How we Perceive Reality . . . is Critical to how we Respond to Reality. So, when I write about our Freedoms . . . and how CRITICAL to us – IS OUR FREEDOM OF AN HONEST MEDIA – I’m not just writing to push words.

I hope the reason why so many people read this BLOG, is because I really do NOT want to be a ONE-TRICK-PONY, droning on and on over the same thing, over and over again, simply regurgitating it differently every time.


I was very happy to give-up on MOST of FOX News, with the exception of FOX & FRIENDS in the Morning, and a glance now and then at Tucker Carlson, and/or Sean Hannity at Night.


I also like Judge Jeanine (Pirro) and Jesse Watters on the Weekends, which I generally try to watch on the Sunday Repeat Shows, because in their simplistic ways, THEY REALLY SHOW IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

When I have a chance, I’ll watch some of the 6:00 O’clock News with Bret Baier, and Mostly Dismiss the Analysts, who have their own Opinions, which don’t make them any more Right or Wrong than you and me.

And I’m not much of a Fan of the Arrogance of Charles Krauthammer, who seems to have to admit more often than not, that he was wrong over this assessment or that, such as being wrong about President Trump, Sarah Palin and so many Conservative Republicans like Ted Cruz.

AS FAR AS ALL THE REST OF IT GOES . . . It’s Just the Same Old Same Old, Pushing Long Legs, Coiffed Hair, & Entertainment As Real News.

AS I SEE IT . . . Fox News has already had its Best Days, with the WAY THEY FIRST WERE under Roger Ails – BUT NOT TO BE CONTINUED, as Fox News Embraces (or continues to embrace) LEFTIST Hosts, who People . . . mostly like you and I DISDAIN.

I DON’T NEED . . . to have my Face Rubbed In It every time Fox News has one of their Fair & Balanced Moments with their Cadre of SMUG & ARROGANT LEFTISTS, which seems to be all the time.

If I really felt COMPELLED to be Gut-Punched, Lied to, and Derided every time I turned on a TV News Channel, I would turn to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, & ABC in the USA, with CBC, CTV & GLOBAL in Canada. BUT WHY WOULD I WANT TO AGGRAVATE MYSELF?

AND IF I WANTED TO READ PUBLISHED PROPAGANDA . . . I would read Newspapers and Magazines like the NY Times and Time Magazine.

BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO . . . I want to Know the Truth. I want to Read things that I can Believe In. I want to Hear things that are Honest and Accurate. And I want to See/Hear REAL Debates and Read REAL Editorials Based Upon The Way Things Really Are, and not the Way the LEFT wants to convince us they should be.

FOR EXAMPLE . . . I don’t want to hear EXCUSES and Editorials on why the MILLENNIALS are such a MESS, when in FACT; the Truth is, it’s because their Parents and Educators FAILED THEM MISERABLY. And I don’t want to hear any more analysis about how the MILLENNIALS will find themselves – BECAUSE THEY WON’T & THEY CAN’T.


WE ALLOWED . . . and through our Laziness and Lack of Interest, we ENCOURAGED our Teachers, Bureaucrats, Media and Politicians, to ENTITLE our Youth into Believing that our Society is a Society of FREE RIDES, where everyone is a WINNER, and a MERITOCRACY is somehow a BAD THING.

THE GENERATION(S) WE SPAWNED . . . are LOSERS, who are INCAPABLE of Carrying the Torch of Prosperity & Liberty, which we carried from those before us . . . AKA – The Greatest Generation Ever, who were “Constructed” on the Principle of VALUES, RESPECT, SUCCESS, FAILURE & PRIDE. Where NOBODY got a Gold Star just for Showing Up, and NOBODY got a Prize or Trophy just for Trying.


But what I ALSO CAN’T COUNT, which is the Most Important Number Of All . . . are how many times I GOT UP EACH AND EVERY TIME . . . to Try Again, Again, And Again.

BUT DON’T EXPECT THAT FROM THESE GENERATIONS . . . Because they won’t get up. They will expect YOU to get up for them. And they‘ll expect YOU to brush them off and tell them that it will all be better, and that whatever didn’t work out, or whatever was the reason for failure . . . THAT IT WASN’T THEIR FAULT.

SO WHEN THE ASIANS FROM CHINA, INDIA, VIETNAM – ETC . . . And the Eastern Europeans, including the Russians and Ukrainians Continue to BEAT the Crap Out Of Us in Business, Real-Estate, Manufacturing, the Sciences . . . Etcetera – It Won’t Be For No Reason.


I Watch and Listen in Stunned Bemusement . . . as the Media, many on Fox News, started with the Departed Megyn Kelly, as they refer to the Millennials as Snowflakes, almost in a Cutesy Fashion, which DIMINISHES THE REAL CRISIS, which is that we have LOST an Entire Generation or MORE . . . of the Would-Be Stalwarts who are supposed to Carry Our Torch to Continue what we Built.


Not ONLY have we Blown any Chance to Redeem and Replenish this LOST GENERATION, we have Trained Losers on how to Train MORE Losers, to the point, that if they Knew Nothing, and simply got out of the way, that too would NOT BE GOOD . . . but nonetheless an improvement.

