The Government SURVIVES Only Because Of You & Me


SPECIAL NOTICE: It seems that EMAIL ADDRESSES ending with .NET . . . such as,, bellsouth.netETC, have been FLAGGED for REJECTION by their SERVERS.

Our IT MANAGER is working on this, and has informed me that the Assault has been dealt with. In the meantime, several hundred people who are in the Galganov Directory with the Email Designation of .NET, have not received my last Two Editorials.

We are always working on Cyber Attacks, which unfortunately comes with the Popularity of this BLOG . . . which also shows that this Conservative Message is Getting Through.

I GUESS . . . Not everyone likes what I Write or how I Write it. But this is no surprise, since if you want to STAND-UP, you better be prepared to be KNOCKED-DOWN. But thanks to the Support I receive from Several of You, we can afford to DEFEND ourselves and keep Pumping-Out The TRUTH.


THE LAST EDITORIAL WASN’T A CALL TO BATTLE . . . Well actually it was, but not for any of us to TAKE TO THE STREETS in search of Starting Fights, but rather, for all of us to Understand that WE DON’T HAVE TO BE INTIMIDATED or Take a Punch WITHOUT PUNCHING BACK.

THESE ARE OUR COUNTRIES (Canada & The USA) . . . And Regardless of what the Courts, the Politicians, the Media and the Bureaucrats have to say . . . THE ONLY FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION they can take away from any of us, IS THE FREEDOM WE ARE WILLING TO SURRENDER.


I MENTIONED TUCKER CARLSON IN THE LAST EDITORIAL . . . because Carlson is doing EXACTLY what has to be done. HE CALLS THESE BASTARDS OUT, and then RIDICULES them on LIVE Television – Showing . . . for all who care to see, just how much of an EMPTY SUIT THESE LEFTIST WINDBAGS REALLY ARE.


No Government, which has ever USURPED THE RIGHTS of their People, have ever Survived, since Inevitably, it is the People who in one way to another MAKE OR BREAK all Governments.

AND ANOTHER TRUTH . . . The Government has NO MONEY, since the ONLY Wealth the Government has, is the Wealth the People are WILLING to Bequeath to the Bureaucracy.

ALSO . . . In Spite of all the Bureaucratic BRAVADO, WASTE, INCOMPETENCE, “ATTITUDE” & MALFEASANCE, It Is We The People Who Pay Them, OPPOSED to Them Paying Us. And the Moment our Checks CEASE . . . Their Living Comes Crashing To An End.


IN ATLAS SHRUGGED . . . The MAKERS were able to Evacuate to the HIDDEN UTOPIAN World Created by JOHN GALT, where those who DIDGOT . . . and those who DIDN’T, were Abandoned amongst the USELESS LEFT, to WITHER on the VINE OF MEDIOCRITY, with all the other PARASITES who were RAISED to FEED on those who COULD, WOULD, & DID.

BUT WE’RE NOT LIVING IN A NOVEL . . . where the Writer (Ayn Rand) Creates the Outcome, or where we can Disappear to a Perfect World of Meritocracy, where the Good Guys Always Win.


We’re living in a ROUGH & TUMBLE World, where we’re Swimming with the Sharks, some of whom FEED off the Guppies, while others FEED the Guppies . . . neither of which provides an acceptable scenario for me, since I don’t want to be FED-UPON, and I don’t want to be COMPELLED to FEED those who refuse to FEED THEMSELVES.

THERE’S NO SECRET UTOPIA . . . Created by Ayn Rand for the Mythical John Galt and his Followers to Run and Hide. BUT THERE IS HERE WHERE WE LIVE, for us to make of it what we want, OPPOSED to the Politicians.


THEY ALL ANSWER TO US . . . And in a Democratic Society, Especially in a REPUBLIC like the United States of America, where President Lincoln Said It Best at his Gettysburg Address, “OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, & FOR THE PEOPLE” . . . the moment we FORGET who WE ARE – and who THEY ARE . . . THEIR UTOPIA BECOMES THE ABSENCE OF OUR FREEDOM.


SPEAK-UP . . . STAND-UP . . . SHOUT . . . WRITE – And do EVERYTHING you can to be Heard, to be Visible, and NOT to be TAKEN FOR GRANTED.

