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During that past few weeks, I’ve been inundated with questions from Galganov.com Readers about why they’re NOT receiving Galganov.com Email Editorial Alerts. Some people wanted to know if I was still writing, or if they were removed for some reason from the Directory.

YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW . . . How much Aggravation and COST, this Black Listing has caused me – But keeping our Fingers Crossed, I think our IT Guy has finally “FIXED” it.

HERE’S THE PROBLEM . . . If you’re using one of the following Email Providers; “Bulk” Emails sent from the Galganov.com Email Directory are BEING Blocked. WHY? We can’t get an answer. BY WHOM IN THE ORGANIZATION? We can’t get an answer. HOW TO FIX IT? We can’t get an answer . . . and on and on and on.

SO . . . OUR IT GURU, who is very Smart, found a way to skirt the problem, which I am not about to make public on this BLOG, but will hopefully WORK.



All of the Preceding are controlled by the same . . . PROVIDERATT, which for any number of reasons is not allowing the Galganov.com Bulk Emails to go through, even though we PLAY BY ALL THE RULES AND REGULATIONS.

Someone asked me how many of the people on the Galganov.com Directory are affected by this . . . to which I answered – EXACTLY 220, which isn’t that big a number considering how many THOUSANDS of People are on the Galganov.com Directory.



No One Should Be Blocked From Reading What He Or She Wants To Read.


There are many ways to Censor TRUTH, FACT & OPINION, which supersedes an outright BAN, such as . . . a perfect example being, which I’ve been fighting against for more than 20-Years – You can say whatever you wish . . . BUT IN THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC, YOU CAN’T NECESSARILY SAY IT IN ENGLISH. Is that NOT a Restriction on FREE SPEECH?

“ACCEPTABLE” FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . Through all Venues, represents EVERYTHING who we are, and who we hope to continue to be . . . THEREFORE – It was ESSENTIAL that I spent the MONEY and did the WORK to make certain that EVERYONE who WANTED to Read Galganov.com was NOT Denied that RIGHT.

SO, WHEN SOME PEOPLE WONDER . . . Why should I Contribute Money to Support Galganov.com – there’s one of your answers. And I assure you, you can’t imagine how much this “Little” episode has cost this BLOG.


A Good Friend of Mine (Allan) – an Ex-Montrealer, who has since long lived in Toronto, with whom I went to Sir George Williams University, who was also my Photographer when I was the Sports Writer and Editor of the 2-Sir George Williams University Newspapers, asked me by Email Yesterday . . . WHY DON’T I WRITE ANOTHER BOOK?

I think what HIT HOME MOST about Allan’s Question, about why I am NOT Writing another Book, was when Allan suggested that Emile Zola, the Unbelievably Courageous French Writer, who Penned “J’ACCUSE”, concerning the Kangaroo Trial of Jewish Captain Alfred Dreyfus of the French Army . . . that Zola and I weren’t all that Dissimilar.

I would LOVE to think that there would be just one Molecule of what Emile Zola was made of, that comprised my Body as well, because if that were True, I would be a Very Satisfied Man.


MY SECOND BOOK PUBLISHED . . . “BASTARDS” – was a Canadian Best Seller for 10-Weeks Running, making it all the way to Number ONE. Two of my Subsequent Books, which were written about our Horses also did well, but had a more limited distribution . . . SO I’VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT FOR A WHILE.

BUT . . . I’m already so overwhelmed with Writing these near Daily Editorials, and Managing this BLOG, plus all the other Socio/Political things I do EVERYDAY, that I’ve dismissed the Idea of Writing another Book, simply because I can’t imagine Finding The Time To Do It Right.

THEN . . . After receiving the Email Yesterday from Allan, I started to think about it some more, and remembered something a very Wealthy and Successful Elderly (seasoned) Client of our Advertising Agency said to me almost 35-Years Ago, when he asked me to VOLUNTEER to promote a High Profile Charitable Event he was involved in, to which I said . . . “I Would Love To, But I’m Just Too Busy”, which wasn’t a Word of a Lie.


“If You Want To Get Something Done. Give It To A Busy Man”.


Last Night, I wrote the First 3-Pages of my NEWEST BOOK, which I’ve decided to Title “WALKING THE WALK”. It will be a compilation of HOW we all FIT-IN, in the World Around us, as seen through my eyes.

I will also hold nothing back, as I will continue to LAMBASTE the Politicians and Bureaucrats as I always do. And also continue to offer my View on what makes Conservatives SO RIGHT, and what makes Liberals SO WRONG.

