Things That Don’t Matter WHICH Matter A Lot


I’ve been WANTING to write this Editorial for the LONGEST Time, but never did, because there always seemed to be something else happening, that appeared to be MORE Important.

BUT . . . Even though some things appear to be MORE Important, such as what’s happening in Washington DC, or in the White House, or in Europe, Israel and with the Islamists . . . doesn’t mean that the LITTLE THINGS should be ignored, BECAUSE what you’re about to read is so AGGRAVATING TO ME, that it dawned on me, perhaps this forthcoming Editorial REALLY should be written, because there’s very little we can do about the really BIG Picture, but there is much we can do about the following . . .

1 – I’m SICK & TIRED of the Regurgitation of News on all the Networks INCLUDING FOX News, as if it’s Breaking News, when it’s already been aired many Dozens of Times. Breaking News, News Alert, ETC . . . My Ass.

2 – The way the Media GINS-UP Small Stories to make them BIG Stories is Nothing more than Ratings Propaganda, which in other words, makes a Media Con Job Real.


3 – I’m Sick and Tired of the Never Ending Trump Drama, much of it caused by Trump Himself, and much of it based on a developing Question of What The Hell Does Trump Stand For Anyway?

Please Don’t Start With This Give Trump A Chance Stuff, ‘Cause That Bothers Me Too.

4 – No one Elected Trump’s UBER LEFTIST Daughter (Ivanka) and/or his UBER LEFTIST Son-In-Law Jared to Head Anything.

5 – I’m also REALLY Disappointed with the RINOS’ War on the Freedom Caucus, supported by Trump, because the Freedom Caucus is Standing For The Principles that got them Elected by People who wanted them to do just what they’re doing.


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are on the Road an awful lot, driving under all manner of conditions . . . and not only does this STUFF Bother me Enormously, but it is Criminal and Deadly . . .


6 – Anyone Texting while Driving should be FINED the Cost of the Vehicle they’re Driving, and then SUSPENDED from Driving again for ONE FULL YEAR, with no exceptions.

You can’t imagine how many times Anne and I came Close to being hit by some Jerk Texting While Driving. And you can’t imagine how many times while going bumper-to-bumper in traffic, when some Jerk fails to move ahead because she or he is busy Texting, and when you honk your horn, they JUMP FORWARD like a Shot, slamming on the Breaks, because they stopped too short to the car ahead.

AND THEN THERE’S A GROTESQUE REALITY . . . Anne and I have seen MORE Body Bags and Shattered Cars on Texas Roads, especially on Roads around Greater Austin, than we had ever seen anywhere else in our lives. AND MOST OF THEM ARE CAUSED BY TEXTING on Perfectly Maintained Roads with plenty of visibility, and more than enough time to react to signs, lights, mergers, turns – etc.

7 – How about when You’re Driving and want to merge Right or Left, so you put your Indicator On, only to have a Jerk STEP ON THE GAS, to make sure you don’t get in front of him or her?

Or you need to get over one Lane in Slow Moving Traffic, and People will just about touch bumpers with the person ahead, just in case, GOD FORBID, you might cost him or her a FEW SECONDS of their valuable time by getting a car-length ahead.

8 – And then there’s the SCHMUCK who feels that it is his or her GOD-GIVEN RIGHT, to be driving in the Passing Lane at the EXACT POSTED Speed Limit, or Far too Often LESS than the Speed Limit, and will NOT MOVE OVER to let anyone Pass.

After Screaming and Cursing like a Longshoreman, Anne always looks at me and asks; “You know they can’t hear you, don’t you?” And I always answer, “Yes I do, but it’s better to yell and curse, than have a Heart Attack By Being REALLY Pissed-Off Inside.”

9 – Austin is a HUGE and Growing Texas City, which is being INVADED by Californians and others from LEFTIST States and Cities, who are rushing to leave the States and Cities they’ve SCREWED-UP, to Screw-Up Austin . . . and with them, they’re bringing their Bad Manners and Major Inconsiderations.


10 – I Hate it when people do NOT return their Shopping Wagons to the designated Return Area, as if they’re simply too good to walk the extra few yards to do the right thing. Instead, they leave their Cart in a Parking Spot or Between Cars.

11 – I want to slap some people inside the head, who have Several-Dozen items in his or her Shopping Cart, but check-out in the 8-OR LESS LINE anyway, and look around as if No One’s Noticed.

12 – And when I see people Parking in Handicapped Areas, even with the Handicapped Sticker, who nonetheless get out of the car as Spry as can be, who most probably have the Sticker because some person in his or her Family might actually be Handicapped, who won’t let a perfectly good Sticker go to waste . . . My Blood Boils.

I’ve seen a Woman Park Right in the LAST Handicapped Parking Spot, get out of her car Wearing her Tennis Outfit, and literally Jog to where she was going.


Our Entire Society is SCREWED-UP at the Top, because we are SCREWED-UP at the Bottom. We’ve forgotten how to be Polite, Courteous and Responsible. We seem to have FORGOTTEN that we are not alone in this World, and NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to abuse the Rights, Serenity, and Safety of Others.

