I Live In A Nation So Sick . . . It’s Hard To Describe



I’ve been WARNING my Co-Nationalists (Canadians) for years . . . that Socialism in Canada Works only in the Short Run . . . but will Inevitably FAIL over the Long Haul.

At a Political Debate, in a forum composed mainly of Farmers, in which I participated many years ago . . . I was asked what I thought of SUPPLY MANAGEMENT, which is a MEALY-MOUTHED way of saying GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED FARM PRODUCTION THROUGH A MONOPOLY.

MY RESPONSE WAS . . . It seems to work. We have a constant flow of product, in this case Dairy Products (Milk, Cheese, Poultry, Eggs . . . ETC). The Retail Prices are Uniform across the Province (Ontario), and the Farmers are guaranteed a FIXED Return on their Investment – VIRTUALLY NO MATTER WHAT.


I THOUGHT ABOUT IT . . . LONG & HARD – And I walked away with a very Bad Taste in my Mouth over the Very Concept of SUPPLY MANAGEMENT, since, isn’t this just a Fancy Description of a Specific Controlled group of Products . . . NO LESS THAN COMMUNISM, where the Government DECIDES who can Produce, How Much the Individual Can Produce, How Much the Product can be Sold For, and who can Use this Product to make Subsequent Offshoot (Aftermarket) Products?

When Anne and I venture into the USA to go Food Shopping, which is less than 45-Minutes Away by Car, we buy a myriad of groceries, such as Dairy and Poultry Products (Eggs, Chickens, Turkey’s – Etc), which effectively Cost as much as a THIRD to a QUARTER LESS, than what we spend on the SAME products in Canada.

But, from time to time, the Canadian Government Introduces some BS Story about diseased Poultry and Eggs that CANNOT come into Canada, at any price, even though we have HEARD NOTHING about Diseased Americans DYING in their Streets because of TAINTED Eggs and Fresh Chickens.

IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE A FAMILY OF FOUR . . . Which consumes a lot of Milk, Cheese, Eggs, and Poultry, this becomes a significant SAVINGS to the entire Family, if you can manage as Canadians, to do your shopping SOUTH of the Border in the USA.

AND WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT . . . The ONLY Reason why American Dairy Products, Poultry and Eggs are so LESS Expensive in the USA, is because the American System is a System of Competitive FREE ENTERPRISE.

I Have Several Dairy Farmer Friends . . . who I really don’t want to see get hurt if they LOSE THEIR MONOPOLY, but in all reality, when you equate the number of people who Farm Dairy, Poultry and Eggs, (Less than 12,000 Dairy Farms Across All Of Canada) in comparison to some 35-MILLION Canadian Consumers who NEED AFFORDABLE FOOD, I am NOT on the side of the Communist System of Supply Management.

AND IF CANADIAN FARMERS CAN’T COMPETE . . . They should simply Stop Farming and find a different way to Earn a Living in a FREE SOCIETY . . . JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.

I’ve heard the argument a THOUSAND TIMES . . . that American Dairy Farmers are Heavily Subsidized by their respective Governments, which might or might not be true, but whether True or Not, it means NOTHING to me, when comparing the difference in COSTS between Canadian and American Produced Food ESSENTIALS.


And now . . . President Trump has Turned his Government’s Focus on Canada’s Heavily Subsidized Softwood Lumber Industry, and our SOCIALIZED Farming Industry, which is nothing short of a COLD REALITY SHOWER for Canada’s Socialist Government and Communist Like “PROTECTED” Industries.

Trump Has Made It Time . . . For Canada To Either DO-IT Or GET OFF THE POT.

IN ESSENCE . . . What President Trump is saying is this – If Canada wants to SELL into the USA, then Canada better LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, and open American Products into Canada on an Even Keel.


1 – Moslem Women do NOT have to show their Face in order to Vote in Federal Elections.

2 – Prime Minister Trudeau Publicly Prays to Islam.

3 – Trudeau’s Liberals PASS M-103 (Motion 103), which is the precursor to a LAW that will soon FORBID any Criticism of Islam, making such Criticism a Hate Crime.

4 – Trudeau’s Immigration Policy is SIMPLE . . . make it to Canada’s Border, especially from the USA (which is a Slap To Trump), Demand Asylum, and Canada will take you in, and make certain that you will receive all the benefits you’ll need.