I will “TELL” a Lot of Stories, of REAL things I’ve done, and things that have happened to me, with things that Scared the Hell out of me, when everyone around thought I was as Brave and as Steady as the Rock of Gibraltar, while I hoped I didn’t wet myself in the process.

And I Will WRITE About All These Things Without EMBELLISHMENTS.

I’ll even write about some Personal “Stuff” . . . showing that none of us are really that different or exceptional from one another. And if you think for a moment, that you’re the only person in the world to have been Rejected, Failed, or somehow didn’t Measure-Up . . . after reading this Forthcoming BOOK, you will have to Think Again.


I’m also going to write this Book . . . “WALKING THE WALK” – without sacrificing Galganov.com or any of the other Things I do in the Realm of Socio/Political Opinion and Activism. Besides, who has to sleep so much anyway?

AND I’VE DECIDED TO WRITE “WALKING THE WALK” . . . The same as I write my Editorials, with a “slightly more” than normal number of BOLD, CAPITALIZED & ITALICIZED letters, even though there is no shortage of People who are critical of this (my) Style.


I could go to a Publisher, and have a Conventional Book Printed and Sold Through Book Stores, profiting off Royalties with the Publisher . . . meaning the Book will have to sell for more money than it would if I were to Publish it myself. But that would be a lot of Additional Work for me, WITHOUT having the Expertise, Connections, and Ability to Deal with the Book Sellers. And who needs that?

I could PUBLISH On-Line though AMAZON, which could be quite Viable. Or I could PUBLISH On-Line through Galganov.com, by way of an Electronic Payment/Distribution System, which I had set-up in the past, and could RE-DO through My IT Manager for a “Reasonable” Cost, which would mean I could sell the Book for Less, and make more Profit.


SO HERE IT IS – My Commitment to You and to Myself . . . By the END of this Summer, BEFORE Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I head back to Austin Texas, you will have the opportunity to buy “WALKING THE WALK” one way or another.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, when I discovered your blog many years ago, I quickly became convinced of your courageous commitment to “TRUTH”. After faithfully reading, and often thinking I’d respond, but didn’t (at least not often), I must say, THIS one is the crowning confirmation of your passionate “commitment to Truth and nothing BUT the Truth”. Bravo! my friend, and abundant Blessings! Melba Hale

  2. Terrible about what you have to go through with these internet outfits. I have had my share of trouble as well. If people change and get another server, it would send a message. I will not use such servers.
    RE: your book….GO FOR IT!!! Take care and blessings upon you for all you do.

  3. I will buy “Walking the Walk” at any price, and vigorously promote it to everyone I know. I trust that everyone reading this will do the same.

  4. good going keep up the good work I am getting the e-mails just fine thanks so very much all the GOOD info thanks –Irma from North Dakota (just another neighbor right)

  5. Please post once again how to contribute to you. I always look forward to your articles.

  6. Please include e books. And not through Amazon as my nook will not download a kindle book.

  7. Just curious: Why do you winter in Austin, the most progressive city in TX?

  8. About twenty years ago, I wrote my first book, designed the front and back covers, printed several thousand of them, and created my own publishing company. Later I wrote and edited five others. Eventually I sold and shipped the books to over 30 countries. It was a lot of work. But you have the desire and fortitude to do the very same thing. And I believe that you will reap the reward that I did. You publish the book and we, your readers will buy it.

  9. A small suggestion to help your cash flow,…there are a number of readers, like myself, who were not aware you had other previous books to “Walking the Walk”, and would love to have a copy of them as well. Galganov Books should be an ongoing sponsor of the blog itself and a “shameless” self plug would be a good thing, bet alll the book sales increase, plus you never know who reads the blog and can use your books as Christmas presents, birthday presents, etc. And autographed copies are good!

  10. Your statement, ‘I would like to think that … one molecule of Emile Zola…’

    That is how I would feel about ‘Walking the Walk’ in my life. It would be such an honor to have that said about me when they drop me in the ground. I am surrounded by so many people, from so many walks of life and cultures that talk a walk but seldom walk the walk.

    Please back your ears and get it done! Can you hear me cheering you on from Texas (well actually I am in N. Carolina today).

    Gary Burd, Amarillo

  11. Please don’t sacrifice your health for the book. Sleep is not over rated. It is critical to mind and body regeneration.

  12. Changing the subject………..Trump threatens North Korea with an aircraft carrier on its way to Australia!!! Guy commits suicide now folks are fighting over his brain. An 8 year old drives a car with his 4 year old sister to McDonalds, gets served and nothing happens. Am I dreaming all this or am I totally nuts?

