I NEVER Liked Him . . . But He Served A Purpose


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In The Grand Scheme Of Things . . . The FIRING of Bill O’Reilly from FOX News, amounts in importance to a level of a Pimple On The Ass Of An Elephant, since the O’Reilly Show provided a Huge Audience for FOX News with plenty of Revenue, but in all reality, DID VERY LITTLE FOR YOU AND ME.


I’ve Written Several Times . . . that what I thought of O’Reilly – was that he was a Self-Centered Narcissist, who loved to Lecture everyone on how to behave and how to think, whom I didn’t have much use for . . . BUT WHAT I DIDN’T CONSIDER – was that O’Reilly was also a Hypocrite of Repute. You know . . . Do as I say – but not as I do.



I REALLY DIDN’T . . . & STILL DON’T LIKE SAMANTHA POWER . . . who was Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Ambassador to the United Nations. But even people whom I really have no use for . . . occasionally prove to be useful.

Before leaving her post at the United Nations . . . Samantha Power, who is NO FRIEND TO ISRAEL, petitioned the United Nations to release CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS, which proved beyond a doubt, that the WORLD WAS WELL AWARE OF THE HOLOCAUST, even before the USA entered World War II.

I NEVER believed, not even for a Second, and not even when I was a child, and was first made aware of the HOLOCAUST . . . THAT THE WORLD DIDN’T KNOW.

Everyone who had to know – KNEW, including LIBERAL (Democrat) President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Mackenzie King, who was the LIBERAL Prime Minister of Canada during the WAR YEARS, whose Government Policy about Jewish Immigration into Canada – BEFORE, DURING, & AFTER the War – was . . . “NONE IS TOO MANY”.

As for Churchill . . . Records Through History Show Repeatedly . . . that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Literally BEGGED FDR to Bomb the German Rail Lines Leading to the Death Camps – TO NO AVAIL. So what does that say about the Democrat FDR?

AND IF YOU WANT TO DIG EVEN DEEPER . . . History will also show, that the Hollywood MOVIE Producers and Studio Owners, MOST of whom were Jewish and UBER POWERFUL; that when it came to Creating and Disseminating Public Opinion, they went out of their way to comply with the Policies of FDR . . . TO STIFLE THE TRUTH & HORRORS OF THE HOLOCAUST, so as not to RILE the Nazis and FORCE FDR’S HAND.

REMEMBER . . . There was no shortage of High Ranking American Elitists, such as the Dulles Brothers (Allen and John Foster), Joe Kennedy, Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford, Sosthenes Behn (Founder of ITT) and a host of others who OPENLY SUPPORTED the Nazis.

It actually took a Plucky British Movie Star, by the name of CHARLIE CHAPLIN, who in 1940 Wrote, Directed, and Produced THE GREAT DICTATOR, exposing Hitler and the Nazis for who and what they were, in spite of the FACT, that Movie Theaters Everywhere, either REFUSED or were RELUCTANT to show this Charlie Chaplin Masterpiece Classic, because of Government Pressure – EVEN IN ENGLAND, which was already at WAR with Germany, where some Members of the Royal Family, and many other Elitists supported Hitler and the Nazis.


So . . . why should any of us be Surprised to learn that the Politicians – more than 75-Years Ago LIED to the Entire World, and FORCED THE SILENCE OF THE HOLOCAUST, when they knew the TRUTH?

AND WHY SHOULD WE BE SURPRISED TODAY . . . When our Politicians LIE to us about almost everything, while the people whom we TRUST THE MOST, seem to LIE & MISLEAD US THE MOST?

WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT 75-YEARS AGO . . . that knowing the TRUTH of the HOLOCAUST, which the Jewish Hollywood Movie Moguls Knew, would ever allow them to MORALLY SUPPRESS THAT TRUTH . . . about the Greatest Genocide the World had Ever Known, which was being Committed upon their Co-Religionists as they SAT IN SILENCE . . . SO AS NOT TO UPSET THE POLITICAL APPLECART OF THE LEFT?


WE MIGHT THINK THINGS HAVE CHANGED . . . because of Modern Technology. But in all reality – HUMAN NATURE HASN’T CHANGED ONE WHIT. But what has changed though . . . is that through this Modern Technology, we’ve become far more adept at transmitting information, LIES & THE TRUTH.

And whether we like it or not, Even In This Speed Of Light-Year Transfer of Information, we are STILL DOOMED TO REPEAT HISTORY. And the Best I can Think of to Protect Ourselves from those WHOM we ASSUME are our FRIENDS . . . and from those WHOM we ASSUME to be our ENEMIES . . . are NOT necessarily what we ASSUME.

And to our great SURPRISE, or more aptly STATED, to our great CHAGRIN, we might discover that those WHOM we think of as your FRIENDS, might actually be those WHOM we have to FEAR the most . . . And those WHOM we think of as our ENEMIES . . . Are Those Whom Might Very Well Will Be Our BEST FRIENDS.


. . . That our Media, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Educators and other White Collar Elitists, would be those we have to FEAR THE MOST . . . while those who wear Blue Collars or No Collars, whose Hands are Worn and Soiled from Hard Work, or those whose Shoes are Tired from Walking from Client to Client, none of whom necessarily Speak nearly as Eloquently with Fancy Words as the most Educated amongst the Elitists, but who NONETHELESS use the Fewest Number of Words to make their Simple Points as Clear as Crystal, who when it comes right down to it, will be the FRIENDS we can all count on the MOST?

It’s interesting how Anne and I have been raised to feel comfortable in all Strata . . . amongst the Rich and the Poor . . . amongst the Well Educated, and amongst those Without Degrees . . . amongst Professionals, and amongst Working Stiffs – BUT AND IN THE FINAL ANALYSIS . . . we feel MOST Comfortable with Plain FOLK, with whom we can relate, without having to wonder where they stand on anything.


