To Paraphrase MLKHome At Last . . . Home At LastThank The Lord We’re Home At Last. That said, we already MISS Texas and the USA, especially when one considers the Damp and Chilly Weather in South Eastern Ontario, where we live, and the COST of Gasoline, COSTING MORE THAN $5 PER CANADIAN GALLON, which is slightly larger (approximately 20%) than the US Gallon.

It’s NOT as though Anne and I were UNAWARE of all the Over-The-Top Negative Things happening in Canada, INCLUDING the Cost of Gas, after spending half a year in the USA. But being back in the LEFTIST Belly Of The Beast, INSTEAD of just Reading and Hearing about it, is a different story entirely.

SO HERE WE ARE . . . On Easter Monday, contemplating all the Challenges Facing all of us on BOTH Sides of the US/Canada Border – Wondering how to make Heads or Tails of the Countless Number of MESSES, which Clearly LIE at the Feet of our ELECTED Politicians and APPOINTED Bureaucrats.


I’ve been looking at Washington and Ottawa Far Too NARROWLY, with Tunnel Vision, in terms of the SWAMP, since the SWAMP is from Coast To Coast, and NOT just in the Two Capitals; but rather, in the ENTIRE SWAMP, which is wherever we ANSWER TO POLITICIANS & BUREAUCRATS, instead of them answering to us. And that’s everywhere!


The SWAMP is so prevalent everywhere, and is so INFUSED with HATE & IGNORANCE, that short of a Revolution . . . Nothing is going to make a difference. But who knows, since President Trump really is trying, even though he’s up against a Storm Of Evil and Ignorance.

I’m watching President Trump either Ignore or outright BACKTRACK on many of his Campaign Promises. But, giving him the Benefit of the Doubt, that he really said what he meant and meant what he said, but is being OVERWHELMED by the SWAMP . . . is seemingly IRRELEVANT, since it seems the SWAMP is getting to him, whether it is through Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, or the HOST of LEFTISTS he has turned to for Guidance.

THE BEST THING PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . has done thus far, was to appoint a Constitutionalist Supreme Court Judge, which after all the dust settles, might become the ONLY thing President Trump will be able to achieve, That Might Really Make A Domestic and Global Difference.

ALSO . . . I am very pleased that President Trump sent TWO CLEAR SIGNALS TO THE WORLD, especially to the Arab/Asian Moslem Middle Eastern World, that there is just ONE Superpower On This Planet, which is more than Willing, Able, and Ready to KICK ASS & TAKE NAMES.

I am equally PLEASED that the USELESS and Often Criminal United Nations also understands that America’s Patience with IDIOCY and Anti-Semitism . . . now all of a sudden has CLEAR LIMITS, like ZERO Tolerance.

AND AS FAR AS NORTH KOREA . . . I sure hope that their Monster Fat Boy Leader has seen the Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Movie, where Dirty Harry says to the Thug – “GO AHEAD . . . MAKE MY DAY”, and understands that could be him looking down the Business End of the Trump Presidency.


Canada’s NUT-JOB Dilettante Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has taken Canada’s INDEBTEDNESS to a Whole New Level, by Welcoming UNVETED International Riff-Raff into My Country. He’s also busy Building and Paving Roads in Third World Countries. And sending BILLIONS of Canadian Tax Payer Dollars to “Help” More Third World Countries “Fight The Phony Scourge Of Manmade Global Warming”.

AND THEN THERE’S THE CANADIAN CARBON TAX . . . Also Supposedly to Fight Manmade Global Warming, by literally STEALING Money out of the Pockets of all Canadians, who use or rely on any form of Carbon Fuels (Gas, Oil, and Natural Gas), while he and his wife Queen Sophie, Behave like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette . . . “Let Them Eat Cake” as they Jet Around the World like Rock Stars, while the REAL Working People of Canada can’t sleep at . . . night – worrying how they might make it from Day to Day.

