Mother) Families, Poverty, Ignorance, Poor To No Education, Illiteracy, Crime, Drugs, Violence and Incarcerations . . . FOR NO GOOD REASON?

TO ASSUAGE THEIR GUILT . . . during a time in American History, when Blacks were so Badly Treated, White America, from the Early to Mid 1960’s, Passed Laws giving an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE TO BLACK AMERICANS VERSUS WHITE AMERICANS.

THE RESULT . . . Is that many opportunities became ENTITLEMENTS, where Education, Jobs, and Government Benefits didn’t go to the MOST Deserving, but Rather, to the MOST Black, which meant that many of America’s Brightest and Most Talented were DENIED EARNED OPPORTUNITIES. So in the Long Run . . . Who Benefited?

When you DON’T have to Work for What you Get . . . And when the Government Picks and Chooses Winners and Losers . . . WHAT YOU GET – are the Entitlements Of Nothing, delivered by the Government that Created the Mess, which is currently TEARING OUR COUNTRIES APART FROM THE INSIDE.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Said It Brilliantly . . . “The Trouble With Socialism Is That Eventually You Run Out Of Other People’s Money”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I blame our leftist education systems (including leftist homes) for the ignorance that pervades society today. By the time
    that I finished secondary school at age 17, I had had 12 part time jobs. Working for a living was a (happy) way of life.

  2. One of your best commentaries ever! It’s all about “control” of products and people! “Entitlement” concept in USA is tearing our nation apart, but all by design (“Globalists” don’t want “nations” anymore)! Young people today don’t want to “work for a living”- they want things handed to them, but these “hand outs” leave them with a hand up (just wanting more), without doing anything to deserve it! Your “older and wiser” attitude is much needed and appreciated! Texans already miss you living here!

  3. Yep! It’s called stupidity!! When you spend time trying to discuss this logically with one of THEM, you are wasting time……You know time is life. It’s not worth it. A friend is a GOPer. He says Conservatives are extreme, and the way to success in the USA is “compromise” with the Dems. You and I and your readers know that is exactly what has allowed Communism to flourish in the West. He just doesn’t get it, and…..ignorance is bliss. “Those who teach the children…..”. Right on, Mollie.

  4. Shockingly correct! All the PC leadership candidates, except one (I think), support supply management… a very bad situation! But the one opposer may well win the leadership…

  5. We need change in our government,1-do not reelect those in office and those that follow. 2-No more entailments ,life time
    pay and health benefits. 3-change the welfare system ,bring a clause that you have to do some work on any project that
    will benefit the people set by a government more free stuff only for the disabled. Secure the social security and raise every year due to cost of living.

  6. I fear for my grandkids. Not even in Kindergarten yet and I know what is going to happen to them They are super smart and think for themselves, which we all know will NOT be tolerated in school.

    Thanks, Howard, for a great commentary.

  7. Excellent article as usual Howard. The attitude of that young farmer is the attitude of most of the US, i.e. 65,000,000 voters for Hillary. They all want something for nothing, want everyone else to provide for them, and want to take no personal responsibility for their own lives. God help us, but I don’t know that we can turn this around with so many indoctrinated to believe they are owed something.

  8. Howard, the problem with your argument is that we are dealing with our food supply. I don’t necessarily agree with supply management. But I do believe OUR Gov’t should act to PROTECT our food supply. if not then we risk becoming beholden to foreign Govt controlling our food! is that a better situation to be in? What if they decide to slap on export taxes, or just block the supply because of demands from their own populations?

    Remember you can’t eat money.

  9. Sad to say but most human beings will take the easy way out, given the choice. The latest idea being considered by the Ontario Liberal govt, is to give a guaranteed living wage of $17,000 to everyone. They will start with a select group, in the hope that this group will use the opportunity to increase their productivity & improve themselves. Not sure how the Liberal mind works but this has got to be the most insane idea yet. Can anyone help me understand how this is supposed to work?

  10. For years, I have felt that the greatest enemy of the U.S. is the public educational system. The far left teachers have polluted the minds of the young for decades.

  11. I’m Confused, AGAIN….did NOT get point of TODAY’s “POST”!!

  12. Government is a necessary evil. At it’s best it is incompetent, at it’s worse it is corrupt.

  13. Our God set up a government a long time ago. The guide lines are there you just have to use them but greedy men get in the way of good sense. Taxes? Every one thinks they are over taxed and for the most part are but if these same greedy men would use the money right, we could manage on what comes in. Donald Trump is on the right course. Yes he has made his money but now people want to take it from him. People who take on the responsibility of government need to play by the rules of our con

  14. In 1972 my in-laws were operating a dairy farm near Niagara Falls, Ont. Due to a sudden heart attack my father in-law passed away. His poor widow had a distress sale of the farm. Totally unknown to her the government CONFISCATED 10% of her milk quota. Since she was unaware, there was no provision in the offer to purchase. The money was TAKEN from the proceeds and left her with next to nothing. At the time I asked where does the 10% go? Nobody knew it then. May be your “wannaby” can tell us.

  15. I agree totally with the comment posted by John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA. Sad part is parents are so busy trying to make a living (sometimes working 50-60 hrs a week) they have little time to delve into what is being taught to their children and/or the slant of the teaching. Parents are beginning to realize the trust they put in school system to have best interests of their children is a fallacy. The change began in the 60s & now the 3rd generation are parents, teachers & professors.

  16. Entitlements of little or near nothing from the government: Definition – communism!

  17. Quebec alone is home to nearly half of the country’s dairy farms – 5,894 – and pockets 37 per cent of dairy farm revenues. See what this is really all about? As usual, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec…sick!!! Just like equalization, a big government money laundering scam for Quebec…sick.

  18. When elected, Hussein Obama PREACHED to SHARE OUR WEALTH in order to resolve our Country’s SOCIAL problems.All it did, however, was to help CREATE an ENTITLEMENT SOCIETY!Of course, the HELICOPTER parents who chose to HOVER over their kids didn’t help either because these kids now feel that they are OWED everything and don’t have to WORK, due to so many THINGS being FREE.SOCIAL PROGRAMS have contributed to our now Socialist Government’s TRILLION of DOLLARS DEFICIT and are DESTROYING AMERICA!AMEN!

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