LA GRANDE ARMÉE . . . The largest, and in the Mind of the French Population at the time (early 1800’s), it was the INVINCIBLE Global Army, whose Troops Numbered more than Half A Million, which to them, was the Greatest Pride of France.

AND TO THE FRENCH . . . Even By Today’s Standards – they look upon their History as LA GLOIRE, The Glory, from Conquests Far & Wide.

Based upon the IDIOCY of the French Voters, no different than Canadian Voters and more than half of American Voters, France is about to take a REALLY BAD TURN, since the French Elected a Man who TURNED his back on The French National Anthem . . . LA MARSEILLAISE, to INSTEAD Stand Tall with the European Union Anthem – ODE TO JOY.

The French Elected an INTERNATIONALIST, who believes in Globalism FAR MORE than he believes in FRANCE, who also believes that the Future of France LIES IN MOSLEM IMMIGRATION & THE ISLAMIC “CULTURE”.


Marine Le Pen “might” have been somewhat of a Fascist like her Father, as her opponents and the Media made her out to be. But who knows? WHAT WE DO KNOW . . . Is that Marine Le Pen was for FRANCE FIRST, along with controlled Borders, Historical Roots, Conservative Values, and a Healthy FEAR and SKEPTICISM of Islam.


On September 13, 1759 . . . the French under General Montcalm got his ASS Served to him on a Platter by British General James Wolfe on the Plains Of Abraham in Quebec City, which effectively ended the French/British War in Total Defeat for the French, giving Canada to the British.

On October 21, 1805 . . . the British, under the Command of Admiral Nelson, CREAMED, the French/Spanish Fleets at the Battle of Trafalgar.

On September 14, 1812 . . . the French took a Stab at Russia, and by December 1814, Napoleon was back in Paris, Licking his Wounds at the Near Total Decimation of his Grande Armée.

Then on June 18, 1815 . . . the British delivered the COUP De Gras to the French Troops at Waterloo.

On August 3, 1914 . . . Germany Declared War on France, and began a 4-Year Campaign, which Beat the French Silly. And without British, Canadian and American Troops, German would have become the Official Language of France.

On May 10, 1940 . . . The Germans started their Assault on France again. And in LESS than 2-Months, on June 22, 1940, the French Signed A Letter of Surrender to Hitler. And once again, without British, Canadian, and American Troops, the French had their Second Encounter of having their Official Language become German.

In 1946 . . . Right after WWII, France Reclaimed their Colonial Sovereignty over Vietnam, and by March 1954, after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, France was soon back at the Surrender Table . . . Signing The Geneva Accords of 1954.

IN 1962 . . . the Algerians Booted France from their Shores, and told them Not to Let the Door Hit Them On Their Way Out.

I won’t even Delve into the TRUTH . . . that the First Nazi Death Camp was in France, or that the French Vichy Government was PRO NAZI, and aided and abetted the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Or . . . that CONTRARY to the Romantic Image of the French WWII Resistance, there were far more Nazi Collaborators than French Resistance Fighters, which only described a Nation that stood on both sides of the Fence.

OR HOW ABOUT . . . The FACT – that the WWII Conquest of Paris by the Allies was DELAYED by Several Days, because De Gaulle needed more time to make his HERO’S Return, who otherwise waited-out the War in England where he was safe?

OR IN 1969 – That France EMBARGOED Mirage Fighter Jets to Israel, which were Bought and Paid For, so as not to aggravate France’s Moslem Suppliers & Clients.

ALSO IN 1969 – France Embargoed 5-Gunboats, which, like the Mirage Fighter Jets, were also Bought and Paid For by the Israeli Government.


I Personally Find It Incredible . . . to Believe how Any Country, that has had MORE Screw-Ups, Failures and Defeats than France, could possibly Lay Claim to being one of the Great Nations of the World, Great Enough to Sit on the United Nations Security Council, to make decisions the Rest of the World should take Seriously AFTER VOTING FOR IT’S OWN CULTURAL EXECUTION WITH MACRON.