And if we can’t behave like CIVIL HUMAN BEINGS in our Everyday Pursuits, what gives us the RIGHT to expect ANYTHING BETTER from our Children, Politicians and Bureaucrats?

PS – When I See Something . . . I Say Something!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Right on Mr. G. And what the left doesn’t realize is that they would be the first to be slaughtered. But, perhaps, they would all convert to Islam.
    I am getting sick of hearing about the Crusades. The reason that there were crusaders was because Mohammad had slaughtered and razed all across southern Europe as far as Spain. The next target was France where they were stopped. Egypt was almost completely Christian until Mohammad and his army came along and forced the people to convert.

  2. You’d like Baton Rouge Louisiana WAY better than Austin. We’re conservatives through and through. If Austin is full of liberals, move your winter home–not like you bought a brick-and-mortar home. You guys are turtle travelers–your home goes where you go. See the whole country and then decide–and there are WAY better places to go when you get tired of pouring your hard-earned dollars in the the liberal sanctuary city of Austin.

  3. Howard. Am glad you are back on the road heading to Canada. The problem today with most people is that we brought in millions of new immigrants and some illegals that they didn’t learn our way of behavior and courtesy. Apart from being cut off on the streets by a car, how about jay walking? You have a green light to go forward and some jerk decides to beat you and runs across your car on red. God forbid if you hit the pedestrian, you will be in trouble. God help us all. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. “I Hate it when people do NOT return their Shopping Wagons to the designated Return Area, as if they’re simply too good to walk the extra few yards to do the right thing. Instead, they leave their Cart in a Parking Spot or Between Cars.”

    I got my car hit a few times by those shopping car let loose and I bet lots of you guys got hit just because someone was too lazy to put it in their proper spot.

  5. As I see it, it comes down to the absence of God in America, and therefore the Golden Rule has no validity anymore. “Respect others” has been replaced with “I’m entitled”.

  6. There is a deadly game being played with texters. The ani-texter arrives at the red light as does the texter. The texter is reliant on peripheral vision and texting. The anti texter briefly hits the gas to move forward. The texter aware of movement and floors it – into the intersection thinking Grn lite…and “T” bones other vehicle or is “T” Boned themselves. Seriously this is going on across North America. Intersections and texters are becoming the most dangerous items on the Continent.

  7. Am I hearing an echo!? 🙂 I know it all by heart and let it out only to hear my wife tell me she thinks I could use some anger management classes. Priceless! I love it!!!!!! It’s so nice to be in good company. Thanks for the laugh……even if most of it isn’t funny. BTW….who elected the Kushners? And what ever happened to the 50’s values? I wonder how many folks felt sorry for me when I started life in 1933? Most likely….a lot! I now worry about my grandkids and their future.

  8. Do you have anything to be thankful for? Yes, you do and you’ve writtened it. But even though I agree with the vast majority of what you right. Can we be more thankful for what we have and they don’t and try to help those who want to help themselves but can’t because they are stuck in a catch-22 system, welfare, and brainwashed with lies from their young age?

  9. Great editorial as always. Anne sounds like me. When my husband starts hollering at the drivers I’ll say “They can’t hear you but I can!”

  10. i’m sorry you’re having such a bad day but be thankful you’re not driving in New Mexico! Much, much worse!

  11. Prime Minister Trudeau I believe is introducing in parliament tomorrow a bill to legalize marijuana. Imagine, texters high on grass. How’s that going to work out? Howard, I think I’ll stay inside.

  12. Went to the supermarket while in Tuscany, Italy. To get a shopping wagon you plug a Euro coin into the retainer chain which releases the wagon. Do your shopping and return the wagon to the corral, plug it back in and get your Euro back. There were NO wagons in the parking lot except in the corral. We could use a similar system! As for the driving; I grew up in California, and to move left, you have to appear to want to move right, etc.

  13. Howard, you echoed my feelings on driving. I maintain that driving taught me how to use bad language. I agree with you on this texting while driving. Some of the drivers can scarcely drive without the texting distraction. Every day there are fatalities caused by in attention. Obviously at some point in time the powers that be will make the punishment fit the crime. Trudeau is able to listen to important government business and text at the same time. The stupid emulate him. Stay safe.

  14. For your health and safety, mental or otherwise, it’s probably wise to stay as far away from the Washington DC metro area as possible. Traffic on the capital beltway is much like you described, without as many body bags, 24 x 7 ad nauseum. I wish you and your family safe, uneventful, pleasant journey on your return trip. Little things add up over time and fester quite excruciatingly.

  15. While we’re at it, Howard- the “parents” who bring an undisciplined child to a restaurant, and then when the child screams its head off incessantly, they don’t have the common courtesy to take the kid outside until he or she settles down. I can count the times this HASN’T happened to us in the last year on the fingers of one hand. Since the parents apparently can’t afford a baby sitter, I’m tempted to bring a roll of duct tape from my car, tear off a strip, and offer it to the idiot parents.

