COMEY IS GONE . . . which is something that should have happened when he let Crooked Hillary off the HOOK during the 2016 campaign, instead of having her Charged with a Myriad of Crimes, with SEDITION being just one of them.

AND NOW THE KABUKI THEATER BEGINS . . . with Chuck Schumer and all the other Washington Jerks Feigning Outrage at Comey’s Long Overdue Dismissal, which they themselves, have been calling for.

I THINK . . . that what has the SWAMP most Confused and Up-In-Arms, is that Comey wasn’t FIRED in the USUAL Sick Washington (Swamp) WAY, but rather, as people in the REAL WORLD ARE FIRED, without the accolades, delays, warnings and special benefit packages.

AND IF I WAS CROOKED HILLARY . . . Given This Development, I Might Be A Bit More Nervous Than Just Somewhat.


Just in case you thought I might have been Too Harsh on France in my last Editorial, the Heading to This Editorial Translates Thusly . . . “Long Live A Free Quebec”.

IN 1939 . . . My Dad, along with approximately HALF of ALL Able Bodied Canadian Men of Military Age, Signed-Up To Go And Fight The Nazis . . . which also included Liberating France, a country that SURRENDERED to the Germans in LESS than 2-Months after the start of WWII, after BRAGGING about their Over-Stated Not-So Invincible MAGINOT LINE, which the Germans Crossed as if it wasn’t even there.

AND WHILE HALF OF CANADA’S ABLE BODIED MEN . . . went to fight in Europe, the vast Majority of whom were ENGLISH, since the French Population and the Government of the Province of Quebec were mostly SUPPORTIVE of the Nazis (Fascists).

Montreal’s Mayor During The War Years . . . Camillien Houde, was INTERNED during the War for his Support of Hitler and the Nazis, while he Railed Against Conscription, who along with a Slew of other Very Notable French Quebecers, Implored Quebec’s French Residents to Run To The Woods and Hide Instead of Serving.

EVEN THE FATHER OF CANADA’S CURRENT PRIME MINISTER . . . Refused to Serve. But, to add Insult On Top of Injury, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, rode his motorcycle through the countryside of Quebec during the War, wearing Nazi Regalia, as Good Men like my Father and Uncles Slogged Through the Mud, Cold and Hardships, FIGHTING their way to Defeat the Nazis and Liberate France along with the rest of Europe.

That is NOT to say that many French Canadians didn’t serve, since many did, but not enough, since all the way back then, and even to a disturbing degree today, Quebec Anti-Semitism and Hatred for the English during the time of the War Was Legendary.


NOT ONLY didn’t French Quebec Recognize the Free French of Charles De Gaulle as the Legitimate Government of France, INSTEAD . . . Quebec recognized the Pro Nazi Vichy Regime, which established their pseudo “Embassy” in Quebec City.

And from Quebec City, the Vichy Representatives used the cover of their Quebec Based “Embassy” to spy on the USA, to the extent, that the Director of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover, asked the US President for a “Finding” that would Enable the FBI to Assassinate Complicit Members of the Quebec and Vichy Governments.


ON JUNE 24, 1967 . . . when Canada was celebrating our ONE HUNDREDTH YEAR of Nationhood, Charles De Gaulle, the French President, who was the “Hero” of France, while he Sheltered in the Safety of London England, while the Nazis Occupied his Country – came to Canada as a guest of our Government, during a time of National Celebration.

But, not only was Canada Celebrating 100-Years of Confederation, the Province of Quebec, on June 24th, was Celebrating its Annual St Jean Baptist Day, which over the Years has Morphed from a Religious Commemoration into La Fête Nationale . . . Quebec’s NATIONAL Holiday, even though Quebec is NOT . . . and has NEVER Been a Nation.

SO HOW DID THE “HERO” DE GAULLE . . . who watched Brave, mostly English Canadians, who SUFFERED, BLED & DIED Fighting to Liberate his Country, while he hid in the safety of England . . . THANK CANADA FOR OUR SACRIFICE?

ON JUNE 24, 1967 . . . From the Balcony of Montreal’s City Hall, De Gaulle Declared for all to Hear, QUEBEC’S SEPARATIST CALL TO ARMS, during a time when Canada was literally at War with French Quebec Separatists . . . “VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE”.

