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Several People REMOVED themselves from the Directory, because of Yesterday’s Editorial (March 25, 2017), as I suspected some would. So now that I’m on a ROLL, I might as well KEEP ROLLING.


I’ve received a PLETHORA of Emails and Comments, which many of you have Read in the Comment Section, telling me that I am WRONG, and President Trump was only TESTING THE SWAMP to see who he could count on.

THAT’S AS DUMB AS SAYING . . . We know that the SWAMP is INFESTED with Poisonous and Constricting Snakes, plus Hungry Alligators, so let’s Jump from the Boat into the Water of the SWAMP, just to see what is going to KILL US FIRST.

NO ONE – NOT ANYONE THROWS AWAY . . . A Massive Plank and TRUST in a Campaign PROMISE, just to see who’s With You and who’s Against You.


I Wrote In A Recent Editorial . . . If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride, which obviously didn’t resonate quite the way I hoped it would with some of the Readers of, because WISHING that President Trump had some kind of Grand Machiavellian Strategy to OUT Speaker Ryan and the rest of the RINOS, or to show that he can purposely FAIL at Healthcare by setting up a Miserable Healthcare Plan Specifically to FAIL, is as Stupid a premise, as is Jumping into the Swamp of Vipers, just to PROVE the VIPERS EXIST.

And while I’m Writing, I’m also looking all over the News – Television and the Internet, at the Multitude of Rallies which were Held Spontaneously throughout the USA in SUPPORT of President Trump, by People who are PRAYING for Trump to Succeed.

AND IF YOU LOOK AT THESE RALLIES . . . many of them are Really Small, some of them are Really BIG, to which I DEFY Anyone to point out a LEFTIST, Moderate, or RINO amongst the Pro-Trump Crowd, who are there to CHEER PRESIDENT TRUMP ON.

But What I Do See . . . Are Plenty Of Violent LEFTISTS Throwing Punches.

WHO I ALSO SEE – ARE PEOPLE . . . who are virtually Praying that President Trump will LIVE UP TO HIS PROMISES, Standing with their Make America Great Hats, Make America Great T-Shirts, and Make America Great Placards, because if President Trump CRAPS-OUT, who and what will be Left to be the CHAMPION for Conservative America and the Conservative Free World?

PAULINE M DEMERS, of Woonsocket RI . . . wrote in her Comment to me yesterday, that Donald Trump has been in Office for Less than 2-Months, and look at all he’s done . . . DID I MISS SOMETHING?

What Legislation Has Trump Signed Into Law, Since He Was Elected President?

THIS ABYSMAL HEALTHCARE LEGISLATION . . . was President Trump’s FIRST Really Important Kick at the Legislative Can, and look how out of TOUCH it was with the Vast Majority of the People who Elected him to be THEIR President.

Donald Trump WAS NOT ELECTED by the LEFT, by Democrats, and NEITHER by RINOS. Trump was Elected in Spite of the Aforementioned, and ONLY because of the People who Trump FORSOOK for Paul Ryan’s own Agenda.


IF YOU WERE TO ASK ME . . . what was Really in the TRUMP/RYAN Healthcare Bill, I couldn’t tell you, because it was such a mess of CONVOLUTED Last minute BULL-SHIT, which was in all essence no different than how Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Created their CRAP-ON-A-STICK Obamacare, that it was hard to see the difference between Then and Now.

And perhaps more SUCCINCT than me not knowing, NEITHER did the Republican Members of the House. So what were they going to Vote for? Is that why the People Voted-In Trump, in almost all the American Counties outside of California and New York State, to VOTE for Legislation no one understood or asked for?

President Trump has done a Yeoman’s Task Convincing Companies to Keep Jobs in America. And he’s done a Fabulous thing by “potentially” Bringing Jobs back to America. And President Trump has done GREAT things by using his Executive Orders to ROLL Back Indefensible Regulations. And President Trump has INSPIRED many within the Nation to have HOPE . . . and the Stock Markets have gone Wild – BUT THAT’S NOT NEARLY ENOUGH!


SO – FOR THOSE FEW READERS . . . Who Bid Me SAYONARA, because they don’t Like or Agree with what I Write, or how I Write the way I do, I hope they’ll find a less Confrontational BLOG than, where the Writer will NOT Write what is Necessarily True, Factual, and Often Painful to Read, but rather, WHAT HE OR SHE THINKS THE PEOPLE WANT TO READ.


