I’m Getting DIZZY with all the MACHINATIONS coming out of Washington DC. Who said WHAT? Who was responsible for THIS . . . or responsible for THAT? Was it Ryan or was it the President? . . . And Of Course The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming . . . OR WAS IT THE FREEDOM CAUCUS?


And now with Ivanka Trump moving into the White House, and Trump’s ongoing threat to include the Democrats OVER the Republican Freedom Caucus . . . & ON & ON & ON . . . It’s like being in the Middle of a Political Centrifuge, Praying for it to STOP . . .


IT’S FAR TOO EASY . . . to get caught up in the BS and Intrigue of the Political Morass called Government, when we look at the Minutia of Everyday Events.

AND IT’S FAR TOO EASY . . . to get HORNSWOGGLED by the Media, thinking even for a second that the Media, in the words of FOX News . . . is really “Fair And Balanced”, when in all honesty . . . Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.


FIRST AND FOREMOST . . . The media is all about MAKING MONEY. And to make Money, the Media NEEDS to either sell Subscriptions, Advertisements, or enough of a Combination of BOTH, which they do by SENSATIONALIZING their Stories.

SECOND . . . Today’s Media is Controlled by Conglomerates, many of which are International by Nature, even though their Base is Nationally Local . . . TO WHICH THEY ALL HAVE AGENDAS.

The Day of the Family-Owned Media Empire . . . is all but Gone. And so too are the Locally Owned Media, where the Publisher and/or Broadcaster actually Live in the Community where He or She Publishes and/or Broadcasts . . . So – to use a Legal Term, but not in the LEGAL SENSE . . . Today’s Media have NO MORAL STANDING, even within the Markets, where they DIFFUSE THEIR INFORMATION.


LAST NIGHT . . . Anne and I were catching-up on the Latest Television Episode of the Series HOMELAND, Starring Mandy Patinkin, who is also a Producer of the Show. HOMELAND, from its inception, was America’s NUMBER ONE Cable Drama Show (Showtime), Winning In Virtually All Mainstream Media Awards Categories.

In its early incarnation . . . HOMELAND was an Extremely Popular Show with a HUGE and Significant Audience, which Highlighted the Underbelly of International Subterfuge between Islamists and the West. But, over the past Few Years, HOMELAND has become a CHEERLEADER for the FAR LEFT, in as much as GOING FULL THROAT TO PROMOTE THE OBAMA AGENDA . . . SPECIFICALLY OBAMA’S IRAN DEAL.

AND NOW . . . In HOMELAND’S Final Year – this once really Great and Entertaining Show, has MORPHED into a SUBLIME REPUDIATION of SUPPOSED Conservative American Values, while also FOCUSING on SUPPOSED Conservative ISRAELI Treachery.


I didn’t write about HOMELAND as a Critique for Entertainment Value . . . but RATHER, as an ILLUSTRATION of how far we’ve fallen to the LEFT.

Mandy Patinkin . . . in many regards is VERY Jewish. You might remember him from his Role as the Quirky yet Brilliant Contrarian Surgeon on the Television Series Chicago Hope, and then as the Psychoanalyst Profiler of Criminal Minds.

Anne and I saw Patinkin LIVE in Montreal, quite a few Years Ago at Place Des Arts, Singing to a Sold-Out Audience. It was ONLY Patinkin with a Pianist Playing an Old Fashioned Upright Piano on a BARE-BONED FULLY LIT STAGE, with ZERO special effects, performing his CLASSIC MAMALOSHEN, which is a Compilation of some of America’s Greatest and Most Treasured Songs . . . Including Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from Mary Poppins, Take Me Out To The Ballgame and Kate Smith’s Anthem – GOD BLESS AMERICA . . . ALL SUNG IN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC YIDDISH.


HERE IS AN EXCEPTIONAL ACTOR . . . and a Singer who is SECOND TO NONE, with a Range of Vocals . . . the Likes of which have no equal, who is VERY Jewish, whose FAMILY IMMIGRATED to AMERICA from RUSSIA & LATVIA at the Turn of the 20th Century, like most European Jews from that ERA, so they and their Families could Escape Rank European Government Inspired Anti-Semitism, Disenfranchisement, and Pogroms . . . in search of the Promise of the FREEDOM & SAFETY America Provided . . .

AND HERE WE HAVE . . . Not even a Century Later, an Unbelievably Gifted Man, who is Tasting all the Wonders at the End Of The American Rainbow, available to him and all others, ONLY because of the US Constitution, CREATED by HONEST-TO-GOODNESS American Patriots, who were Solidly Conservative by Nature, doing everything he can to DESTROY the Dream, which has carried him and his to the LOFTIEST OF HEIGHTS, Truly Believing in his SICK SOCIALIST MIND, that what he’s doing is “NOBLE & PROGRESSIVE”.

