The Difference Between Them And Us


I recently wrote . . . that with all the MACHINATIONS going on within the Trump Presidency, the Democrats, the LEFT, Academia, Hollywood and OTHERS – I will FOCUS MY EDITORIAL FIRE upon other Issues, which are being LOST in the Noise and BS of Government.

SO . . . As the Media is busy Grabbing Ratings by TITILLATING their coverage on who said what in DC, who did what in DC, what the Russians did or didn’t do, and ON & ON & ON – I will FOCUS ON ISSUES that seem not to be as important amongst the DIN of Media Hype as they should be – BUT ARE CRITICAL NONETHELESS.


CANADA HAS JUST RECENTLY . . . Passed a Motion to Declare that CRITICISM of Islam is a HATE-CRIME. It isn’t LAW YET, but I assume, that before the end of 2017 it will be.

And once this Motion becomes LAW, anyone like me, who believes in the ABSOLUTE SUPREMACY OF FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . will be Targeted by Islamists with the FULL SUPPORT of the Canadian Government for HATE-SPEECH, and will be subsequently PUNISHED for Expressing our Thoughts, which will run contrary to the Propaganda of Islam.

SO . . . In this Editorial, which says NOTHING about the Hypocrisy of Islam and Sharia, BUT SAYS EVERYTHING about the difference between THEM & US, read away.


You have more Reason than Just Somewhat to Worry . . . and understand this – if you are NOT about to make your VOICES HEARD HERE AND NOW – Don’t expect your voices to ever be heard.


If you REALLY Believe in GOD, certainly the Shared GOD between Christians and Jews, you would also have to believe that GOD GAVE US FREE WILL to think FOR OURSELVES . . . And Make Independent Decisions.

AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN GOD . . . that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t Believe in the following . . .

IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION . . . which Relies Heavily on the Concept of GOD, you also have to ACCEPT that the American Constitution was DRAFTED in such a Manner, as to use GOD’S TEN COMMANDMENTS as its PRIMARY guide to FREEDOM, OBLIGATION, ETHICS, MORALITY & RESPONSIBILITY.

BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST . . . Circa 30 BC, RABBI HILLEL – The Sage of Judaism, was asked this Ponderous Question by a Non Jew – TO EXPLAIN TO HIM, THE ENTIRE MEANING OF THE TORAH, while the Non Jew Balanced on One Leg, to which Rabbi Hillel Said. What Is Hateful To Yourself, Don’t Do To Another”. And that all but summed it up.

I GREW UP IN AN OBSERVANT ORTHODOX JEWISH HOME . . . We went to Sabbath Synagogue, I went to Jewish School after Secular Protestant School, and I went to an Ultra Religious Yeshiva (Rabbinical College). But, I invested a great deal of my Time and Interest Reading and Learning about the New Testament, and about the Life and Times of Jesus Christ, since so many of my Friends were Christian.


Over the Millennia, Judaism and Christianity have gone through MAJOR Transformations, where Once-Upon-A-Time, Jews and Christians both believed in Ritual Sacrifice, in the Supremacy of MEN over WOMEN . . . and the CANARD, when there was no other acceptable answer for bad behavior, GOD MADE US DO IT. I also NEVER Accepted, or will ever accept, that MAN, in the name of any HOLY Representative, has the Power, or the Right to Give Absolution for Sins.

BUT . . . after all the Enlightenment, after taking away the HORRORS, which were perpetrated UPON ANIMALS & PEOPLE in the Name of GOD . . . THE BASIC STRUCTURE OF JUDAISM & CHRISTIANITY HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL.

IF ANYTHING . . . JUDAISM & CHRISTIANITY – have become closer to the Message of the Torah and the New Testament, in as much as the Messages DELIVERED by Sages such as HILLEL & CHRIST, whose Second Most Important Message from CHRIST was . . . “You Shall Love Your Neighbor As Yourself”, as is quoted in Mark 12:28-31, Second only to HIS Jewish BELIEF . . . in as much as, THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD. AND HE IS THE GOD OF ISRAEL . . . Which is the First and last Jewish Prayer of everyday . . . KNOWN AS THE SHEMA spoken every day by Observant Jews.