BEFORE OBAMACARE . . . It was PROPAGANDIZED that 20 to 30 MILLION Americans were without Healthcare Insurance. I’m certain those numbers were plenty SKEWED-UP to match the LEFTIST Narrative.

BUT EVEN IF THESE NUMBERS WERE TRUE . . . How many People didn’t have Health Insurance, not because they couldn’t afford it, but rather, because they simply did not want to spend the Money?

And how many People DIED on the Streets of America, because they didn’t have Health Insurance? Was there a DEATH EPIDEMIC in America because of a Lack of Insurance, because if there was, I never heard of it.

IT IS 100% TRUE & ACCURATE . . . That people with Existing Conditions were SCREWED by the Pre-Obamacare Policies. But that said . . . Why create a MAMMOTH UNWIELDY SYSTEM OF HEALTHCARE, which could have easily been taken care of at the Individual State Levels through a GAZILLION OPTIONS, NONE OF WHICH would see the Government FORCING People to BUY what the People didn’t want to buy? And then ORDERING the People to take what the Government was DEMANDING the People should take?.


President Donald Trump TWEETED this Morning, that he BLAMES the FREEDOM CAUCUS for derailing his and Paul Ryan’s Healthcare Bill . . . which is 100% AKIN to Blaming the TENS OF MILLIONS OF VOTERS, who voted for the Members of the Conservative Republican FREEDOM CAUCUS, who also VOTED for Candidate Donald Trump to do what they all PROMISED they would do, which had nothing to do with Tinkering with Obamacare.

So, If Donald Trump thinks even for a Split Second, that he should Embarrass and Condemn the FREEDOM CAUCUS because they STUCK with their Promise, and that Trump should throw his lot in with whichever number of Democrats he can find willing to Wheel and Deal with his Presidency, as he also wrote in his Tweets and said Publicly, THEN THE PRESIDENCY OF DONALD TRUMP WILL BE OVER BEFORE IT REALLY BEGINS, and all those PRO-TRUMP People who were out Demonstrating Yesterday . . . amid the Insults, Kicks and Punches from the LEFT, were Demonstrating and Taking the Blows for a Man who just might be an EMPEROR WITHOUT CLOTHES.


Two Thirds Of That Time Has Elapsed . . . and the MOST impressive thing the Crooked Media, the LEFT, and all their Supporters can Point to, is a MASSIVE FAILURE for Trump after his FIRST Attempt to Pass Serious Legislation. AND THAT’S ON PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.

AND DON’T EVEN FOR A HEARTBEAT . . . tell me that it doesn’t matter, because it Matters BIG TIME. Just ask Pelosi, Schumer and the UNINFORMED.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard
    Right you are. Here is a million dollar idea for you. We need a straight conservative news network – without the fair and balanced BS (which is exactly what it is). The truth is what matters. It is the truth that sets us free – and only the truth. I believe there is a massive audience waiting for such venue. There is no “balance” to the truth. The only alternative is lies, errors, and the sort of hatred and violence they ultimately lead to. See my book.
    Thomas F. Kelly, Ph. D.

  2. It was a bad bill. Public opinion (and calls to the Congressional offices) were showing 15% (or less) support for passage. Let Obamacare crash and burn–Dems/Libs OWN IT and will be screaming for bipartisan help when it does. Ryan’s bill was the worst bill ever since it was a payoff to his big Pharma donors and his Lobbyist wife’s bosses–who pay her millions for access to him which is a poorly disguised influence-peddling enterprise on her part. Your thoughts may differ.

  3. Howard, I understand your passion, because it’s within me, too. I look at it this way – we are in a war with the Left. So to make a comparison: remember the Battle of the Bulge during WWII? Our forces were taken by surprise and overwhelmed by the Germans. But we had Patton and Bradley, with Ike backing their moves. Soon the Germans’ butts were kicked big time, we crossed the Rhine and stamped out the Nazis. In short, there is a difference between winning a battle and winning a war.

  4. In Arabic there is no word as “Peace”. Without that word in a language or culture it is not possible to know what it means or the responsibilities that are part of it.
    Therefore: Peace will only arrive once is becomes part of their language and culture. First they must demonstrate it within the own culture and peoples before they are able to have Peace with culture different from their own. That includes full rights to women, children and every other minority people within their cultures.

  5. You’re either going to be very right or not. Again, while I am not disagreeing with you I am humbly suggesting that, at least in my experienced (71 years) mind’s eye, “the fat lady has not yet sung.” She is standing in the wings ready to waddle on stage but I am not as convinced that she is yet ready. Deal making takes time, effort, and belief. I don’t think we have gotten to the point where time has run out. All me some more time.

