The Food Chain Of History


One of the BIGGEST Problems we face . . . is that the Media, Academia, Bureaucrats, and Politicians make and interpret ALL THE RULES for People who live almost 100% different lives than they do.


People like you and I are Guaranteed SQUAT in life. We’re guaranteed that if we work hard enough, and play by all the rules established by the Aforementioned, the Aforementioned will live their Story-Book Lives because we FEED their Machine.

But what about our Machine . . . WHO’S FEEDING US?


We’re not called VASSALS any longer . . . NOW – we’re just called Tax Payers and Middle Class. And our JOB isn’t just to make a living for us and ours, but rather, to keep the ELITISTS Privileged, Fed, and Secure.

In reality, and even though we don’t know it, or realize it, or accept it, we’re living in Orwell’s Classic ANIMAL FARM, where all the Animals are EQUAL, EXCEPT . . . some of the Animals are MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.


If according to the LEFT . . . that we are all EQUAL, then how come the LEFTISTS and our Socio/Political Class, including far too many Republicans and Pretend Conservatives in the World of Politics, Academia, the Arts and Entertainment, are in FACT far MORE EQUAL than you and me, WHICH IS A FACT!

Do you have a JOB that pays as much as 20% Or MORE, than everyone else in your Employment Category? Do you have a JOB that Guarantees you a position for LIFE? Do you have a JOB that Guarantees you a ONE To THREE Month Paid Vacation EVERY Year? Do you have a JOB where Promotion is all but guaranteed on Seniority and not on Performance?

AND DO YOU HAVE A JOB . . . that you can RETIRE from at 55-Years Old, with a FULL Pension, which the Working Public Paid For, which is in most cases GREATER than the Salaries EARNED by the Working Public, who will in one way or another PAY for that Pension until they die?


BUT IT GETS MUCH WORSE THAN THAT . . . It’s the INSULT ATOP INJURY, which for me drives the TRUTH HOME, that not only are we VASSALS for the Empowered, we are held in such Low Regard by the People we FEED . . . that in all reality, our Hard Work and Sacrifice are taken for Granted.

AND DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND . . . because you think you might have made it “Big” in your mind, because you live in a Big House, Drive a Fancy Car, and have some Millions in the Bank, that you’re any different from the REST OF US, BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT.

And understand this . . . everything you have, that you’ve worked so hard to get, can be taken away from you in a Heart Beat, by those we have all EMPOWERED to sit in Judgment of Ourselves.


They’ve worked NON-STOP for their Entire Lives. They Drive Fancy Cars, live in the Big Homes, have perhaps a Get-A-Way Condo here or there, and once or twice a year, if time permits, they can actually get away.

But even in their Mid-Sixties, many if not most still have to work NON-STOP if they want to keep the Wheel Turning, because after paying their Taxes, always around or more than 50% of what they’ve earned, taking all Taxes into consideration, they have just enough money left over to maintain the Life-Style, which has enslaved them for LITERALLY THEIR ENTIRE WORKING LIVES.

And These Are The People Our Governments Consider To Be Middle Class.


BY AND LARGE . . . They’re all the same – Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal & Socialist, because once they Taste the Privilege of Power . . . The Taste Becomes ADDICTIVE.

IT’S INTERESTING & SAD . . . Watching Paul Ryan and the rest of them, doing this Dance around Healthcare, Negotiating the NUANCES of what’s Best in their Minds for Individuals in America, who PAY their Salaries, Perks and Pensions.

IT’S LIKE WATCHING . . . A Pack of WOLVES in the Middle of a Herd of Sheep, Negotiating who they will have for their Meal . . . AND GUESS WHO ARE THE SHEEP?

IT’S BAD ENOUGH . . . That they take as much as Half of our Hard Earned Money, with which they live like Royalty – But it’s their attitude, which is the REAL SLAP IN THE FACE, as they . . . WITH OUR MONEY, Dictate how we should live our Lives.

AS A LIFE-LONG EMPLOYER . . . I never once considered asking the people, whose Salary-Checks Anne or I Signed, how they think Anne and I should live our Lives. And conversely, even though WE PAID FOR THEIR LIFESTYLE, outside of Work, how they lived their lives was NOT our Business.

BUT THAT’S NOT AT ALL . . . as it is between the Government and the Governed.


Several Years Ago . . . on the Anniversary of 9/11, you might remember an incident, when an American Moslem decided to promote a MILLION MOSLEM MARCH in Washington DC on 9/11, to Demonstrate how American Moslems are Discriminated Against in America.

And as a result, some American BIKER came up with the Idea on the Internet, to hold a Counter Demonstration, also on 9/11, against the Ungrateful American Moslem Schmuck, which I thought was a great idea. So I called my Amarillo Partner-In-Crime, Pastor Gary Burd of the M25 (Mission of Hope Riders) Motorcycle Group, to meet me in Washington DC, and make our voices and presence Known and Heard.

So . . . Gary Burd assembled his Riders – I assembled mine, and we met in Washington DC, and had an Extraordinary Experience . . . BUT THAT’S NOT THE STORY.