BUT IN THIS REAL WORLD, NOT only are they NOT getting Out Of The Way, they’re OBSTRUCTING those who are WILLING, ABLE & CAPABLE to perhaps SAVE what we have. Or at Least to HOLD-THE-FORT until we could come up with a Plan B.

IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . Everyone should Understand, that in our Two North American Societies, the Battle Before the Global Battle Begins . . . will be the WAR WITHIN . . . when the Price of a Generation (or two) of Media, Government, and Educational MALFEASANCE will have to be paid – And it won’t happen slowly . . .

One Morning – JUST LIKE THAT . . . We Will Wake From The Night, And Find Ourselves In A New World. I doubt that we will be able to FIX what we’ve Broken, especially looking at the People we’ve “empowered” to govern us, but at the Very Least, we might Individually be able to Save Some Of What We Have.

PS – If you have not been Receiving New Editorial Notices by Email, it is because certain Servers have Black-Listed We’re working on getting it fixed. But in the meantime, to see if anything New has been Published on, which is more than likely, since I Publish at least 5-Times Per Week, just Visit and Check for yourself.

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. . . It’s Always Something – And Nothing’s Easy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. it seems, we are destined to repeat history, the only saving grace is Israel and I would argue a Harper led Canada on the international stage. You know what I have run into through the campuses across the country and the invisible support from the local Jewish communities, it is sad indeed. Despite the demonization on my character, I’ll keep crying out until there is no air left in my lungs for I had a good teacher: you!.

  2. When you control the message, you control the people. In days past, we couldn’t find out what the politicians were doing and if you could, you couldn’t spread the word without a lot of money. Not so any more. The media is irrelevant due to their shameless constant lies to push a narrative they WANT us to believe, plus they left their credibility in the ashes of hillary’s campaign and their sickening sucking up to obama and hiding his corruption. They are the enemy of America.

  3. For at least the last 30 years our MSM has been Politically biased one way or another. Especially Just weeks before an election. More noticeably now here in Canada. That’s what we can call “CORRUPT” Media. In China and Russia they are Forced to be bias. In the West they CHOOSE to be bias. Ironically it wasn’t until the last year or so that Social Media “CHALLENGED” the media elitists Control of what gets report and left out in News Coverage and that’s got their panties tied in a knot! Good Stuff

  4. Howard I agree with everything you say , I have never disagreed with any of your editorials
    I am Canadian living in Montreal and I am concerned about how stupid our politicans are …I am A conservative
    and I recently sign up for membership in the Conservative Party to be able to vote for the new leader of the party..
    I almost regret signing up because the canditates are so stupid they think all people living in Quebec should get
    their promotional information in French only …

  5. Teri hit the nail on the head. We can’t count on the politicians or the mainstream media to deliver the truth. Like the actor Tim Allen said recently, we may as well be living in 1930’s Germany. It’s getting scary.

  6. I wish I could go to Germany in 1937-1940 in a time machine and read what the German press was writing – fake news?
    Ms. LePenn lost the France election today. When will the French people learn? Parts of Paris are controlled by its Muslim population. France is almost in sociological ruins, yet the French people do not see it. In time, President Trump will be vindicated about keeping certain groups of people out of the US. You will see. Britain has seen the light.

  7. 100% agreement re FOX. Going down hill fast. Losing me with their smug LEFTIES. I do not want to hear any more of what these destructive people have to say. I am a proud 70 yr old mother of one 49 yr old son. He is a PATRIOT and very capable and I raised him alone so I can claim to have done something correctly. He is a watcher and a doer and will protect anyone who is vulnerable but WOE to those who would tress pass. I am very proud of him, had to say it with so many snowflakes around.

  8. The term SNOWFLAKE is very appropriate to millenials, I believe. The beauty of a snowflake is ephemeral. When one can really observe the beauty of the hexagonal structure it is for but a moment – then it melts and loses its own identity and becomes just plain old water. Under certain conditions it becomes slush, a real pain to deal with and to get rid of. Eventually it goes away. I think a very good term for that generation. They will come and they will go.

  9. Are we “creating our own Hell” right here on planet earth? (What “Global Warming” is all about?) Once people lose their “moral compass” (don’t know “right” from wrong”, have no “conscience”) almost anything is possible (given enough money, drugs, or alcohol)! “Moral decay” is infecting this planet with people “all about themselves”, not wanting to “make the world a better place”! Some of us don’t want to become “Government robots”- God gave us brains for a reason! Ignorance is “bliss” today!

  10. I quit watching TV decades ago. I get my news from YOU. I taught preschool for several years in the late 80’s & was not allowed to put smile faces or stars on the kid’s papers who excelled. During snack time, I was not allowed to have them raise their cups to give them a drink. The leadership said it was “too militaristic.” & I could not line the kids short to tall to keep track of them & allow the little ones to ‘set the pace’ for the bigger kids. Look what all that foolishness gave us.