  6. Howard;
    I need to wholeheartedly agree with you at least 80% of the time. I would not cancel out the things that I find enlightening for the 20% possibility of being offended. That would be a liberal’s reaction. Keep on keeping on.
    John Ross

  7. Trump subcontracted the health care out to Ryan. Ryan (as a creature of the swamp) didn’t have the guts to do the job right and Trump got sucked into supporting it.

  8. Right on, Howard!!! I still say that it’s extremely important to Repeal Obamacare, first – Then propose the Replacement to We the People. I personally do NOT want a Socialized Healthcare System, meaning I want the US Government completely OUT of healthcare. Neither Obamacare or Obamacare Lite took any suggestions from the Medical Field. It has all been written by lawyers/politicians who know absolutely NOTHING about Healthcare!!! We the People need to be able to read what they present – Right???

  9. I agree with Teri. As Obamacare crashes and burns, let the DemonRats own it and go down with it. I also agree with Howard in that far too many Trump fans unreasonably projected their hopes and dreams on an untested candidate. The last president I would support is one who reaches across the aisle to compromise with corrupt politicians who would want nothing more than to see him dead.

  10. I am sick at heart! I listened to the ACLJ program yesterday and have not been the least bit encouraged since. Jay is very knowledgable and I have donated to them for years. He helps a lot of people thru his law firm. I would appreciate it if you could listen to Jay’s opinion and respond. I’m sure you would find it of interest!!!!!!!

  11. Trump must disassociate himself from Speaker Paul Ryan or else his Presidency will be FINISHED.
    RYAN and his ilk are enemies of everything Trump wants to do.
    He better get a grip or he is finished. We don’t want “Obamacare II” or “Obamacare Lite”.
    The GOP is a bunch of lying useless morons.

  12. If memory serves me correctly, it took Obama a year or better to get Obamacare through….and that was after he went public time after time delivering his three basic lies about the bill. Before that, he spent most of his time accepting awards he didn’t deserve, and travelling the world talking about how bad America was. To me, the verdict is still out on Trump.

  13. All in all it was handled badly by all the Republican players, Trump and Ryan and the so-called Freedom Caucus. It should never have been forced to a vote if they weren’t sure of the votes. A large tactical error, but not fatal. Let them lick their wounds, regroup and bring back a bill they all support and pass. Most important, don’t make the same mistake on Tax Reform or other major topics. Trump turning to the Dems to ‘fix’ Obama Care would be a fatal mistake. Don Kenney, Ann Arbor, MI.

  14. My disappointment with the Republican members of congress is that they rode into 2017 with the wind at their back and crying for the end of Obamacare. They had 7 years to have a tried and tested bill ready on day one that would make the improvements to correct the rising costs and downward spiral of the existing law. It could have been ready years ago with the relatively universally recognized faults of the existing law. Instead they look like they just wasted their time, defeating themselves.

  15. Howard, thank you for recognizing my comments in your last Editorial. Pres. Trump has given Ryan enough “rope to hang HIMSELF”! I agree with MR. PRZYGODA that “the fat lady has not yet sung…she is standing in the wings”. PELOSI & SCHUMER NOW OWN OBAMACARE. Can’t wait to see their faces when it EXPLODES! We are ALL on the OUTSIDE looking IN re: Trump’s administration, and don’t TRULY KNOW what IS occurring. I guess I haven’t lost FAITH in TRUMP—NOT YET ANYWAY! Please give it some TIME! AMEN!

  16. I don’t understand why he cozied up to the RINO Ryan. The politicians have a health care plan that I assume is EXCELLENT. I AM SURE A lot of time was spent getting the best, soooo why not give the same EXACT plan to ‘We the People’? I am disappointed in anything Trump does that DOES NOT LINE UP WITH HIS PROMISES. Maybe loosing the battle is not winning the war, but there are battles lost that shouldn’t be and this was one of them.

  17. I agree 100% with your thoughts. I am just a common man. I wonder why we can not have the freedom to purchase or not purchase whatever healthcare insurance we find in the market place. Why not allow each state to form it’s own system to cover the uninsured with medical care. Is it not the state’s area of responsibility and not the federal government ? I believe it is the federal government’s job to ensure our freedom as expressed in our constitution. Please continue to seek and express truth.

