For all of you who are old enough to remember Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which was a British Produced (BBC) Weekly TV Series of Surreal Sitcoms of the ABSURD, which Attacked Life and Politics with GUSTO from 1969 to 1974 . . . WE’RE ACTUALLY LIVING IT TODAY!


In Canada . . . we have a DUFUS Prime Minister, who, before becoming a Politician and Prime Minister NEVER had an Adult Job. He NEVER employed anyone. He NEVER built or managed a Company. NOR did he ever provide a real Commercial Service.

IN FACT . . . He NEVER finished anything he started, including Multiple University Courses. But, he was Good Looking to the Millennials, was married to a relatively Sexy, but not overly intelligent Wife, and had the Name of Trudeau, his Father, who was Canada’s Marxist Prime Minister from 1978 to 1984, with a one-year respite in between.

SO WHAT “WORK” EXPERIENCE & QUALIFICATIONS . . . did Justin Trudeau bring to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), besides being Born to a Former Canadian Prime Minister, being Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth, was a Part Time Montreal Nightclub Bouncer, was a Part Time Ski Instructor, and was a Part Time High School Drama Coach?


It’s a SIMPLE Answer . . . Actually, it’s a Compilation of Multiple Simple Answers – SO LET ME START WITH THE BEST FIRST.

1 – People (Voters) are STUPID.

2 – People are Easily CONNED.

3 – People want to BELIEVE what they want to BELIEVE – Truth Be Damned.

4 – People are LAZY & DON’T pay Attention. DON’T ask Questions. And DON’T Dig.

5 – People VOTE for the Hype . . . and NOT the Truth. The Sizzle and NOT the Steak.

6 – AND FINALLY . . . Too many People Do NOT Vote, which might NOT be all that a bad thing, based upon the Preceding 5-Points.

AND WITHIN THE ALMOST TWO YEARS . . . since Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, Trudeau is on his way to MORE than QUADRUPLING Canada’s Deficit, even though Canada’s Economy had been Handed to him in a Relatively Healthy State when he Assumed the PMO.


Here’s The Reality From A Quote Barack HUSSEIN Obama Made Famous . . . “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES”.

And when it comes to Canada, enough Canadians VOTED for an AIR-HEAD Dilettante, who is BUYING LOVE Abroad with our tax Dollars, who’s Spending our Money at Home like a Drunken Sailor on all kinds of Crap, like UNVETTED Immigration, and then on MILLION DOLLAR VACATIONS with his Wife (Sophie), who seems to believe she’s Marie Antoinette – you know – “Let Them Eat Cake”.

AND THUS FAR – WHAT’S TRUDEAU’S GREATEST SUCCESS? . . . It’s Legalizing the National Recreational Use of Marijuana, which perhaps is really the Best Thing We Can Hope For, since, if the People get sufficiently STONED, the Stoners Might Not Feel the Pain.


When Anne and I spend almost Half a Year in the USA from November till Mid April, WE TOE ALL THE LINES for various reasons:

We have ENORMOUS Respect for the American Constitution and Subsequent Laws, and we VALUE American Hospitality So Much . . . that we indeed go out of our way to Obey American Laws, Customs, and Culture. And in a simple description – “WE DO IT BY THE BOOK”.

SO . . . When I Read, See, and Hear how Men and Women, who are in EXTRAORDINARY Positions of TRUST . . . Cheat, Lie, Steal & Create their OWN Laws for themselves and their Friends, it makes my Blood Boil, ALMOST TO THE MAX.

But . . . When I Read, See, and Hear how those Men and Women, who are SUPPOSED to be SAFEGUARDING the Veracity of the CONSTITUTION, from where all of America’s Freedoms Emanate . . . That They Get Away With It, THAT’S WHEN MY BLOOD REALLY BOILS.


When Anne and I Cross into the United States, whether for a day, a week, a month or for 182-Days allotted by the US Government for Canadians to be in the USA For The Entire Year . . . This Is The Routine:

We have NEXUS Cards (Most Trusted Traveler Status), which aren’t FREE, which you “MIGHT” get if you Agree to Jump through enough Hoops or Not.