MY PURPOSE IN THIS EDITORIAL IS SIMPLE . . . Anyone and Everyone can be a MORAL & ETHICAL Person, simply by Following The Words of the Ten Commandments, the Words of Hillel, and the Words of Jesus Christ.

It’s Really As Easy As That.

I CANNOT SEE WHERE IT COULD BE POSSIBLE . . . to HONESTLY Misinterpret or Misstate the MEANING of these Simple Words . . . EVEN AMONGST ATHEISTS.

How could anyone DISAGREE with these Truths, which are NO LESS VITAL TODAY, than they were more than 2,000-Years Ago . . . WHEN FIRST SPOKEN BY HILLEL & CHRIST?


I TRULY BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART & SOUL . . . that we are Created as FREE HUMAN BEINGS, within OUR Societies, with EQUAL Opportunities to Succeed or Fail, with Varying Levels of Intelligence and Skills, which set us apart from one another as we develop.

And in each one of us, REGARDLESS of Religion, Ethnicity, and/or Gender . . . there lies an EXCEPTIONALISM to which we are all FREE TO ATTAIN, if we have the Capacity and the Desire to Succeed.

YET . . . All of us who are old enough to remember, remember a time when Discrimination was the Order of the Day, when Women in North America were treated as Chattel, Blacks were deprived of what Whites accepted as normal, and Jews were looked upon as walking North American Pariahs in many GENTEEL Circles. And those are just a few examples.

WE DON’T HAVE TO STRAIN TO REMEMBER . . . Edicts passed in the name of Religion, which justified the UNJUSTIFIABLE – even though those Decrees Wilted in the Words of HILLEL & CHRIST.

NONE OF THESE DISCRIMINATIONS . . . had to do with the Teachings of Hillel or Christ, but had everything to do with the Twisted Interpretation of the Torah and New Testament, by MOSTLY Men (and some Women) in Power, who used the FEAR of Religion and GOD as they INTERPRETED IT – to Gain, Hold and Abuse POWER.

SO – WHEN I HEAR . . . The Likes of Clinton, Obama and the REST of the LEFT, Accuse Conservative America of being RACIST & SEXIST . . . I wonder where they’ve been living for the Past Half Century, as National Morality Has Caught Up With The Very CLEAR & FEW Words From MORE THAN 2,000 YEARS AGO?


WE IN THE WEST . . . have Over a Very Short Period of Time – have come a Very Long Way, in spite of all the Social and Racist Roadblocks, where even the INSANITY & CORRUPTION of Government and Organized Bought & Paid For Religion, couldn’t forever STIFLE the SIMPLE Words of Hillel and Christ, which Everyone can ACCEPT, who are Rational and Moral Believers . . . Including Non Believers.

READ THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION & THE BILL OF RIGHTS . . . I mean REALLY READ THEM, and tell me where in either Modern Document, which refers Directly or Indirectly to GOD Throughout . . . where it is written that One Gender, One Religion, or One Race should have SUPERIORITY OVER ALL OTHERS?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, You are right on the button. Can someone explain to me the comments made yesterday by Obama, comparing the Christian Crusades to ISIS? Maybe he should go back some 10,000 years ago when people used to be head hunters to supply their diets of human beings. What was he trying to tell? That we should forgive these Muslim Fanatics because we did something similar a 1000 years ago? Has he flipped and has nothing else to say? I shall celebrate the day he leaves the office. Steve

  2. Sharia and the Moslems will be the death of us all if we don’t shut it down and SOON!

  3. You have explained in clear terms why Islam, not Sharia but ISLAM, is incompatible with our Western scripture founded liberal democracy.

  4. Whenever I have to make a decision I have two criteria. The first is “What would God think about this?” and the second, “is it legal, ethical, moral and follow our Bill of Rights and the 10 Commandments?” I love my husband but am not subservient to him. We are equals.

  5. Howard, if Hate-Crime becomes law in Canada, I hope you will seriously consider moving to the U.S. where hopefully you won’t be silenced any time soon. You are much appreciated down here and would be a great asset and voice for us! I look forward to the day when I read that your move south will be permanent!

