Sell The SIZZLE & NOT The Steak



SELL the SIZZLE and NOT the STEAK, which is something I learned more than 45-Years Ago, in a XEROX Created Course called the PSS, standing for the Xerox Professional Selling Skills Course, when I worked for an American Company that Purchased the Rights to use this course from Xerox, to train their Sales Staff.

I became so Proficient at it that I was Paid to Train other People.

The course was all about Selling the Hype, by Tweaking the Imagination of the Buyer, with benefits that didn’t have anything to do with the Benefits of the Product or Service.

A CAR SALESMAN WILL ASK YOU . . . What do you like better, Fire Engine Red on this Car, or Cool Blue? Not that either would amount to a Hill of Beans in terms of the Efficiency of the Car. But rather, the choice takes your Mind away from the Nuts and Bolts, and puts it into a different Level, where the Passion supersedes the Logic.

We see it every day, all day long as we watch Television Commercials, selling whatever, almost always SELLING THE SIZZLE . . . & NEVER THE STEAK.


In the Late 1960’s . . . in Canada, a Charismatic Pierre Elliott Trudeau ran on a Campaign Slogan that Extoled his Vision of a “JUST SOCIETY”. It didn’t mean anything, since Canada was Already a Just Society. But it sounded Great, and because of it, Trudeau won a Massive Electoral Victory, and went on to DESTROY many of Canada’s Previously Inherent Individual Freedoms . . . So much for a Just Society.

BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA . . . in 2008 ran on Several Charismatic Slogans . . . “YES WE CAN” & “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”, which meant nothing, but nonetheless got Obama Elected in Huge Numbers.


I’ve received several somewhat Disappointed Letters and Comments, including a few who were actually Angry with me, because I had the TEMERITY to Criticize President Trump, and even Lump him in with RINOS, specifically with the way he is embracing Paul Ryan’s VERSION of Obamacare Lite.

I’m also VERY CRITICAL of President Trump, for using Israel as an Election Tool, as so many past Presidential Candidates have . . . simply to garner Voter Support, with NO INTENTIONS of following through after their Victory.

I TAKE IT VERY PERSONALLY . . . Because I am a Jew, and I am an UNCONDITIONAL Supporter of Israel, and even though I am not a Religious Man, it doesn’t mean that I am NOT Hurt when the Jewish People are used as an Election PROP, to be thrown away like Garbage once the Deal is Done.


Candidate Trump said it REPEATEDLY . . . and literally at all his Campaign Speeches, that once he won the Presidency, amongst the FIRST things he would do, is announce the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

LET ME MAKE THIS REALLY CLEAR . . . as I did in a response I made to one Commenter who said I should Give President Trump a CHANCE, since he has been in Office for LESS THAN 2 MONTHS.

1 – I GAVE Candidate Donald Trump a HUGE Chance when I supported him UNEQUIVOCALLY after he won the Primary to become the Republican Candidate.

2 – I STILL Support President Donald Trump to do the THINGS he said he would do, in the full knowledge that not everything he said he was going to do would be easy to do, and in some cases not even all that doable.

BUT I DRAW THE LINE COMPLETELY . . . When President Trump chooses to side with the likes of a RINO like Paul Ryan, OVER REAL REPUBLICAN CONSERVATIVES, who are standing up to deliver upon the Promises that not only got them Elected, but got Candidate Trump Elected as well.

HAD CANDIDATE DONALD TRUMP CAMPAIGNED . . . That he would “SORT” OF REPEAL OBAMACARE, and more or less keep many of the Obamacare Mandates as part of his Replacement Strategy, and then say he would ONLY “SORT” OF DO JUST ONE THIRD of his Promise at a Time, to REPEAL & REPLACE . . . he would NOT be President Today.


BEFORE PAUL RYAN . . . Speaker of the House John Boehner – NEVER had any intentions whatsoever to really REPEAL Obamacare, even though that was the PROMISE Boehner made NON STOP on behalf of the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN HOUSE CAUCUS, if the Republicans became the Majority Party in the House.