  11. Agreed. The founding of the U.S. was the abandoning by our ancestors of their homeland because they saw a new beginning and frequently were in disagreement with the system. Many were of royal blood.. Plantagenets for example..
    The spawn of the first sons but not that of the first sons of those. With them came Judeo Christian values on which the U.S. was established. The basis for our laws go back to the Ten Commandments. Muslims and their religion are not the foundation of our country.

  12. I don’t know why people get huffed and offended when they hear the term ‘fake news.’ It exists and has existed for a long time. It only needed people to spot it. Now that they have, the media elite has their feathers ruffled. Well too bad for them. If they were more responsible they wouldn’t be in this predicament.

  13. Great Ed. HG. you write what I believe. Good comments, so glad there is people out there that feel the same.
    No news paper,, only a small time with Fox on Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Jennie, is all I can stomach. turn them off when
    Juan Williams or Haraldo is on.

  14. Amazing what I am thinking crudely you put in print so eloquently. Thank you, Howard! And a thank you to Mollie who sees the big picture and expressed it so nicely. Like the old football coach said….”It ain’t rocket surgery.” It just seems like a vast age of insanity….period.

  15. I always read your Editorials, but I’m suddenly not getting ANY of them. I don’t know if Google is blocking you, maybe so because I used Internet Explorer & I can see all the eds I’ve been missing. I know you usually write everyday. Has anyone else mentioned not receiving your Eds? Connie

  16. Canadian Dr.Marshall McLuhan ws the first to expound on modern media and showed us that “The medium is the message” and later stated the “The medium is the massage” regarding manipulation and societal impact . Warned McLUHAN “We largely miss the structural changes in our affairs that are introduced subtly, or over long periods of time”. McLuhan’s observatons were turned into the means of attack by which Liberals “Change” society.

  17. I want to know the truth and most everyone wants the truth. With the internet we are getting the truth from some. Those without the internet are still in the dark from what they see on TV and some news papers.

  18. ANOTHER “spot on” editorial, HG! Love your column, & followers!! I agree about Fox News….mute button works GREAT for the “Lefties”, who are presenting the “fair & balanced” side of the Fox news….also the big pharma advs, etc. Libbies Juan Williams, Heraldo, & Bob Bickel score a “mute” in my book, as well! Love Judge Jeannine, Watters World, Lou Dobbs, as well as Sean Hannidy. I LOVE your column, & YOUR FOLLOWERS, Harold! I find my “sanity” in this corner of the world, HG!

  19. We need a straight conservative network. It will be an extremely profitable commercial success. Fox is passe except for Fox and Friends, Hannity, Jennene, and Dobbs and Payne on Fox Business. Carleson is conservative but puts on liberals – extremely boring.

  20. We have watched the greatest collapse in Media with Fox. It is almost like Soros is in charge. Why the suicide mission? From the top of the heap to the sewer, why? Hello Netflix.

  21. WOW! If some people don’t REALIZE what’s wrong with our present SOCIETY, all they have to do is read this EDITORIAL! SOME REASONS why our society has DECLINED is because PEOPLE don’t SUFFER the REPERCUSSIONS of their ACTIONS and DON’T FACE REALITY!We live in an ANYTHING-GOES SOCIETY, which now has a LACK OF RESPECT towards the RULE OF LAW, the 10 COMMANDMENTS & SEX!The FEMINIST MOVEMENT certainly hasn’t helped in these areas.My FOX favorites=Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pero & Hannity=REAL & SINCERE! AMEN

  22. Hallelujah – I got my Howard Galganov editorial letter, finally!!! I don’t apologize for my excitement – I need my HG fix daily or close enough to daily. Yes, Connie – Howard is being blocked by quite a few mail servers. I have AT&T who is one of the bad guys. HG was working on it, I only got 2 emails & then nothing. So, I wrote a quick note to HG, giving him my Gmail address, hoping it might work. Well, update – Using my Gmail address – WORKS!!! I got my HG Editorial today. Wahoo! }:O)

  23. There is always a goal to be a “standout” in life, but that’s being a “show-off”, BUT, I still to this day, think that the original opening clip on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” has been forgotten , “from..the thrill of victory,…to the agony of defeat!” OR in terms never heard of by millennials,…..”that’s what life is about,…live with it,…and learn!,…you always have the ‘next’ time! The things you could have learned if that was still on TV, kids!!!

  24. Love all the comments! I feel the same way about FOX News and I’m really sad that O’Reilly let his ego do him in. I really hate those women who sucker in the men so easily and most of them would sell their soul (for want of what I’d really like to say) for an interview with the biggies. Then they can take them to the cleaners as the ‘lady’ did to O’Reilly!

  25. DEAR HOWARD — Enjoy your editorials. But encourage you to write a new one on the Kid from Kenya. You wrote a while back that he (B. Obama) would slowly disappear, fade with the setting sun. No way. Every day I read about his activity, resurgence, return. This guy has a conceit that will never allow him to gracefully slip from sight. He is a closet Muslim, angry Black and narcissistic jerk who will NEVER go away until a bust of Lenin is erected on the White House lawn. R.A. Mullen —

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