I DON’T KNOW . . . But It Seems To Feel Good


I have NO IDEA if Healthcare 2.0 is going to Work, since it’s also a Convoluted Plan, which is Literally Impossible for the Average Man or Woman to Understand. I consider myself to be pretty SAVVY, yet, I don’t really understand how this new rendition of Healthcare is going to work, with the incredible amount of details describing more nuances than most people could ever absorb.

IN FACT . . . I Bet The Politicians Who Voted On This Bill CAN’T Explain It Either.

But even though I’m really Skeptical Concerning the Efficacy of the New Healthcare Plan, I’m NOT Skeptical in the least about the Moral and Political VICTORY for President Trump, in having it Passed by the House, even if it’s more about Marketing than Practical Solutions.

I’M KIND OF CONVINCED . . . that sooner rather than later, America will begin to gravitate wholly toward something resembling the Canadian Healthcare System, which is somewhat a Model used by “Civilized” Nations Worldwide.

BUT . . . Knowing the USA, if America were to adopt a Mostly Single Payer System, where the Whole Country would spread and absorb the Risks and Costs . . . America would do it far better than we do it in Canada, mostly by implementing a Workable Private Option (Hybrid) for those who want to pay.

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT . . . The way the World Insurance Industry Seems to Work, is exactly that: The Insurance Companies Worldwide Share Risks. For example . . . several years ago, I asked my Insurance Broker why my Premiums went up when I had no Claims, and was told, they went up because of a Disaster somewhere else. If my memory serves correctly, I believe that the Cost of Hurricane Katrina was spread throughout North America amongst the Insurance Industries, which affected my Rates Too.

SO I HAVE TO ASSUME . . . That if it’s Good Enough for Insurance Giants Worldwide, for them to Share Risks amongst themselves and each other, to Even-Out Exposure to keep their Costs and Prices Down . . . We have to Pay Attention Too.

Based on that, it would seem to be a Good Bet for the Healthcare Industry to do the same, as long as they do it with the Equivalent Level of Professionalism Utilized by the Insurance Industry.

HOWEVER . . . The Healthcare Issue is going to Play-Out Down The Road is a Completely Different Kettle of Fish to the FACT that President Donald Trump did what he said he was going to do . . . And at this Juncture – At Least Politically . . . That’s All That Matters.


1 – Very Focused.
2 – Very Capable.
3 – Very Stubborn.
4 – Very Egotistical.
5 – Driven.
6 – Tireless.
7 – Dedicated.

I wrote Repeatedly During and After the Republican Primaries, and During the Election, that if Donald Trump Should Win the Presidential Election, he “MIGHT” become the BEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN AMERICAN HISTORY, because he would LIVE-UP-TO ALL of his Promises, because he’s a Narcissist, and that his EGO wouldn’t ALLOW him to do anything LESS, which is why I have to Assume he would Do Whatever He Can to Follow-Through on ALL of his Many Promises.

I’m even starting to feel more positively about the American Embassy Moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


OBAMA WANTS TO BE BACK . . . But that isn’t going to happen. In just 100-Short Days, Obama has become Yesterday’s News, especially given how EFFORTLESSLY President Trump is Dismantling Obama’s ENTIRE Legacy, almost as if it never happened.

HILLARY CLINTON . . . Still hasn’t come to Terms with the Reality, that she LOST the Election because she’s a Piece of TURD, the kind you might Step-In when walking through a Dog Park, which you’ll do everything you can to Wipe Off Your Foot, and make certain you’ll NEVER STEP IN IT AGAIN.

BERNIE SANDERS . . . is the Same Old Same Old – Getting Older and more Stale by the Day Communist . . . who probably still thinks Lenin, Marx and Stalin were a Vaudeville Act.

POCAHONTAS (Elizabeth Warren) . . . Is a Republican’s Dream.

TOM PERES . . . Chairman of the DNC, has Proven in his own Words, that he is Nothing More and Nothing Less than a “POTTY-MOUTH”, which Best Sums Up what the DNC Deserves as its Chairman, right after the EXECRABLE Debbie Wassermann Schultz, followed by the EQUALLY Execrable Donna Brazile.

AND THEN THERE’S KEITH ELLISON . . . The American Moslem Member of the House, and Deputy DNC Chairman, who Hates Israel, sometimes Disparages Jews depending on who’s listening, and has a Clear Legacy of Supporting Black American Moslem Liberationists.

AND I WON’T EVEN COMMENT . . . on Pelosi or Schumer.