  18. Spot on Howard. Only one hundred days and the masses expect miracles. What a bunch of crap. Give the man a chance.

  19. I’m a Trump supporter but I’m disappointed that he blamed the Freedom Caucus, that was a big mistake. They are with him, Ryan is the lead viper. Trump needs a win, hopefully with tax reform. I’m also surprised that with all the smart people around him, he got snookered. I hope his ego is not getting the better of him. Every trip up is used against him by the Dems, MSM, etc. Frankly, I don’t see how he deals with the tidal wave of BS from all sides. The left is so vile, Satan must be in the mix.

  20. Howard, fyi, when you ask a question in the Comments section about our opinion we can not answer back because the website only allows us 1 comment per editorial!

  21. In view of the fact that, as a Canadian, I am far more interested in what our boy-child Prime Minister is doing in/to Canada as he continues to give it away to his friends, I can’t get too involved or concerned about what Trump is doing. I am MUCH more concerned with Trudeau giving away Canada!!

  22. As of March 21, President Trump has signed 15 Presidential Memorandums, 9 Presidential Proclamations, 17 Executive Orders, and five laws.

  23. The problem for the Uniparty wasn’t that the Ryan reform might fail, the problem was that it might succeed. President Trump being fully versed in the techniques of “controlled opposition“, actually stunned the UniParty by putting his support behind it. the UniParty is trying to create the narrative that the plan failed because of Paul Ryan. The Healthcare plan failed because of billionaire backers. Republicans (and democrats) Do Not Want to Repeal ObamaCare! We are getting single payer

  24. Healthcare for all can be done . It operates in Canada NOT 100% of the time to everyone’s’ liking but it works . It is managed by the Provinces ( States) and overseen by the Feds ( $ +/- ) . WE ARE TAXED TO DEATH as a result to pay for it , directly and indirectly . The wealthiest pay for the poorest . The Takers get more as they do not contribute
    THE US WILL NOT ACCEPT HIGHER TAXES . Jobbing Healthcare out to the people who stand to gain the most , will not work regardless of who is President.

  25. I’m staying with you, I enjoy a good “back and forth”. But at the fisk of being called a Neanderthal, before Obama care we were hemmoraging jobs from our economy. Rather than take the heat no find a solution that worked, and refrain from blaming the gen- Xer’s and Millenials for being lazy “you owe me-ites” He set the table so rather than work they could live in Dad’s basement, stay on his health care insurance, and keep on watch “As the world turns”. Now Dad can’t afford healthcare at all!!

  26. Mr. Trump is an incredible human being. Even so, incredible human beings have to learn. Mr. Trump is learning; and
    learning fast. It might seem to some that it’s not fast enough, but to them I suggest that they imagine themselves in
    his place among hundreds of “cooks”, lawmakers, with many recipes for national health. “Too many cooks can spoil the
    stew”. Undoubtedly, he needs more time to study those recipes. Please be patient, people. He’ll come up with a great

  27. Americans have waited a very long time to see some hope appear….enter Donald Trump. When he promised to repeal and replace Obamacare every American who knew the importance of that action understood those words…perfectly. Hopefully President Trump learned a big lesson early into his term. The learning period for Presidents of the US is very short…maybe even shorter these days based on a desperate need of good people who want their country back. Let it rip, Howard!

  28. Howard, I in California and am sure that most of the “anti-Trump rallies” are from the Demos and the disruption of the pro Trump groups are just going to keep it up in an attempt to undermine the Presidents agenda. It a sorry stste of affairs that Trump can’t get rid of the House Speaker.

  29. One of my criteria when judging the quality of a leader is the people who are in the inner circle. I have to assume from his business success Mr. Trump knows this. Maybe Mr. Trump needs a house cleaning before the rot takes hold.

  30. The great negotiator forgot to negotiate. Sit down with the Caucus and all of the Repubicans and hammer out what can be changed to please his constituents and backers. Then work with whatever Democrats will consider working to get the people of the USA a decent and workable plan. Stop forcing people to buy what they don’t want or need.

  31. This is a war – but the patriots are trying to win it with words while the left long ago resorted to using thugs with guns to push the envelope and create revolt. This is the holding pattern across America today. America’s fascist The left has worked to create a situation where upholding the declaration of independence will be a capital offense no different than keeping Turkey secular has become a capital offense under hyper Islamist Erdogan.
    Obviously Trumps family has been threatened.

