The LEFT Have Permeated Itself Everywhere


TODAY . . . APRIL 1ST – at least until NOON, somewhere in North America, it’s April Fools Day – when the JOKESTERS will be out Pulling all Manner of Gags. But in Government, regardless of where it is, IT’S APRIL FOOLS EVERY DAY – 24/7 ALL YEAR LONG!


According to the Just Completed 2017 Arab League Conference . . . The LEGITIMATE Rights of the Palestinian People must be Respected in order for the Arab World To have PEACE with Israel.

I guess . . . that about A HALF BILLION ARABS, PERSIANS & OTHER ASSORTED MOSLEMS in the “Neighborhood”, who OPENLY Hate Jews is a Minor Irritation towards Peace With the Jewish State.

OR . . . that Jews are PERSONA NON GRATA in many Arab Countries, like Saudi Arabia, EVEN TO JUST VISIT is no big deal. And people with an Israeli Stamp on their Passport, are NOT WELCOME in Many Arab/Moslem Countries, just because they visited Israel, seems to the Arab League to also be nothing more than a Small Inconvenience.

OR HOW ABOUT THE CURRENT PALESTINIAN LAW . . . That EFFECTIVELY FORBIDS Jews from Owning, Renting or Living in any Imaginable Way, in what these Palestinian Arabs consider to be Palestine?

OR THAT IT’S A CRIME . . . Punishable by DEATH, to any Palestinian who sells Property to a Jew. Not just an Israeli . . . BUT TO ANY JEW?

AND THEN THERE’S THE LITTLE MATTER . . . about how the Palestinians and Other Arabs, WILL NOT RECOGNIZE Israel as the Jewish State for the Jewish People, where FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY Reign Supreme, for all People, Regardless of Religion and Culture, WHO ARE ALL EQUAL UNDER ISRAELI LAW.


WHAT PALESTINIAN NATION? . . . When was there ever a Palestinian Nation? And if there was such a thing as a Palestinian Nation, which there wasn’t, who was the First Palestinian Leader before the Egyptian Born Yasser Arafat laid claim to that Phony Throne?

And if there ever was a Palestinian Nation . . . where were the Recognized Borders, Recognized by Treaty, or even within a Bible Passage, including the Koran? And what was the Palestinian History, Language, Religion, Culture, Diet, Achievements, or anything else that would Separate and Define the Palestinians as a Nation, which would be in any way different from all the other Regional Arabs?

AND UNLIKE THE JEWS OF ISRAEL INCLUDING JERUSALEM . . . where Archeologists, Bibliologists, Anthropologists and Historians are UNEARTHING Thousand Year old Jewish, Christian, Greek and Roman Artifacts, wherever a Rock or stone is overturned or unearthed – YET NO ONE seems to be unearthing anything that screams or even whispers Palestinian.

SO . . . Starting with the PREMISE about the “LEGITIMATE RIGHTS” of the so-called Palestinians, is NO LESS Accurate or Honest than starting with the “ILLEGITIMATE PREMISE” that the WORLD IS FLAT. So what RIGHTS should a Group have . . . who claim a History – Where No Such History Exists?


Just as I have COMPLETELY Illustrated, in only a few paragraphs of straightforward questions, the BIG LIE about the LEGITIMACY of the Claims, and even the EXISTENCE of the so-called Palestinian People . . . THE SAME MUST BE SAID ABOUT UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS IN THE USA.


Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I are here LEGALLY in the United States of America. The Four of us are DOCUMENTED. Stryker and April the Cat have all the Papers they require to Prove their Vaccinations. Anne and I have our Passports, Nexus Cards (Most Trusted Travelers), and detailed ATF Forms, which allows us to Bring “DOCUMENTED” Firearms and Ammunition into the USA.

We are carefully ABIDING THE 182-DAY RULE, which PRECISELY Details in American LAW, how many Days TOTAL Per “Running” Year, we as Canadians are ALLOWED to LEGALLY spend in the USA . . . And when that time is up – IT’S UP!

AT 183-DAYS, if Anne and I do NOT leave the USA, and stay out of the USA until we accumulate the necessary amount of time to return, WE WILL NOT BE UNDOCUMENTED – WE WILL BE ILLEGAL!


ALL UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS ARE ILLEGAL. So, let’s start with the Premise that all “Undocumented” Immigrants are ILLEGAL, and take it from there.

If Anne and I decided to OVERSTAY OUR AMERICAN WELCOME . . . I would not want anyone to question our intelligence by calling us “UNDOCUMENTED”, because that would suggest we are Stupid. But we’re NOT Stupid, we’re Smart and Honest Enough to know that we would be ILLEGAL.


