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Anyone . . . who is going to be OFFENDED by this Editorial, would do well here and now, before even reading it, to read something else, or simply REMOVE YOURSELF from the Directory, because I don’t PULL PUNCHES, I never have, and I’m not about to start now.

And as I’ve written MULTIPLE TIMES . . . If you want to be FREE in a FREE Society, then it’s your OBLIGATION to Hold all the Politicians’ Feet To The Fire, INCLUDING & ESPECIALLY the Feet of President Donald J Trump.

Remember This . . . The Rotting Fish Stinks From The Head Down.



And for all of you who “Told Me” to Give President Trump a “CHANCE”, considering that he hasn’t been President for 2-Months Yet – How much MORE of a “CHANCE” do you want to give him?

DO YOU REALIZE . . . In spite of all the Spin coming from the White House, how it wasn’t Trump’s Fault, and how Pelosi and Schumer are the REAL Losers, and how Obamacare is now all of a sudden on them, and not on the Republicans who BLEW IT . . . how all of that amounts to nothing more than a Massive Republican CRAP SANDWICH?

And how NOT One Democrat helped Trump Pass his Legislation, which all of a sudden is somehow THEIR FAULT, for NOT Getting-On the Trump Train? And how the Conservatives from the Republican Freedom Coalition are to Blame, because they HONORED their Election PLEDGE, which they made to their Constituents to get Elected, which was to REPEAL Obamacare . . . AND NOT RECREATE IT AS OBAMACARE LITE?

I ALSO MADE IT CLEAR . . . that the FIRST 100-Days for Trump’s Presidency, like all Presidencies, is Absolutely Crucial to the REST of his 4-Year Term. And by placing his Trust in a Swamp Dweller like Paul Ryan, he just SQUANDERED a Major Chunk of his First 100-Days.


Donald J Trump is SURROUNDED by Enemies . . . by People who so desperately want to see him FAIL, that they will STOP AT NOTHING to see that happen; and there are NO GREATER ENEMIES . . . Than The Enemies From Within.

EVERYONE WITH A BRAIN & SOME EDUCATION . . . Remembers these Most Famous Words ever written, Supposedly Said By Julius Caesar . . . ET TU BRUTE, as Caesar’s Close Friend and General . . . Marcus Junius Brutus, STABBED Caesar, along with all the other Conspirators.


When Candidate Trump was Campaigning to Win the White House, he CONTINUALLY Read a Poem before the Entire World, which was made Famous by Singer Al Wilson in 1968, about “THE SNAKE” . . . and a Good Hearted Woman, who Took the Snake-In, which became a Major Part of Trump’s Election Battle Cry . . . and if you need a REMINDER of how the Song and Poem Goes . . . CLICK HERE.


It was NOT Candidate Donald J Trump who Coined the FAMOUS RALLYING CRY . . . “DRAIN THE SWAMP” – It was the DOWN HOME People of FLY-OVER Country, who Got Candidate Trump Elected, who Chanted with Heart and Soul for Candidate Trump to “DRAIN THE SWAMP”; the same People Obama ACCUSED of “CLINGING TO THEIR GUNS AND RELIGION”, who are the People President Trump THREW TO THE SIDE in his support for Paul Ryan . . . A DENIZEN OF THE SWAMP.


If Donald Trump CONTINUES to go down this Path, trying to show to the World that he’s the GREATEST Deal Maker Of All Time, instead of the Greatest Conservative President, ASSUAGING THE LEFT in order to Bring them on Board for his Policies, at the expense of the GRASS ROOT CONSERVATIVES, who got him Elected to become the 45th President of the United States of America, Trump’s Presidency will be ALL BUT DONE, and he will go down as a FAILED PRESIDENT in his First Hundred Days, with perhaps his Only Greatest Accomplishment being the Appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.