AND HERE’S SOME REAL IRONY . . . As far as The French of France are Concerned, the French of Quebec are no better than Mongrels & Mutts, virtually an Embarrassment to the French Language of Molière, so much so, that when Quebec Produced Movies, which are brought to France, the Arrogance of the French Producers very often DUB-OVER the Quebec French, by French Speakers from France, so as not to Defame the French Language by French Quebecois (Quebecers).

Imagine the INSULT if England, Australia or any other English speaking Country would do that to each other?


Not only will France NEVER have kind words from me for the things they have done, starting with the last French Inquisition, which MURDERED & DISPOSSESSED French Jews at the time just prior to Napoleon . . .

But also, how they supported Nazis, showed little Gratitude to the Americans, Canadians and British for Saving their Country and Freedom from the Germans, not just once, but twice within a span of 21-Years, but also . . . how they Repeatedly Screwed Israel in Arms Deals and at the United Nations.

And then of course with . . . “VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE” – You Reap What You Sow.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Once, a couple of decades ago, I worked where (among my immediate peers) there were two very anti-Christian “atheists.” For a couple of years, they made demeaning comments to me and about me to peers and students. UNTIL, one day a Jewish colleague stood up to them and called them anti-Semitic. They quickly denied the charge until he explained to him, “When you denigrate her for practicing her religion, you endanger my right to practice mine. That makes you an anti-Semitic.”
    The nastiness ended

  2. Howard, I think you just nicely summed up the cowardice and principles of socialists. Let others work hard and put their lives in danger and the socialists live to enjoy the fruits of those others.
    And about Firing Comey and all that “FAKE” outrage at Trump firing him …. after the dems wanted him gone after the hillary loss. And lets not forget Bill Clinton Fired his FBI Director the day before his own Assistant Vince Foster Died “Mysteriously”. Where was the same MSM outrage?

  3. Well said . Having lived in Quebec and worked for the French in France , Canada and the US all I can say is : Hit The Nail On The Head With This One Howard

  4. That is quite a history lesson, Howard. Whom would have known??? There are sure some awfully cruddy people on this planet. Thanks for outing some of them; we need the truth. Unfortunately as much as we think things change, they seem more to be the same. We fear for this Trump administration…..too many sympathetic to the Marxist Democrats, too many leaks continue to occur and too few Constitutional Conservatives fighting back.

  5. In actuality we’ve been forced to fight in the Boer wars so the British could loot The Boer republics of their resources. We fought in the the Sudan up hold British interests and same went for both European Fratricidal conflicts that have resulted into the immaculated mess it is today. We (Quebec) had no business fighting any of these conflicts because in the end it had nothing to do with our well being. The same goes for all those idiotic middle eastern and central Asian boondoggles.

  6. France’s problem even began before the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacres. They have been messed up ever since. Very sad. They are reaping what they have sown for many generations. They have also had their eyes on the whole Quebec territory long before the American Revolution. This is part of the problem you all are having in Canada with the French language conflict there.
    Few know history today.

  7. A little known fact about DeGaul: he was a lieutenant during WWI and ordered to hold his position no matter what. He was warned that his position will be bombarded, but DO NOT abandon the position. When the dust cleared all seemed dead so he was awarded the Legion of Honour posthumously. Months later it was discovered that he surrendered and was a prisoner of war. Cowardice and desertion were firing squad offences. Since he was called a national hero, France did nothing.


  9. There is no difference now that france has elected a man who welcomes all muslims and Canada’s PM who has a open door policy for muslims. Americans should not visit france or quebec since these people don’t like us and the safety factor of muslims.

  10. The Quebec separtistes are hyjacking the Canadian Conservative Party election for leader of the party. This is a result of the stupidity of the Conservative candidates and their campaign managers. They seem to be supporting the separatist idea that there is No English in Quebec .. they have been sending out unilingual French only communications to all members living in Quebec …. Are you aware of this fact ??? I almost reqret joining the Conservative Party
    David Stanhope Montreal Quebec

  11. several years ago at my Passover Sedar there was a very prominent American who was working in Paris for 3 years. I made the statement that France had a severe problem with not assimilating its Moslem immigrants and that there was wide-spread anti-semitism in France. He disputed all of my warnings. Now several years later Howard you and I are both correct about the France. i do wish them well but they have to save their own country from internal destruction.