BUT ALL IS NOT LOST . . . While President Trump is sending a Clear Message around the World, trying to figure out how to Change American Healthcare, How to Drastically Revise the American Tax Code, How to Repair America’s Broken Immigration Policy, How to Make Government MORE Efficient, How to Remove the United States from the Paris Treaty, which Congress NEVER Signed-Onto on Global Warming . . . ETC.

SO WHILE PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES ALL THIS & MORE . . . Canada’s DUFUS Prime Minister, has just started the Process to LEGALIZE Marijuana, to be sold on the Open Market as a RECREATIONAL Drug.


I Had recently Written . . . that slightly MORE THAN 200 OF THE PEOPLE who are Self Registered on the Directory are NOT Receiving the Editorial Alerts, BECAUSE has been Black Listed, even though our IT MANAGER HAS TWICE explained to these Internet Providers, that EVERYONE on the Directory is SELF Registered, and are CLEARLY INFORMED at the end of EVERY New Editorial Alert, that they can EASILY SELF UNSUBSCRIBE.

AND AS FAR AS I AM AWARE . . . Restricting the RIGHTS of People to READ what they want to Read is a VIOLATION of the FIRST AMENDMENT & IS AGAINST THE LAW.

The Providers who are BLACKLISTING are . . .,,,, and

I am at this Moment Verifying my Legal Rights, and will take this First, to the FCC, and then to the Courts if need be, since FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is the BEDROCK TO ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS . . . which Includes MY RIGHT to be “HEARD”, and the RIGHT of the PEOPLE who want to “LISTEN”.


Please USE your Computers and Email to FLOOD these above Internet Providers with A DEMAND TO STOP BLACKLISTING & CENSORING GALGANOV.COM. Because, if they can SHUT ME DOWN . . . WHO’S NEXT? And Please Don’t be Reluctant to Inform the FCC.


The Law (Motion 103) Hasn’t Yet Been Passed . . . But a Canadian from St Lazare Quebec, has already been Arrested for HATE SPEECH by the Quebec Provincial Police (Sûreté du Québec), because of Alleged Disparaging Remarks he wrote about Islam over the Internet.

SO WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN TO ME . . . Once this Draconian Motion (M-103) becomes LAW, and I refuse to SURRENDER MY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION by withholding my Opinions and Facts on Islam?

And even if ORDERED by a Judge To CEASE & DESIST from Writing what I Believe to be TRUE & ACCURATE about the History, Tradition, and Heinous Criminal Acts Caused in the name of Islam, INCLUDING Sharia Laws, which Fly-In-The-Face of our Constitutional Freedoms, for what they’re worth in Canada, and I REFUSE to obey a Court Order, and find myself in CONTEMPT of the Law . . . What Do You Think Will Happen To Me Next?


I Have Written Multiple Times . . . that I have NO EXPECTATIONS FOR ANYONE who Reads, to ever have to FACE THE FURY of Justice in North America, IN ORDER TO FIGHT FOR THE FREEDOMS WE ALL CHERISH.


EVEN TODAY . . . As I am writing this Editorial, there are VAST LEFTIST HATE GROUPS, who have been Nurtured by their Teachers from Preschool to Post Graduate University, and by the Music, Television and Movie Industries, who are so MALEVOLENT to the TRUE Meaning of the Constitution, and the Sacrifices which Incredibly Brave Men and Women, Especially in the United States of America have Endured, which allow these INGRATES . . . the RIGHT to Destroy that which has given them their FREEDOMS . . . which Challenges the Dimensions of Reasonable Logic.


We see the RIOTS at Universities and at other Places Where Conservatives PEACEFULLY Gather. We see the OBSTRUCTION of Free Speech when Conservatives Speak at Universities and at Town Hall Meetings . . .