WHEN WE WERE “KIDS” . . . There was a great saying – “You Dance With Who Brung Ya”. Or “You Dance With The One You Brung”. Either way, it’s something President Donald Trump Better Learn REAL FAST, ‘cause the LEFT will NEVER Accept any part of President Trump . . . and the RINOS, just like Brutus did to Caesar, WILL STAB PRESIDENT TRUMP IN THE BACK AS FAST & AS OFTEN AS THEY CAN.

How many times can President Trump Go To The Conservative Well with Promises he either CAN’T keep, or has NO INTENTION of keeping, before the Conservative Well Runs Dry?

SO LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN! . . . No one wants to see President Donald Trump Succeed, SPECIFICALLY with the Promises he made during the Election Campaign, More Than Me. But, if President Trump thinks that he will be Successful with Theatrics and Smoke and Mirrors, while trying to be Conservative-Lite he’s got another Think Coming.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you nailed it. I have been fed up with the “fair” and “balanced” aspect of Fox News for some years now. As one of your other readers mentioned, the leftist are everywhere…they’re like cockroaches. It drives me absolutely nuts that they are given a forum on Fox when they already infest every other form of media on the airwaves as it is. Keep telling the truth, and keep supporting Prime Minister Netanyahu. I’m so glad my friend Jon Walker put me on to you.

    Bill Larson, Florida

  2. You said it, Howard. The 21st Century GOP never seems to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. this is just 1 more.

  3. President Trump is learning an expensive and bitter lesson. Dealing with business men and dealing with politicians is a completely different game of cards. Paul Ryan is just another RINO talking out both sides of his mouth. This should have been give due time to bring all on board, even some Democrats. It took the Democrats and Obama two years to create the mess we are trying to repeal. REPEAL IT – DAMN IT, AND REPLACE IT!! DON’T TRY TO DARN THE HOLES.

  4. Speaking of the swamp, who knew Pogo’s words would be so prophetic? “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

  5. Agree with you Howard….I don’t understand the connection between Trump and Ryan…. Ryan is not a friend, I cant figure why Trump was giving Ryan kudos for working hard on this losing from the get go, health care crap of a bill. Sure hope Trump wakes up soon enough to realize that Ryan and McConnnel are not his friends – they are life time members of the swamp. Im still hanging with Trump however, just hope he gets back to what brought him the presidency, illegal immigrations, the wall, etc

  6. Just maybe throwing the Medical at Ryan is his way of saying sink or swim [he sank, maybe goodbye Ryan] sure should be so others are afraid of failing. Having traveled world wide and seeing many health plans in my mind [over simplification] they should encourage all to get HSA’s and open the door country wide for catastrophic insurance, 500 to 10,000 deductible whatever you feel you need or can afford], close the vet hospitals and put them on medicare and your done. Next Drugs.

  7. Agree! Ryan is part of the swamp. I wasn’t happy when he was elected to the Speaker. Didn’t trust him. Now it is in full view. Republicans are again seizing defeat from the jaws of victory… Our only hope Obe Wan Kanobe is Trump is a fast learner.

  8. Donal Trump should NEVER have listened to those in power who have been there for, Ryan, O’Donnell, McCain, etc. These are EXACTLY the people he should have avoided like the plague. As far as replacing Obamacare, I do think it will take more time, BUT it needs to be done with the Doctors, Hospitals, Insurance Companies who are willing to do things like cross state lines to keep costs down, still insuring poor people who REALLY need it, etc. It is time for the President to LISTEN.

  9. It was a trap to get rid of Ryan who kept saying he had the votes. Now he is a lame duck speaker and will be gone and replaced with someone who WILL get President Trump’s agenda through. Peek behind the kabuki curtain. Look at how Trump fed them rope to hang themselves over the wiretap denials that are all backfiring since Trump WAS tapped by Obama.

  10. Not working to spin the end result of the Repeal/Replace, I sense Trump learned some valuable lessons on just who and what he is dealing with in the “swamp”. A dose of reality can be great medicine for what result was seen. I want to believe he will be much stronger for the experiences. If nothing else comes out of this for him, I believe he knows who and what he is really dealing with in the RINO’s. He still has my full support.

