Before I get into the Meat & Potatoes of this Editorial, which will probably PISS OFF even more People than I already have in Recent Editorials – I’m going to tell you about a Really Pleasant Day. SHOCKING HUH?

As some of you might realize . . . Writing about all this ANGRY Socio/Political “STUFF” comes with a price, because I can’t keep focusing on what’s WRONG with “everything”, while spending HOURS at the Computer Researching and Writing . . . and then Turn-It-Off to go to my HAPPY PLACE, as if it were like turning off a Water Tap. IT REALLY DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.

So . . . For me to do what I do, I spend Literally all my time in thought. Even at night when I should be sleeping, I’m thinking and trying to make sense of the World around us, while creating the next Editorial in my Mind while Tossing and Turning.


ANNE, STRYKER, APRIL THE CAT & I . . . will be leaving Texas within a couple of weeks, and before we head North, there’s a SELFISH “PILGRIMAGE” we always make to a Sleepy Little Town called LUCKENBACH, which is in Texas Hill Country, at an Outdoor Honky-Tonk made Famous by Extraordinary Country and Western Talent like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and far Too Many other Western Singing Icons to Name.

So here we were yesterday . . . Anne, Stryker and Myself, under a Blue Texas Sky, 85-Degree Temperature, amongst Several Hundred HAPPY People from all Genre; some who were Real Cowboys, lots of Bikers and Biker Chicks, many Make Believe Cowboys who otherwise most probably worked at IT Jobs, virtually all of whom were holding onto a Brew, while Anne and I sipped down a couple of LONE STAR Beers, Listening And Tapping Our Feet To Some GREAT Live Western Music.

We were having such a Wonderful Time amongst such a Large Diverse Number of People, listening to the music, saying YES-YOU-CAN to all the people who wanted to pet STRYKER and learn more about him, watching People do the Texas-Two-Step to the Music, that I went to a perfect Stranger who was admiring STRYKER, handed him the Leash, asked him to watch STRYKER for a moment, took to the Dance Floor just feet away, AND DID THE TEXAS TWO STEP WITH ANNE.

IN THE GREATER SCHEME OF THINGS . . . what we did yesterday in LUCKENBACH, didn’t amount to a Hill of Beans, but to me, it was a RESPITE, giving me a RETREAT from one Reality to Another, where for a Couple of Hours, especially while Dancing the Texas-Two-Step With Anne, I forgot all about the Sicknesses within our Governments, and the THREATS from the LEFT, and simply Enjoyed Myself in the Texas Sun, surrounded by a SEA OF TEXAS BLUE BONNET SPRING WILD FLOWERS.


Please STOP writing to me that Pelosi And Schumer NOW OWN OBAMACARE, because they ALWAYS Owned Obamacare. And because President Trump Fell Flat On His Ass trying to PROVE that he is the BEST Negotiator who has ever been, it CHANGES NOTHING, other than the Republicans FAILED BIG TIME, or as Trump would say . . . “BIG LEAGUE”, to do what they PROMISED their Voters they would do with a SIMPLE Repeal & Replace if they got Elected.

Well . . . they got Elected, and then they SCREWED IT ALL UP – just because they were acting like Politicians. You know the Old Joke . . . How do you Build a Camel with Three Humps, a Trunk, and an Elongated Neck like a Giraffe? – FORM A COMMITTEE.

AND STOP TELLING ME . . . that this is just ONE BATTLE LOST, and the War is still to be Won, because Our War will be Won with the other side LOSING the Battles. And in Politics, JUST ONE LOST BATTLE is enough to Lose The Entire War.

AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, ASK YOURSELF THIS . . . why did the Democrats LOSE the War in 2016, especially with ALL the Media, Money, and Inside Support they were able to Muster?

As soon as a Politician or Political Party LOSES the CONFIDENCE of the People . . . that’s it, the Game is OVER . . . and the Battles are DONE.