  6. Two points:
    (1) Will it be illegal to highlight the portions of the Quran that promote killing a non – Muslim, etc?
    (2) I’m a Christian attending a Jewish Messianic congregation here in Israel and it seems to me that over the last 2,000 years, Christianity has veered into religiosity in one direction, while what became Rabbinical Judaism has veered in another direction until there is a yawning gap between, what both started out as, Biblical Judaism.

  7. As always….Right to the heart of it, Howard! What percentage of the world realizes they have declared war on all of us. And what does 10, 20 or 30 percent of Muslims worldwide amount to in real numbers based on 1.5 billion of them? The world had better be into this one LONG TERM before it is resolved, and in reality what will it take to bring about a resolution?

  8. Howard, I claim to be atheist, and yet I believe and support every word in your editorial. You have expressed brilliantly that which all moral people share. As an atheist, I value above all the gems that have been derived from the 10 Commandments–the basis of what are today called Judeo-Christian values. Thank you, Gordon Miller, Ottawa

  9. Justin Trudeau will sell out our Canadian way for votes from the Christian & Jewish hating Muslims and we will be on our way down a slippery slope next will be a total ban on all private held guns so he can finally put his plan OF A liberal controlled Dictatorship after all his hero’s are Castro and all other communist didtators.

  10. “They” were a few centuries behind us when they started up. But with today’s knowledge of The Cosmos and the mass communication systems, “they” are catching up, in spite of some of their clergy who teach hatred and deceit, etc. There’s hope! We’re all specimens of Homo sapiens sapiens.

  11. Howard, you might want to check out a new book called “The Benedict Option” by Rod Dreher published in March 2017.
    It’s currently available in Barnes and Noble and Target. It’s “A strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation. Mr Dreher is a staunch conservative as well. It’s on my “buy it” list for this week.

  12. Sounds like your Canadian PM is a clone of obama ( whom I truly believe is a muslim in sheep’s clothing ) Now that we have seen what has happened in Europe I for see a mosque on every block in major cities in Canada. In the long run
    this is a danger to the these musllims will be able to cross the line legally to enter the U.S.A.and maybe issi at your door.

  13. From my research into world religions, the God of Judaism and Christianity are one and the same God. Allah, the Muslim god was the ancient moon god of Arabia. Also from my reading of the Koran it seems to be the duty of a good Muslim to either convert or kill the infidels. Please correct me if I am wrong in this.

  14. Howard, all truths. Unfortunately Canadian majority that elected Trudeau are generally tree hugging young liberals who don’t even know what WW1 and WW11 were about. “Freedom” is presented to the following generations. However, really difficult to grasp back when frivolously given away. Unfortunately, it will take a few fanatical extremist events to give Them a “head shake”. How blind…take away Christian/Judean prayers, but install prayer rooms and mats????? Scary!!!

  15. Lots got swept under (Arab/Muslim) carpet during Obama’s administration! If God has no part of U.S. Government, our Constitution and laws no longer matter (we no longer know “right” from “wrong”)! What will it be for Canada and US? Ethics and morals going away faster than many realize, along with those who value and treasure what our nations stand for! Religion won’t matter to those with “Wicked Ways”! Both Christians and Jews falling for huge Muslim “con job”! Too many involved with this today!

  16. When God created man He created them male and female. God loves both genders the same. In other words when it comes to value, God loves us all the same. In salvation, God removes barriers between men and women that Satan exploits to divide us and makes us One in JESUS. The Scriptures teach that man is to be head over the woman, in marriage specifically, and generally women are not allowed to usurp authority over men. On the other hand God reveals the concept of function. It is function…

  17. Part of the immigration vetting process should be the direct question “do you support sharia law” and if the answer is yes the then the person should not be allowed in the country ever. Sharia law and the US constitution are not compatible. It’s one or the other period. Then you must swear alligance to the US constitution.

  18. Pray for Trudeaus removal and the return of Harper to PM then maybe he can repeal the biased Trudeau laws

  19. There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. You can ask about sharia till your are blue in the face. They will exploit our laws and our basic trust in other’s goodness to defeat us. That includes lying to avoid deportation.

