The Enemy We Elect


How can so many Elected Members of Congress . . . 435-Members of the House and 100-Senators . . . BE SO COLLECTIVELY INCOMPETENT?

ANOTHER BIG QUESTION . . . How can a Combination of 535-Members of the US Congress, who are paid so Much, Benefit from such a Massive Number of Perks, Privileged Healthcare, Free Travel, and one of the MOST Generous Pension Plans anyone can Imagine, do so LITTLE Work, and be on such a Continuous Vacation . . . that they can Possibly Show their Faces without SHAME in Public?

It shows just how little Regard these Political CREEPS have for the People, and perhaps even LESS Respect for themselves.


HOW CAN THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ACCEPT . . . how the Politicians, who are FOREMOST supposed to REPRESENT them and the People’s Interests, who are WITHOUT QUESTION . . . MORE Beholden to their DONORS (LOBBYISTS), than they are to the People who Elect Them?


BUT BEING A CANADIAN . . . I certainly CANNOT Look Down on the USA, and hold my Head Up High, as if Canada was a Better country, because of how SCREWED-UP America has become, since our Members of Parliament are even WORSE . . . As Impossible As That Might Seem.

NOT ONLY ARE OUR CANADIAN POLITICIANS WORSE . . . But believe it or not, with all the Election Financing Rules Canada has In-Place to “protect” our Elections from abuse, our System is even MORE RIGGED AGAINST THE PEOPLE than the American System, since we don’t have Primaries in Canada, and all the Political Candidates are effectively Hand Picked by the Key Individual Parties (Conservative, Liberal, NDP).

And Anyone Who Says OTHERWISE Is A Liar . . . A Fool – OR An Ignoramus.


The INSANITY of it all, is that WE THE PEOPLE . . . are the SOLE Fault for what has happened to the Freedoms, the Values, and the Sanity of our Countries.

WE THE CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE . . . Allowed these Politicians to BUY OUR VOTES WITH OUR OWN MONEY. And once our Societies Crossed The Rubicon, to the Point Of No Return, where the SOMETHING-FOR-NOTHING-BUNCH and the UBER LEFT Outnumbered the MAKERS, we virtually GUARANTEED LEFTIST Governments into Perpetuity, because our Societies MORPHED from Meritocracies to Socialist Disasters on the Cusp of Total Collapse.


As I see it, NOTHING will prevent the INEVITABLE IMPENDING COLLAPSE, and certainly not the SCHMUCKS we’ve Elected into Office, who are so busy Navel Gazing, while pretending that they’re actually doing anything Positive, while they live like North America’s New Royalty on our Money, as if somehow, they’re Better than the Rest of Us, Who Pay For All Their Bloated Benefits.

I CAN TELL YOU – WITH ZERO DOUBT . . . our Politicians who DON’T Work in the Summer (7-Weeks), who DON’T Work during the month of Easter, Who DON’T Work during the month of Christmas, and when they do show up for “work”, all they seem to do is TALK, TALK, TALK, while running around looking for a person holding a Microphone or Camera, so as to get his or her Face or Voice in the Media . . .

To Add Insult to Injury, is that they ACTUALLY WORK FOR LESS THAN ONE THIRD OF THE YEAR, Between Recesses, Statutory Holidays, Retreats . . . ETC.

And if you don’t believe me . . . CLICK ON THIS!


Do You Think The BUREAUCRATS Are Any Better?



IT IS HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY – Paying Tribute to the SIX MILLION JEWS who were SLAUGHTERED like Diseased Animals in their Homes, on the Streets, at Labor Camps, and in Concentration SLAUGHTER HOUSES, created for the SOLE PURPOSE of ANNIHILATING the Jewish People from the Face of the Earth.

The VAST MAJORITY of German and other European Jews DIDN’T Fight-Back. They didn’t RESIST. And they Complied with almost everything the Nazis Demanded, BECAUSE The JUDENRAT Told Them To Do So.

THE JUDENRAT . . . were Jewish Elitists, Intellectuals, and Community Leaders, who thought they were SMARTER than all the Jews who suffered UNIMAGINABLY HORRIBLE DEATHS, only because they were Jewish.

WHEN THE NAZIS CAME TO CONFISCATE JEWISH OWNED WEAPONS . . . The Judenrat encouraged their fellow Jews to do so. When the Nazis Disenfranchised Jews from Normal Life and Citizenship, the Judenrat said they would work it out with the Nazis.

When the Nazis SEIZED Jewish owned Businesses, Properties, Wealth, and Art . . . the Judenrat said not to worry. It’s bad, but we are working on it.

When the Nazis Beat-up, Raped and Murdered Jews in the Streets and wherever else they could do what they wanted, the Judenrat said that there were Good Nazis and Bad Nazis. So don’t do whatever – to encourage mistreatment.