5 – EVERYONE in Canada, wishing to Jump Through Hoops to EARN and Possess a Firearm Acquisition License, MUST by Law, have a FULL FACIAL PHOTOGRAPH on their Application and LICENSE . . . WITH THE SOLE EXEMPTION OF MOSLEM WOMEN, who can show up at any Canadian GUN SHOP, wearing a FULL HEAD COVERING & INSIST upon Handling and Purchasing any Firearm, Restricted or Not with their PAL or RPAL DEVOID of any Photo.

Even a Canadian Police Officer, in Full Uniform, and Armed with his Side Arm, is RESTRICTED from Handling, Acquiring, or Purchasing a Firearm ANYWHERE in Canada, WITHOUT A PAL (Purchase Acquisition License) or RPAL (Restricted Purchase Acquisition License) without Proper PHOTO ID.


When I’ve Written Continuously . . . That Trump’s Election Victory Will Be Critical To Canada . . . I WASN’T JUST BLOWING SMOKE. The Presidency of Donald Trump on our Southern Border might become the ONLY “thing” that can keep Canada from going over the Socialist Global Cliff. And even then, I have to wonder.


Before I Write About Canada’s Leadership . . . This Will Blow You Away.

1 – Trudeau’s Thus-Far Crowning Achievement, besides spending Our Tax Dollars as if he won it in a Lottery, is that he has Legalized Marijuana ACROSS Canada for Recreational Use. Now how “Positive” is that for the development of a Country?

2 – Alberta . . . Canada’s OIL Rich Province, which has Carried ALL OF CANADA on it’s back Financially, through Tough Times, has a LEFTIST Premier (Rachel Notley) who HATES the Oil Industry so much, who is 100% for Alternative Energy, that she is literally Bankrupting the Province.

3 – Ontario’s Premier, Kathleen Wynn, who is PROUDER THAN PUNCH TO PUBLICLY BE A LESBIAN, as if that’s the most important attribute one needs to successfully run a Province, who has for all PRACTICAL REALITY turned Ontario into a POVERTY PROVINCE, when before she and her Liberals Won Power, Ontario was the Engine that Drove Canada, has just announced . . .

The Ontario Liberals . . . Under Kathleen Wynn, will commence a PILOT PROJECT in three Selected Ontario Cities, where she will CHOOSE a number of UNEMPLOYED People to RECEIVE a GUARANTEED “SALARY” from the Government of Ontario, in the amount of $17,000 Per Year Per Person, NOT TO WORK, to see what kind of a POSITIVE effect this will have on the Population, before the Ontario Liberals MAKE THIS PROVINCE-WIDE.

Maybe Anne & I Should Throw Ourselves At The Mercy Of America To Take Us In.

I am FLOODED with Emails from Canadians Far and Wide, asking me who I am supporting in this Conservative Leadership Contest . . . OR IF I’M EVEN SUPPORTING ANYONE?

1 – I REJOINED the Conservative Party when Anne and I were Still in Texas.

2 – I did a lot of Homework on the different Candidates, and watched Several of the Debates Online while we were in Texas.

3 – I’ve absolutely WRITTEN-OFF several of the Candidates, the most Prominent being Kevin O’Leary, who fashions himself as being a Canadian Donald Trump. But, Nothing could be further from the Truth. O’Leary is a Narcissist and a Huckster who seems to think that being the Leader of the Conservative Party is not really much more than a GREAT Gig. At least that’s the Impression he gives

4 – I’ve carefully WEIGHED all the things that I am MOST IN SUPPORT OF, and the things which I Oppose, and came away with the ONE Candidate who is Absolutely the Closest in Terms of Policies to Where I Stand . . .

5 – And his name is MAXIME BERNIER . . . who is a BUSINESS ENTERPRISER, who is against things like Supply Management, who wants LESS Government, FEWER Regulations, LOWER Taxes and MORE Gun Rights . . . who stands 100% For Freedom of Expression, who SUPPORTS CANADIAN VALUES.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . Come to my Country, and become like ME. But don’t expect ME, to become like YOU.

SO IN A NUTSHELL . . . I’m telling all of my Friends, Relatives and the Canadian People who Read this BLOG, to Support MAXIME BERNIER, AKA Mad Max, AKA the Albertan From Quebec.