YOU CAN TAKE THIS TO THE BANK . . . Just One MORE Major Blunder or UNKEPT Promise by President Donald J Trump, which the Trump and Freedom Loving-People Haters can take advantage of – AND TRUMP CAN KISS IT ALL GOODBYE.


AND DON’T TELL ME THAT I’M BEING TOO CRITICAL . . . and that I HAVE to give President Trump a CHANCE . . . because I’m NOT the Person we have to WORRY about.

WE HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE MILLIONS . . . of People who DIDN’T Vote in the last Election, because they didn’t feel they had anyone to vote for. And we have to WORRY about the MILLIONS of People who Held their Collective Nose, and VOTED for Trump, SPECIFICALLY to give Trump a Chance, ONLY because they really didn’t like Crooked Hillary.

And then we all have to WORRY about the MEGA BILLION DOLLAR Media and Lobbyists who will take any Trump Screw-Up and Defeat, and make it look as if Trump just Signed the Death Warrant for the World.

And Think for a Second how all that will play with the Near Brain-Dead Uninformed Voters, who are looking for any EXCUSE to HATE Trump.


IF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . were to LOSE even a Modicum of his Real CONSERVATIVE Support – It Will Be Goodbye, And That’s All She Wrote! And DON’T THINK for a Nano-Second that this Possibility is FAR FROM HAPPENING.


1 – Trump BACKED the Wrong Horse with Ryan and the RINOS.

2 – Trump should NEVER have Castigated the Conservative Freedom Caucus for HONORING their Pledge and Commitment to the People who Voted them into Office.

3 – Trump should have NEVER Threatened Conservative Republicans to Cut Them Loose and turn to Democrats for Support. He might as well have told the Tens of Millions of his Grass Root Supporters who got him Elected, WHERE TO SHOVE-OFF.


4 – Reince Priebus should NEVER have gone on the Sunday Morning News Shows, Especially on the Chris Wallace Show (FOX News), who is an Open Supporter and Contributor of the Democrats . . . to CRAP on Real Conservative Republicans, to PUBLICLY put them on Notice, that if they don’t show their Loyalty to the President, there will be Consequences for them to pay.

LAST I LOOKED . . . The Loyalty of the Politicians is NOT to the President or the Political Party, BUT RATHER, to the US Constitution, their Oath of Allegiance, the People who ELECTED them, their own Good Conscience, and then perhaps to the President, as long as the President is Working in the Best Interests of the Country and the Constitution.

I’M NOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT TWEETING . . . I actually think it’s a good idea. And I’m all for his many Rallies, because he really should be close to the People. But with every passing Tweet and Rally, where it seems that he‘s NOT SAYING WHAT HE MEANS & IS NOT MEANING WHAT HE SAYS . . . This Bothers Me To No End.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Yep, gotta agree, tired of these people who say they are freedom lovers yet they vote for democraps.

  2. Trump needs to trust the conservatives. Everyone else’s fingerprints are on the knives in Trump’s back, but not the Freedom Caucus as far as I know. They’re the ones that really saved his bacon (and America’s too). He needs to learn who to trust and who to form an alliance with and soon.

  3. Sounds like the Lukenbach music festival was a great tonic for you & Anne. I will assume there was not any Middle Eastern music played nor any Middle Eastern types among the crowd. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, then let it out slooooowly…. No Mohammeds but lots of Colts, Sigs, and Remingtons. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  4. I think once you begin giving a little bit, it just gets easier next time. I am still shaking my head about him &Ryan. I wonder WHY it would be such a big problem to give us the SAME health plan all the politicians have. I don’t understand any of them going on any TV. I too am beginning to wonder, and it isn’t a good thing. I love how he is so close with Israel, but still no definite embassy in Jerusalem, big problem, & I am not Jewish. Can you turn into a politician that fast? I hope not

  5. Howard, Great piece! But Newt nailed it when he said Trump has now eaten his “Humble Pie”, and has to either “roll over” and become a politician,….OR “take it to the people on a nationwide Television address, in prime time, and tell them his plan and what it needs to make it happen , and HUMBLY ask for their support, AS THEIR elected President, amidst the quagmire of “swamp beasts” , and reiterate his commitment to them FIRST, and ask for their support, particularly at the polls in November!!!