  11. You just keep hitting the nail on the head, Howard. How is it that it is so plain for us to see, and so difficult for those in high positions to seem to be missing. It would seem the President is placing his trust in people he cannot trust at all. The swamp is large and varied.

  12. I must point out couple of things re this article. As a businessman Trump, while egotistical is not as much as most folks think! The RINO’s and the rest of the swamp creatures are more insidious and suave than the snake, and with all the “not me Donald, I got your back”, before you can “drain the swamp”, you have to break it down to a REAL and ACCURATE them vs. US list and go after the ‘thems’. Trump is guilty, of thinking he could “bluff them”. “Please buckle your seat belt”,..and hang on!

  13. Some good can come from it if Trump makes it clear that the DemonRats OWN Obamacare as it spirals into a swamp of medical waste. He never should have campaigned on repealing AND replacing Obamacare. Get rid of the monstrosity and let the efficiency and competence of FREE ENTERPRISE take over.

  14. The Republicans spend years getting up to bat, and then, when they do, they take three called strikes. SWING THE BAT!
    But, ever the optimist, I can see a Trump strategy of letting Obamacare continue its downward death spiral until it inevitably crashes and burns, and the Democrats must accept 100% of the responsibility. They will try to slither out, of course, but the culpability will be theirs, all theirs.

  15. Trump is use to having personnel around him being honest and getting the job done. I believe that he believed Ryan when he said that there were the votes. Trump learned his lesson and will in all likelihood not make that mistake again.

  16. Right now as I see it President Trump is saying, “You can scratch my back but I’m not going to scratch yours!” Politics does not work that way and he is proving it. I do want him to succeed but he is going to have to make a few durastic changes to “hang in there”.

  17. The FIRST 100-Days=3+ Months. PRESIDENT TRUMP has been in office for about 2 Months. No other Pres. has been confronted with SUCH GREATER ENEMIES, plus those WITHIN—thus, ET TU BRUTE! This man has accomplished more in 2 month’s time than BHO did in 8 yrs. Many people don’t believe that OBAMACARE will EXPLODE, but they sure WILL in the NEAR FUTURE, and when it DOES EXPLODE, the ROTTING FISH will be DRAINED from the SWAMP! The RINOS will also SUFFER their REPERCUSSIONS–SOONER than later! AMEN!

  18. Trump does not mean what he says. None of ones we sent to D.C. are interested in those of us that sent them there. Ryan, Pelosi, Obama etc etc are cut from the same cloth. Trump is rapidly becoming one of them. I am disgusted with all of them!

  19. You are right, Howard! Maybe, just maybe, he was testing Ryan to see if he could get it (obamacare repeal) done in whatever fashion he needed to. Allow him just enough rope to hang himself. But now that he knows Ryan cannot deliver, he’d do best to simply get the repeal done; don’t worry about replacement but simply honor his campaign promise

  20. Trump should listen to his base instead of trusting Ryan the Rhino. I don’t think however, that the (UN)Affordable Care Act should be repealed and replaced. Repeal, YES, replace, NO. Replacing implies the creation of a new Government run system. The medical and insurance industries should be regulated as required but not managed. A replacement “system” administered by the Government does not sound to me like “free enterprise”, it sounds more like socialized medicine.

  21. Sometimes it is more beneficial to watch these amazing events unfold from afar. The person who coined the phrase “Drain the Swamp”, likely meant just that, however, President Trump latched onto the catchy little one liner, recognizing it as an excellent, and unique campaign phrase. Now maybe, just maybe he didn’t fully grasp what it meant to people out on the plains, along the shorelines, up in the mountains, and down in the valleys. It truly meant “DRAIN THE SWAMP”, WHICH HE MUST DO NOW!

  22. I think many of us readers are here for the very reason that you don’t “pull punches”. And even though we may be “deplorables”, many of us believe what you say and why you say it. I say “keep on keeping on”.

