What Makes Us Different . . . Gives Us Strength

Two Thousand Years Of Values

As I’ve Stated Multiple Times, even though I am an Unabashed Jew, and Unconditional Supporter of Israel, and RIDE with Great Pride with my FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN FRIENDS . . . I am NOT a Religious Person.

But that said . . . I have nothing but Great Admiration and Respect for the Values of our Judeo/Christian Society.

PLUS . . . If everyone lived by the Values of HILLEL, MOSES & CHRIST, we would be living in a Far Better World.

Anne, Stryker, April the Cat, and I will be leaving Kentucky this morning, heading North for our Summer Home in Ontario Canada.

And the reason we were in Kentucky, from Austin Texas, which added a Couple of Hundred Miles to our Trip, was for us to Visit the ARK ENCOUNTER and the CREATION MUSEUM, both of which promote and tell the Christian Biblical Story of who we are. How we came to be. Why we are the way we are. And what we could look forward to in the Future.

BOTH MUSEUMS . . . were incredibly well done, and very professionally presented, and gave no shortage of Food For Thought, which was for Anne and Myself a great way to Kick off Easter Friday through Easter Monday, giving us a better understanding of the Powers through Belief, which Motivates more than Two Billion Christians Worldwide.

There was a time . . . not that long ago, when being Jewish, meant being Leery of Christians, never knowing what we could expect in terms of acceptance, and to a great extent – Rightly So . . . BUT THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW!

During my 67-Years Growing Up, living to a great extent amongst Christians, and seeing how our Values are both Similar, understanding that what makes one Religious Community Strong, makes the other Religious Community Strong as well, I see a Budding Future, where Jews, who were once Suspicious of Christians, especially FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIANS, are now seeing STRONG ALLIES to be CHERISHED instead of FEARED.

NEITHER OF US HAVE TO BELIEVE . . . the way each other believes, to completely understand, that our CORE VALUES make us far closer than ever.

AND NEITHER OF US HAVE TO QUESTION . . . the Validity of the Other with Misgivings, since in the LARGER PICTURE . . . especially when looking at the Threats of the World, AGAINST our Secular Rule of Laws DERIVED from the Ten Commandments and our Judeo/Christian Beliefs, that we are Far Stronger TOGETHER than we are APART.

So . . . Because we are about to Depart for the Great Canadian North, and Daylight is Starting to Burn, this is a very Short Editorial, meant to wish all of my Christian Friends . . . Believers and non Believers Alike, to Reflect on this Easter Holiday, not necessarily perhaps on the Minutia of the CRUCIFIXION & RESURRECTION, as much as on HIS MESSAGE, because what could possibly be SIMPLER to understand, THAN TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE DONE UNTO YOURSELF.

For Everyone Who Believes CHRIST Died On The CROSS For Our Sins – Don’t Let HIS Sacrifice BE IN VAIN.

For Those Who Don’t Believe . . . HIS Message Is Nonetheless Worth Believing.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard: Another home run or touchdown, your choice. On vacation here in South Florida, home of speed bumps, red light cameras and the worst over the air television you can possibly imagine. I also discovered ONA on my cable at home, I hope you get a chance to watch it someday. The major TV networks and local TV down here, is about as left as it can be. Thankfully, I have a wi-fi connection to the Internet!

  2. Amen. God bless you and yours and keep you safe from all harm not only on your trip, but throughout your time here on earth. God is and thus Jesus is.

  3. Amen Howard! Be safe and have a great summer at home. Tell the horses hello and that you missed them. And you are welcome back always.

  4. Thank God for our Christian brothers and sisters. If not for their staunch biblically-commanded support for Israel, US support for the Jewish State would be near nil. Especially so given the fact that no group has abandoned his religion more that the American Jew – JINO. If left to their devices, Israel would be in ruins while they went about fighting a war on climate change and transgender bathroom rights. May the lessons of God and Christ continue to guide your lives. HAPPY EASTER, and thanks!

  5. Wishing you, Anne, Stryker, & April the Cat a very blessed Easter weekend and may the truths of Easter be with us all throughout the year. Have a very safe trip back to the north country and a wonderful summer home with your horses. Will be awaiting your return to the USA in the fall. Hoping for a wonderful year for both our countries. BE BLESSED!

  6. It is simple – Jesus was and is a Jew. The ” CHRIST ” has followers know as Christians. There is no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for another person. Thank you Jesus for your love !