  12. Real truth of history (US & world) is not being taught any longer. History textbooks in schools/colleges today is watered down, rewritten to tell a whole other story than what really happened and why. Text book writing/oversight and approval was taken over 30+ years ago by socialists. It is a means of propaganda these days & along w/socialist left-leaning teachers & professors spawned from the teaching of those rewritten history textbooks, is it any wonder we are reaping the mess today?

  13. You are correct in your saying, “you reap what you sow.” A country is only as good as the moral character or those that are in the leadership. It funnels down to the common people. We have been under leadership that promotes an attitude of “you owe me syndrone.” Unless one contributes to our society, we do not owe you anything! Get out and earn what you need to live on. Giving one everything creates a lazy society! Yes, we do take care of those who are handicapped!

  14. Yes Harold. We who inhabit this “pale blue dot in the blackness of Space” (Carl Sagan) have a long way to go. Encumbered by over 4000 religions and cults, and communicating in over 6000 languages and dialects, it will take a while to educate the vast majority of us, who must learn (1) that we all have “homoeostasis”, the desire to live happily for as long as possible, and (2) to succeed in doing so, one must live by “the golden rule” (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.).

  15. Excellent comments above, Mr. Rice. Just wondering if the word, MORAL, has been REMOVED from the dictionary?Of course, it’s far from being a POLITICALLY CORRECT word!ENTITLEMENTS have created a LAZY, SELFISH & UNCARING society, thus creating NEGATIVE FUTURE REPERCUSSIONS for our Country.Re: France–it’s INTERNALLY destroying itself and, like other countries, will need to seek future assistance from America. We were so fortunate that PRES. TRUMP was elected and not “HILLARIOUS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  16. Hear, Hear! After 29 years in Quebec (a mistake)… took the freedom train!

  17. Funny story. When I was in Bosnia in 2002, I attended a NATO meeting in Sarajevo that didn’t have an American attendee. The Chairman, who was Italian, looked around and said…”I believe we can conduct this meeting in NATOs second language (French). The French Army attendee opposed the suggestion and pointed to the Vingt-Deux lieutenant-colonel and said “No we shall do it in English..because I do not understand his French.” Being an Anglo…I laughed and laughed.

  18. Howard, my step father from Ontario and many more men served in the Sherbrooke Fusilliers during WW 2 . They didn’t have enough Québécois to fill the ranks. He was in a tank which landed on DDay 2. I have been to France many times and really enjoyed it, but not again. Too scary now. What a shame. The French people are kind but incredibly stupid to have voted for Macron.

  19. Frederick, it is true that the Quebecois brand of French is not understood by many educated French-speakers from France or any of the immigrants from ex-French colonies. Yet they are brought in to Canada to increase the number of French-speakers in a desperate attempt to Frenchify Canada. The City of Ottawa is being pressured into becoming “Officially Bilingual” & a French rally to intimidate the City Council is being planned for Ottawa on May 31st. Contact [email protected] for details.

  20. As I recall from WW2, the Germans never attacked the Maginot line. Instead, they easily went through countries to the north such as the Netherlands.

  21. Good points Howard. Sadly the Nazi sympathizers and collaborators based in Quebec during the second world war like Pieere Trudeau eventually took over Canada and proceeded to legislatively vandalize and destroy that once great nation to the point where it is unrecognizable from its historical roots and culture. Regretfully Canada is lost, replaced by the worthless artificial construct of Trudopia, a tragic and unnecessary loss.

  22. Isn’t it lovely to have a ‘Nation’ supported by the ROC (rest of Canada) by the exorbitant amount of over One and a Third BILLION dollars. Something to be proud of! I would like to say more but it might not be very nice.

  23. Howard. The French in Quebec claim that they are pure laine ( blue blood ) it seems they have forgotten how their women came from France to service the French soldiers. They were women taken out from prisons and from whore houses to send to new France, in order to multiply the population, and they are proud of this? By the way I didn’t know about Pierre Elliott Trudeau supporting the Nazis during the second world war. They deserve what they get. Steve Acre, Canada

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