FIRST . . . Thank You to the People who Contributed this Week to Galganov.com, and after reading this Editorial, I know you will appreciate that what I write has Value and Merit. And it will be hard for you to read these kinds of Honest Opinions and Facts most anywhere else.


I woke up this morning, and as usual, I watched one or two Segments on FOX & Friends before getting out of bed. And as I was lying there, mustering the energy to get my day started, I heard a report on FOX & Friends about a Texas High School that has made SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS for their Moslem Students, to have a Prayer Room, which they could use several times a day to recite their Daily Observances.

And a bit later-on, after I was fully awake and out of bed, and drinking my morning coffee, also on FOX News, I saw a report about a CITY being assaulted by the ACLU for having a Cross on City Property, extolling the Virtues and Giving Thanks to America’s Military.

AND THEN . . . as I opened my Computer and began to review my daily Onslaught of Emails, one from a Good Friend caught my eye concerning a Children’s Museum in New York City (NYC), where NYC School Children are forced to attend . . . which has a 3,000 Square Foot Section DEDICATED to Islam, The Religion Of Peace.

THE TEXAS PRINCIPAL . . . was keen to let everyone know that having a Moslem Prayer Room shows INCLUSION, Openness & Understanding. And . . . if the NON-Moslem children would like, he suggests, they could attend the Prayers with the Moslem Children to Gain from the Experience.

AS FOR THE NYC CHILDREN’S MUSEUM . . . The Organizer couldn’t stop GUSHING about how Wonderful it is to introduce NON-Moslem Children to such an IMPORTANT Global Religion, in such a Positive Way.

IT SEEMS THOUGH . . . That Sharia wasn’t part of the Wonderful NYC Children’s Educational Experience. Neither was Global Jihad. Neither was Mohamed’s Pedophilia. Neither was the Moslem Industry of Slavery and Misogyny. Neither was the OBLIGATION of all Moslems to CONVERT all NON-BELIEVERS to Islam.

And those were just a FEW OF THE THINGS LEFT OUT of the Moslem Section of the 3,000 Square Foot Moslem Portion of the NYC Children’s Museum.


How many times have we seen on Television News, Heard on Radio News, and have Read in Print about Christian High School Coaches being Chastised, Suspended and even Fired for Taking a Knee before and/or after Competitions?

And how many times have we heard of a whole Sport’s Team, which independently of its Coach and/or School, decided on its own to Take a Knee and Deliver a Short Prayer . . . being Chastised and Forbidden to do so, because of the CONSTITUTIONAL DIVISION exemplified through the Supreme Court . . . Between Church & State?


How many times have we and the Entire World . . . HEARD & SAW “President” Barack HUSSEIN Obama extoll the Virtues of Islam, while THANKING Moslems for their GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMERICA?


THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND . . . NONE WHATSOEVER – that our Freedoms and Generosity are the Freedoms Islam will use, and are ALREADY USING, with which to ABROGATE our Freedoms through our Generosity, FOR THEM TO CONQUER WHO WE ARE.


Think about Europe, which has already gone down the MOSLEM RABBIT HOLE, where Whole Communities are NO-GO-ZONES for regular Europeans. Where regular Europeans take their Safety and Lives into their hands if they venture where the Islamists don’t want them to be. Where the Local European Police won’t go unless they’re in Large Swat Like Numbers.

Think about the 5-Daily Moslem Prayers in YOUR Neighborhood, Chanted over a Loud Speaker, or from the Top of a Minaret by a Muezzin . . . to remind you about the Separation of Church and State, which doesn’t seem to apply to the Moslem Religion of Peace in America, whose Obligation is to CONQUER the American Secular Dream by SUBJUGATION by means of Political and Social Powers.

And you don’t have to think about how this SICKNESS has infected all of Europe, since all you have to see for yourself, is how Islam has INFECTED Dearborn and Surrounding Areas in Michigan, which have seemingly overnight . . . become LITERALLY 100% MOSLEM.


THE OTHER DAY . . . While Walking with Anne and Stryker, we became engaged in what was at first a Non-Political Conversation with a couple from NYC, who were TYPICAL New Yorkers, considerably LEFT of Center, who HATED Conservative Views, mostly because the Day Ended in “Y”, which is the ONLY Justification most LEFTISTS need to ABHOR Conservatives.

NOW THE GUY . . . who is about our Age, knew that Anne and I are Conservatives, and couldn’t wait to take a shot at TRUMP, and how EVIL he was, specifically, because of President Trump’s Immigration Policies, and more SPECIFICALLY, because of what the New Yorker PARROTED from the Media and the Democrats as “Trump’s Moslem Ban”.

SO I ASKED HIM . . . “Would You Prefer To See Sharia In America?”