AND PERHAPS EVEN WORSE . . . As a Jewish Canadian, who is an UNCONDITIONAL & UNABASHED supporter of Israel, I am BEARING WITNESS of a Man of my own Religious Culture and Beliefs, who is SO JEWISH, that he NEAR ALWAYS Represents his Acting Characters as being Jewish, who is PROMOTING a DEFAMATION Against Conservative America, while DEFENDING Islamists and the Obama Iran Nuclear Agreement, while Patinkin is simultaneously PORTRAYING ISRAEL AS AN EVIL & UNTRUSTWORTHY SOCIETY.


This Editorial is written to ILLUSTRATE JUST HOW EVIL & PUGNACIOUS is the LEFT . . . FROM EVERY FACET of the Socio/Political Spectrum, to the point . . . that as EGREGIOUS as many of Trump’s Tweets, Threats and Flip Flops might be, and as disappointing and aggravating as they are to me . . . ONE PRESIDENT TRUMP IS MILES ABOVE & BEYOND A HUNDRED OBAMAS & CLINTONS.

THEREFORE . . . I will Temper what I write, and FOCUS on the REAL Enemy, opposed to the FOLLIES, which will be a Steady Socio/Political Diet from the LEFT & RINOS, over the Forthcoming 4-Years, and Hopefully Beyond.

SO – WHEN I WATCH SUCH A WELL CRAFTED SHOW AS HOMELAND, which is Just One of HUNDREDS of other SLICK LEFTIST SHOWS, which at their Heart and Soul are nothing more than Un-American Productions, which are CONTRARY to the VALUES, which CREATED THE GREATEST & FREEST COUNTRY ON THE PLANET . . . I have to ask myself the FOLLOWING . . .


SHOULD I FOCUS ON THE TRUMP PECCADILLOS? . . . Or should I Turn All My FIREPOWER at the INSIDIOUS Enemy From Within, ESPECIALLY when that Enemy’s PROPAGANDA is Flying at us from EVERY DIRECTION?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Thank you Howard for what you do. It seems you have more followers in the US than in Canada. That is disappointing. Although you are currently addressing US issues, they are even more important to Canadians because a potential next prime minister of Canada is a mirror image of Obama. That he is not as smart and powerful will be the only blessing. The current opposition leader in Canada is indeed an Obama with an overt mean streak. Good thing he is in Canada where he can’t do as much damage.

  2. WE know who the enemy is Howard. It’s NOT Trump. He’s trying. Believe me–this man LOVES AMERICA like no one since Reagan!! Go after the left. Godspeed my friend.

  3. Howard, thankyou as always for your very up-front editorials! What I have always liked about you, is, that you do your homework and tell all of us readers, is the absolute truth. Many people don’t like to hear the truth.. but, that’s what I respect about you, you always do your research and give us the real facts.. May God Bless You and please continue to tell all of us, just as you see it.. because we know that you have done your homework!!!
    Barry W. Dolbier

  4. WOW – RIGHT ON!!! Excellent editorial/blog. The greatest mystery is why the US Jews are so secular socialists & frequently the biggest “haters” of Israel??? You would think considering the diaspora of the Jews for thousands of years & the statehood of Israel being formed would unite the Jews, but that doesn’t seem to be the case – Especially for those in the Entertainment Industry!!! You are right, Mandy Patinkin is one of the finest singers & actor in the business. I am also a fan of his.

  5. The enemy within has a very long time agenda, broken down into minute increments. They are patient Little by little they achieve each goal and we are not aware as changes are so small. Through very small, minute incremental changes, overtime, massive change becomes accepted. This is the way that the American Communist Party achieves change.
    Barron’s circa 1965

  6. Good luck identifying the left wing rats that infest every nook & cranny of government and media. The tentacles ( puppet strings ) run deep and far for the anarchist masterminds bent on relieving us of the freedom we once had.

  7. Howard, you are “on the $$”, as usual! Thanks, again, for your insight, as to JUST HOW EVIL the LEFT, is!! I just pray, & hope that our beloved USA can survive the EVIL Left-wing politics. The nightmare continues on, with MORE Obama-crap coming up. This latest one is a PHD.”Dr.” Evelyn, who belongs in jail, for her TREASONIST ways. Thank God, for Fox news, & people like Hannidy, who expose the evil left, also Newt Gringrich, Laura Ingram, & the American People/Patriots who know a RAT-stinks

  8. Best of all we have clear minded perceptive interpreters like you, who help us get to the heart of the matter. Mr. Trump is under full blown attack. He has my empathy, prayers and support.
    I am with you also, and am unabashedly a supporter of Israel. Wish you had the thumbs up icon for comments. I love all the readers’ comments following each blog.

  9. As I have said here before, it is one helluva way for a Jew to say thank you to the United States of America. When Trump was doing so well I hoped and prayed he would honor our traditional conservative values. Now he is damning the Freedom Caucus and offering to work out something with the Marxist Democrats. Don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be more disappointed at this point. I realize things can change, but I am not nearly so hopeful as I was not long ago.