AND IF YOU’RE INTERESTED TO KNOW . . . Anne and I BOTH Supported Maxime Bernier’s Campaign with our OWN Financial Donations.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. To your list, I add Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born women’s rights activist, and former Dutch Member of Parliament, who was offered an honorary doctorate by Brandeis University. However, due to leftist pressure, the offer was withdrawn. Recently, the embattled president, Fred Lawrence, announced he would resign at the end of the school year.

  2. Interesting, I agree, Dairy products are very competitive here. Canada says we have a problem here because we overproduce? We should not accept goods here Duty Free if the product is subsidized by a Foreign entity. Ladies with faces covered, remove or get out of the Country. Coverage limited to Heads only, period.

  3. I’ve been a Maxime Bernier fan for years. He’s the real deal. For me the race should come down to him versus Andrew Scheer, with Kellie Leitch a close third. All the others just muddy the waters and should have stayed home.

  4. Yes, Howard, thumbs up to Maxime Bernier, but can he save the quagmire that Canada has become since 2015?
    Where to move to? I am not sure that the Deep State (aka Liberals) will not eventually manage to neutralize, and possibly impeach valiant Arthurian President Trump. Among other factors, the scads of money from the Soroses and Buffets of the world are actively working towards it.

  5. WOW! I have claimed for at least fifty years we have been living in an age of insanity in the USA, but what you have just offered in the way of information takes it to a new level. They bring an entire new meaning to the words….stupidity and insanity. But I always remind myself…….The people elected them, and therein lies the greatest problem. We had the same problem with the evil traitor BHO…just another Marxist. Wishing you good luck!

  6. My first choice would be Andrew Scheer and my second choice would be Max Bernier. The reason is I think Canadians are more likely to vote for Andrew Scheer than Max Bernier. I mean people who we are trying to convince to vote Conservative in the first place. I would have to agree with you though that Max exemplifies my beliefs more than anyone else, but I also want the party to get into power and I think Andrew can do that.

  7. You wrote, “Maybe Anne & I Should Throw Ourselves At The Mercy Of America To Take Us In.” You would be best to do this much SOONER than later, as Canada is heading toward a similar FRANCE disaster re: its MOSLEM STANCE. Many others have suggested [not recommended] this same MOVE! There is NO EQUALITY in the MOSLEM WORLD! Sure looks like Pres. Trump is DRAINING some SWAMP CREATURES in Canada too! Regarding SEX–it’s no longer RESPECTED. We are heading toward a SODOM & GOMORRAH catastrophe! AMEN!

  8. Someone in authority needs to do Canadians a favor and deeply analyze the Conservative candidates. We cannot trust the MSM FOR ANYTHING other than to vote against whoever they recommend. We are not getting a clear picture of which candidate we could trust not to be intimidated by the MSM and then liberalized once in office. We need TOUGH, not more long term wimpishness!

  9. HG I shop in the US for the exact reasons you described . All TRUE but SAD .even sadder when I spend my .73-.74 cent dollar in the US I also buy all those other items that are of equal or lesser cost= fewer $ to the local businesses in Ca. I HATE giving my dollars to support a RIGGED system. AND the service is better and the people friendlier. As to RPAL and suitable ID . Canadastan needs to give its head a shake on this Whole Unspeakable Issue. On Max … the real issue is the voting public .

  10. Howard, you already know what we have here in Texas! Seems Canadians now love “change”! (They’ve convinced Americans “Socialism” simply isn’t that bad- it “works”, but for whom?) WIC program here in USA provides lots of free milk and cheese (probably eggs too) for all those pregnant or with infants (who cares where they came from or if they speak English). Canadians are big on “quality”, but Americans no longer are, especially with all the cheap food coming from China and Muslim nations today!

  11. I have been watching Pierre Lemieux for a long time. He’s the first politician that I have met or seen outside of an office, or news op event – he knocked on my door to introduce himself. Instead of trying to sell me… he ASKED ME what was important to me as a Canadian… kinda blew me away. Seems very humble yet confident, and doesn’t “smell” like a typical politician. Check him out.

  12. Hello Howard,

    in terms of Conservative leader will have to personally support a candidate who can win across Canada. Max B is a French politician from Quebec. Based on a previous disastrous PM’s from Quebec (both Trudeau’s, and etc.) don’t believe he will resonate with Canadian’s.