  32. Howard~you are right; of course you already know that. President Trump did fail stunningly with this repeal/replacement of Obamacare – it WAS a primary plank of his platform. Maybe the timing was wrong, regardless, Congress DID NOT want to repeal/replace it. Too many foxes in charge of the hen house…and they really, really like those eggs they poach willy-nilly. Keep on keeping on – thank you for what you do Howard. Best regards.

  33. After dissing the Freedom Caucus… Up next: tax reform headed by Steve Mnuchin. Do you know about Steve Mnuchin? Well, here are a couple of tidbits: He has donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, including the max $2,300 to her primary in 2007. Hebacked Barack Obama. Mnuchin has also donated to John Edwards, John Kerry & Al Gore. Records show Mitt Romney is the only Republican presidential candidate Mnuchin ever contributed to. Trump’s cabinet is LOADED with lib-dems – Including IVANKA.

  34. In most cases no Legislation is good Legislation. The only good Legislation I a total repeal of all the bad, and there is an abundance of that.

  35. It was a bad bill promoted by a real Looser. I am very surprised that Trump went along with it, I thought he would have more smarts, anyone could see the outcome. At present, the Democrats have the momentum, Trump better step back regroup and marshall an attack. Nuclear Action for Gorsuch for sure.

  36. So I keep hearing from the left that Canada has awesome health care. Can someone help me out? I’ve lived in Alaska in the past and heard from my Canadian friends that their healthcare was pretty awful. Thoughts? I bring this up as many use this excuse to trash the idea of repealing the ACA.

  37. I rejoiced that the Freedom Caucus rejected the rinocare bill. We want obamacare repealed and replaced, NOT repaired. If the Heritage Foundation, Mark Levin, and Howard Galganov are against it, it has to be bad. Sir Donald had better ditch Rep. Ryan quickly, for he will never do anything to make the Prez look good. The FC was not allowed to have any input until the last few hours when they FINALLY met with the House Leadership. They were shut out; thank goodness they didn’t waver!

  38. Ryan, Priebus, McConell, McCain – the entire GOP Establishment refused to back or support Trump. The loved the $ bribes from insurance companied

    1. If Ivanka/spouse are Trump’s most trusted advisors -couldn’t they discern Ryan, Priebus, McConell suckered Trump into trap? 2. Ryan did not put forth a clean REPEAL/REMOVE/DEMOLISH bill as he had w/Obama?
    B/4 Trump gets fired — Trump should clean WH, intelligence agencies, Paul with: “YOU’RE FIRED”.

  39. Focus of this health bill must be hugely on PRODUCT and much less on process. Where was the fire to try to get it passed so quickly?

  40. Obama care will die of it’s own weight. I think that is the way it should die. It has a lot of misery to inflict yet and I feel Trump feels that same way. Do not kid yourself. He knew this bill would not pass!! The main reasons I voted for president Trump was the supreme court and a better business climate (tax relief and deregulation). Seems to me he is doing OK on them. We will find out if speaker Ryan is friend or foe once they get started on the budget bill.

  41. I beginning to question Trump too. Politifact’s ruling: Trump said “the $5 billion website for Obamacare never worked. Still doesn’t work.” But experts say that, using the most reasonable definitions, Trump overstates the amount of money spent to create and fix the site, and his claim that the website isn’t working, and never did, is debunked by the fact that millions of Americans have signed up for insurance through the site, even if some more limited glitches remain. We rate the claim false.

  42. Howard, please don’t try to be “fair and balanced”- leave that to Fox News (more “liberal” than ever)! Millions are being conditioned to be “two faced” today- Paul Ryan is no exception! (BTW, he supposedly left one hour after the bill didn’t pass to meet with Obama!) So, is Ryan a “traitor” (working for “Deep State”)? Has he been “promised” some of the money Obama is making off Obama care or (V.P. or better) should Trump be ousted? WTF is going on? Crazy things happening! Give Trump a chance!

  43. Pres. Trump blew it with the Healthcare Bill – no other way to put it. But, I hope he has learned a valuable lesson, because if he hasn’t, I think he’s “done.” We didn’t elect him to sit back and “give” Ryan the lead – we elected him to lead the way to what we the people want and expect from him – his promises – he and he alone is responsible.

  44. Too early to tell Howard. Reagan never passed legislation until August in his first term. Hold your horses my good man. Let’s see where the dust settles. God bless.

  45. ACA/Obamacare is BAD law! It cannot be “fixed”, it should have been repealed, period! I am very disappointed in Trump at this moment! As for the rest of Congress, no surprise there. Drain the darn swamp!

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