  20. If that becomes law in Canada, may I suggest that if you do not have a copy of the Koran, you purchase one. THEN, you can quote the verses in that book that tell the followers how to treat anyone who does not believe as they do. You can quote the verse that tells them it is alright to lie if it helps to obtain the end results of either killing the nonbelievers or what ever they are truing to do.

  21. Humanity cannot ignore the storehouse of knowledge and experience the world has gained over the last fourteen hundred years, regarding the spread and goal of Islam, simply for the sake of political correctness, appeasement of Muslims or personal gain.

  22. Wonderful blog!!! Great explanations & examples. I worry about Sharia law. It really is an anathema to our US Consitution & the Bill of Rights! I worry about the “lone wolf” terrorist’s attack(s). I just worry because I am seeing major changes in US society. A lot of this is due to Leftist teachings in our schools & Universities. Utopia does NOT exist & never will – Somehow Leftist America really needs to learn this – Instead of sticking their heads in the sand.

  23. Well said Howard. Your comments sum up everything that should be said so very well. Thank you.

  24. There’s no dispute: Like a new computer, every baby in the world is born as an Atheist. Every parent in the world, programs their child as they were programmed by THEIR parents who were programmed by their ancestors.That’s why almost every child embraces the religion of their parents. Europe is a litmus test for North America. In recent elections and polls, Europe is losing to the Left. Strength in numbers: Muslims are encouraged to have babies at an alarming rate.

  25. The expression that you attribute to Hillel and Christ were originally from the Torah from which both taught. The USA was a nation and still is a nation founded on the principles of Torah. Many of the founding Fathers could read and maybe even speak biblical Hebrew. Ben Franklin even wanted the official language to be Hebrew as he hated the British so much. And all non Jews can be Bnei Noach by following the Noahide Code.

  26. Sadly, just as in Canada, a Muslim member of the Australian parliament has just proposed a law similar to M-103. Once Muslims get to be a certain percentage of the population they make demands for the country to become Sharia based. Once there are Muslims being elected, suddenly laws are suggested that puts Muslims one step higher than everyone else, and to disagree is to be phobic of Muslims. The Koran clearly states that Muslims are above all others. Its called “Sharia creep”, slow but sure.

  27. VERY INTERESTING, Harold. I hope you, Anne, Stryker, & April have a safe trip home to Canada. Looking forward to your future “blogs”! God Bless you each!!

  28. Nothing slows progressive’s down, not a constitution or unalienable rights or any law for that matter. They will continue the assault until until they are stopped. Words and laws and good intentions sure as hell won’t work, voting sure? Mao had it right, “out of the barrel of a gun”. Nothing in the Constitution requires us to commit individual or societal suicide. I am afraid that when future generations dig up our bones they won’t know how to identify us because they won’t find any back bones.

  29. Excellent Howard. ACT for Canada quote on M103: The reason why multiculturalism exists is to pretend that inferior cultures aren’t inferior and that superior cultures aren’t superior. It’s a way to tell nice lies about rotten cultures and rotten lies about great cultures. And from this, we’ve set ourselves up not only to believe the enemy propaganda that Islam means peace’, but to propagate it ourselves, all the while blaming ourselves for the enemy’s war on us.&#1

  30. GOD’S TEN COMMANDMENTS ARE our PRIMARY GUIDE to FREEDOM, OBLIGATION, ETHICS, MORALITY & RESPONSIBILITY. I, too, don’t believe that MAN has the Power or the Right to Give Absolution for Sins, but one must admit when people went to CONFESSION, the world was a bit more PEACEFUL.Now, people must live with their GUILT!Per Mr. SEERY the immigration vetting process should include “DO YOU SUPPORT SHARIA LAW?”TRUDEAU will soon promote SHARIA COMPLIANCE or SHARIA CREEP, as Mr.Eisenberg described it. AMEN!

  31. The Catholic Church teaches that it is GOD who forgives our sins. In the confessional, when I confess my sins, make a sincere act of contrition, the Priest pronounces the words of absolution, but it is God, not the priest, who grants forgiveness.
    Jesus Christ, God’s Son, made reparation for our sins by His death on a Cross through which we are granted God’s forgiveness. No man, not even the Pope, can forgive sins.

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