OFTEN – I’VE BEEN ASKED: Aren’t you Scared Sometimes, to be Standing Up to the Government, Bureaucracy, Media and the Courts? The Simple Answer is YES. Very often I am SCARED. Very Often I DON’T Sleep at Night. And Very Often I Worry about what will happen if I get “THAT” KNOCK ON THE DOOR . . . In The Middle Of The Night.

I’m all but certain that the PERSONAL STRESS over the Years, of STANDING-UP & SPEAKING OUT, was the Primary Cause of the Small Stroke I Suffered about 3-Years Ago. But, after Taking Everything into Consideration, and Weighing the Pros and Cons . . . WHAT’S THE CHOICE?


Would you Rather live with the Consequences of doing NOTHING & SAYING NOTHING, because you’re SCARED? Or would doing NOTHING be MORE FRIGHTENING than the ALTERNATIVE?


THE PEOPLE OF NAZI EUROPE . . . were TERRIFIED of Standing-Up and Speaking Out, and look what that got Germany, Poland, France, England, Russia, THE REST OF EUROPE & THE WORLD.

There Is NO John Galt, Nor A Secret Utopian Society . . . There’s Only You & Me.


WITH REGRET – ANNE, STRYKER, APRIL THE CAT & I . . . are leaving Texas Tomorrow (Friday) Morning to Head Back North to Canada. But, at the same time, we are REALLY looking Forward to being with our Canadian Friends, Family, and Horses.

And if NOTHING Changes in US Immigration/Travel Policies, we will be Back on November 1, 2017. And if the US Congress Changes the Rules to give Canadians 8-Months to be in the USA, opposed to the current 6-Months, we will be Back 15-Days Earlier and Stay 15-Days Longer, leaving us with a 30-Day Travel Pad to visit America During the Summer.

I WILL BE WRITING AS WE TRAVEL HOME . . . but Probably, not Nearly as Frequently as we are all ACCUSTOMED TO.

AND JUST FOR YOUR INTEREST . . . Our First Major “TOURIST” Stop, will be at the WWII Museum in New Orleans Louisiana, which has been Heavily Promoted by Gary Sinise, which to Anne and Myself, will be a Lifetime Experience.

FROM NEW ORLEANS . . . We will be Heading to Williamstown Kentucky, where we are REALLY Looking Forward to Seeing the ARK, and the Biblical Account of The Great Flood.

If all goes well, we will be Home, Back in Canada on April 16th, which will take us Several Days to SET-UP, but Hopefully, that WON’T keep me from Writing as Often as I Enjoy.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. RE; cancelled speeches. You missed one Howard..sometime in12 or 13 David Horowitz was scheduled to speak at St. Louis University but the moslem student association apparently held the power over the board and then president Biondi. After a lot of protesting David was cancelled thanks to the muzzies. I am sure a lot of people missed out on some good education from David. He is the main reason that I do not like Oreally, as Oreally had David on and then would not let him talk.b4 OB was elected

  2. Travel safely and enjoy the Museum in New Orleans and the Ark in Kentucky. God speed!

  3. Howard, all the power to you and Ann for taking the punches. I salute you. For me, I have always admired one person in history that stood alone against the French Government and won. That man was Emile Zola. Many things can be accomplished if only we are willing to stand up and be counted. May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Passover. Steve Acre, Canada

  4. Howard,
    We have enjoyed having you and Anne in Texas this year. Have a safe trip home and we will be looking for your visit again in about 6 months.
    Paul ROTHBAND, Harper TX

  5. We here in Texas will miss all y’all. Have a safe trip home.

  6. “What’s the alternative?” How about to stop feeding the monster? Did you ever see the original “Little Shop of Horrors”? I distinctly remember the plant monster’s demand to “FEED ME!!!!” which became more louder and threatening as the plant monster grew with every feeding.

  7. I think you will enjoy the WWII Museum, Howard. I was one of the founding contributors to its construction many years ago. Also, my father grew up not far from Williamstown in Kentucky – so I certainly can identify with the areas you are visiting. Hope the rest of your trip will be pleasant and meaningful.

  8. Hope y’all had a good time this summer, and, enjoy your trip home, we will be thinking about you.

  9. In The U.S.A. and Canada, being democracies, i.e. governments of the people, for the people and BY the people, we are ALL politicians and thankfully, there are still enough of us who govern well enough to preserve our freedoms. You, Howard, are
    one of our leaders.

  10. Please have a safe trip home and be especially careful while crossing Jellico.

  11. You will enjoy the WW 2 museum. Plenty to see, great exhibits. Be prepared to be there for up to half a day or more. When you get there or coming out,m there should be a police officer. Ask him / her where they eat lunch. Out of the tourist corridor and in the real New Orleans. Where they send you, you probably would never think to enter.

