“You’ve been to Luckenbach and you ride horses so you must be somewhat of a cowboy”.

Michael . . . I Ride, I Shoot & I Fight – YOU BET I’M SOMEWHAT OF A COWBOY, and that’s why I write the way I do . . . and say the things I say. AND TO HELL WITH ANYONE WHO DOESN’T LIKE IT.


I am NOT Anti-Trump. And NO ONE could want President Trump to succeed more than I, which is why I’m so critical of how the Healthcare Debacle Unfolded, and how President Trump is aligning himself with RINOS, while publicly looking to the Democrats for support in place of the REPUBLICAN FREEDOM CAUCUS . . . and that’s why you should be just as critical as me.


The Healthcare Debacle is DONE, and perhaps all of Conservative America Dodged the Bullet, because RYANCARE Died before it was able to see the Light of Day, and President Trump seems to have escaped with limited Damage, which is not to suggest he will be nearly that lucky the NEXT TIME.

NO ONE . . . ESPECIALLY ME – would Criticize the President for LOSING A FIGHT, as long as President Trump Fights the RIGHT Fight on the RIGHT Side.

I DON’T FOR A SECOND . . . assume that President Trump is Ignorant of the Long Knives which are SHEATHED in the Darkness by the RINOS, just waiting for the Opportunity to become UNSHEATHED, much like Brutus unsheathed his SHIV To End The Rule Of Caesar.

I HAVE TO BELIEVE . . . that President Trump is aware of the Swamp Dwellers, who are EVERYWHERE – In, Near, Around, and Affiliated with Washington . . . to know who are his friends, AND WHO ARE NOT.

Because President Trump and his Entire Family were LIFE-LONG Democrats, BEFORE Trump became the President of the United States of America, you have to assume that there was an Ample amount of FAMILIARITY with all the Democrats, where Friendship EQUALED Trust, which by now is becoming more of an ENMITY than even a Cordial Relationship.


In the last 24-Hours, President Trump APPOINTED his Son-In-Law Jared Kushner, to an Incredible Position Within The White House, which to my knowledge NEVER Existed Before. I really don’t know what the OFFICIAL TITLE of the Job is, and I don’t care to know, because WHAT I DO KNOW, is the FUNCTION OF THE JOB IS . . .


IN SPITE OF ALL THE REALLY GOOD THINGS . . . President Trump has already caused to happen for the Betterment of America, even before being Sworn-In, the Appointment of His Son-In-Law to CLEAN THE SWAMP, is probably the BEST & MOST IMPORTANT thing the President has thus far done.

INSTEAD OF TAKING THE SWAMP APART . . . from the Top Down, from where the Greatest and most Implacable Insider Resistance will be Coming – unless I miss my bet, Kushner is going to be Taking the Swamp Apart from the Bottom-Up, leaving the Denizens of the Swamp with very Little Cover to HIDE.

KUSHNER IS A REAL BUSINESS INSIDER . . . But he’s NOT a Political Insider, and other than his Personal Knowledge of how to Buy-Off Swamp Dwellers in order to Pursue his Own Business Agenda . . . I believe his ALLEGIANCE IS TO TASK.

BUT NOW . . . The shoe is on the Other Foot, and Kushner’s Job is NOT to Buy Off Politicians, but rather . . . TO KEEP THEM FROM SELLING-OUT AMERICA.

TRUMP, KUSHNER & THE TRUMP BOYS . . . (My Opinion Is Still Out On Ivanka) are all Plenty Smart, Wealthy & Tough, who are SEEMINGLY forming a CABAL with ABSOLUTE Loyalty to One Another, which makes a world of sense, since who else can they REALLY TRUST?


It’s REMARKABLE how far America has FALLEN to the LEFT in plain SIGHT, literally DESTROYING the US Constitution and the American Dream along the way, SIMPLY BY DUMBING DOWN THE PEOPLE . . . Starting As Young As Kindergarten.