  23. Maybe I missed it somewhere in the papers or on FOX, but “what was actually in the bill? What were the changes? What was going to make it so good for the middle class.”

  24. I normally don’t disagree with your observations. I am not in total disagreement with this observation. However, the one thing I know about The Donald’s way of “doing business” is to first learn, for himself, who is on his side in a negotiation and who is not. I may be wrong but I think this gambit was exactly that. He had to know that Ryan’s pull in the House was minimal. What better way to find out who he can count on then to let the players play their tune? I may be wrong.

  25. God help the republic if all the repubs can come up with after eight years of ‘hard work’ is the cobbled together monstrosity called reform…in all the prevote congressional babblin not one repub mentioned the admissions by the obamacare architects who blurted out the truth that it was designed to fail in order to get single payer govt run and rationing like canada….we are well on that political trajectory….repubs have been outmanuevered oncee again…john hosemann rising sun wisconsin

  26. Should have taken you advice and not read this.
    I would have expected you to show more patience and loyalty, we have waiting so long for a man like Trump –
    everyone knew he was not a politician and will need some testing.
    He has done so many good things already, ESPECIALLY FOR ISRAEL
    You may look back at these comments with regret!
    Very disappointed and will not share this one as usual.

  27. O.K. He didn’t hit a homer on the first pitch. It wasn’t in the strike zone anyway. I make the count Ball One.

  28. I think anyone who thinks TRUMP let this fiasco go on to see what RYAN is made of is foolish as TRUMP would also have been FOOLISH to do so. If it was a “gambit” and it worked, we would be stuck with another poor solution to Obamacare. REPEAL IT NOW! Put it back into the hands of the free market and be done with it. No government interference with HEALTHCARE!

  29. Just maybe this is part of Trump’s original plan? The one he told everyone that he wasn’t going onto details? He said Obamacare would explode and it is. And blow up in all the faces of all the party line Democrats, RINOs and people who think Obamacare is better then cherry pie cause they haven’t yet had to eat a piece and choke on all the hidden pits.

  30. I have great confidence in The Donald. The Bill is what the Swamp and Insiders wanted, and he knew it would not pass. Now something much better will be the result, and it will be great. And bipartisan support will help it along once ObamaCare completely implodes. A friend of mine here in AZ just has his premium go from $1200/mo to $2400/mo, since there is now only one insurer left here. And the deductible went up! So it is imploding.

  31. I consider no pass for 2.0 a strategic WIN, not a failure for Pres Trump. I want total repeal, then tort reform for insurance companies, anyone that wants covered and can’t afford goes to medicaid. If this had passed, we would truly be screwed. Thank God for the Repubs Freedom Health Caucus. I hope Pres Trump knew this would never get the votes, send traitor Ryan packing, then get the repeal he promised. Win Win Win. If not, Pres Trump is a liar and heaven help us….

  32. I have told my anti Trump friends not to worry, by June he will either be facing impeachment or worse.Either way Pence will be President and the swamp will be back on the path that Obama placed us. No borders, and the destruction of the United States of America. Ryan may even be appointed Vice President. The destruction being payment for all the terrible sins the swamp believes America is guilty of. I hoped I was wrong but after this week, I no longer believe Trump can live up to his hype.

  33. My rep is Mark Meadows, chair of the Freedom Caucus. He did EXACTLY what we voted him to do! So let me give you a slightly different take. I was not for Trump to start, but he keeps impressing me with what he’s doing. Yes, I agree with you that he’s a little “swamped” by what’s happening. Or, is he? He hasn’t bad-mouthed Paul Ryan, but the way things turned out, the people are sure calling for his removal. Meadows was behind the ouster of Boehner, so I say wait- Trump may be playing them all.

  34. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that the complete phrase is:
    “When you’re up to your neck in alligators, it’s easy to forget that the initial objective was to drain the swamp.”
    We have no idea of just how many ‘alligators’ he is fighting at this very moment. Lord, what a full plate he must have.
    Give him a chance and don’t just say he has had enough time because he doesn’t meet your personal time schedule.

