“If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride”

Every time Anne and I visit Washington DC, we make it our business to visit Arlington National Cemetery, and specifically go to the Final Resting Place Of President John F Kennedy.

On November 22, 1963 . . . I was at lunch in school, when word circulated through the School Yard, that all classes were cancelled for the day, because President Kennedy was just Assassinated.

I was 13-Years Old at the time when JFK was assassinated, and besides knowing of the President, mostly because of his dramatic PT-109 Story, Camelot at the White House, and “something” about the Cuban Missile Crisis – I actually knew very little about JFK.

But . . . As I Grew Older, and developed a keen interest in Politics and History, I learned far more about the 35th-President of the United States of America . . .


1 – JFK was a Democrat, which in those days didn’t mean much to me either way.

2 – His Father was a Huge Nazi Supporter before the War, and most probably a Rank Anti-Semite until his Death, who made his Fortune during Prohibition, and prior to the Wall Street Collapse (Great Depression) as an Trader Insider, who also Shorted-Out Currencies when that was still legal.

3 – JFK came from an Extremely Privileged and an Extraordinarily Well Connected Power Family, which simply assumed that the Kennedys would be the Power Brokers of the United States for Generations to Come.

4 – JFK was a Womanizer, not Loyal to his Wife, and DEFILED the White House with Drunken Drugged-Out Sex Parties.

5 – And when Push Came to Shove vis-a-vis Cuban Freedom Fighters, JFK ABANDONED the Freedom Fighters on the Beaches of the Bay of Pigs.

6 – As for Vietnam, America had no significant involvement in Vietnam before JFK decided that America should replace the Beaten French Army in South East Asia, with American Military Consultants (advisors) and Trainers.

7 – And then there was the Cuban Missile Crisis, which from all I could have discerned, seemed more than likely to me, that JFK was no Hero, and in fact, could have engineered the CRISIS for Domestic Political Purposes, which seems more than evident today, as more and more pertinent information has been released over the years.

And if you’re interested in some excellent background information on the Cuban Missile Crises, CLICK HERE . . . to read what the World Renowned Left Leaning Atlantic Monthly Wrote about the Politics of the Crisis.

What is most important though, of the Missile Crisis, is how JFK BLINKED to Khrushchev, by agreeing to remove Strategic First Strike Missiles from Asia (Turkey), in return for the Russians not to place their Nuclear Missiles in Cuba.


In 1962, as the Cuban Missile Crisis was Ramping-Up, mostly because the Kennedys gave Nikita Khrushchev a very Public ULTIMATUM . . . Move the Missiles OR ELSE, having the Russian Missiles 80-Miles off the Coast of Florida, was no Greater a Threat to the USA then, than having Russian Nuclear Missiles Thousand of Miles away on Russian or Soviet Territory, since once the Missiles would be Launched from anywhere, there was no way either country could Shoot Down either country’s Missiles, no matter from where they came.

WHAT THE RUSSIANS WANTED . . . was NOT to have their Missiles in Cuba, but Rather, TO NOT HAVE AMERICAN FIRST STRIKE MISSILES IN TURKEY. And to this end JFK Blinked, the American Missiles were removed from Turkey, the Russian Missiles were taken away from Cuba, Khrushchev scored a huge Victory for Russia, while much of the World saw a “Fake” Champion in JFK.

In all . . . ALL THE POLITICIANS GOT WHAT THEY WANTED, at the near cost of a Nuclear Catastrophe, and a situation that placed the world on Tenterhooks.


SO . . . YOU HAVE TO WONDER – If I wrote so disparagingly about JFK, why in the World would I hold him in such regard, so as to visit his Monumental Resting Place every time I visit Arlington National Cemetery?

IN A FEW WORDS . . . It’s NOT because of anything JFK did, or because of any of his policies, but rather . . . it is because of what he said, and what is INSCRIBED at his Final Resting Place on Earth, which relates not only to the United States of America, but also to Canada, Israel, and every other country of VALUE.

“Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”.

SO . . . WHEN I SEE, HEAR, & READ . . . about how the DREADFUL POLITICIANS of Today, are in Full Competition with each other TO SEE HOW MUCH THEY CAN WRING OUT OF THE COUNTRY . . . to further their OWN Selfish Political Goals, to the point that they are DESTROYING the Greatest Free Nation that has ever been, I think of JFK’S ICONOCLASTIC WORDS, whether he really meant them or not.

AND NOW – WATCHING PRESIDENT TRUMP & THE RINOS . . . Doing all they can with Obamacare, to see how much they can SQUEEZE from the Country to Satisfy the GREED & NEED OF THE ENTITLED, all I can do is Look-On In Despair, WISHING that somehow, my Words can make a difference. And the words of JFK will have resonance.

BUT . . . “If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride”.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,
    Fox news is the only telivised news I watch and like one of your other readers said, I tune out morons like Combs and Beckel. Your right on about defeating the left, however, it needs lto start with defeating our left leaning media, Brian Williams anyone.