NOT ONLY DID BOEHNER NOT DELIVER . . . Boehner blamed the fact that the Republicans didn’t have the Senate, so their hands were tied. And then the Republicans won the Senate, and then came more excuses.

SO NOW COMES THE PHONY PAUL RYAN . . . who pretended that he had to have his Arm Twisted to become the Speaker of the House, who like Boehner . . . LIED TO THE PEOPLE, because he too had NO INTENTIONS of really Repealing Obamacare.

REMEMBER THIS . . . There are TRILLIONS of Special Interest Dollars Tied Into Obamacare, which is a Gargantuan Amount of Money Politicians like Paul Ryan FEED OFF from the Lobbyists, to keep their Positions of Power, Prestige, and Authority.


Unfortunately for President Trump, HE BACKED THE WRONG HORSE, and chose a RINO over the people who ELECTED HIM BECAUSE OF HIS CLEAR PROMISES.


A Funny Thing Happens to Virtually ALL People who win, even limited Power in Government, in what seems to be an overnight transition, where they MORPH FROM . . . OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE & FOR THE PEOPLE, into Elitists who all of a sudden become SMARTER THAN THE PEOPLE who elected them.

SO . . . as it has been Long Stated by Others. And as I have written repeatedly, POWER CORRUPTS . . . & ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY.


The Minute your Representative Assumes Office, is the same Minute you DROP YOUR GLOVES & KEEP HIS OR HER FEET TO THE FIRE . . . because if you don’t, He or She will quickly FORGET who Elected Him or Her and Why.


If you think I have a Low Opinion of Politicians . . . you probably have NO Idea how Low my Opinion Really Goes. Our Countries, the USA and Canada, are not in the MESS they’re in TODAY FOR NO REASON. And if you want to know the reason, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN OUR LEGISLATURES. And then look no further than the Ignorant Fools who Elected them.

LOOK AT THE . . . Corruption within our Media. Look at the Corruption and Incompetence within our Judiciary. Look at the Corruption within our Bureaucracy. And look at the INCREDIBLE CORRUPTION & PROPAGANDA WITHIN OUR WORLD OF ACADEMIA.



We should all Remember from our Civics Classes . . . that our Societies are Built upon an Intricate System of Checks & Balances. But do you know who TIES all of these Checks & Balances Together? And who ultimately is responsible for making all of these Checks & Balances work? And who will PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE IF THEY FAIL?


America was Created, almost as a MIRACULOUS COMING TOGETHER . . . of the BEST in Human Morality, as Ordinary Men . . . and some Men who were More than Ordinary, who came together under the most Incredible of Circumstances to Write a Document like None Other, NOT to be ENTRUSTED by Politicians and Bureaucrats, but rather, to be PROTECTED & NURTURED by the People, FOR WHOM THE US CONSTITUTION WAS CREATED.

AND TO ALLOW ANY POLITICIAN . . . to have a FREE RIDE, once He or She Attains Office, Regardless of the Office He or She Assumes, is NOTHING LESS than an AFFRONT & ABROGATION to the Courage and Genius of the Men who Drafted the Greatest Declaration of Freedom The World Will Ever Know.

SO . . . IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM – with me being Critical of the Political Process, and being Critical of the Men and Women who Comprise the Bureaucracy and Judiciary, then you are reading the WRONG BLOG, and have SURRENDERED your Freedoms for the SIZZLE OPPOSED TO THE STEAK.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, you are no coward! Keep kicking the Libs in the butt where their brains reside. Somebody has got to do it. Hey this is your play pen. Don”t make excuses for keeping it clean. Your stuff is enraging and hilarious at the same time. You are the man!

  2. Ryan has no intention of repealing Obamacare either. Trump doesn’t realize this right now because he’s being lied to by the scumbag RINO Ryan who wrote this bill to benefit HIMSELF and his donors–NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Trump expects people to tell him the truth and he’s a rookie politician for all that he’s an excellent businessman and is going to have to pull a knife or two out of his back before he learns: Trust NO ONE and believe no one. He’s used to honest people, he will learn quickly.