  12. Right on, Howard!!! As the man of principle that you are, you know you have no choice but to speak out and for you and Anne to live your lives as you choose. Long ago you rejected almost instantaneously that so-called…”option” you THOUGHT you had to either stand up for what you believe or just sit down and shut up. You have convinced us you will remain STANDING and SPEAKING OUT FOR FREEDOM. In your soul it is impossible for you to do otherwise!….. Safe trip to you both.

  13. I join all others in praying you all have a safe trip home. And yes, blessings during Passover, a blessed time for the Jewish people. It is the week approaching Good Friday and Easter for those of us in Christ. God bless all during these special times.

  14. Howard, I was vocal once on Facebook and had quite a good following but had to shut it down for reasons I don’t understand but it was for my sons benefit. I am still vocal but in voice and just about everywhere I go. The last two years I managed to “convert” several black guys I met where I bowled. They asked me questions and I answered always saying, “this is just my opinion or how I see it” but make up your own minds. It doesn’t hurt to speak up. Play it forward.

  15. Safe journey home to you and Anne. At present JT is on T.V. Babbling about something else to help destroy our Canadian way of life. As usual his conversation is filled with ums . He is reading from prepared material. I wonder do they write it with ums. I post on FB but most people choose not to comment on my posts, I assume they are the guppies you mentioned. How our populace continues to be so unconcerned amazes me. God speed Howard.

  16. A safe journey for you and Ms.Anne! I write a weekly column for the local paper, and get so many positive comments from people who have similar leanings but never put their thoughts in print. Those of us who can stand our ground in print should do so; we should also talk to people one on one, with respect for their thoughts, but firm in our own beliefs. We are just so outnumbered, but must never give up trying to save our culture.

  17. Yes, Howard, TUCKER CARLSON is doing EXACTLY what has to be done. HE CALLS THE LEFT/LIBERALS OUT, and then RIDICULES them on LIVE Television. Also, LOU DOBBS is not afraid to SPEAK UP and CONFRONT the LIBERAL LIARS. He appears to be such a SINCERE person! HANNITY has also been very good at OUTLINING the LEFT’S SCREWUPS and LIES. It’s clear that the RINOS are of NO SUPPORT to Pres. Trump. Very sadly, the SWAMP is full of them. Lastly, enjoy a safe trip back home and enjoy your sightseeing! AMEN!

  18. Howard & Anne, both of you are to be envied for the adventurous lifestyle you have chosen to live – welcome back to Canada!! We should try & get to get together some time this summer. Let me work on that!! Embrun is a good place to meet. We will be looking forward to stories about your 6 months in the US. Anyone within travelling distance of Embrun, please ask Howard to keep you posted on the date.

  19. We miss you already. You have picked two must sees on your way North. Plan to spend a day or more in each. The ark is one huge boat. Amazing. It wasn’t completely finished when I was there this past summer. There is a Museum off Rt.275 going towards Indiana that is a History of our Planet. Ask about it when purchasing tickets as it was included for both places when we were there. Salute!

  20. WELCOME back to Canada Im leaving Davao Phil Easter weekend but i fly to Toronto Im also looking forward to Canada for a six month homebound holiday Do well and keep up the good work Howard

  21. May you have God’s blessings as you travel back to Canada. Wish you the best and always look forward to your messages and comments.

  22. I miss Greta, but Tucker Carlson helps to ease the pain of FOX News losing her. Did anybody watch her on Meet The Press last Sunday? The 3 other panelists were knocking our wonderful president. She said, if the economy starts booming, all bets are off about criticizing POTUS. I loved it. The camera quickly switched away from her. Chuck Todd is a real weasel in my opinion. Oh how I miss Tim Russert!! (Trump just bombed the airbase in Syria from which the chemical weapons originated).

  23. Have a good and safe trip home, folks. We will look for your return. After what happened in Syria tonight, you may have to whip out a short Editorial, Harold. God speed!

  24. Have a safe & fun trip to your ‘other’ home.
    Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

  25. An aside … Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged as a prediction of what would happen if we continued down the collectivist course, giving us every opportunity to change if we reverted to thinking. Further, as the quote goes, “You can die on your feet or live on your knees.” Howard, thanks for being one who plainly would rather die fighting than give up.

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