WITH THAT . . . THE GUY EXPLODED – and RANTED about how America is already a SHARIA COUNTRY, not by Moslems, BUT RATHER BY ANTI-ABORTIONISTS, who he called Religious Christian Racists . . . and on and on he went with spittle coming from his mouth.

ANNE AND I LISTENED . . . AGHAST – Anne and I said very few words, since there’s no winning with a LEFTIST, who thinks so poorly about Half of His Own Country, and Dares to Compare Sharia to American Secular Judeo/Christian Values.

THERE WAS SO MUCH WE COULD HAVE ARGUED . . . But to what Point? How can you argue with someone who is so HATEFUL of his own kind, that all he could see was the Negative and Narrow Anti-American Narrative of the LEFT?

IF I WAS TO ASK HIM . . . How many Abortion Providers, and People who were accidental victims of Attacks on Abortions, died as a result of Attacks on Abortion Providers throughout the ENTIRE USA in the last 24-YearsTHE ANSWER WOULD BE ELEVEN.

AND HOW MANY PEOPLE WERE RESPONSIBLE . . . for those Deadly Attacks on Abortion Providers over the past 24-YEARS throughout ALL OF AMERICA? That would be SEVEN.

AND HOW MANY OF THESE ABORTION PROVIDER MURDERERS . . . were part of well Organized and well Funded Conservative Rightwing Hate Groups? HOW ABOUT ZERO?

AND THEN THE NEW YORKER . . . turned his VITRIOL against Conservatives like me, without pointing to me directly, who want to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD, as if that would be the Crime of the Century.

So I asked him if he knew who Margaret Sanger was . . . to which he responded that she was a EUGENICIST. So he did know. But it didn’t bother him in the least.

And for those of you who might need a reminder – Margaret Sanger was the FOUNDER of Planned Parenthood, who CREATED the “institution” specifically to MURDER BLACK BABIES while still in their Mothers’ Womb.

Sanger was also a HUGE Proponent of a Better Race of People through Eugenics, same as Adolf Hitler, who saw a Master Race by Sterilizing or Murdering the Physically Weak and Feeble Minded. SHE WAS ALSO NO FRIEND TO JEWS.

BUT THAT MEANT NOTHING TO THE NEW YORKER . . . and then his wife piped up with the belief that Planed Parenthood did all manner of good things to SUPPORT Women, like Providing Mammograms, until I told her that Planned Parenthood DID NO SUCH THING.

And her Husband Interjected . . . That in spite of what the Conservatives say, Planned Parenthood didn’t do any Publicly Funded Abortions. But he couldn’t answer how the Money Planned Parenthood Received from ALL SOURCES, including from the Government was FUNGIBLE, in other words . . . put into one Big Pot to be used for whatever purpose Planned Parenthood Deemed Necessary.

SO . . . WE KNOW FROM FACTS – That 7-NON-ALIGNED MEN, Murdered Eleven Abortion and affiliated Abortion Providers in the LAST 24-YEARS, which seems to be more than enough to CONDEMN ALL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES, AS SHARIA CHRISTIANS.

IN 2013 . . . ACCORDING TO THE CDC (Center For Disease & Control) – There were 664,435 Legal Abortions Carried On in The United States of America, WHICH THE CDC KNEW OF. So one has to surmise that the REAL number of Abortions was probably much higher than that, since the CDC ONLY Reported on the information that was given to them. And, according to the STATS, which are readily Available On-Line, Planned Parenthood was RESPONSIBLE for about Half of those Fetal MURDERS.


I could have Argued All Day with the NYC LEFTIST, but to what purpose, since he has bought into whichever Narrative he can use to CRAP on Conservative American Values, even if it means SELLING-OUT HIS, YOURS AND OUR FREEDOMS over the REAL Threat of Islam.

So . . . when I hear how American Christian Conservatives, are in their own way just as bad, if NOT WORSE than Sharia Moslems . . . and Abortion is the ONLY Metric the New Yorker can use to prove his point – WHERE IS THE PURPOSE OF DEBATE?


Whether we like it or not . . . Whether we want to believe it or not . . . Whether we can accept it or not . . . IT’S COMING. It’s coming when Friends will confront Friends, when Brother and Sister Will go against Brother and Sister, where Father and Mother will stand on Opposite Sides facing their Sons and Daughters.

AND IT’S ALREADY UPON US . . . I hear about it everyday. I read about it on the Web. I see it in the Entertainment Culture. I see it on the Streets and Campuses. And I see it in the News.

THIS IS NOT LIKE SNOW THROUGH WINTER . . . Where if we wait long enough, it will simply go away all on it’s own, as the Warming Spring Sun Melts It Away.