  3. If people lose faith in their political system because they can’t find quality people to run it, then ultimately the system will perish.

  4. Once elected, our Governments go deaf to the Electorate. Look at what the Liberals are up to now in the House of Commons. As reported by CBC News: “The Liberal government is asking MPs to consider a number of changes to the way Parliament functions, including the introduction of a question period dedicated to the prime minister, the elimination of Friday sittings, limiting the ability of MPs to filibuster committee meetings and allowing MPs to vote electronically.” We are asleep.

  5. The path of Exceptionalism was hewn from History by a tiny number of exceptional individuals. This newly formed country was set upon the principled path with the hope and understanding that individual freedom would forever stand vigilant to defend it from it’s greatest historical enemy, Human Nature. Human Nature is not genetically modified by acquired knowledge, and therefore, we are destined to repeat the failures of history. Fight the individual battle for good which can overcome evil.

  6. I have no one to do a Seder with because many Jews have become Dimmi’s or Islamic Slaves. That is what happens to leftist Jews they believe everything Muslims say. But the Muslims are using Taqiyya
    What Does Islam Teach About…

    Deception, Lying
    and Taqiyya

    Does Islam permit Muslims to lie?

    Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to “smooth over differences.”
    There are several forms of lying to non-believers that

  7. Here, here Howard. A very short comment for your SERIOUS and TRUTHFUL observation today!

  8. Trump is selling the people that voted for him down the river. He should take his blinders off and see Rino Ryan for who he really is. Put all that vote for this monstrosity on the same plans. Then see how they scurry. What’s good for the goose (us)must be good for the gander(them).

  9. I ‘m with you all the way.. Howard!! Your blogs are always from the truth and come from someone, as you, that does not fear to be absolutely up-front with your readers on what is always taking place.. Thank You for taking the time each day to do your research and then pass the info onto those of us that are unable to keep up with all of this mess going on now as it has been for many years.. God Bless You!! Barry Dolbier

  10. Howard, just HOW are we, the REAL Conservatives, supposed to convince those that have moved Left just how much they have been deceived?? I am afraid that we, as a true democracy, have been so “dumbed down” that we can no longer discern truth from fiction. What a shame that we on the verge of self-destruction. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.

  11. From PSS : “oh?” State Farm Ins used the same training program and it worked there as well : selling “smoke” …life insurance !

  12. If we don’t hold our elected officials responsible now, when do we start? The problem is too many people are too complacent and expect someone else to take care of the problems. Time to get the mirror out.

  13. I am with you Howard, lets keep his feet to the fire, but also, lets be fair and give him time to accomplish those he can complete and be willing to accept those he will not be able to complete. Bringing back jobs, cleaning up our health care system is crucial, we never know what is going on behind the scenes…I trust him, God placed him in that oval office..He and only He can make these promises come true, He will never let the Jewish people down. His promise to them. I am Christian and trust.

  14. I can not find fault on your blog today ,I agree with ever thing you have written.The Donald has a very large ego but that alone will not solve ours and the world problems.

  15. Right on, Howard. And part of the ‘problem’ is that we people get someone elected, then drop the ball and go about our ‘business as usual’, totally ignoring the politicians until the next election cycle. We must be vigilant and hold all politicians responsible all the time; after all, they work for US. We must let President Trump and all the other office holders know how we feel: we are watching them and expect them to listen to their constituents!

  16. A familiar tone is growing in Washington.
    If Trump were Caesar then Paul Ryan is his Brutus
    If Trump wants to repeat History than he will do nothing about Paul Ryan
    If Trump wants to serve a second term to effectively help America and Israel.
    He has to do Ryan before Ryan does him

  17. 2 months have passed in the president’s term of office–Have some patience, compromise and sausage making take time and Trump is not a dictator–Thank GOD!
    William Meeks
    Negaunee, Michigan

  18. Thankfully there is still the Freedom Caucus (Rand Paul, Meadows, Cruz, etc) who should successfully defeat Ryan’s bill. They have a replacement plan themselves that should get consideration. Ryan has shown himself to be a 2-faced RINO, but still bamboozled Trump by shmoozing; but understandable for Trump with all the chaos the MSM, FBI & Intel Agencies has caused as well as Fed Judges challenging him; other prez’s did same. It’s un-Constitutional for POTUS not to take action to keep us safe.