MUCH SOONER . . . Rather than Later, who we decide to call our Friends, and who we decide to see as our Enemies, will make a Serious Difference to our Future, since it will be one or the other, with no room for anyone to Sit on the Fence.

I’ve Made My Choice . . . Which You Read With Every Editorial.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You are absolutely correct on this one Howard. You have to defeat an enemy before you can clean up the battlefield.

  2. Too bad we don’t teach “Truth, our greatest asset as Human Beings and Creatures of God” as a grade school, middle school. High school, and required College course. (Afternoon Repetition is the foundation of learning) And you neither can change, nor allege, anything else as “truth”,…..BUT TRUTH!!
    Well Done, Howard!

  3. The Red Cross has been off my donation list for years after I found out they knew about the concentration camps for more then a year before saying anything

  4. The movie Schlindler’s List portrayed this oppression of the Polish Jewish people. It was horrifying. Movie won 7 academy awards in 1993-94. So, at least by 1993, there was made an awareness of the holucost. The other person who helped shelter the Jews was Pope Pius XII.

  5. Very good article Howard. So thankful that you have the courage to keep saying what you know is right. Every article you write is a history lesson. Sometimes things we know and other times things we never knew happened. Born at the end of WW11 I heard my Dad talk of the Holocaust many times. Going to see if I can find the movie The Great Dictator. Blessings to you, Anne, & your beloved animals. Glad you made it safely home.

  6. Great articles today. Bill O’reilly got his due. Sure cost him a bunch of money! Great stuff regarding the Holocaust. probably the worst cost of human life I our lifetime. How can anyone in their right mind, claim that it never occurred?
    Safe trip back to Canada.

  7. Yes, Bill O’Reilly was ‘full of himself, but our legal system is being unfair to him. Michael Savage says: “Let him have his say in court.” He’s innocent until proven guilty. We don’t know all the circumstances, but for the justice system to NOT allow him to defend himself is wrong. The Left are using him as a political pawn to continue to undermine FOX news & make them weaker. The rest of your editorial, Howard is right on! My Jewish Grandmother from Poland can attest to that! God speed..

  8. The DemonRat FDR began sending the basic materials for the atomic bomb to the Soviets as early as 1942. When Germany was destroyed, an obstacle to the Soviet occupation of eastern and central Europe was removed. When we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.

  9. A very good piece Howard. One could go on & on about FDR and his high handed yrs in office. But what pops up in my mind of what you say negative about FDR is what then can we deduce about his long time friendship and closest advisor (Whitehouse years) of Bernard Baruch? Jewish, mind you & for those not old enough to remember – his high profile in those years. Not embracing FDR, but a fact & for the record. OReilly, one word – FINALLY. The pompous overbearing sob!

  10. Whether one likes O’Reilly or not, he IS a FIGHTER and will not just “sit by” and let things go as is. MY thoughts are that he’ll probably do one of 3 things: sue FOX; join Glenn Beck’s show; or start his own TV show??? The LEFT definitely is guilty of AIDING re: his departure. Also, FOX has slowly been LEANING LEFT, thus one wonders what will happen to HANNITY? RE: POLITICS–our Government officials need TERM LIMITS! Let’s THANK GOD that TRUMP was elected and not HILLARIOUS! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

  11. The battle lines are always being drawn. Best to rely on just a few you know you can trust. Just about everything is a fraud….almost always only about what’s in it for….. “me”. Just in…..FOX NEWS is reporting some Silicon Valley firms are paying employees to publicly protest Trump when they have time off. Maybe they are also providing the black clothes and masks. What did you say about battle lines? Keep speaking out, Howard!!!

  12. So true Howard. I was so sick of Bill O’Reilly. Definitely an narcissist.
    As for history repeating itself. I have no doubt, it will.

  13. Howard, I’ve sent you some information, but so glad to know I’m not “nixed” from your list! Seems Hollywood is now being influenced by “Chinese money”! Many in Hollywood “changed” their names (especially Jewish names) after WWII! (There is a long list of actors/actresses with Jewish birth names.) So, once again, Jews like yourself “made the world a better place”! Keep up the good work! We’ve missed your “daily updates” about the truth and honest opinions! Have a safe trip back to Canada!

  14. Well done Howard! It truly does seem as if up is down and down is up; those you thought you could trust, you can’t. A very sorry state of the world today.

  15. Sometimes it is difficult to admit that your ox is being gored or maybe to even admit that it is your ox in the first place when the acknowledgment of this should beg action, a lack of which says everything about you. Enter the Donald turning it right side up in Syria and Korea. Scares the hell out of a lot of people.

  16. Not all of Hollywood was silent. When I was 7 in 1943, my mother took me to a movie at the State Theater in downtown Chicago. The “Movietone” newsreel was “German Atrocities” and was full of pictures of places like Dachau, N. of Munich. It showed cremation ovens, gas chambers, trenches full of emaciated bodies. Scared me. I am 81 now and those images are burned into my memory. A sad and horrible time in history. Stalin was worse. Mao worse, not to minimize Jewish plight in those dark day

  17. I lived through FDR’ terms (almost 4) until Gods’ intervention.. You are so right in your assessment of his doings and not doings. Maybe a book is in the works ” The killing of O’Reilly” Just a little levity..

  18. Fox News is in the middle of one of the most populated areas of Liberalism. Many hate Fox News and anyone who works for them. As far as I am concerned, the population has been out to get them and nothing works. However, one thing that works are “poor me women”, who have no idea how to handle an over-the-board male, if there was one. The only thing they know how to do is sue and draw in the public. I do not think Fox fired Bill. He chose to not fight because with sex the man seldom wins.

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