If the BEST the LEFT can Come-Up with to Speak on their Behalf, and AGAINST President Trump, are Late-Night Comedians, whose Claim to Political Fame is that they Speak like they’ve Actually Done Something, but in reality, have done NOTHING More than TALK . . . That Kind Of Says All That Needs To Be Said.


There is no Shortage of LEFTISTS with IT Talent, with either Plenty of Time and or Money, who work HARD to STOP the FLOW of INFORMATION from Successful and Growing Conservative Web Sites like Galganov.com.


EVERY TIME . . . We come across a Roadblock, such as what we’re experiencing with the ATT Servers who have us Black Listed, we spend whatever we need to, to make certain that EVERYONE’S RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IS NOT DENIED.


We have been Somewhat Successful and Somewhat Thwarted, which is a Real PAIN, since I’d much rather INVEST my Time, Effort and Money Doing Positive Things. But, as hard as we try. And as much as we spend . . . The Internet Black Listers are Relentless. However, with this latest “FIX” our IT People have Produced, we might have the problem Beaten. But for how long?


I WRITE EDITORIALS ALMOST EVERYDAY . . . Which means if you don’t receive an Email Notice from the Galganov.com Directory, that a New Editorial has been Published, DON’T ASSUME THAT I’M NO LONGER WRITING . . . Or that for some reason you’ve been “KICKED-OFF” the Galganov Directory.

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AND IF YOU SEE A NEW EDITORIAL . . . which you weren’t advised of through the Galganov.com Directory, please let me know, so we could do whatever we can to “FIX” the Problem and make Certain that you too will enjoy your FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

PS – I’m going to Repeat this Message for Several Editorials, since our IT People suspect this new “FIX” can take from 24 to 48 Hours to Promulgate Throughout the Entire Internet.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I agree with everything you said, except that “Hillary is a piece of turd.” She is a complete turd, in my opinion.

  2. I think the future of “television” is the internet. I no longer watch network news in Canada. I get my reporting from the Rebel in Canada, as well as a few others like Black Pigeon Speaks, Small dead animals, etc. For the US I follow Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle, etc. We need to start recommending these sites and blogs to our friends. They share a true vision of conservatism in North America.

  3. RE: Healthcare, Howard. Prior to all the BS and having Obamacare shoved down our throats we had the best healthcare system in the world. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN TURNED AWAY….EVER, and if that occurred it was unbelievably rare and a mistake. All they had to do was allow companies to sell across state lines, thereby improving competition and reducing premiums and we could have continued on without chaos. BUT THE LEFT LOVES CHAOS…..PERIOD… and the demise of the USA.

  4. Howard, one of the main things that has to be changed in the USA before they can really bring something decent in Medicare is the following: Put a cap on the amount that people can sue for. It is ridiculous when lawyers through their Jury extol exorbitant amounts from companies or for mal practice. There has to be a limit to this insanity. Steve Acre, Canada

  5. I too am VERY encouraged with Trump so far! The crazier “THEY” become, the more he doubles down. When stop and I think about how much the man achieved in that CESSPOOL of Washington, amid all the TURDS (good word choice Howard), it is really mind boggling, he really is delivering, albeit in a round about fashion in some cases, but he knows “How to take that HILL. Finally he needs to KEEP UP THE TWITTER, it’s like putting peanut butter on ribs, in Georgia, it repels them “skeekers!”.

  6. If the anti-Trump Americans ever allow B.O. back in, they’ll get what they deserve. If the “anti’s” would take time and listen with an open mind (if they have one), they might even understand Trump, and realize he’s on the side of America! Hopefully, they’d even agree with your 7 “Feelings” about Trump. In my opinion, you got him defined exactly right.. even with including being stubborn and egotistical. He’s what the US needs. Too bad we don’t have a Trump in Canada – we can use one!

  7. Listened to Fox news yesterday and they were showing the House of representatives after they passed the health care bill and the democrats were chanting “read the bill”. I remember Pelosi saying “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. Talk about 2 faced!!!

  8. Fantastic. You confirmed my thinking and you are not an easy sell. .

  9. I grew up in Chicago in the 1940S and 50s. Nobody had health insurance. We went to the doctor or dentist and we paid him/her cash.We were far from rich. I am a grandchild of four immigrants with no education. My father was crippled, and my mom had a 4th grade education. The doctors drove the best cars and lived in the nicest houses as they should. I am trying to recall when all this medical insurance crap started. It is a another entitlement we working folks have to pay for!!BACK TO THE PAST!