To Get This Card . . . This Is What You Have To Be Willing To Do:

FIRST . . . YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO BE EXTREME VETTED, and I really MEAN EXTREME VETTED. Our Personal lives had to be Examined by the FBI. We had to be Questioned FACE-TO-FACE by Homeland Security. We had been Fingerprinted and Eye Scanned. We had to fill out Forms. And we were REQUIRED to Sign a Document Pledging to ALWAYS be Honest and Truthful when Entering the United States of America, with the knowledge . . . that if we Cheat or Lie EVEN A LITTLE BIT, the CONSEQUENCES WILL BE DIRE, including being BANNED from entering the USA for LIFE.

SO HOW DO YOU THINK IT MAKES ME FEEL . . . who is not an American Citizen, but who has Nonetheless Walked A Mile for the Privilege of Being in the USA as a Most Trusted Traveler, when the Likes of Obama, Both Clintons, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice and a BEVY of others, who have SOLEMNLY SWORN TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD THE LAWS & THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA who SPIT on their Promise, the People, and the Constitution of the USA, within a Millisecond Of Assuming Power and Taking The Oath?


The American Politicians REALLY HAVE TO BELIEVE the People who elect them to Office have had to be BORN Stupid, and then have to Work Hard to get even DUMBER than DUMB, as these Politicians Celebrate spending MORE than One Trillion Tax Dollars on CRAP, WASTE & FRAUD, which the People NEVER Asked For Nor Wanted.


YET . . . To the Democrats – Getting a Budget that runs over $1-Trillion is a Reason to Celebrate. And to the Republicans – they’re PISSED, because they think THEY should be the Ones to Celebrate.


Instead of Writing Convoluted Laws No One Likes, can Understand, or Agree On . . . How about Setting some Clear Rules, such as . . . Open Borders for Insurance. A Maximum on the Selling Cost of Prescription Drugs . . . or Sufficient Taxes on Profits to STOP the Pharmaceutical Thieves from Literally Stealing From the Sick and Dying.

How about SETTING a Parameter of Costs, which the Doctors and Hospitals can Charge for Services? Because when I Read and Hear how much is charged by Hospitals for Band-Aids, Towels, Meals, Rooms, ETC – I can Vomit, since this indecency is more than enough to make anyone with a Heart Sick to His or Her Stomach.


SET COST STANDARDS FOR CARE, TREATMENTS & SERVICES . . . Related to Quality, where the Government could have a place in Financially Back-Stopping Pre-Existing Conditions and Extreme Care.

IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE . . . And No One should ever get Stinking Rich on the Backs of Suffering and Vulnerable People. IT USED TO BE CALLED USURY.

I CAN’T understand for the Life Of Me, how any Man or Woman of Good Conscience, who has Dedicated Himself or Herself to Decades of Learning and Training, to know how to Save Lives and Alleviate Pain and Suffering, could possibly Throw all of that Under The Bus, simply to become Really Rich?

AND AS FAR AS HOSPITALS GO . . . They should NEVER be Corporations built as Profit Centers, EXCLUSIVELY to make the Investors Wealthy, based upon how many POUNDS OF FLESH they can Turn Over at the Lowest Cost, to enjoy the Highest Return of Return on the Fear and Suffering of Others. AND I’M NO SOCIALIST.


Our Canadian Doctors Make Several Hundred Thousand Dollars A Year on Government Subsidized Healthcare. And even though our System isn’t as good as it could be and should be, and is somewhat abused by too many of the users, it is ENOUGH Payment for our Doctors, who in comparison to what the General Population Earns, To Be Doing Better Than Fine.


If the United States of America really wants to Fix its Healthcare Debacle, GET RID OF THE AFOREMENTIONED, Set some REAL and easy Rules of the “GAME” . . . and let the People, the Doctors, and the Hospitals Work It Out Between Them.

HERE’S A TRUISM . . . When it’s the People Working with Each Other, it Seems to Always Work Out. But as soon as the Politicians Step In – NOTHING WORKS.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Pamela Gellar is an expert on Islam in America. Her book “The Islamizatlon of America” is a must read.