  2. Howard, as usual, your words are so true…and it is such a shame (on the entire US) that we seem to keep on doing the same things over and over.
    Just WHEN are we gonna learn that if we do not take our country back, drain the dann swamp and get some REAL people with real guts, hello EUROPE. I only hope it is not too late.

  3. Howard, have you now switched sides? Do I not recall you forcefully and eloquently supporting Trump? Are we not to give him a fair chance? He is now a Rino? I lack complete confidence in Trump but since he is the only horse we have, I am going to feed him! Do you have an alternative in mind?
    Dick Black, Potwin, Ks.

  4. I voted for JFK, my first presidential election, but after the bay of pigs fiasco and leaving the insurgents to be slaughtered and imprisoned I had decided not to repeat the mistake again. I have voted Republican ever since.

  5. The LAST thing America needs right now is a deal-maker who will reach across the aisle. Saint Mother Teresa never compromised with the devil, and neither should we. Health care delivery may prove to be the fatal arrow from the DemonRats’ quiver of dirty tricks. Trump should have issued an executive order ABOLISHING Obamacare and allowing the free market to sort out the mess. REPLACING it is a fool’s errand, for incompetent and corrupt politicians should never be allowed anywhere near it.

  6. I am now 90 years old, the first and last time I ever voted Democratic, I thought my Dad was going to disown me! But I
    Had watched and listened to JFK,and was mesmerized by his policies and his actions. Never again, I said. I was saddened by his assassination, but I now realize what all a President has to face in his job. Yet his actions in that role gave me a heads-up about what a President should do. I liked Nixon,yet he also turned out to be a loser. I guess my favorite was Eisenhower,

  7. I remember those events like they were yesterday, and thank you for putting it in print that the Kennedy’s were not the “second coming”, nor the perfection of humanity on earth. I’m sure JFK had a speech writer, and THEY should be credited for the words on the final resting place! As a real “Bostonian”, you learn about the corruption and greed of politics at an early age and develope a healthy cynicism for the whole political fiasco!!

  8. JKK father was a evil man and fixed the vote in Chicago so that decided the result of Jfk to become President. The father was ambassador to England that made the Kennedy’s millionaires by making a deal that all scotch whiskey imported to the U.S they would get a percentage of each bottle he also was the first chairman of the security exchange commission ,you can be sure he made millions illegaly with this position. You can say the payback 2 sons murdered.

  9. I started to listen to Bill O’Reilly’s reading of his book Killing Kennedy. I could not finish the entire series out of disgust for JFK. I know, he was the 1st catholic. I am a catholic. I was happy for my Irish friends. You are correct, Howard. We should be ashamed of JFK as a man. And Bill Clinton emulated him. We got 2 for the price of 1.There is not much a liked about Obama in his 8 years. He had breakfast with his girls and wife every morning, and as far as I know, was not a philanderer.

  10. I was serving with the US Army, sitting on a mountain top outside of Ankara monitoring Russian radio traffic when we got the word of JFK’S assassination. I remarked at the time that we would never know who was behind it until all the people involved were dead. Should be getting pretty close to that right now.

  11. “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country”. My friend Ted Sorensen wrote these words. JFK sought peace at every overture. He was lied to by the CIA (Dulles) about the Bay Of Pigs and saved the world from Soviet aggression and bullying. This cost him his life. Will send you my book Howard so you can have alternate perspective including Ted’s final interview which I conducted. Trump is no JFK, not worthy to sit in the seat Jack sat.

  12. I remember it well the three years of his presidency. All you say is true. The press back then protected him as they do now.
    Many people thought they were the ideal couple not and like today they don’t want to hear the truth. I know truth hurts but lies hurt much more. But (that’s a big but) every so often a good guy comes along Reagan and the press villified him as they are doing to Trump today. Repeal Obamacare yesterday.

  13. Once again I encourage everyone to go on Facebook, Twitter, etc. write editorials, and do whatever you can to get some of these words of wisdom out to others. Go to Trumps Facebook page. He or someone of his staff reads and sometimes reply’s to my rantings (which is usually Howard’s words shortened.

  14. Right on, Howard. Just a note from a medical standpoint – JFK had Addison’s Disease, as did Frank Sinatra. He was on cortisone medication when he was President, to replace the hormone missing from the adrenal glands. I will not give the man any excuses but this medication does cause some mighty bad behavior in individuals. The Kennedys were not a good family like everyone thought. Heavens, JFK’s campaign had to keep his father totally away from everything, due to his anti-Semitic attitude.

  15. Howard, I too was 13 when JFK was assassinated.Being naive at that time not knowing didilysquat about the going on’s only that the President was murdered. I viewed him JFK as a champion. Wow you really shed some light on the JFK “Camelot” ERA. He was a disgrace! TOO! Had NO IDEA of his father’s support of the Demonic Nazi’s. Thank you Howard, being naive is not excuse for being “Ignorant”! Thanks Again.

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