  10. Thank goodness for your wisdom & insight, Howard! You DEFINITELY know what you are talking & writing about!! I’m thankful that you, Anne, & your animals arrived safely back up in Canada. And, CONGRATULATIONS, again on your wedding Anniversary, earlier this week! What a lovely couple you were, back in your day..& what a lovely story that was, about the Temple where you were married. Lots of history & wonderful memories connected with it, I’m sure. Take care have yourselves an awesome time!

  11. No matter what it is it’s unconstitutional.

  12. Now that most of the hoopla over Dickerson’s interview and Colbert’s defence is over, I watched both on You tube. At the very end of the Dickerson You tube excerpt, Dickerson is seen walking away with a smirk on his face. In my opinion, he finally achieved what he had been trying for the whole interview, To get Trump to terminate the interview.

  13. If we got all health insurance out of the job situation and made everyone responsible for their own insurance like you auto or house insurance things would change for the better. When the idea of insurance came about and companies started using health insurance to attract quality hires, everyone else had to keep up. It became the norm

  14. For me, as a literate individual, this health care law along with all the other laws that come out of the District of Criminals are reasonably easy to judge. If I don’t understand what’s being said and done… It’s crap! And after eight solid years of crap, we’ve had enough. If more crap is the best they can do, I’ll vote against it every time. Too bad we don’t have a say, isn’t

  15. Right On Howard. I agree with you on Trump 100%. Just keep the blogs coming, I forward each one to Rush Limbaugh & post each on face book every day. One way or the other we are spreading your word and I encourage each of your readers to do the same. Edgar Sellers
    PS: I just want to say a quick hi to Dick Polson & say I like your comment. Richard Polson is my brother-in-law.

  16. Wow what an excellent analysis of the Trump administration thus far! I wish you were an American citizen and a member of Trump’s staff. Your comprehensive knowledge of so many areas of concern is astounding.

  17. Howard, you’re “right on target” with this article re: Pres. Trump and the Liberals attitude & reactions! The 4 most hateful women in this world are Crooked Hillary, Pelosi, Pocahontas & Rice. Hillarious will NEVER get over her LOSS and the other 3 are in for a future RUDE AWAKENING. Much more information will be revealed re: the NEW Healthcare system, especially when it goes before the Senate. OBAMA’S so-called ‘legacy’ is SLOWLY but SURELY being destroyed by Pres. TRUMP. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  18. Let’s not forget Insurance companies Raise Premiums to Cover for their Poor Investment Returns too.
    Someone has to pay for their poor choices when they happen. Not every year but it does happen.

  19. Really like your assessment of President Trump. He wouldn’t have become a billionaire if he wasn’t all the things you said he was. He doesn’t know the words ‘quit’ or ‘give up’. His hands are full dealing with the swamp creatures but you can’t help but appreciate what he’s trying to do. The mind games he plays with people are IMO the best ever. He confuses friends and foes and that gives him an edge when they meet. Never cared for his TV show but I sure like him as POTUS.

  20. While one would never step in the same dog Poop twice, a Democrat will ALWAYS vote Democrat, no matter what the Poop is, where it is, or who it is, A Democrat will ALWAYS step in the same Democrat Poop.

  21. Howard, all of your asssestment of those on the left and the RINO’s are very polite. You were simply giving them a compliment. But, at the same time they need to be hit in the head HARD, everytime and every move they make against Trump. Obama is gone but, they are still there. And WE, the people, still have to put up with this dung in DC.

  22. The Obama’s are back in action big time, the mouth will never shut. She is now in action, hair, daughter, life after, how can we get this to end. Now the Hillary is back on deck, how long will Soros keep funding this garbage? You would think he would have enough after 8+ years. Trump needs to pick up the pace, doing a good job but needs to be better. Must have positive results before next year. If Libs get back in, they will impeach him.

  23. To George Pecoraro et al. I grew up in the 40s and 50s 300 miles sw of you…however my father was a MD and I am looking at his diary from then. Ie house calls were 3 to 5 dollars office was 2 or 3. This was after he left a good practice to go to N Africa and Italy in the war and resumed it upon discharge. Then along came creepy murderous perverted bastards like LBJ and his Great society and Teddy the swimmer Kennedy. They got the government involved and it has been down hill from ever since.

  24. Politicians are incapable of doing anything in a simple, forward manner. What’s the bottom line regarding health care?
    Exercise daily, eat a sensible diet, live morally, love chastely, keep your feet dry, stay healthy.

  25. Absolutely LOVED the Hillary analogy! I have added the Galganov archives page as a button on my favorites bar so I can check it easily. So far, no email notifications have made it through my bellsouth.net IP, though. Will keep you informed. Thanks!

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