ON THE RIDE HOME . . . being in Mid-September, the Ride was really Wet and Cold. Also, I was Tired to the Bone. So when I finally arrived at Canada Customs, at the 1,000 Islands Crossing, North of Watertown NY, which is about 3-Hours from my home, I was thrilled at the prospect of taking a long hot shower, and sleeping in my own bed.

SO IN THE STEADY TRICKLE OF COLD RAIN . . . I pulled my BIKE as close to the Custom’s Officer’s Booth as I could, and shut the engine, so we could hear each other. I passed the Custom’s Guard my NEXUS Card, which by Official Government Designation Represents the holder as being a MOST TRUSTED TRAVELER CATEGORY IN CANADA AND THE USA.

THE CUSTOM GUARD ASKED WHERE I WAS COMING FROM? . . . To which I answered Washington DC. He asked what was the purpose of the Trip? To which I answered – To Stand In Solidarity With The Victims Of 9/11.

His next question was . . . How long was I away? . . . To which I answered 3 or 4 Days, because frankly, I couldn’t remember, since it wasn’t Top of Mind, nor was it all that important to me, nor should it have been that important to him either . . . to which he replied in a very CONDESCENDING VOICE . . .

“Which is it, 3 or 4?” To which I responded with . . . let’s go with Four.

AND THEN WITH THE LEAST FRIENDLY MANNER . . . He demanded to know the License Plate Number on my BIKE, which I didn’t know. And I still don’t. So I told him I didn’t know. To which he said in a miserable manner . . . “Get off your Bike and find out.” To which I said . . . “Why don’t you get out of your Booth and have a look for yourself?” Which was reciprocated with a DEMAND from the Border Guard for me to get off my Bike and give him the number.

Being that I was so close to his booth, to accommodate our exchange of Questions and Answers, I literally could Not Swing My Leg To Get off the Bike, which meant that I had to jimmy the 750 pound Motorcycle around to squeeze myself off, which I did, and then recited the Digits on the License plate.


I GOT ON THE BIKE . . . I looked at the Customs Agent, who said to me again, just in case I didn’t hear him the first time . . . THAT I CAN GO. But, instead of Starting the Engine and Leaving, and instead of putting on my Helmet, I looked right into the eyes of the Custom Agent and said the FOLLOWING . . .


“SAY THANK YOU!” To which he responded with . . . “Thank you for what?”

I Was So Upset And Angry . . . That I did All I Could From Screaming.

“Say Thank You for Working your Ass-Off, NON-STOP for Your Entire Life, so I can have a Cushy Government Job, earning more than the average Tax Payer who pays my ENTIRE Salary, Guaranteed For Life,

“Say thank You that I can Retire when I’m just 55-Years Old, getting more in my Pension, than most Families will collect while Working, while Paying For my Pension through their hard work.”

“Say Thank You for the Great Salary, Perks and Vacation Days-Off I get off, which are not available to almost all Working People in the Private Sector.”

SO LISTEN TO ME CLEARLY . . . I am NOT going to Start This Bike, least of all drive off until you say THANK-YOU. And I will stay here for whatever time it takes until you either say Thank You, or your BOSS will FORCE you to say it.”

And not to my surprise, the Bully in the Booth said Thank You. Not because he wanted to, but because he was a Chicken-Shit-Government-Bully who never expected someone to really call him out for being who and what he was.

On the RIDE Home, I was with another Rider who made the Journey with me, who was just behind me waiting for his turn to Ride to the Custom Booth to be interviewed by the Custom’s Agent. And when I left the Booth, and he Rode Up . . . The Custom’s Agent asked him one simple Question . . .

“Are you with that guy?” Pointing in my direction. And when the other Rider said yes. The Custom’s Agent simply told him to Ride Through and have a Nice Day.


Stand-Up . . . Shout-Out . . . & Be Counted – ‘Cause It’s Now Or Never.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard, as you know, we have BBC news in Canada. They have some very good reporters who for the most part,
    I believe, report facts as they find and see. However, some of the home based news anchors take the leftist side and are very agressive when interviewing Israelies and soft on supporters of Islam. It’s astounding given the State of the Union in England today. I would be interested in your opinion of BBC.

  2. Well said Howard. I’ve been saying a similar thing for many years. “Why do we allow people who we
    Pay their wage and support their lifestyle, that is generally better than ours
    Treat us like crap”. Airport security are just as bad. Thanks

  3. Good for you!!! We the People need to do that more often, in fact, a LOT more often!!! I have been listening to the Senators speeches to Gorsuch. Several like (D) Al Franken made comments to the fact that the US Constitution is a “living” document. What was written & ruled on in the late 18th century does not necessary apply to today’s society. These types of comments were mostly made by all the (D) on the Judiciary Committee. Bottom line – Stupid is, as Stupid does!!!