BUT WITH ALL TRUTH BE TOLD . . . I and Others Like Me KNOW EXACTLY what we’re Writing and Talking about, and that’s what FEARS the LEFT the MOST.


The MOST Intense WEAPONS in the Arsenal of the LEFT are NEITHER Knowledge NOR Truth, but rather . . . IGNORANCE & DECEIT.

THE LEFT WILL ALWAYS SELL THE SIZZLE . . . AND NEVER THE STEAK – Because their Steak is PUTRID, and they’ll always be Laying in Ambush Waiting For The BUSHWHACK.

AND I HAVE TO ASSUME . . . If Candidate Trump DIDN’T KNOW IT THEN – President Trump DOES NOW, and if President Trump wasn’t Certain BEFORE the RYANCARE Fiasco, President Trump’s got to be MORE CERTAIN NOW THAN EVER . . .

If Not . . . The Fat Lady Will Sing – And All Will Have Been For NAUGHT.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I can’t stand Juan Williams who is a few IQ points shy of being as smart as shower curtain mildew along with the rest of Fox’s “fair and balanced” leftist crew. I’m not interested in hearing the leftist point of view, it’s everywhere and it’s not just annoying lies any more. They are repeating their lies so often that ordinary people are wondering where the real truth is. Obama will be gone in less than 2 years, but the damage he has done will last for generations.

  2. I never thought you hated Trump but no leader is without fault. The healthcare should have been thought out after Trump won and they should have had a GOOD Plan ready to go. That is not on Trump that is on Ryan. Cleaning the swamp is very important but a tough job. There are bad people in that swamp that want to destroy Trump so the job wont be that easy. Trump will need to learn who he can trust even in his own party. We know how the Dems think about him.

  3. People who criticize you are just afraid. Their fear makes them lash out. Just my opinion. “You can’t be right because if you are that would make them wrong.” I hope President Trump is getting his ducks in a row because if he’s not both the USA and Canada are up the creek without a paddle.

  4. Right on, Howard. I certainly agree with you about Kushners role, and I am so happy about it. Praying for the success of President Trump. Thank you for yourarticles.

  5. Don’t let ’em worry you, Howard. You keep right on saying it like it is, my man. You’re a breath of fresh air in this wishy washy world. That’s my .02.

    As for criticizing Trump; his team flat “effed” up their biggest chance to prove they meant what they promised us all these years (Ryan et al) & for the past year + (Trump). And for that he and they deserve criticism. Holding one to their word is not being “anti.” It’s showing words have meaning and there’s consequences for welshing on promise

  6. Wow…..Over a year ago..I said If you Wanna Bake the cake..You Gotta get into the Kitchen..First……..Today Howard Galganov’s words are like a….. Recipe for Chef Donald cooking up a Delight or Disaster..The Trumpster..IS COOKIN NOW…….I believe knows how to play this game…as He did in the past..and NOW for the Future..and…OUR.. Howard’s thots are so Profound..and every Blog he writes never ceases to Amaze and Impress me….WOW..Outstanding Insight today!!!!!!!

  7. HOWARD — You like to write. And you like to bitch, groan and moan. If you hadn’t been born Jewish, you’d been born Irish such as I. I love it all. Never quit. Here’s something to write about: Explain to all us peons, peasants and publicans… WHY is the government involved in healthcare in the first place? RAM

  8. I don’t feel you have a problem with Trump. All this is such a joke, you would think he was starting a second term rather than just getting his feet wet. Frankly he is doing a great job letting all the abuse go over his head and moving on. Give him a chance, less than three months. He has done more than Oblama did in his first year.

  9. I’d trust a rancher or a cowboy all day long over an urban city slicker that’s never left his concrete jungle and has been educated by people who haven’t left it either. Their concepts aren’t grounded in reality.