  16. There is hope. I was feeling exactly the same as you and then after I had ranted and raved, this happened: young men held the door open for me, asked if they could carry my bags for me, – it was blizzarding out and two different young men at separate times offered to take my cart to the cart stand(no money involved); other people of all ages and both genders are saying the same as you – people shouldn’t text and drive. People are getting it, slowly but they are getting it.

  17. Howard. Ease up a little. We humans are not perfect. We are not perfect creatures. A priest recently said to a group I was in , why do we do things that we are not supposed to do, and don’t do the things we are supposed to do? He never answered the question. The answer is because we are sinful free agents. Please do not be so hard on POTUS. It is a very difficult job. Things will get better. Could you or I do any better? Let’s be honest.

  18. The shopping cart solution, is ALDI’s….you put a quarter in, to get a cart, & then the 25 cents is returned to you, when you return the cart to the cart return line-up aisle! Also “textors, in cars, at stop lites, etc. ……… a good “toot” on the horn, wakes them up from their oblivion!! I agree with the earlier observation, the absence of God in our lives, has embolded the “ME/I” GENERATION.

  19. I am going to unsubscrible, you have become a real jerk Howard and YES, I am speaking of TRUMP –
    sorry you gave up on him in less than 100 days, most of us are thrilled we finally have a president
    who is working for us!

    joyce sacks, Westlake village, CA

  20. Since there are no WW 2 Vets driving any more, I notice a big difference with drivers. WW 2 Vets always were polite and kind and courteous and let you in when you had on your blinker. They “learned ” to look out for the other guy from being on the battlefield. They made all our lives better by being good workers and making good stuff when they came back from the war. I really do miss them and for years thanked them when I saw them. Still do, as I saw one last Sunday. He cried.

  21. You forgot to mention those cheap Male and Female flyers, who manage to get their over-sized, too heavy/big for the overhead bin,because they didn’t want to pay the $25 for the checked baggage, onto the plane, and are now holding up boarding, because some poor flight attendant simply cannot lift and stuff that dead-weight above her head into the compartment, while the passenger sits there with her other TWO pieces of carry-on. That lack of consideration for other passengers pisses me off.

  22. ONE MORE for the LIST: the idiots who stop 1-2 car lengths behind a car at a red light. When I see them, I try to motion to move ahead…..they look at me so INNOCENT!!! What did I do wrong?

  23. You are NOT a jerk, Howard. Thanks for the commentary today on the “plain ordinary stuff” that pisses us off daily…it brought me down to my real life again. And, you are soooo right about the regurgitated news. I, too, am sick of it! You all have a good trip and come back soon!


  25. Maybe I can brighten your day a bit on at least one of your pet peeves. When my brother and I retired, we got involved with public safety – me with the Fire Department and him with the Police Department. He worked as a public safety officer and, as part of his duty, patrolled the handicap parking areas. In Plano, TX, if you use someone’s sticker and are caught, you get a ticket and the sticker is confiscated, revoked and cannot be obtained again for a significant period of time. Go Plano!

  26. Hi Howard, I hope you are going to do a piece on the CPC leadership race. Who are you going to go for?

  27. Howard I agree with you 100%. When I encounter an idiot on the road whom I curse at and call an A-Hole, my wife always puts me in a good mood by asking “how do you know his name?”, or she’ll say “there sure seems to be a lot of members of the A-Hole family on the road today”. It always works. I can’t help but laugh afterwards.

  28. To add to your list: you are going 85 mph in a 70 zone. An idiot pulls up less than 6′ from your bumper. You finally get a break in the traffic, pull over, and then the jerk either pulls in behind you, slows down in the lane you left, goes in front of you, or just takes the next exit ½ mile ahead cutting everyone off. Rice rocket pulls up and tailgates; you hammer the gas to make space and their fart mobile just stays at the same speed. Why tailgate? Absolute driving madness: Atlanta!

  29. AMEN!!! I agree 100% with everything you wrote. Just change TX for FL. Lord love us and save us from the idiots of the world!

  30. Thanks, Howard. My wife and I are constantly amazed at the inconsiderate drivers out there–could write a book! We often pull a 36 foot camper about 60-65 on interstate, people get irritated that we aren’t driving 75 with them, so they pass and jerk their car back in front of us. Also, we had a woman admit to cops she was texting when she ran a red light and hit our new car in Seviereville, TN. Our self-absorbed culture is hooked on instant gratification and constant communication!

  31. Have you ever visited Cape Breton Nova Scotia or any of our other Eastern Provinces?
    My wife stood at the curb of a regularly used street in Cheticamp to wait for the traffic to go by
    before cross the street. The Cars ALL Stopped (both ways) and let her cross. She thought there was something wrong
    but it was just genuine kindness on their part. Kind of humbles the rest of us.

  32. Howard, my late husband and I used to ALWAYS remark on the inconsiderate, mindless people on the road. Another place for the idiots? Bank lines, checkout lanes at stores…you would be amazed at the rude comments, people trying to cut in, just to name a couple. Lord help us all…just WHERE IN THE HECK DID CIVILITY GO? I sure miss it, too.

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