  6. If you think President Trump can repeal anything without some distasteful alliances, you’re giving him more power than they ever will. He has to play the game to somel extent. You cannot go in there and manpower everything through. The checks and balances prevent that. I think he is doing just fine. He has proven himself to me. Trump is just a man, let him be human and find the way through this. I have been uncomfortable with your judgements for a couple of weeks. You are being harsh and unfair

  7. Spot On, Howard!!! I hate to say this, but Trump’s tenure is looking more like Pres. Carter. You are right about this BIG failure – Trump voters are very leery of him! I know that I am. Deal making is not full proof either! I am also afraid that Gorsuch will not be confirmed. He is a good judge & that will be a real shame. McConnell is NOT a good leader & was only GIVEN the Majority Leader because he has been a “loyal” GOP Elite! Ryan is just as bad. God help us all.

  8. I am trying hard, very hard, to think that you are still a Trump supporter – just one that is attempting to help him steer the course you – and I – hoped he would steer. After all, he is what we have and there is no second choice.

    Dick Black, Potwin, Kansas

  9. Someone needs to get a copy of this blog to The President! I don’t think he is hearing this type of information. I don’t know how to send it to Mr. Trump or I would. I think your are right on Howard.

  10. you are absolutely right Howard! We MUST hold the Republicans accountable for every promise they made and call them out each and every time they do not come through on a promise. As you were describing your time off, I could hear in my mind, “We’re goin’ to Luckenbach, Texas with Waylon and Willie and the Boys…” I’m jealous of you and Anne’s respite from reality!

  11. As much as I would like to see changes in our political system you and I Howard are not going to do that.It is what it is
    and as long as the same members of congress continue to be reelected nothing will change. The only answer is one term in office with no befits and lobbing . The treats ( issi is only one ) from out side our country are real and dangers and should be addressed now
    before its to late The swamp needs draining.

  12. Mr. Trump reminds me of the dog that kept chasing cars and when it finally caught one didn’t know what to do with it.

  13. If George Washington took the attitude that one lost battle meant the war was lost we would be ruled by England to this day. To stay sane for now, that is the only attitude I can have. Trump is NOT a stupid man. I can only hope that he is learning how to defeat the liberals and keep us from being the main country of the one world order. Irma

  14. Well HG fortunately you are headed back to Canada . Today’s news cycle has informed me , as of July 1 2018 Grass will be legal and available to all , TAXED and REGULATED of course . This should solve your problem of going from nice guy to angry blogger , with one toke of Trudeau’s answer to world problems. Health Care , Immigration , Taxes , Aging , Education…
    ALL CURED IN ONE FELL SWOOP . The guy is a genius

  15. Howard, there are 2 major problems to be tackled before any real Medicare can take effect. One is to put a cap on suing Doctors and secondly on the amounts that the Juries award. There is NO way that you can run amuck with Millions and Billions of dollars that the Jury award. Someone has to pay for it at the end. If you don’t put the 2 points I mentioned in focus, you will never be able to make it. Steve Acre, Canada

  16. It’s good to remind people this is the big leagues and we are facing some of the most evil scumbags known to man. They are NOT normal Americans. They are the world’s WORST TRAITORS, and we cannot give them an inch. IT IS ABOUT AMERICA….OUR HOME, THAT IS AT STAKE HERE!!! Trump could use some real tough guys near him in the WH. Glad you took some time to yourselves; it is critical. “Play it again, Sam.”

