IN COURT . . . We’re Familiar with the Question . . . Do you Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth and NOTHING But the Truth? What a Laughable Question to Pose to a LEFTIST, since someone from the LEFT, couldn’t recognize the TRUTH if it hit Him or Her In The Face – SQUARE-ON.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . I think the TRUTH would Frighten MOST LEFTISTS, even if it was to their Benefit, since over the years, the TRUTH has become so FOREIGN TO LEFTISTS, as Jack Nicholson said in A FEW GOOD MEN . . . “You Can’t Handle The Truth”.

As Conservatives, I know that you’ve noticed how the Lips of the LEFT NEVER STOP FLAPPING, whenever they’re arguing a point that MAKES NO SENSE. And the MORE Senseless their Argument is, the MORE their Lips Flap, and the MORE Shrill their Voices become.

When I have the chance from time to time to Watch Tucker Carlson on FOX News, I get a Real Kick out of how the LEFTISTS, who are Carlson’s TARGET DU JOUR, just won’t SHUT-UP, not giving a Smiling Tucker Carlson the chance to get a Word in Edgewise, thinking that the MORE they BS, and the MORE they Raise their Voices, the MORE they Make their Point . . . ALL OF WHICH IS NOT TRUE.

SINCE THE MORE THEY DO ALL OF THAT . . . The MORE Stupid They Look & Sound.


When things are NOT going well for LEFTISTS, and they don’t have the argument to work in their favor . . . THEY DELAY & OBFUSCATE, by creating BS Arguments, as we’re Bearing Witness to now, in how the Democrats are Delaying the Nation’s Business by NOT Approving President Trump’s Choices to Serve, even though all of them, but especially in the Higher Positions are REALLY Professional, very Smart, and are NOT in Need of the Job, the Money and/or the Prestige.


WHEN THE LEFTISTS WERE IN CHARGE . . . The Budget, Debts, and Deficits were Barely a Consideration – let alone an Issue. And now, all of a sudden, Stopping President Trump before . . . in their SICK Heads, he destroys the Economy, it’s at the Top of their Contrived GRIPE LIST.

WHEN ERIC HOLDER . . . Was Busy Arming Mexican Drug Lords, NOT a Word from the LEFT. When the IRS was Smacking around Conservatives looking to set-up Non Profit Activist Organizations, NOT a Word from the LEFT. When the NSA was Caught SPYING on Americans, NOT a Word from the LEFT. When the Justice Department was Busy INTRUDING on the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS of Journalists (James Rosen), NOT a Word from the LEFT. When Crooked Hillary and Susan Rice were caught DISSEMINATING an Outright LIE about the Benghazi Video, NOT a Word from the LEFT. When Crooked Hillary had NO REAL Explanation for what happened in Benghazi under her COMMAND, NOT a Word from the LEFT. When Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, which was supposed to be SURREPTITIOUS, in total Contrast to the Way an Attorney General should Behave, NOT a Word from the LEFT.

AS A MATTER OF FACT & RECORD . . . Every time the Republicans held a Hearing on any of these LEFTIST OUTRAGES, the LEFT Obstructed in ever way they could, using RIDICULE, DEFLECTION & LIES to make their Pathetic Point.

AND EVERY TIME . . . The House and or The Senate asked for a Special Investigator or Prosecutor, the White House LAUGHED-IT-OFF, saying that what the Conservatives were doing, was NOTHING but Political.

AND NOW – THAT THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT . . . Here’s Schumer, Pelosi, and all the other Sick LEFTIST Cretins DEMANDING Special Prosecutors to Investigate NOTHING.


SO, IT SEEMS TO ME . . . That the LEFTIST Battle Cry of RESIST, has nothing whatsoever to do with Taking Care of the Country, and STOPPING People by Resisting BAD LAWS and Improper Conduct, but rather, everything to do with NOT DOING WHAT THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO.

IT IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAR TO ME . . . That DESTROYING America, in order to Beat President Trump and the FREEDOM CAUCUS is far more important to these VERY BAD ACTORS, than doing what MUST be done to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!


LEFTIST Education Is Teaching Crap-On-A-Stick, While Charging A Fortune For It:

When I was a Child and Growing-Up, there was Plenty I Couldn’t Do, but at the same time, there was Very Little I wasn’t Prepared NOT To Try To Do. So I did everything. Which meant there were no shortage of times when I failed, screwed-up, and figured I was a REAL Dufus.