When the Nazis Ordered the Jews to get on the Trains to PERDITION, the Judenrat helped Organize the Transports.


THE WORLD KNEW . . . The Whole World Knew – Yet did NOTHING and Said NOTHINGNOT Even the Hollywood Jewish Owned Media, Jewish Owned Studios, Jewish Producers, Jewish Directors and Jewish Actors . . . NO ONE WHO COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE STOOD UP, with the Exception of Charlie Chaplin – A NON JEW.


THEY STILL HATE US . . . and the JUDENRAT are as DESPICABLE today, as they were then. And if the FIRES were to Burn Again, as they did until the Last Human/Jewish Slaughter-House Was Liberated . . . The Judenrat Would Do The Same Things All Over Again.

TODAY’S JUDENRAT ARE EVERYWHERE . . . They’re in Government, in Television, in the Movie Industry, in the News Media, in the Universities, and in Control of the Internet . . . AND THEY ARE NOT JUST JEWISH.


Unlike LEFTIST Jews throughout the World, who want to tell EVERYONE how to live their lives, Anne and I have no Shortage of Conservative Jewish Friends and Family, who Treasure FREEDOM and a Meritocracy over Socialism and Elitism.

And later this Afternoon, Anne and I will do what we do at least once every week, whether in Canada or the United States . . . We will go to the Shooting Range and Continue to HONE our Skills.


I CHERISH MY FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN FRIENDS . . . Who – When It Hits The Fan, They will come Running with whatever Weapon they can Garner – NOT to do Harm to Me and Mine, BUT RATHER . . . TO STAND WITH US.

When I Hear the VITRIOL coming from the LEFT against my FREEDOMS . . . I Hear the Drumbeat of Despair & Threat.

When I See the Physical Assaults on Free Speech on the Streets and at the Universities carried out by Masked Men and Women . . . I See the Brown Shirts Knocking on my Door.

When I Read, Hear and Watch Lies and Propaganda over the Mainstream Media . . . I am watching the Rebirth of DER STÜRMER.


I See in my Mind’s Eye, the Cacophony of Thousands of Frightened People, Gathering and Pushing at the Platform, Standing with their Meager Possessions, as the Cattle Cars Roll Forward, while the Judenrat are telling everyone that it will be OK . . . JUST COMPLY – WE’VE GOT IT COVERED.


You Only have to be a FOOLNOT to See and Hear what I am Seeing and Hearing, Because it’s NOT just Coming this Time ONLY for the Jews . . . It’s Coming For All Of Us.

I GIVE TRIBUTE TO THE JEWS . . . Like the Bielski Brothers, who Fought Against the Nazis, Against all Odds, Rather Than To Surrender In the Forests of Belarus.

I PAY TRIBUTE TO THE CHRISTIANS . . . Like Schindler and so many Others, who Risked Life, Limb and their Fortunes to save Jews, WHEN NONE OTHERS WOULD.

AND I PAY SPECIAL TRIBUTE . . . To my Christian Friends, and Especially to Pastor GARY BURD of the M-25 Riders, his Beautiful Wife Carolyn, and his Motorcycle Partners who RIDE under the US FLAG, who also Proudly Display The STAR OF DAVID.

AND I PAY TRIBUTE . . . To my Child Holocaust Survivor Friend – ANDY RETI, who Travels wherever he needs to be – TO TIRELESSLY TEACH THE TRUTH & MEANING OF THE HOLOCAUST.

AND I PAY TRIBUTE . . . To my Florida Friend PERRY BIRMAN, who Stands Straight And True, while he Encourages Jewish Lay People, Rabbis, and Members of Multiple Synagogue Congregations to Purchase Guns, Ammunition, Take Lessons and Get Florida’s Permit To Carry.

AND PERHAPS MOST OF ALL . . . I Pay Tribute to EVERY Conservative Person, who Believes with His or Her Heart and Soul . . . that FREEDOM – Is The Single Most Important Guarantee For Security.

I Don’t Want To Tell Anyone How To Live . . .
. . . And I Don’t Want Anyone Telling Me How To Live.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • You are on target about leftism, the damnation of the human race! Leftism abounds in America, and our government is a functioning leftest/fascist regime bent on destroying our FREEDOMS at break neck speed! Even much of the “right” today is just the poorly disguised left. Gov’t sponsored illegal immigration is producing higher daily death toll for Americans than in Viet Nam. To think that our precious troops are being used by these SAME globalists to fight for our freedom abroad is utterly naive.

    Rev. Vernon York, Greenville, South Carolina, United States
  • They care WAY more about being re-elected & donations and their donors than ANY citizen. Trump has a lot of fat and happy alligators in the DC swamp that have NO intention of letting him drain it, starting with Paul Ryan and working down through the leadership. Trump needs to ally with the Freedom Caucus and help get the alligators voted OUT.