  17. I don’t know how many articles like this one. The Republican conservative base will need to read. Before they throw their hands up on President Trump. I would think very few. The Congress is the ones blowing this for us Howard ‘NOT” President Trump. They have been in open opposition of our choice for President the whole time. As a leader what can you do But let your men know they are to pay consequences for Mutiny. A leader gives the orders the men commit mutiny and you Blame the Leader ? What

  18. I have been fighting the fight for 50yrs. Trump? He either has it in him or he doesn’t. I am resigned to the fact that there is nothing I can do about it, the level of ignorance that is inculcated in society. There is no compromise possible with leftist’s leading to only one outcome. Oh well.

  19. There is a actual phenomenon called the “The White House Mystique”.
    It effects even the most well intentioned visitor.
    You walk through the front door and forget what you came for.
    Trump went to the White House (we believed) for “We the People”
    Once in side the White House the “mystique” took over and Trump seems to have forgotten “We the People”
    And Trump has even gone to point of asking RINO helpfuls Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus “What am I here for?”

  20. Howard, from time to time, one has to make an effort to enjoy the good things in life, such as your LUCKENBACH visit…sounds like you had a great time. I agree with MS. SMITH that ‘one lost BATTLE doesn’t mean that the WAR is lost’. We all have different viewpoints–some more positive & others more negative. When one thinks back to EVERYTHING Pres. Trump has had to FACE & has OVERCOME since his running for the PRESIDENCY, how can he be viewed as a LOSER? No one is PERFECT! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  21. Every negative in Trumps world is the fault of someone else, just ask him.

  22. You amaze me. Country music has many facets. All good.. The Carter Family from East Tennessee depicts purists folk music, closest to that which arrived from centuries ago, England. The Opry, WSM has evolved from Roy Acuff and “The Great Speckled Bird”. WSM…Then there is the “Flat Land” music as I call it and which you depict. Gordon Lightfoot??? Is Dolly, Emmy Lou, And Linda, Country music? The Oak Ridge Boys at the Worlds Fair, Knoxville, “Elvira” was mind boggling.

  23. Hard to disagree with most of your comments however, some wise person told me you need to learn to tell someone to go to hell and enjoy the trip. Maybe lighten up a little, most of us are on the same page. Blessings

  24. trump is our only hope to turn the course of our country. However he ran on repealing Obama care and people switched party’s to support him. Why is he now asking for democratic help instead of dealing with conservatives who did and will vote for him. Is the Heritage plan bad? Or once again do we have rino’s that are progressive liberals? Let’s vote on the Heritage plan and show which rino’s need to be replaced.

  25. Howard I appreciate your ability to see in black and white but please tell me what promise Trump hasn’t kept. You’ve been to Luckenbach and you ride horses so you must be somewhat of a cowboy. Tell me how well you would do herding cats because that is what Trump is up against with congress. The man has nobody but us. There is a wave of dark matter coming from inside and out against this man. He will get it done…..

  26. Should we view the healthcare bill like an “abortion” (which Democrats are glad happened soon, so are glad it’s “over”) or more like a “miscarriage” (where nature “took it’s course”, but we can still “try again” later)? There are forces way beyond Trump’s control trying to twart his every move! Those of us who voted for Trump aren’t “crazy”, but we are getting very frustrated with the way things are going lately. Media isn’t helping the situation by “confusing” people (all by design)!

  27. Howard, Please get this to TRUMP. Many of us, Hannity, Coulter, Judge Jeanine, Carlson, etc. have been tweeting this, plus many of them say it on TV. Trump said to watch Judge Jeanine& she ripped him apart in LOVE, as they were close for 30 yrs.
    He has to understand that conservatives put him in,support him & people like Ryan & Preibus are traitors to him, its obvious. He will never have the dems or they will be voted out by their people.Also elite Rep. hate him. We are his ONLY friends.

  28. ditto Adelle. Sunday night Judge Jeanine hit the nail on the head with prepared, presented and accurate summation of the things President Trump should do and be doing. While watching Fox, flip to CNN sometimes and see the hosts there, selling the fake news and continuing to do what they do best: be negative trying to bring Trump down. It’s incredible watching some people trying to destroy America.

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