Obama TERMED Non American Born Children of “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” . . . DREAMERS – now who in the Hell could ever Stand-Up Against Beautiful Children and Young Adults who are in the USA ILLEGALLY through no Fault of their own, who have an America Dream? And how could anyone be so HEARTLESS as to Campaign to DEPORT their Equally ILLEGAL Parents, leaving their Children (Dreamers) behind to Fend For Themselves?


You’re Either In America LEGALLY Like Anne And Myself – OR YOU’RE NOT!

And like the so-called Palestinians who now claim LEGITIMACY where none exists, the ILLEGAL Immigrants in the USA claim NOT TO BE ILLEGAL, but rather . . . UNDOCUMENTED.

AND JUST LIKE ISRAEL shouldn’t give a Rat’s Ass about the WORD GAMES used by the International LEFT . . . NEITHER should the American People, who are being CONNED by the Intellectually Dishonest American LEFT, give a Rat’s Ass about the Semantics of Word Deception.

Besides . . . If it’s that easy to STAY IN THE USA as simply being Undocumented, instead of being ILLEGAL, and Anne and I are NOT taking advantage of the LEFTIST CON JOB, we’re the STUPID Ones.

Anne and I should simply Discard all of our Papers, find some LEFTIST SCHMUCK to give us Sanctuary somewhere warm, like right here in Travis County Texas, where we’re already at, where the Mayor of Austin and the Sherriff are already Accommodating, and just tell ICE to Shove It when they come Calling.

OR . . . Anne and I can do the RIGHT & HONORABLE THING, and play by the Rules Created in the United States of America by Americans for Americans . . . and go back to Canada, while looking forward to the Next 182-Days, or whatever amount of time Congress will allow us in the Future.


Because Anne, Stryker, April the Cat and I will start Heading Back North this coming Friday, April the 5th . . . Anne and I suspended all of our Mail Forwarding Several Weeks Ago, so if you sent anything by Conventional Mail to my PO Box, we won’t be seeing it for Several More Weeks.

So . . . if you haven’t Received any Confirmation from me, concerning whatever you might have sent, IT ISN’T LOST IN THE MAIL. And I am NOT taking anyone for Granted. So, it might take as long as Three More Weeks until I can acknowledge what you sent.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The only Fox News show I watch is The Five, sure the doper Beckel is going to utter his lefty views and that total idiot Williams will appear from time to time but they are made to look like fools by the others. You cannot expect much more
    from Roger the skirt chaser.

  2. In the movie The Deer Hunter someone said….”This is this.” None of this is complicated especially with the clarity you bring to it, Howard. It becomes complex only when the evil ones instill their lies, because that is all they have, and they know how easy it is to fool the fools. Dennis Prager is one very fine and intelligent man. Recently he claimed about this Second Civil War, after seeing the results of the GOP push back to Obamacare, that the Left is winning.

  3. The one country Israel and the world has to fear is iran only because they have the bomb.It would take one nut case
    to use against Israel and start a ,world war.Then again n,korea all ready has a nut case leader. We live in dangerous time.

  4. Thanks for the great editorial, great! As always.. have a safe trip back to Canada.. just wish you and family would just go ahead and become American Citizens.. I live in Summerville, SC and look forward to all of your researched comments.. you are always right on target.. I think all of this is crazy.. you should be able to stay as long as you wish, after all.. you live in Canada (North America). We are next door neighbors, unfortunately, just like Mexico, haha.. God Bless You & Family!!

  5. Feel free to stop in Baton Rouge, La for lunch on the way back, I’ll take you to George’s–home of the best po’boys in La in the best dive in America. If you’re on I-10 you’re five minutes from great Louisiana food!! If you want Beignets, get off I-10 and go to Coffee Call on College (at the South end of the Wal-mart plaza just south of I-10 on College Dr) better than Cafe du Monde in New Orleans! Safe travels!

  6. WORD GAMES are exactly what the LEFTISTS are playing. For those who don’t understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL, here are a few more definitions–BANNED; PROHIBITED; UNLAWFUL; CRIMINAL; ILLEGITIMATE; INVALID; FALLACIOUS, etc… ILLEGAL also means that it’s AGAINST the RULE of LAW! UNDOCUMENTED MEANS UNREGISTERED. HG, you are doing the “RIGHT & HONORABLE THING”, as “two wrongs don’t make a right”. Also, it may take a while, but “the TRUTH SHALL CONQUER”! Have a SAFE TRIP home! AMEN!

  7. What has always amazed me, is liberals seem to not understand the definition of “ILLEGAL”.

  8. In the old days, US marshals arrested any and all lawbreakers. Why are they not now arresting mayors, sheriffs, legislators and others who are sanctioning “sanctuary cities”? Those people swore to uphold our laws, and they are blatantly breaking them. They are traitors to our country. Howard and Anne, thanks for being law abiders!