AND WE HEAR THE EMPOWERED ELITISTS . . . from Hollywood, to Academia, and in the Political and Bureaucratic Halls of Power, encourage their Followers to RESIST, RESIST, RESIST . . . WITHOUT LIMITS – to how much, and to what extent they should RESIST, which to me is an Invitation to RESIST WITH VIOLENCE.

And What Exactly Are They Supposed To Resist?


The LEFT have had Generations with which to build their Power Base, from Employing Teachers, Setting the Educational Curriculum, Appointing Judges, to HIRING the Bureaucrats in all Federal, State/Provincial, and Municipal Offices, while we on the Conservative Side Blindly Slept . . . believing in the Power of our Constitutional Rights and the Political Good Will of our Elected Politicians and Appointed Bureaucrats, while our Constitutional Rights and Values were Challenged at EVERY Opportunity.


YOU KNOW WHERE I STAND ON EVERYTHING . . . I do NOT have a Small Voice, NOR do I have a Timid Character, and I have already Proven BEYOND any Doubt, that I will Write, Say and Do whatever NEEDS to be Written, Said and Done to FIGHT for our FREEDOMSBUT I CANNOT DO IT ALONE!

It seems that every BLOGGER and Internet Information Provider is asking for Money from their Readers – all the time, which I can understand, since for Serious Writers and Producers of REAL NEWS & VIEWS, the Process isn’t FREE, Nor is it EASY . . . AND IN EVERY WAY, DOING WHAT I DO HAS BECOME A FULL TIME “PASSION”.

AND UNLIKE THE BIG PLAYERS . . . Such as the Cable News Providers and the Print and Radio Media, which are OWNED & OPERATED by National and Multinational Corporations, which Feed their Audience ONLY what is of Benefit to themselves and Sponsors, GALGANOV.COM IS SELF FINANCED & ON OUR OWN, with the ONLY EXCEPTION BEING YOU & YOUR SUPPORT.

I WILL FIGHT UNTIL THERE IS NO FIGHT LEFT IN ME . . . And I will Write and Say WHATEVER needs to be Written and Said to DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS, Because that’s MY JOB. You’re “JOB”, if you can AFFORD it, is to help me do what I am Capable and Willing to Do.


As Always . . . Thank You For Your Support.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am so proud that you are a Canadian and not afraid to stand up for your beliefs. Please don’t stop. I agree with
    everything you print. I never miss an editorial. Thank you for your courage.

  2. Boy do I hear you. I have the same type of problem with the judicial system, specifically the Law Society of Upper Canada. This is a 5+year fraudulent interaction with the LSUC in which my company was destroyed. I was prevented (stone walled) from seeing my day in court. The LSUC was/is proven to be proactive via perjury that I can easily prove via their own words all documented. I am still working on but whereto! Good luck to you. R. A. Crane

  3. “Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman wake but in vain”. Psalms 127:1.
    How can we expect any better here in Canada when GOD has long been relegated to the basement or attic? At least President Trump is not afraid to mention God’s name and give HIM credit or take an apolegetic stand for Israel. GOD WILL bless America! I I Chron. 7:14 says it all!

  4. It”s too bad that people who need to hear the truth choose to either ignore it or look for it in all the wrong places. Keep on. Happy to hear you made it home safely.

  5. Always thought Donald Trump was a blow hard and bully. Except for the Supreme Court Appointment(which is great) don’t expect anything else to change. But still better than Hillary but that is not saying a lot. A pox on all their houses.
    Public servants?? Anybody that has lived on a farm knows what that means.

  6. The blog Canary Com, reports once a week on the state of muslim anti Israel groups at collages and university’s. It lists the school , names and pictures of these hate groups. California leads the list but almost every major school in the U S has allowed
    these low life’s to protest and organize rally’s against Jews and Israel. You will find many non muslim joining in there protests and meetings. Beware where you send your children to higher learning.