  2. That pretty well covers it, Howard! Have a good one…. 🙂

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Howard.Politicians (some)could mess up a roll call in a one man submarine. Who told what politician that I need ANY of their “help” to see my Dr. in his office? GOVERNMENT, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY DR’S. office! You are unwanted and not needed !!!!

  4. HG, re: your NEXUS Cards–with everything you and Anne experienced to get these card, you should be ALLOWED to stay as long as you wish in the U.S.Wouldn’t it be nice if the ILLEGALS were required to go through the same PROCESS?No doubt, it would resolve many of the issues-at-hand!Trudeau is a REPLICA of Obama and Canada will REAP what it has SOWN–just like we did!Who knows, maybe those who are GUILTY of TREASON will soon pay the PRICE! COMEY should be, and probably will soon be REMOVED! AMEN!

  5. “Democracy … authority of the crowd.” (Plato, 427 – 347 B.C.). Eventually the “crowd” succumbs to the “snake-oil salesmen”.

  6. One of the biggest drains on the U.S .budget is the welfare payments .Most of these people don’t want to work and they have many children from different fathers whom they never married from what I have read that’s about 50% of the welfare
    recipients. What we need is the old Pres. Roosevelt WPA program,you don’t work no welfare. I wonder what the welfare program is in Canada, Lets cut out payments to countries who do not support us.

  7. Democracy only lasts until the takers realize that they can vote themselves bread and circuses. Sooner or later there will be a second civil war where the takers (and the snowflakes) find out just what it means to work for a living.
    You are always right on the facts and their consequences Howard.

  8. You said it, Howard. There is no good reason for the medical profession to charge $20K to $100K for operations or procedures that take 8 hours of a staff’s labour plus recuperation time. Staying in the nicest hotels and using the most expensive items and professionals for a solid month would only cost a fraction of that. The medical industry can proclaim they are noble all they like. The only reasons for their actions are greed and thievery. If one wants to fix America, start there.

  9. I would be first in line to support socialized medicine if anyone could assure me that govt. taking over our health system would have any chance for success. History proves otherwise. Too bad our citizens have no mandatory acts they need to perform for citizenship and the right to vote. Just being born here leaves a lot of gaps in what citizenship means and should mean….and I believe there are too many living here who have absolutely no appreciation for what they have.

  10. Two things need to happen to correct the United States, 1) Pass a Constitutional amendment restricting Congressmen and Senators to ONE (1) term ONLY, and 2) Pass a second Constitutional Amendment dissolving the Federal Reserve Board (the Holy Grail of retirement for the Financial Community), and legislating that EVERY United States Budget MUST ALWAYS be balanced, with the only exception being a declared WAR period.

  11. Great article Howard. Just an FYI…PET was first elected PM in 1968.
    Best Regards

  12. After the House passed the health care bill today, I watched FOX and then CNN. The intelligent pols on Fox loved it, and equally intelligent pols on CNN said it was terrible -just plain awful. What a crock! This is too complicated for me to understand and rate it good or bad. The US constitution does not guarantee health care. Now the US has given birth to a new entitlement-health care. So, not knowing any better I am going to go with Kudos for Trump and Ryan, and against Pelosi and Schumer.

  13. I work at one of those “Profit Centers” that complains that our “volumes have been low” resulting in lower margins. Funny, to us it feels like we’ve been busy as hell! The ER alone is a continuous flow of patients. But, rather than look at true reforms for cost cutting, it’s just a matter of time before we’ll hear about the next cutbacks in employee compensation. $10 band-aids are the result of lawyers working the system. Same ones are figuring out how to rape this new health care law right now.

  14. I was just as surprised as a lot of people when pretty boy Trudeau was elected. I don’t care for the man nor for his late father. There’s a positive side to his legalization of marijuana, which BTW I do not agree with. However if you’re smart enough you’ll consult Health Canada’s website for authorized marijuana producers, buy their stock on the TSX and ride the bubble to the top and take the profits. There’s a silver lining in every cloud sometimes.

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