    This week, I had the high honor of administering the Oath of Office to the 20th United States Ambassador to Israel – David Friedman. An unabashed advocate for a stronger Israel-America relationship, Ambassador Friedman will help ensure that the United States is a faithful friend to the Jewish state of Israel.

    President Trump and I stand with Israel for the same reason every freedom-loving American stands with Israel – because her cau

  10. Howard, I will go against all my principles for you, Anne, and even Stryker & April. If you prefer not to return to the leftard hell of the People’s Republic of Canada, my wife and I will declare our Boca Home a sanctuary home for Jewish Canadian undocumented refugees with guns.
    Just say the word and I’ll get the barbecue warmed up!

  11. Only stupid people would nuke another country thinking they wouldnt get nuked in return which makes both of them unusable due to radioactivity. I feel sure we have weapons ready and nearby.

  12. Excellent – Word games is exactly right!!! I am amazed that the Palestinians are now claiming they are the real Jews! I’m sure everyone knows about the freeway fire in Atlanta. They have arrested a man & charged him with arson. 2 other people are being held. The man has already gone to court & the judge ordered a $250,000 bond. I knew this wasn’t a normal fire. I still suspect a terror act. It will ruin the commerce for a long time. It will take months to rebuilt this major interstate route.

  13. It might be better to call the leftist illegals “unlawfuls”, because I suspect that an “illegal” is a sick bird.

  14. The so-called Palestinian statehood is nothing but a ploy by the Arabs and the Leftist West to stick it to the Jews. It is the world’s greatest lie built on lies to undermine the Jews, keep control of the Jews and hold a perennial knife at their throats till the end of time. There is no other purpose to it.

  15. Liberal lefty communist socialist fascist non-thinking jerk-heads can only be what they are. No worries of those horse-puckies trying to act otherwise. They are unable to even act out or pretend to be a conservative loyal patriot standing on the rule of law, acting civilized or somewhere past the 5th grade.

  16. HG if I had to guess how old you are based on your opinions I would be dead on within a year or two . ALL of these issues stem from new mentalities : the ones our schools have been giving our children for the last two generations . Work Ethics do not exist . Stop signs are for the other guy . Spelling , who cares . Credit , misuse it . History, ignore it . Drugs , abuse them. The world owes me and everyone deserves everything for free.

  17. Let’s add: “Laws are made to be broken” (information given in English doesn’t apply to those who don’t speak English)! American citizens (taxpayers) are the “fools” who “foreigners” love to “take advantage of” (in any way possible)! We’d love to have you and Anne living here (with all your animals), but our Government simply is no longer interested in those who “think for themselves” or can’t comply (kiss ass)- that’s why we allow all the “jokers” to remain in power! Not “funny”, really sad!

  18. Have a safe trip home and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We head back next week also but through some wet. Hopefully the Israelis will be pro active and not wait for the hoards that are insidiously planning their destruction!

  19. Most of the news media won’t even bother with the terms “illegal” or “undocumented”….they just refer to them as immigrants….like nothing else matters or pertains. Kind of like this rather new idea floating around in the Sancuary areas that it is OK or a RIGHT to ignore the law because we don’t happen to believe in a particular law.

  20. The ONE SINGLE thing both the media, and obviously all the “Leftards”, and other basic “dumb folks” are overlooking, is the simple and total crux of the entire matter and it remains all of these folks are ILLEGALLY here. I don’t think you need a Harvard Law Degree to realize that opening and defiantly IGNORING the law is a criminal act. And it is punishable under the law!!!
    We are a “Land of Laws”, not a herd of farmers, and a nation of anarchy!!!!

  21. It should not be complex at all. The Law of Parcimony says that the simplest explanation is the true one. Lies involve lies covering for lies and that makes it complex….lie upon lie upon lie. The simple fact is Israel is Jewish, the Temple Mount has been and is Jewish and that is the simple truth even in the Scriptures and seen in archeology. Period.

  22. HG. The world has become lawless,and where there is no law,there is no peace.The 10 commandments summarize all the laws given in the Bible.You are citing examples of stealing.Stealing of citizenship and of land.You and Ann do not steal.You leave Texas when your time is up.The Palestinians have stolen Israel’s land. They are really from Jordan for the most part. People want to live in the US because it is a nice place. Why? Because of laws have made it so. So they come here to cancel them. Duh!

  23. The USA loves you and so do a lot of Canadians. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable trip and return to Canada where you are much appreciated and needed here too.

  24. I really enjoyed your blog today. It really gave me food for thought about Palestinians. I love reading the responses and noting how far and wide people who read this blog reside. I will miss you for 182 days!!! But will keep reading and visiting Anne on FB, Be safe!

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