  7. Howard, great Easter article! Yes, our Secular Rule of Laws ARE DERIVED from the Ten Commandments. I found the perfect description for SIN—“We live in a culture where the concept of sin has become entangled in legalistic arguments over right and wrong.” People no longer suffer the REPERCUSSIONS of their ACTIONS! You nor I may not be RELIGIOUS, but we are CHRISTIANS which is a lot more important! Drive SAFELY and ENJOY the rest of your trip home! ANNOY A LIBERAL…HELP YOURSELF INSTEAD! AMEN!

  8. Having observed several religions in various countries I respect all that worship good and none have a monopoly on who is right. No one has ever come back from the other side to tell us. I have worked with and for Jews, been to Israel, really nice people and could never understand what it is with the world that it comes down so hard and blames Israel for the problems in the middle East. Chag Sameach and Happy Easter to all.

  9. I am a Christian and all my life have had a love for the Jewish people and would fight to the death against haters and killers of Jews. I taught an outdoor survival course at a Jewish camp for teenagers and the cook and myself were the only gentiles in the camp of 1000 Jewish campers and Israeli soldiers. They called me “Saba Wade” as I was a grandfather. Last year spent 14 days in Israel and praised every Israeli soldier I met over there.

  10. Your words warm my heart. May your journey be safe and easy. We look forward to your return. So sorry we missed you.
    Rick and Deena Schirmer

  11. You only need to remember God’s words to Moses (Hebrew). “I am the God of Abraham, I am the God of Issac, I am the God of Jacob.” That is all that maters. The 12 Jewish Tribes followed this line.

  12. The great Mahatma Gandhi could have lived a life of leisure and prosperity as a lawyer. Instead, he dedicated himself to pursuing independence for his country from colonialist Britain. He once said this: “If everybody in the world obeyed the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, we would not need the United Nations.” His words have rung true for decades, but few have heeded them.

  13. I said to Jeanne this morning probably the most amazing thing about our world is how much hatred still exists. Such insanity. We are long overdue to embrace what we have in common vs how we might differ. And never let it be forgotten because America is a predominantly Christian country, we Jews have been welcomed and given more opportunities here than in any other country on the planet. What better time of the year to say thank you and express our appreciation? It all seems so elementary.

  14. Yes, the Friday & Sunday of Easter weekend are the two most important days for me. I cannot celebrate Christ’s resurrection without first & foremost giving myself over to the suffering Jesus went through before & on the cross. I ache, I shed tears, because my sin put Him there; because His love for me was so complete He willingly went through that & gave his life for my sin (not only mine, but for all). To be loved that much is overwhelming.
    Blessing you, Anne, Stryker & April; safe journey.

  15. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! I could have met you both at the Creation Museum as I am across the river in Cincinnati! What a BUMMER! I even have free passes you could have used! Glad that you got to see it. I have not been to the Ark yet and hope I can see it soon.
    Have a wonderful Passover season and Happy Resurrection Day! Bless you and Anne and the pets! In the KJV of the Bible “Easter” is actually “Passover” in the original Greek.

  16. Safe travels to you, Anne, your pets back to Canada…..our prayers go with you. ALSO, wishing you a MEANINGFULL & SWEET PASSOVER to our WONDERFUL JEWISH Brothers & Sisters. BE STRONG, BE FAITHFULL, & THANKS for being there for US, your CHRISTIAN COUSINs!! PEACE, SHALOM to ALL.

  17. I couldn’t post on your last editorial, but where I live, they drive the same way. Nobody stops at stop signs anymore. Three or four cars go through the light AFTER it turns red.

    As for this editorial, Christ is the reason for the New Testament. Jesus confirmed The Covenant with Abraham in Daniel
    9:27. See Galatians 3:10-17.

  18. What you say about not trusting Christians is sad to me. From my earliest memory, my mother taught Sunday School early 1930s in a small town in Alabama. The Old Testament was a major part of the teachings. Jews are God’s chosen people. We were taught as such. I saw for myself that there were two differences. They went to church in a different facility and not on Sunday. The other difference was that, without exception, they were achievers while many gentiles made no effort to achieve.

  19. Howard, Christians above all people should love, respect and appreciate our Jewish brothers and sisters. God in His infinite wisdom chose the people of Israel to be the most unique and blessed people in the history of mankind. It was through the Jews the Messiah was sent to us. I’m not one of those Christians who blames the Jews for Christ’s death, I AM THE ONE TO BLAME–IT WAS MY SIN! Besides, God’s plan from the foundation of the world was for Christ to die in our stead. I stand w/ Israel!

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