France has a population of approximately 67-Million People, of which, approximately, 10% are Moslem, which I personally believe is HIGHER THAN THAT, since France does NOT want to show their own NON Moslem Population that they’re being OVERRUN. And I certainly don’t have to Paint a Picture about NO GO MOSLEM ZONES, Excruciatingly High Moslem Unemployment, Moslem Criminal Assaults on Normal Citizens, especially French Girls, and the NON-Assimilation of Moslems with Sharia Law.


IN 1948 . . . After WWII, the USA DONATED the 2017 Equivalent of $130-BILLION to War Torn Europe, with the Second Most Amount of Money, Approximately Equivalent . . . to $25-BILLION in 2017 Money going to France, which effectively Rebuilt the War Torn Country . . .

And What Did America Get Back From France For This Extreme Generosity?

I’m Kind Of Thinking . . . President Trump is Caught between a Mountain of Rocks and an Equally High Number of Hard Places, as he’s being Pushed and Pulled in all Directions from the LEFT, the Media, RINOS, his Unelected Democrat Son-In-Law (Jared Kushner), and he Equally Unelected LEFTIST Daughter Ivanka.

TRUMP HAS TO KNOW . . . That Between him and the Western Civilization as we Know It Today; there is a Very Thin Line that we are TIPTOEING around.

And I worry everyday, if President Trump is up to the Task to keep us from Crossing it, and I also worry everyday that those who are guiding him, are NOT guiding him in Directions that could bring us FURTHER away from Salvation . . . and CLOSER to Perdition.

I look at France, look at the Rest of Europe, and look at Canada. THEN I LOOK TO THE SOUTH AS OUR LAST RESORT . . . And Pray that This President WON’T LET US DOWN.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank G-d for your words and your courage, Howard. You NAILED it. I’m all for the “bad Jews” of the world and hope to be numbered amongst them. Many blessings to you and yours!

  2. The real test for France’s new leader will be keeping the lid on the next Muslim terrorist act … probably in the next 60 days.
    It will happen How he minimizes it to the world and how he handles the French Population’s backlash to failed security will be his real challenge as the newly minted leader …. likely blame it on the outgoing guy and his failed Vison . As with Canada , you get what you elected .

  3. Howard. Do not worry. I have mentioned a number of times here that a modern day prophet, Mark Taylor has been told that Trump was chosen by God to make America Great Again. People can believe it or not. Mark was correct in his prediction in 2011 that Trump would be our next president, and I mentioned this a number of times here before the election. I believe what Mark is saying. Watch and see. Mark’s life story & his prophecies are on the internet under his name.

  4. Having spent several times visiting france and a friend and speaking with many people about there politics most accuse the U.S.
    of causing both WW1 And 2. I find that the french are very narrow minded and rude.Having a open door police with muslims
    and all the death attacks you would think the citizens would wont the door closed. Vive the U.S. and the hell with france..

  5. Much discussion around the dinner table here, but without your wonderful detail in history. We deeply believe the Kushners are no friends of our Constitutional Conservative Republic, and we too, pray this will all end well. Cannot think of one true conservative close to Trump. France has been lost for decades; your research proves that. They just put the final nail in their coffin with Macron…..Hello Islam within the next 10-15 years. Clearly defines…suicide!

  6. Howard, you may have left out the bombing raids the allies made on Ploesti, Romanian oil fields to keeps the Nazis from getting the oil. France WOULD NOT ALLOW U.S. or any allied planes to fly over their air space making it very difficult to do without running out of fuel. This was probably the fault of the Vichy government, which you did cover above. There is one word to describe France, starts with “P”, but I do not want to insult women.

  7. Howard, right on again. As far as I am concerned the French people think of their past and the conquest of Napoleon. They are dreamers like the Muslims when they think of their great armies who swept the Middle East; North Africa; Spain and part of Europe. But that was a long time ago. What the hell did they produce in the last 200 years. Suicide bombers.
    The French will go down the drain just as most of Europe will in a generation or two. Steve Acre, Canada

  8. WOW, thanks for the “heads up”, HG & the other posters on this web-site! We definitely need to pray for France, the Trump family (epecially Ivanka & Jared), & the world! NOT looking good, from where I see it!!