    Am thinking Andrew Scheer as first choice and Kellie Leitch as second choice for this household.


  13. Will the new hate law cover Christians & Jews? If not, why not? How can Canada just justify one, some what religion? Islam is not compatible with the West, a square peg in a round hole. As for Pres Trump, he can’t get anything done. RHINO speaker & congress, leftist judges, crazy Dimms, liberal bias MSM, Sodom & Gomorrah Hollywood, etc. Yet MSM blames him for a poor 100 day performance. Now the wall is delayed & another leftist judge set back on sanctuary cities. Conservatives need to fight back

  14. 2 of a farmers most expensive costs are capital and petroleum products. Both of these are controlled by big government and big business. But when a farmer tries to protect himself from high prices he is beaten up. Why, because the farmer is a little guy who can’t protect himself and can be blamed for the high prices. There is an old saying – when governments do things it’s called economics, when banks do the same thing it’s called big business, when the little guy does it he’s called a crook

  15. Maybe O’Leary read your column before he stepped down today
    And now the small “C” socialist leftist O’Leary has now even endorsed the free market capitalist Bernier.

  16. Looks like Canada is ready for a revaluation .Having gone to Quebec (St Agath ) for skiing for many years but since french was the only printed and spoken I have not returned and my Montreal girl friend visits me in Florida and tells me how bad things are in Canada.

  17. Outside Quebec we are tired of Francophones ruining the country. No one has forgotten that Maxime Bernier was forced to resign from cabinet after he put Canada in jeopardy by creating a huge security breach involving classified documents that he left out in the open at his then girlfriend’s home, a woman with past links to organized crime. He supports bill 101…Bernier has been guilty of “a string of incompetencies” including bungles in getting aid to cyclone-ravaged Burma…no thanks.

  18. Max Bernier ruffled establishment feathers about 17 years ago when he criticized Bill 101, Quebec’s French-supremacist language law containing over 200 regulations. Bernier said it’s essentially an embarrassment to francophones having such a draconian instrument of discriminatory social engineering.
    This campaign is a vital opportunity for him to reaffirm his views on this law, which Canada so reprehensibly excuses, understates and justifies in its regular UN-treaties compliance reports.

  19. Sounds like Canadian POLITICs are as screwed up as things were in the USA, under BHO! Good LUCK to OUR CANADIAN friends!!

  20. Agree with you 99%, the exception being Bernier. I will never support anyone from Quebec who once elected thinks only for Quebec. I’m sticking with Kellie Leitch, she has many good objectives, speaks English and comes from the West; they will vote for her, even in Ontario. Now I’m off to BJ’s St.Lawrence Mall for milk, cheese, butter etc and BTW you forgot to mention their much cheaper gas. Why is US Gas so much cheaper and ours changes almost every day? Gouging???

  21. Not sure about Bernier being the best choice. It appears that Quebecers think that the country should revolve around them & the assimilation factor seems to work to favour French-speakers. Bernier is a Quebecer & Kevin has conceded that point by leaving the race on the basis of not being able to speak fluent French. Canada’s problem could be the “open-border” policy that has set the country on a course similar to that of the EU. Anyone paying any attention to the EU must know the dangers.

  22. You were right about O’Leary Howard. However I have reservations about Max Bernier. Talk is cheap and the proof is in the pudding. Supply management policies and corporate welfare are dear to the people of Quebec and its politicians. I somehow doubt if Bernier can or will even attempt to change that if he expects to maintain his vote base there. Do we really want another Quebecker running the country? Also Maxim Bernier was hardly inspirational as a cabinet minister.

  23. I’m backing Bernier too but I fear that his French-Canadian accent might hurt him outside of Quebec. English-speaking Canadians seem to be loath to vote for yet another French-Canadian PM. Voters are stupid and shallow. Left-wing idiots are elected and re-elected despite the damage that they do. Common sense is gone. We get zapped in the wallet on a daily basis by federal and provincial governments yet so many still back these leaders and harmful policies. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  24. I’m sure you are fully aware that you will have thousands of supporters here in Texas that will co-sign your application for full time Texas residence. If the election ends up badly, get on down here. Hope to see you not later than this fall.

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