BUT . . . Failing Is The Greatest Teacher Of All. So I learned from my mistakes. And even BETTER, I was always on my own, with no one there to pick up the Pieces when it all FELL APART.

TODAY . . . Because of the LEFTIST Educational Philosophy, that Everyone Gets A Trophy, NO ONE FAILS, and Everyone sort of gets to “earn” a College/University Degree, even if it’s NOT Worth the Paper It’s Written On, but COSTS the “Student” 10’s of Thousands of Dollars in Debt, we have GROWN a Useless Generation of Incompetent, Stupid, and Unqualified SHMUCKS.

Education DOESN’T just mean Graduating with a Degree in Basket Weaving, and a DEBT in the many TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, but rather, Education is all about leaving school (Trade School, College, University) with a Usable Skill, that provides a Service to People, and a LIVING to the Graduate.

I PERSONALLY KNOW . . . No shortage of Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters, Millwrights, Farmers, Tool & Die Makers, Mechanics, Horse Wranglers, Cops, Firefighters, EMS Personnel, Cooks, Waiters and Waitresses, and Sales People of all Description who became EXPERTS at what they do, without spending a Gazillion Dollars on STUPID University CRAP, which only makes the Professors and the Educational Institutions RICH.


We don’t have to be Quiet, Civil, and Polite. AND AS I’VE WRITTEN IN AS MANY WAYS AS I CAN . . . The LEFT are Poison, and are NOT Worthy of living in the Wonderful Countries Conservatives have Built, with which they Cohabitate with us, since they are NO LESS than a METASTASIZING DISEASE, much like Cancer, which will consume us all, IF WE DON’T EXCISE THE TUMOR.

YEARS AGO . . . When I was LEADING the Quebec Political Action Committee (QPAC), which was a RIGHTS ACTIVIST GROUP AMONGST SEVERAL, we held Rallies, Boycotts, Speeches and EVERY type of PUBLIC Event I could Dream-Up.


We didn’t just Stage Events in the Safety of our Communities, but rather, we went DIRECTLY Into The Belly of the Separatist/Ethnocentric Beast. And NOT ONCE, were we Assaulted. NOT ONCE!


YET . . . All the other Activist Groups were Physically Attacked. They were Punched, Kicked, Spat Upon, and Struck with Poles and Posters. BUT NOT US. NOT ONCE, and we held MORE Events in MORE Public Places than all the Other Groups Combined.


WE WEREN’T TOUCHED, because I Hired and Paid for some of the MEANEST, BIGGEST & TOUGHEST BASTARDS you can imagine. And I let it be known to all the Media, English and French, that I was once a Member of the Jewish Defense League, that I KNEW what it REALLY Meant to Fight, and that EVERYONE I HIRED understood . . . That Coming On Board With Me, MEANT TAKING-ON WHATEVER CAME OUR WAY.

THE SEPARATIST PUNKS, showed-up to just about all of our events, yet kept a Safe Distance, because they UNDERSTOOD what the Cost would be to them, if I even Suspected they were going to Screw-With-Us.

MY FEELING IS SIMPLY THIS . . . I’ve written about the Critical Importance of all of our RIGHTS, until my Fingertips began to Hurt. And I tried in every CIVIL way, to tell People that WE ALL NEED TO STAND-UP.

BUT AT ONE POINT . . . No More Talk. No More Useless Debates. No More BS. And No More Intimidation. If the LEFT Really Wants to Fight, let’s get on with it, and let’s see who has the Gonads to do what REALLY Needs to be Done to make our Countries GREAT AGAIN.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Actually the fellow just gave us a lead. Why not using the same tactics we used to destroy Nazi Germany and Japan against Islam also? Islam’s Pearl Harbor was 9/11 and then some.

  2. Lies are the weapon of the left, along with indoctrination from the schools and the complicit media. If not for the internet, we would not be able to find out ANYTHING!!

  3. Conservatives will never be like Democrats and circle the wagon and stand together on everything but we need to start stand. I am afraid we still need to get rid of a few more castrated Republicans in Washington.

  4. The Left has met their Waterloo in Pres. Trump and he is relishing the beating he is going to give them and it is only beginning. Met with more CEO and Executives at this time then Oblama did in 8 years. The results of all this are just
    beginning to show, stay tuned.

  5. To note re your editorial: The industrial revolution – all the mechanical real world inventions – was created by individuals (not leftists) who didn’t have a university degree. Up to WWII more farm tractors (you gotta eat) were produced than automobiles. These tractors and associated farm machinery were invented by farmers (non university types). Even Ford started out producing tractors. So who got us into social, economic, international earth shattering fiascos? Well, the pundits from th

  6. If you discover a way to make sense with lefties , let me know. Your intolerance (in your Comments section) of these useful idiots is understood.