  19. The Demon-rats are vile, evil & power hungry. They POWER, period!!! What is so disgusting is the RINOs are after Trump, too. Hope is fading fast in the USA. The younger generation is apathetic & could care less about what is happening in Washington D.C. – They only thing they care about is “What’s in it for me & is it FREE!!!” You don’t see any young adults standing by the Jews with all of the Anti-Semitism going on. Sad, so sad – The future will be run by brain dead idiots!!!

  20. Right on, Howard! I am so disappointed with the crap they are trying to push through. Repeal it first. Be done with that. I wish they wouldn’t replace it, but if they must, let that come afterwards. Republicans had a bill pass both the house and senate when Obama was in office. Why is that bill not good enough to send to Trump for a signature?

  21. My heart is heavy that President Trump is believing RINO Ryan. Obamacare needs to be REPEALED, as promised. And then replaced with the government turning loose of the reins of power over healthcare. Medicaid was working really well before, and it will again. Thanks for your words of wisdom, Howard. My best to you, Anne, April the cat, and Stryker!!

  22. Now its not to early to let our representatives know that what they do now will be noted in two years. It’s sad to note that we Americans have such a short memory. Write it down so that it will not be forgotten and take the not with you to the poll, and in the meantime keep his/her feet to the fire.

  23. I’ve always held the opinion that politicians have 2 faults.
    1. once elected, they think they know everything;
    2. they think that they have to do something.

  24. Howard, God Bless you….YOU are right on the $ as usual! Ryan is definitely a RINO, & “a SNAKE in the grass”. As is that two-faced Sen., in AZ….McCain! Lots of “deadbeats” still serving in D.C.! WE THE PEOPLE NEED TERM LIMITs….this IS THE ONLY WAY THE SWAMP WILL EVER BE DRAINED!!!

  25. I hope it does not pass, Trump should then back off, let it Collapse and put the blame on Jarrett & Co. He would be better off putting the time into Immigration and Tax Cuts.

  26. Howard, you are SO RIGHT! We have to HOLD each and every one of the people we vote for accountable. Sometimes that means providing just criticism when they fail to live up to their promises. Just as we would chide/criticize a friend when they are wrong or discipline a child when they misbehave, we must do the same to our politicians. So call/write them and tell them how wrong they are about issues/votes and make sure they know you are watching and listening and will hold them accountable.

  27. America be happy, U have a powerful business man President, Canada has a Ski Instructor, cum Drama Teacher playin th part of a Prime Minister. Our PM is pushin his own agenda for a day off on Fridays. M103 passed, all in favour of anti-Islamophobia raise your hand. It’s Dante’s Inferno time: the “ realm … of those who have rejected spiritual values by yielding to bestial appetites or violence, or by perverting their human intellect to fraud or malice against their fellowmen. Yes! Wake up Canada

  28. Bravo Howard as usual. You hit the nail right on the head. Politicians never change. They tell you what you want to hear until you elect them and then you don’t count anymore. On a different note, I must admit that I was totally dumbfounded to see how Trump ignored the Chancellor of Germany and did not shake hands with her, I was just appalled. He shook hands with Mahmood Abbas and he doesn’t shake hands with his great ally in Europe? Shame on him. Steve Acre, Canada

  29. Howard it’s no surprise to me that Mr. Trump is bending under the pressure. I have repeatedly said, we vote a (strong?) man into a crooked office, and the presidential office is under the strongest push from the crooked left, greedy RINO’s, and wishywashy moderates. And that’s not to mention the media (sources), and the low information groups wanting something for nothing. I’m with you on JFK (and family). God bless America.

  30. Well Mr. Galganov, without actually saying so, you certainly manage to make a compelling argument for TERM LIMITS. Unless and until we establish term limits. we will continue to get screwed by the politicians.

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