    Teri Newman, Belleville IL
  • Howard, again you hit it out of the park! I couldn’t agree more. Excellent commentary.

    Ele Ingraham, Philipsburg, Montana, United States
  • amen and amen, I am a Baptist and know in my heart and mind that we are all children of God.

    Eva Parker, McDnough, GA USA
  • So true Howard, Freedom is not free but rather a commitment.

    Nick Zaferis GDC1, Montreal, QC
  • The world is a corrupt anarchy, but fortunately there exists a ubiquitous, universal, nameless, and growing, collection of people who share what palaeontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin called the “noösphere” (“no-ah-sphere”), “the mass self-consciousness of Mankind”. One day (sooner than one might think), we’ll have a universal “noöcracy”, a universal aristocracy
    of the wise and honourable.

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Howard, how right you are. This most recent group of politicians in Canada are greedy lazy self serving pigs at the trough. They worked hard at becoming elected but once there they dug right into the trough. With Trudeau’s leadership they do nothing at all. Our population is brain washed and brain dead in many areas. I have friends who think the liberal s are wonderful. These are 80 year old people, it is easy to argue with them as they as thick as bricks. Try to have a good day.

    Marie Watkins, Dundas, Ontario, Canada
  • Howard, lacking here with the best formulation of English language words to most complement you on ‘this one’! Actual years, of pondering, frustrations & in bed writing mind letters to the right people – have gone on here over all that you so eloquently & correctly summed up for multitudes of us others. Sending out your hyperlink to all of mine! God bless ya man! Also looking forward to your new book mentioned yesterday! You GO Howard!

    Willard P Elliott, Polson, Montana, United States
  • Voting is not the solution. If it were we wouldn’t be here.

    Vincent Dainotto, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Just as when your computer locks up – a reset is needed, cut-off the power and reboot. God will eventually reboot our civilization. The great Flood was the last total reset, God promised to never totally flood the earth again. Soon, a major reboot will be prompted by God. Faith, principles and character will carry the day. Be prepared.

    Chris Hildebrand, Charleston,WV.
  • The 535 Members of the US Congress ARE COLLECTIVELY INCOMPETENT and CORRUPT! They DON’T CARE about the PEOPLE. Also, as long as the GIMME-GIMME programs are PLENTIFUL, the LEFT will SURVIVE! The REVOLUTION has already begun, however, via PRES. TRUMP’S ELECTION. On a BRIGHTER note, he IS slowly, but surely, DRAINING THAT SWAMP! Just imagine if HILLARIOUS would have been elected, then we would SURELY be DOOMED! FRANCE’S election will also have a great IMPACT on the world! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • Well said. But there is another question about our congressional representatives: How can so many of them get rich while they are in office? If nothing else, this is another reason for term limits. Granted Senator Cruz supports term limits but any bill will never pass (who in their right minds would pass a bill cutting them loose from their high-paying job?). This will only happen with an Article V Convention of States.

    Chuck Yarling, Austin, Texas, United States
  • AMEN TO THAT, HOWARD. It is quite simple…..never again!

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • And the enemy that we DON’T elect, Valerie Jarrett. The Director of Obama’s effort to destroy the foundation of this great Country. He almost made it, Trump got in his way to his surprise. Now VJ leads the effort operating out of Obama’s basement to continue the take over of the USA. Too late, the Trump team is well aware of her past accomplishments.

    Paul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA
  • As usual, Howard, you nailed it. The main fault of most U.S. and Canadian citizens is COMPLACENCY. We let it happen, and ignored the creeping horrible consequences. Trump’s election was a start in the right direction, but we have a long way to go. Until we all get right-thinking candidates for office and insist that they toe OUR line when elected, we are just pissing into the wind. Keep up the good work, friend. You do not stand alone.

    John Marshall, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Good comments Howard, I think you now need to turn your attention to the Canadian Conservative race…Who do you think is the person to vote for?

    David Gilbert, Delta, BC
  • Three words:

    Groupthink and ruling class mentality.

    Ok. 4 words….

    David Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • WOW – This blog was knocked out of the park!!! You are right, We The People are the ones who have caused the mess, in the USA & Canada. I think it all started with the educational system, many decades ago. We now have too many “dumbed down” We The People, who only want something for nothing! In the USA the latest “trend” is that the Universities & Colleges should be totally free!!! The USA is full of ‘Bernie Sanders’!!! The bad part is – They are the future for the USA!

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA
  • As I have stated many times we have find a way to have elected government members in the U.S. and Canada that they can serve One { 1 } term in office.CAN ANY ONE HAVE A WAY THAT THIS CAN BE DONE ? ,Maybe if we all stood up and
    BENIFITS. Israel for ever no matter what the nizas of today do.