    I trust President Trump to do the best for America that he can. But I’m also realistic that it’s a battle that he’s up against an entrenchment that’s sticking together and knows all the dirty tricks in the book. With the MSM helping them it’s nigh impossible. Thank God he ran.

  10. Great editorial!!! I am still worried about the damage of the “failed” Healthcare bill. However, since the bill was never brought forth to vote on – There’s a chance to for reconstruction & presentation again. If it had been voted on, the bill would be dead. There are different ways to “kill” a bill or “save” it for the future. This is American Politics! Sometimes you want to scream at all the politicians & other times you give a sigh of relief, for the smart move. Love your thoughts!!!

  11. Howard as the old saying goes “Don’t call him a cowboy until you see him ride” I thought I might get your attention with that last one. I’ve been singing luckenbach since I was a young man. I would love to ride and shoot with you sometime. Keep it coming.

  12. Does the ESTABLISHMENT truly REALIZE that they have DESTROYED the US CONSTITUTION and the AMERICAN DREAM and have also DUMBED DOWN ITS PEOPLE? I doubt it because they’ve been too BUSY SERVING THEMSELVES in any which way they can–FINANCIALLY & otherwise! All of a sudden the DEMORATS want to work with the REPUBLICANS…how NICE! There is MUCH to be done by PRES. TRUMP and it WON’T be done OVERNIGHT! When the “fat lady sings”, it will be LOUD & CLEAR! GO TRUMP GO…MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  13. Time has proven that the only way you will get the Democrats to work with anyone, is to give them what they want! They have been in power much too long, that’s why America is in the mess she’s in!

  14. Howard–you have to step back every once in a while and remember that even the POTUS follows the same script that GOD wrote before time began, and sometimes the answer is no! Saying that, the man still has to try to to learn the “ropes” in DC to fulfill his role in our special form of government–and nothing teaches a man who loves to win faster than failure!
    To Life!

    William Meeks

  15. VERY interested in your rationale and opinion on Ivanka! I too have many misgivings!
    Please help me out here.
    Thank you.

  16. Hi, Howard~
    I hope it has not “all been for naught.” I so want Trump to survive and thrive and show those demon democrats, liberals, elitists, Hollywood privileged, et al, that true Americans know how to fight for what is right. I guess time will tell……

  17. Let’s stop referring to leftists as “liberals.” There’s nothing “liberal” about their destructive left-wing authoritarianism. They dominate the U.S. entertainment industry, most mainstream media, Democrat and RINO politics, and own the secretly-funded public provocateurs and agitators and most self-serving, politically correct people today.
    These neo-communists hate democracy and constitutional authority, except when they control it. Their sole allegiance is to leftist ideology, not to America.

  18. President Trump is on a learning curve. You cannot go in and just start swinging. You wait, President Trump will get this figures out and do all he promised. I trust him completely. His legacy is at stake and he will not want fail. I will give him the time he needs and judge him when once I can see the rest of the story. I thank God every day that he prepared President Donald Trump to step forward in this day!

  19. Howard, I don’t envy Jared Kushner and I wish him all the luck he needs to clear that swamp. But let me tell you since I have had my shares in political arenas, Jared should watch out for Cobras. They dazzle you with their eyes and sting you so fast, you wouldn’t know where it came from. Gold luck Jared. Steve Acre, Canada

  20. I feel that President Trump reached out To Ryan and his Rhinos with Hope and Trust. His efforts to Unite the Republican Party’s numbers although they failed, were “Admirable”. Especially after the way the Traitorous Ryan and his Rhinos have treated President Trump. Howard I pointed out that your previous comments attacked President Trump. When in fact you would have been a greater Service. Had you addressed Ryan and the Traitorous Rhinos for their Mutiny against us. Meant no offence just my view

  21. You are right on…Howard, Keep the pressure up….

  22. Today was memorable. Mr. Trump’s executive order reversing the idiotic climate change measures of Obama, and
    fighting the greatest scam in history, man-made climate change, will go down in history as having saved trillions
    of dollars of human misery. Bravo Zulu, Mr. Trump! Thank you!