  13. I, too, look forward to your book. Let us know WHEN IT IS OUT!

  14. Congratulations, Howard!! I certainly wish you the best of luck in your book writing endeavor… but, in all honesty, I am one of those who very much dislikes your use of upper case letters throughout your text. I’m sure you do this to accentuate certain words or ideas, but I find it quite distracting to have these jump garishly from the page. Maybe you could use bold test instead of caps? I will be waiting for the book.

  15. When I saw the latest editorial email, I thought maybe your trip back to Canada had just postponed your return to writing. Now I realize it must’ve been my bellsouth / AT&T ISP that had been blocking you. Maybe I need to post a complaint in their customer service center? I realize now that I also missed the ‘reminder’ in the mid-month editorial. I’ll make good on that. Looking forward to your book! Thanks for keeping the emails coming.

  16. I’m sure the left wing is excited about your editorials! Keep them on their toes, that’s one way to keep them our of mischief because it keeps them busy trying to defend themselves for all the trouble they cause. This keeps them from promoting all the garbage they put out to the good people. Keep writing it’s good stuff!

  17. Could you somehow include riding and pledge? May be a sub-title or a chapter?
    Your fellow Pledge Rider and riding buddy. Andy

  18. I LIKE your bold, capitalizing and italicized writing. A former writer friend of mine ridicules it when I send him your thoughts. He’s a Liberal…whom I’ll never be able to make understand the errors of his ways…but you’ll notice, I said FORMER writer…😎… looking forward to buying the results of your efforts.

  19. Good for you, Howard GO FOR IT!! Do it while you have the energy. Someone told me once…..”You won’t be doing at 80 what you are doing at 70.” Boy oh boy was he right on target. To have the talent and the strength to get the book published is a blessing from God. Let ‘er rip; hold nothing back! Cannot wait to see the result!

  20. GREAT NEWS – GALGANOV is BACK!!! I was so happy to see Howard Galganov in my Inbox!!! Do write this book & if possible make it an ebook, as well. I now read by Kindle & many others also read Kindle or Nook. It is easy to see & read, plus I can also read my ebooks on my computer. I can’t wait to read “Walking the Walk!” I happen to love your style of writing if your blog is any indication of what I can expect from your book. You write & I see pictures & that is exceptionally good. }:O)

  21. I use one of the email programs that blocked you. So glad you was able to find a way around their block.
    Pat in Missouri

  22. Howard. The sub title to your book ( in smaller print) could be “talking the talk.” So here it is.

    WALKING THE WALK- talking the talk.

  23. Howard,
    We are excited and happy for you and Anne. Making the decision to write this book, I am sure took a lot of consideration on both of you. Here is hoping that in the U.S. it becomes a number one seller not only to help further the conservative cause but actually becoming so successful that you and Anne will deservedly receive recognition and monetary rewards you so richly deserve.
    Dale & Sandi Hefner Amarillo, Texas

  24. Howard…I had wondered where you had been because I am so use to reading and sharing your editorials with about 35 people on my email list. As you can see, I have Bellsouth/ATT that I use. Is their anything I can do from my end to help with this problem?

  25. Why bother that people complain about your ‘writing style’ over the substance you write. I too eagerly await your new book. That’s if the North Koreans don’t nuke us first here ‘Down Under’. The boy with the crazy haircut has now told us were are also on his list. Very tense times.

  26. I noticed around the same time two or three weeks ago that the Galganov Emails were all going to my Junk mail on my SHAW Email account – This is done by SHAW.
    Further I have noticed that suddenly much of my incoming “Conservative origin” Emails during the elections year were being automatically places in the incoming Email’ “Junk Email folder” on my Microsoft Outlook account. Trying to change the setting is fruitless – Microsoft has deliberately done this or allowed other to do it.

  27. Your problem with AT&T is totally understandable especially in the light this greedy corporation was broken up in a US
    Anti trust suit years and years ago, only to resurrect itself. Just about every one of the providers you listed is att.net now and attached to att.yahoo for e mail. Att is now in the process of trying to separate themselves from Yahoo and simply
    has created havoc even with me, a customer. I plan to contact my state of Ohio, Public Utilities Commission and then quit ATT.

  28. I am glad you are back. I missed your common sense and terrific writing skills.
    How sad that people are searching for truthful and honest information and
    They try to shut it down. I look forward to your book.

  29. Welcome back Howard, you were missed.
    John Ross, via bellsouth

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