  10. Howard… couldn’t agree with you more. It is getting so bad that I almost can’t bear to watch and listen to all the goings on. I have never seen such Hate & Evil towards a President in all my 72 years! My heart aches for our President who is trying to do the people’s bidding but all parties, republicans and especially the party of Hate & Evil (democrats) keep throwing at him. Then add the press, the movie stars, you name it… I don’t know how he stands it all! God Bless him.

  11. WE know who the enemy is Howard. It’s NOT Trump. He’s trying. Believe me–this man LOVES AMERICA like no one since Reagan!! Go after the left. Godspeed my friend. Copied from the first one above!

    Bill Lujan

  12. One more reason I don’t watch the Networks. I prefer cable but even there I find more shows integrating the LGBTQ alphabet agenda. I’ve nothing against them but do NOT want that agenda shoved down my throat.
    Howard, keep up your good works. I love reading your postings.

  13. My vote is to go after the enemy within. I tend to agree of John Morgan that it is at least partly the Amn Communist Party that for 60+ years now has infiltrated our school system & colleges, then local to national gov’ts. They’ve spawned at least 2 generations of believers in their propaganda. Calif universities began the rebellion in the 60s and it’s now in all Ivy League schools as well, & they’re well funded by gov’t grants. I digress – me thinks they call themselves progressives now.

  14. Why did President Trump join Speaker Ryan in trying to jam the health bill, still controlled by the federal government, down our throats ? The bill did not allow us citizens the freedom to choose insurance from a free insurance market. The Freedom Caucus saved us from more big government controlled markets. Shame on President Trump for not living up to his campaign promises. I don’t need mandated pregnancy, maternity care,sex change,pre-existing condition,etc. coverage. All hope has faded away.

  15. Howard, I too am disappointed in Mr. Trump but with all the slings and arrows coming at him from every side I would expect him not to know who his friends are (and it is the FC) not Lyin Ryan. How does he know even who is going to leak this or that.
    I too have been a fan of Mandy Patinkin, but he is such a waste of God given talent. I hope you identify the left and communists and focus on them especially Ryan as the enemy and the uniparty establishment.

  16. Agree Howard fully. My favorite show, Blue Bloods, lurched left and I cannot hardly stand to watch. Subtle deception. Paul Ryan in Jan 2016 in rebuttal to presidential veto said if we elect a Republican President, he WILL put forth that same bill and fully repeal Obamacare. You can search youtube, it is 1:10 long. So we were lied to once again by RINO’s and are now blaming true patriots.

  17. It’s a sad day when President Trump has to bring in Evanka because he doesn’t trust anyone else. Too many family connections will not be viewed favourably. Brian Lilley has identified “fake news” in Canada. Several hopeful Cdn candidates are pictured marching in a gay parade. Trudeau is pushing for Islamophobia to become law. USA Dems are tearing the country apart in revenge for losing the election. What is happening? OMG

  18. Nikita Krushchev said “…we will destroy you from within”, referring to the US. Well, after 60 years, his statement has almost been fulfilled. We are destroying ourselves from within with our so called dumbed down educational system, entertainment “superstars” who are idiotic socialists/communists, and politicians who can’t even spell US Constitution much less have read it. For those who hold to Constitutional principles, we must fight the lies with every waking breath! I’m with you Howard!

  19. Aside from all the above, including the comments, it all reminds me of a neighborhood game of “tag” in the inner city housing projects. They are everywhere!! The “blue tie” group, versus the “red tie ” guys. Who needs a score card you can tell the players by their tie, by and large.
    If we passed legislation requiring all Congress folks to wear PLAID TIES, ( or scarves, to avoid being gender biased person), and all lobbyists wearing index card sized FLOURESCENT ORANGE ID BADGES???

  20. I watch very little TV & rarely go to movies as I’m sick of the leftist messaging. In liberal Oregon, the only newspaper is a leftist rag. I’d cancel but my wife likes the coupons. I watch Lou Dobbs & Hannity, as I don’t want to hear more leftist crap on the other Fox shows. The hell with fair & balanced, none of the MSM is. I now read more as I can pick what I want without leftist BS rotting my brain. Glad to see you are after the MSM & Hollywood creeps. Immigration is another liberal plot.

  21. Yes, Yes, focus on the, “INSIDIOUS Enemy From Within, ESPECIALLY when that Enemy’s PROPAGANDA is Flying at us from EVERY DIRECTION?” Absolutely!! Nothing is more important than this. The Left, RINOS, and One Worlders, are our nemesis, our enemies. God bless you, and God bless America!! Donald needs our support, always, continually, fully; mistakes and all.

  22. When BHO was elected, he was viewed by many as a “god”!Well, all this “god” did, in the past 8 yrs., was to APOLOGIZE FOR and RUIN our Country.Now, many people EXPECT Pres. Trump to PERFORM MIRACLES to RESOLVE all of BHO’s SCREWUPS OVERNIGHT!Trump does, however, have to GET RID of certain people who are HINDERING his EFFORTS in trying to accomplish certain TASKS.Let’s give the guy a BREAK and try to distinguish the FAKE NEWS from the REAL NEWS. AMERICA is what’s important. GO TRUMP GO! AMEN

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