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • NEVER AGAIN is not just a slogan. It means Jews standing strong, proud, armed, and ready to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Immeasurable thanks to our Christian brothers and sisters who are at the frontlines with Jews like Howard Galganov. Without you, I don’t know if there would be an Israel. AM YISROEL CHAI.

    Perry Birman, Boca Raton, FL
  • The corruption is so wide and deep I am not sure if President Trump can can root it out. Reagan tried but couldn’t.
    Lee Norman
    Sharpsburg, GA

    Lee Norman, Sharpsburg, Georgia, USA
  • Howard you are 100% on the mark. The jewish leftie judenrats are not only confined to North America. I received a disturbing email from a good friend who lives in Jaffa, informing me that the principal of the primary school where his children attend has instructed the young pupils (jews & arabs) to refrain from standing if they so desire, when the siren sounds off tomorrow to remember the victims of the holocaust. My friend will be contacting education minister Bennet about this travesty.

    Lawrence Kalman, Montreal QC
  • You’re 100% on the mark, H.G.! It will be interesting to see how France’s vote goes….if the Conservative lady wins, & France goes the way of England, & pulls off a Brexit?!!

    Geri Lyons, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States
  • Howard, I am a survivor of the Arab Holocaust that occurred in Baghdad on June 1, 1941 when I was just 9 years old. What I see and hear what is happening now in Europe and in my country Canada, I shiver, for I know and fear what may happen in a couple of generations if we don’t wake up in time and do something to put back the ship on course, before it goes over the Falls. Steve Acre, Canada

    Steve Acre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Wonderful commentary, Howard. Thank you.

    Karen McKim-Altman, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
  • In defense of the Second Amendment, I submit Venezuela. The current Murderer has confiscated all weapons and is saying that he will arm 400,000 of his supporting militia to take to the streets. This is why dictators don’t want private citizens to have guns. Hitler did it, Stalin did it and now this SHMUCK in Venezuela is doing it. DO we see a TREND?

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA
  • My Dad’s cousin’s name was Bielski which means “white”. They were originally from Poland and White Russia which BelaRus means, as opposed to Red Russia. Both languages are very similar and Dad knew both-as a Polish legal immigrant’s child. The alphabet of the Poles is Roman and their religion is Roman Catholic. Russia uses the Greek alphabet invented by Cyril of the Greek Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox). Thus the long animosity between Russia and Poland altho having similar languages.

    Hope Wozniak, Cleves, OH
  • Your comments are right on today. By the was my e-mail is via ATandT and I was blocked from receiving your editorials for the past 2 weeks but I am happy to say that our communication has been restored.

    Zane Pollard MD, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” !!!!!! We are the problem too many sit on their backsides and talk and do nothing. We all must speak up and not accept poor behaviour in Washington and our local and state elections. Voter turnout in local elections is very low people we must all get more involved.

    Pat Sugrue, Ooltewah, Tennessee, United States
  • Brilliant editorial and welcome home Howard. I’m an 80 year old, (exception to the above brain dead, thanks Marie) and have heard the whistle blowing for a long time in Canada. I can no longer visit the NO GO ZONE of my childhood in Birmingham , England, much too dangerous. Having seen first hand what has been done I am very concerned for what is happening to Canada no thanks to the irresponsible, Muslim lover, PM Trudeau.

    Ken Davies, Cornwall, Ontario
  • Thank you Howard for this special blog. My family and I wish you and everyone who lived through WWII’s horrible killing time. I visited Treblinka and Birkenau in Poland ’98. Everyone on this planet should take the time by a visit to both and give reverence to those lost. Not only Jews, but all who were slaughtered. If there are any deniers among us that does not believe it happened, let them experience a walk through those horrible facilities of mass murder and inhumane torture.YOM HA’SHOAH!

    Paul Kuzinski, Lawrence, Kansas, United States
  • A huge thank you, dear Howard, for condemning what is now terribly wrong in North America, where we follow the European leadership closely, while denouncing it vehemently. I am concurrently reading the six vol. of Churchill’s Memoirs of WWII, the over 2,000 pages of W. Manchester bio of Churchill, and the 1,000 pages “History of the Third Reich”) of W. Shirer’s (U.S. correspondent in Berlin before and after the war) and, eighty yrs later, I see similar omens with Nazi-like Leftist Fascim…

    Louise Zizka, Vancouver, BC
  • You are absolutely right on Howard.
    We have visited 2 concentration camps on our Europe visits and our opinion is, that if possible, everyone should visit one, at least once.
    The western world was wrong about waiting so long to do anything about stopping these atrocities.
    Bill and Jan Clement
    Ocala, FL

    Janet Clement, Ocala, Florida, United States

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