  23. polls are showing that TRUMP supporters have his back.
    we understand he is only president for a little over 2 months, therefore, we cut him some slack.
    I think your readers just were disappointed in your seeming to say you have written him off after one early
    mistake which may I add, his supporters feel the big mistake was trusting Paul Ryan.
    We just want to say “give him some time, he is working hard to keep all of his promises to the people and
    we believe he will keep them all!

  24. Jared needs to carry a snake bite kit with him at all times. Come on, Ivanka is smart and beautiful and is blood. Pres Trump needs those around him he can trust. In the latest news he is on offense, kicking ass & taking names. Never count him out–he will never give up. Plus the Dems obstruction is making them look like spoiled brats. Their excuses for not voting for Judge Gorsuch are ridiculous. He will get in, no doubt!

  25. Let’s quit wasting, most of the time, on surrounding what President Trump, Republican Party, etc., didn’t do and should have done and go after the REAL-ENEMY(S) of this country. How many times, if any, have George Soros been mentioned and of the 187 organizations, which he supports, are ALL anti-American. Soros hates this country and he wants it doomed. He has PAID, looters to destroy property at demonstrations, ex: Ferguson, MO. There are a lot of them which we need to know about.

  26. I personally like Cowboy! They speak the truth, they don’t understand politically correct. They are honest, not afraid of offending someone, and especially loyal to their cause. They don’t try to impress anyone, and don’t much care is someone agrees or disagrees, they have back bone and are loyal. What a compliment and proud to be a cowboy. Good for you. We read you for the good, bad, and ugly that we aren’t always aware of. I send your comments to You Tube and Trump & others.

  27. Perhaps Ivanka’s job is to keep the womens’ movement (I was going to say Vagina Hats, but that sounded too crude) at bay. She is touching on some sensitive issues that seem to need attention. Also, no offense intended, just an opinion.

  28. President Trumb didn’t get to where he is in the leadership of this country without some smarts. If and I say If, people of this United Sates will give him a little time, he will drain the swamp. Not only that but he will put in place the people who can get the job done. Hats off, the flag is passing by! I so like cow boys they are all around me where I live and they are not afraid to get dirty doing the job! Keep hanging in there Howard ride that horse spur him on…

  29. I hear Kushner was to be in charge of innovation and efficiency in establishing a much more streamlined government. There is so much room for improvement he could do almost nothing and end up being claimed a huge success. 🙂
    Aren’t you glad God loves cowboys…especially those who are armed?

  30. H.G. CONFUSING COLUMN. TODAY…..MAYBE it’s JUST ME, BUT THAT’s OK, TOO. Thanks for explaining Jared’s role in this Administration, and I wish him well!

  31. I am amazed! The USA has always elected a leader who is a real leader when they need him the most. I, even as a Canadian, will NEVER forgive Obama for going to mid-eastern countries, etc. and apologizing for America. And, Michelle, his lovely wife, saying that she hated the USA until her hubby became prez. Now, if we can only clean up the mess at home, including my once great province of Ontario.

  32. The only thing that will make a difference for Canada is for Trump to succeed with making America strong again. If he doesn’t we are in deep kaka here in the northern atmosphere. So deep that the next election is probably not going to make much of a difference in getting Canada out of the miry clay the political philanthropist Trudeau is steering us into. Here is another man that is influenced by his past and who else but Soro’s who he had the “pleasure” meeting with even prior to being elected.

  33. Howard.We live in a country,the USA,where there is a wide spectrum of people.We Jews/Christian conservatives do not have the votes in congress to get every thing we want.I do not like it,but this is reality.We have to get what we can when we can.We will overturn Rowe v. Wade soon.Trump is stoking the economy.We need patience and must compromise some. This is reality.You are a mature man.I know you understand.I try to also.

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