  4. Paul Ryan has proven what I suspected of him even as Romney’s running mate: RINO. He’s really more liberal than conservative as so many GOP in Congress have become, fond of himself & drunk over his important position. He was faking it when he indicated he didn’t want the job. I’d love to see him gone and Trey Gowdy become House leader. BTW, Rand Paul & Sanford (SC) have a much better replacement for Obama-care. As for your demand requests of the Border Patrol agent – GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  5. Howard……… Good for you! It is sadly a horrible battle daily. The goings on of today are the worse I’ve seen in all my 72 years…….. It is actually getting depressing! Hoping for better days and the draining of the swamp!

  6. Here’s one from CBSA : Citizenship? ( while looking at my Canadian passport )= Canadian How Long ?= Given our ages , longer than you ! No response for at least 60 seconds , just a dumb stare , so I drove off . Maybe it’s a language barrier …

  7. Howard its a cryin’ shame that the Dutch electorate did not have your guts and resolve, to stand up for their country and against their government that is leading them blindly into the abyss. Whether elected or hired, those that think they hold authority over us or espouse that they know better than we do for our own good, need to know that they can be replaced. My goal is to get as many Canadians to want to ‘Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again”.

  8. Not all government employees are ignorant people like the customs guard you meet at the border, there are police, federal service and civil employees that act like what they say is the last word and are ignorant that they alone are the law. If you live in Miami-dade county a high percentage of government employees are spanish ( mostly cuban ) speakers and will speak to you in spanish
    until you tell them this is the U.S. and we speak English.Our government is mostly latinos most not born in U.

  9. I’ve been doing the exact same thing since I got that call last February that corrected my impression that I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted.

  10. Another BINGO, Howard! I wish you had been here when the young dirt bag at our motor vehicle department yawned OPENLY at me when I approached his desk. Some will never know the entire disdain I have for them……until my last breath!

  11. I watched the FBI Director Comey hearings today (for as long as I could stomach), and I was struck by the demonstrated stupidity of the nitwit congressman doing the questioning. They either bloviated about “red herrings” or they continued to ask the same dumb questions. And these pin heads want to tell us how to live. Be very afraid of government.

  12. Howard. That is so brave of you it is humorous. My rule for crossing the boarder is five points..take off your sunglasses. Take off your hat. Turn the radio off. Roll down the window all the way. Look at the guy straight in the eye. And lie through your fu**** in teeth.

  13. Hilarious Howard, you are quite the guy. Now tell the one about the horse feed at Ogdensburg again. Sometime ago I had a similar one with Cat Food crossing at the Canada Customs in Cornwall. On another occasion intensively questioned at US Customs as to why I was travelling with my female companion of some 20years because we were not married. I kept a straight face and told the female officer it was because we were in love. Her jaw dropped and she didn’t know what to say and I suppressed LOL

  14. Joel Goldman, I’m with you 100%. The sooner we oust Trudeau the better. He is an embarrassment and totally lacking in know-how.

  15. As usual you are right(on), but….. you gotta admire the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Mulroney’s, the Trudeau’s……et al. They manage to make a career, a life-long job out of nothing.They can fool all of the people all of the time, forever. I hope we will always have our wits about us to see this, and not succumb to these snake-oil salesmen. Plus que ca change, plus que ca meme.

  16. Great article. Great story my friend!!! Hope I need (SIC never) piss you off!!!

  17. I was with you and our friends in Washington. I was proud of you then for organizing that unforgettable experience. This is the first I heard of this incident and I am more proud of you now because you stood for freedom.


  18. Your article, TODAY, 3/20/17, left me “wondering”…..WHAT am I missing, here?

  19. First of all I’m a citizen of the USA born here as well as my parents and my wife and her parents. You were born the same year as my younger brother who is 5.5 years younger than I. I retired from the Topeka P.D. after 26 years and I never bully anyone but I never let them get the upper hand on me. Maybe next year when you are snow birding in Texas you might try to see if you can ride along with a local law enforcement officer and see what they go through. I would recommend third shift.

  20. Wow..There have been many times when I came close, at midnight, to asking the directions to cross the bridge back to the states. I had been driving 16 hours from north GA, but achieving the last 50 miles or so was not worth putting up with the crap. I have had them take everything from the car except the gas tank and leave me to reload. At the end of 81 in the middle of the night a Canadian snow bird had bought a Cadillac with US Registration and tag. They would not let him cross.

  21. Today I had a conversation with a friend of mine…she is tolerant of muslims…says some are good. I have lots of dealings with them and my opinion is that is NOT correct and will continue to be so. For good measure she threw in The Cruisades, I countered, I won. She then threw in President Trump, fun here, she said previously we are in this mess because of politicians and Donald Trump was not a politician. So I ask her why this discussion. She is not a huge leftie but tolerates things.

  22. I LOVE it! My favorite editorial ever. I hope to be inspired to do the same if/when I have that opportunity.

  23. Great editorial! We all must speak up and speak out before we are “silenced” (whatever that takes)! Mostly “minorities” get Government jobs! (Obama wouldn’t qualify for many Government jobs, but got elected anyway-by folks expecting to retire at age 55 or live off “other people’s money” most of their lives!) “All we like sheep have gone astray- we have turned, everyone to his/her own way!” People want the “good life” today without working (or paying taxes) so find ways to steal or commit fraud!

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