  7. Again spot on, on every point. I maintain that if the democrats/lefties stopped lying, their party would disappear. The sad part is that they have so many believers of the lies. A few days ago at a conservative meeting in California, a crowd of lefties came with bats and all, but this time the conservatives were ready and gave them a beating they never expected and will never forget and they ran for their lives, I hope it will always happen in the future. You were also right on that point.

  8. Great writing of your thoughts and feelings Howard! I dare say they echo how most of us also feel. The left, as I say frequently – ARE KILLING US! Sadder, and all to much & often, they are getting by with their BS lies, and deceit. Yes, and with those always abettors’ the various & complicit media types. God help the lot of us endeavoring to make the U.S. great again – and yup, they (the left) really are (in more ways than one) killing us!

  9. Howard, I greatly appreciate and need your excellent point(s). However, a VERY minor detail: Tool & Die Makers? Unfortunately, that trade/skill set is overseas, or retired.

  10. What can we do to oust our pretty-boy PM from office before he totally gives Canada away??

  11. When I graduated from MIT’s graduate school in 1962, the dean of engineering said to me: “Congratulations, Mr. Eyre. Now your REAL education begins”. I drove out onto the Massachusetts Turnpike, and, ran out of gas! The dean had a point. At 84
    years of age, I am still “running out of gas” occasionally, and am still learning.

  12. The LEFT NEVER STOPS FLAPPING because they DON’T HAVE FACTS!Living a LIE becomes a LIFESTYLE so those people “Can’t Handle The Truth”.The LEFT’S GOAL is to get CONTROL of the PEOPLE, so they really DON’T CARE HOW they do this!MY biggest OUTRAGE is when HILLARY & and SUSAN RICE LIED about the BENGHAZI VIDEO!As you wrote, we have GROWN a Useless Generation of Incompetent, Stupid, and Unqualified SHMUCKS only because they have not been allowed to FAIL! FAILURE IS THE GREATEST TEACHER OF ALL! AMEN!

  13. Mr. Galganov, everything you stated is true. However, the GOP does not hold the DEMS accountable. They desire to feed at the same trough as the DEMS.The incidents you recited by the DEMS, was anyone truly held accountable or sent to prison ? They were not and why not? The GOP is just as bad as the DEMS. If a parent allows a child to be a menace then that parent is worse than the child. Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands and commited treason. But, president Trump decided not to prosecute her.

  14. I doubt that any other pundit in America could say it the way you did today. Amen, Howard.

  15. Great article as usual.I have been following you since the days of QPAC and when you were on radio
    I marched with you a few times in downtown Montreal and when we demonstrated in Ottawa.
    Keep up the good work.
    Henry Jolley
    Courtenay, BC

  16. You are writing what I have thought for a long time, Howard! Thank you!! They have no balls….period! They are bullies. It seems, however, only our Freedom Caucus knows it for sure.

  17. Howard, I participated in a number of your rallies, marches and demonstrations all of which gave me a great sense of being able to stop the rights violations of the government. Now we have a bunch of dumbed down numb nuts, mental midgets, thanks to the brainwashing from media and school. Reversing this trend will be an enormous task. Hopefully south of the border Rice, Obongo and Crooked Hillary will soon be wearing orange jumpsuits, sharing a cell together.

  18. When a Democrap speaks, you can count on him or her lying. And what’s worse, the mainstream media applaud and claim “no foul.” I watched (with disgust) NBC News last night trying pitifully to back up Susan Rice (a proven liar on Benghazi and more) as she claimed no involvement whatsoever in unmasking Gen. Flynn. Even a kindergartner could see through their attempted obfuscation! Guess what, Ms. Rice? You are now due to appear before Congress, and if you lie to them, stripes and bars await you!

  19. The U.S. is way ahead of the schedule, set forth by the American Communist Party. Little by little, in small increments for as long as it takes. Barron’s iterview with Gus Hall, circa 1965. This still applies.

  20. This is where/when I say I’m ashamed the leftists you cite time and again, are elected members of OUR OWN government whether I voted for them or not. They have no viable, legitimate plans for greater good of the country or citizenry, only their own self-aggrandizement & power plays; if they can’t get what they want – they don’t want anybody to have it either and will ,as you aptly state, destroy anything they can…just because they’re having an apoplectic tantrum.

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