  7. Welcome home. Just got back from Florida a week before you. Don’t go there! Uninsured, invalid licences, lots of horns but no signal lights, perilous. How can the truth be considered a hate crime??? Stupid bureaucracy!! Time to find a good hobby and let the “new” generations fix the mess they are creating. (Old and grumpy!)
    Please, don’t put yourself or Anne in jeopardy.

  8. Our lucky American neighbours have finally got themselves a President who does the walk, NOT the talk. 59 Tomahawk missiles tossed at Syria and now the biggest non-nuclear bomb the U.S. has in its arsenal over an Islamic State tunnel complex in Afghanistan. It’s called a MOAB – Mother of ALL Bombs! I think the comparisons between President Donald Trump and President Ronald Reagan will begin any day now.
    Ted Walker

  9. I stand with you Howard and will be shooting off an email to the FCC about those internet providers who are denying our first amendment rights by blacklisting your site.

  10. The methodology of getting anything done within government is so horribly convoluted, let alone corrupt, it is amazing anything gets done correctly. We have to hope Trump, despite his “flexibility”, will do what is right for the country. His first choice for the Supreme Court and toughness he is showing are encouraging. We are going to need more revolutions at the ballot box….and God’s help! That list of ISP’s stinks!!!!!

  11. Canada’s restricting of free speech regarding Islam is exactly what Islamist want.
    Turkish citizens voted yesterday to remove the safeguards for Democracy. No NATO nation, nor the any E.U. nations has a leader with the powers that Turkey’s Erdogan now has. Interestingly only Adolf Hitler had the same power as Erdogan.
    And Canada’s fatuous Fop Trudeau says “Just the way I like it uh-huh, uh huh. So how many migrants will Erdogan now order Canada to take?

  12. HG, very well said–“President Trump really is trying, even though he’s up against a Storm Of Evil and Ignorance…he is OVERWHELMED by the SWAMP”. Due to Obama’s 8-year REIGN, AMERICA if full of HATE & IGNORANCE. It will take more than 100 days, or even one term to RESOLVE the MULTIPLE ISSUES-AT-HAND! Clint Eastwood’s “GO AHEAD . . . MAKE MY DAY” saying is a great one for Pres. Trump. Trudeau is a REPLICA of Obama–NOT good for Canada! Glad you had a safe trip back home. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  13. I heard a quote, from a Russian soldier, who was on the outskirts of an interview that Mike Wallace, (Fox New’s Chris Wallaces father) was conducting, an interview with a Russian Citizen in St. Petersberg when the tensions of the old Khrushchev era was over. Walllace asked the woman about the now found “freedoms” they were discovering and their effect, this soldier on the outskirts of the crowd said,….”Freedom costs more than a pound of sausage!” It was caught on mike, and so true!!!

  14. Howard, its mind boggling to try to understand why someone would use any means available to strip others of their freedom and not realize that at sometime the very same freedom will be stripped from them by the idiots that are stirring them up. With luck maybe your idiots might realize this fact and not pass motion 103. God bless


  15. IM also back home from Davao with trepidation here in Waterloo Ont If it isnt our premier of Ontario its our Prime Minister Hope we find a good head for both our pafrties here in Canada

  16. DAMN & Double DAMN!!! I was wondering why I wasn’t getting any editorials from you – I have a email address & BellSouth was taken over by AT&T!!! @#(%)$^^&@)@)^&^*$&@#&!@(#$_^^&*($&^~!^#$&*$%*(^!!! Yes, that was ‘sailor mouth’ – Swearing every expletive I could think of. I am mad as a hornet! AT&T put your email address on their Black List – Now, I know WHY I haven’t gotten an email from you, since 4/2/17! I thought that maybe I did or said something. I wonder – Who reported you?!

  17. I thank you, Howard, for speaking for me and all the rest of us. You may have the target on your back but you are never alone in this. We have your back.

  18. Howard, get a gmail account and just email the people that are blocked from that account. I would also strongly suggest that you get a secure email account that it encrypted end to end. I know of several, I use the best one.

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