  9. The arrogance and conceit of these cowards is best illustrated when de gaull (the gull of him) came to Canada and shouted about Vivre de Quebec Libre – the arrogant bastard. The Jews are leaving en masse….now it will just escalade.

  10. Great editorial Howard. Only one correction; France stiffed Israel with the Mirage jets in 1966, not 1996.

  11. For the future of France (as we know it) Marine LePen would have been the correct choice. Now, the continued free entry into France by Muslums will continue. The number now in France is far more than they know. Things will get far worse as they move to take over. What did we get from France for all our assistance, thats easy, the CROISSANT.

  12. I agree with you. The undoing of Trump can be the Kushners. re France, right after WW2 there was a cartoon.. “French Army Rifle for sale. Never fired. Dropped once.”

  13. Howard the French voted for Macon and i do believe this will put the Moslems in control of France. Oh well they made their bed and now they will have to sleep in it. I now wash my hands on Europe first the Dutch now the French next Germany.
    Canada is next with this Snowflake P.M.

  14. All very interesting about France and its history …. but as a Canadian, I am much more concerned about our present Prime Minister giving OUR CANADA away to his Muslim friends. We have already seen what has taken place in England and many parts of Europe. I don’t want that to happen to Canada!!

  15. France elected another of those items they are so fond about.
    Either they will finally fold and disappear under Islam, (including France’s nuclear arsenal and delivery systems), of they will again run asking that the US save them That is the French way… Miserable trash that they have proven to be.

  16. I am curious as to why you omitted the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. It was, of course, just another French military debacle, consistent with all the rest. Great editorial. I try to feel sorry for the French, but they go out of their way to make it all but impossible, the election of Macron being but the latest example. They, and others, keep trying to live in the world as they think it should be, rather the world that is.

  17. Howard–you must remember Churchill’s comment that the biggest cross he had to bear during WW11 was the Cross of Lorraine.

  18. Marine le Pen v huge populus of non democratic Muslims, as citizens vote & influence outcome. Will happen in Canada if not stopped now. Door to Muslim immigration must be shut water tight NOW. Canadians, go to the “ACT for Canada” website, find the new petition against M-103 and the link to vote against it. I’ve just found out (google REBEL) Muslim person can pass restricted gun test & obtain a RPAL wearing a Niquab, (full face cover) exempt from showing her/his face and buy guns legally. WOW

  19. I have a wonderful friend who is currently in Beijing, China studying Chinese Medicine. One of her classmates is from Paris, and when asked says she has no plans to ever return to France. In the words of Donald Trump, “Paris doesn’t even look like Paris anymore.” If nothing else, the French are at least consistent!

  20. The French can only win in places that respect the “Rule of Law” because the law can be manipulated by deviousness. Canada made the biggest mistake in her history by accepting PM Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution, which is severely flawed & has been described as “illegal”. This version of our constitution has given the French far too much undeserved power through the Official Languages Act. Using the knowledge of French as a tool, Canada is now controlled by French-speakers. This is wrong!!

  21. I think about the only thing that the French do & I like it – Is the kissing on both cheeks & that’s it! They really did cave during WW II. They didn’t want anything to happen to the Parisian buildings, the old ones with history. Heavens, England was bombed over & over, again & again!!! England survived & helped win the war. While the French showed their cowardice – England showed it’s pride – The Royal Family stayed in London & refused to go & hide. I have always admired England for that.

  22. Surely there’s something good one can say about France and the French people…right…give me a minute and I’ll think of something…

  23. I still remember Jeudi Noir, July 1942 or 43 when they rounded up all the Jews in Paris and sent them off to the concentration camps. The neighbors did nothing or were happy! Payback! It’s not sweet, but it is self-inflicted!

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