  35. What do you want for a health care bill? What does the Freedom Caucus want? What do I want? No answers? I think not because our moral culture will not stand for anyone being sick and going without care – no matter how old the person nor how lethal the sickness will be regardless. Therein lies the truth and the rub. Health care that we all want is unobtainable unless the government pays for it, and almost all do not want that, as the resulting debt will do us in for sure.

    Dick Black ks

  36. Paul Ryan wants to be President, and will do everything he can to discredit Trump, and maybe help impeach him. Paul Ryan wrote the Obama-lite bill without input from anybody else, just like Obama-care was written. He did not intend for it to pass, but to fail so Trump would look unable to lead! James

  37. Better to be “respected” than to be “liked” (being “nice” only gets you “taken advantage of”)! “Successful” people gain “false friends” and “true enemies” (Trump must know this)! Paul Ryan is a selfish “RHINO”! Everybody doesn’t deserve healthcare when they get sick since “millions” aren’t doing a damn thing to lead healthy lifestyles or work for a living! Where does that leave the rest of us? Broke (much like USA)! Stop the “Ass-kissing”- start “Kicking Ass” (taking names too) in Congress!

  38. Pres Trump is up to his ass in alligators. The swamp is also full of vipers in every direction. Like a typical CEO he delegated but Ryan is one of those vipers. Ryan doesn’t have the slightest team building skills & not involving all the right players was a huge mistake. The key in business is to get a quick win, health care is just too big of a nut to crack. And dealing with congressmen, who focus on reelection is a big difference than an employee in business. He will make the right adjustment.

  39. Trump is no dummy. As a strong and successful global business person, he knows full well what politicians do. He gave Speaker Ryan and the Republicans a chance to bring a health care plan forward that would be passed by Congress. In attempting to go the political route he and his team worked diligently to help get the job done, knowing full well that in over seven years, the Republican Congress had done little, if anything to build an acceptable plan. Watch for Trumps admin to get the job done.


  41. Howard, you are right, period! You don’t “repeal & replace” in one bill. You repeal first & get rid of the disaster. After the repeal is done completely, then you start the replacement. Knowing how our US Congress works – Repeal & Replace could not have been done properly in the first 100 days! Repeal could have been done in the first 100 days, especially since it is imploding already. I am with some others, I am not sure that our US Government needs to be involved with Healthcare, period!!!

  42. I learned more in the hospital 11 years ago than Ryan et al have learned in their lifetimes. In Palm Springs the cash price for a day at the hospital was $3880, the insurance companies were paying 6-7,000 per day. I asked why and the lady said the insurance companies were poor negotiators. I believe that neither the hospitals nor the insurance companies have any knowledge of the true costs of hospitalization. Without this knowledge, there can be no fix to Obamacare.

  43. I believe that he has neutered Ryan and now will be able to proceed with a proper repeal/reform AND that most IMPORTANTLY is what he wants. It might sound funny to say this but this is comes right out of the “the art of the deal”:):) Colin Victoria BV.C.

  44. Well said Howard. Let’s see if the champion dealmaker can wrap his mind around one and done! If you are surveyed by a pollster tell them you’ve joined NEVERTRUMP!!

    All this crap sandwich offering proves is that Trump is actually the moron more than a few thought he is.

    It’s time for the Freedom Caucus to vacate the Chair. Brat for SPEAKER.

  45. Relyin, foolish on Ryan, Pres T clear didn’t kno th bill wud fail (or maybe he did) so he pulled it in 11th hour, a smart strategic move. President T and VP will prepare a good bill & eventually win. How to drain the swamp is a huge challenge, how to dispose of the opposition? Anyone who deals with Unions knows how stupid, illogical they can be. Anyone who had cause to fire someone will understand it’s almost impossible today. President T needs to regain some of his former brimstone and fire

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