This is far more like a CANCER METASTASIZING . . . that will do us all in, if we don’t DO-IT-IN FIRST.


BUT WE BETTER KNOW IT . . . or we will get what we deserve, much like the World, but specifically Europe . . . when it got what it deserved throughout the Mid-Thirties until 1945.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard you are very correct and I agree with you. I think the main problem with the left is that they really do not see or understand the overall picture. There is a kingdom of light and a kingdom of darkness, and the left thinks they are wiser and smarter than anybody else – but don’t realize ‘they’ are really in the dark. Especially flagrant is the uncrowned king sending the V-15 to influence the Israeli elections. I did not forget what Emperor Clintoneous did to elect Ehud Barak 1999.

  2. Don’t blame FOX….they seem to be trying to provide impartial reporting…maybe somewhat supportive of the Republicans.
    They too shake their heads at the stupidity of some American institutions. Anything like FOX in Canada?
    Good work as usual Howard…will send my meager financial support when I return in April….

  3. The first step to having muslims trying to gain there power in the U.S. is taking place now.If we don’t stop it in its tracks now it will turn out like germany,france,holland ,etc. The acau are nothing more then aholes as they support the muslims
    in the guise of freedom of religion.There are more of us then them and defend our country against muslims. If you are un-American lets get rid of them now by any means.

  4. Ironically, Howard, when I listen to liberals rant I am nearly persuaded that abortion should be legal and perhaps government subsidized! OK, I am being facetious, but one has to ponder the long term benefits since it is liberals who get abortions! I have even considered the possibility of abortions being retroactive!

  5. Thank you for reminding us all of this insidious problem. As you generally are, you’re spot on about the scourge of Islam the US (and Canada) faces today. Sad reality.

  6. Hey, Howard, how about this? We get AL) Conservatives, our military AND some militia groups….do a nation-wide sweep…gather up ALL MUSLIMS AND LEFTIES…drop them in the middle of Africa(where so many Muslims, etc., already live)…and then, maybe, just maybe. We could get our countries back…we’re gonna do Canada, too! Might work. Who knows?

  7. What qualifies a Religion to be a Religion. Lets start with the Bible, old Testament and new and build from there. In this computer age it is very easy to see what is a Religion and what is a way of life.

  8. Joseph Wagy, the problem is that more liberals are being produced through our school systems than are being aborted! We must regain control of education if we are to stop the cancer from spreading.

  9. 100% spot-on. America is on the path of self-destruction under the guise of PC’ness and political liberalism. Why can’t (won’t) people simple read a little history? bho certainly accelerated our destruction by planting the cancerous seeds of Islam in every state via his Refugee Resettlement program, using our tax dollars — where the hell were the Republicans? Why did they NOT stop it? PRESIDENT TRUMP (I love those 2 words written together) is trying to stop the Islam threat but can’t.

  10. Thanks Howard, been for a long time tearing my hair out over this very thing and wondering WHATS WRONG with so many Americans! In a word its Apathy – and that aider & abettor – naiveté. Americans aren’t bad people for the most part. Its just that far to many are just plain ‘dumb asses’ to the core! They don’t think so, but by damn – they are, and show it far to often – this subject a glaring case in point!

  11. What I would like to know is how many patients come to Planned Parenhood with cash/check/ credit card to pay for the procedure ? Ho many come using Medicaid, Obamacare insurance, which are governament funded. I for one would like to know the facts! Never hear the facts! Vickie McCoy

  12. I do not disagree with your observations but I do have what is the “real question” that we have to answer. At what point in time, given the way things are moving, do we, American Christians, Jews, and others, bring violence to the party to defend ourselves, our Republic, and realistically the world from this most recent islamic attempt at domination? In my humble opinion we are past the point of talking. There are no “moderate” muslims there are only muslims. Sorry to be so negative.

  13. After the 9/11 twin towers massacre I read everything I could get my hands on about Islam including the entire Koran. I was completely shocked that the terrorists were from Saudia Arabia which I thought at the time were mostly moderate Muslims? I then realized from my research that it is the duty of a “good” Muslim to either kill or convert the infidels. Now liberal judges are trying to stop Trump from protecting us from radical terrorist in the U.S. at every step of the way.

  14. I agree with every word you have written. But we are doing NOTHING about it. Rhetoric is no defense. Gather up your writing skills and draft a plan to fight the war. Until we rally the troops behind a well defined battle plan, we are lost. RAMBOB

  15. I have met with many of the “new Yorkers” you describe right here in Canada . I have also met many like minded , educated people , who feel as I do , and who echo your thoughts . Unfortunately “we” are outnumbered . Furthermore those to whom we are leaving the real fight , our sons and daughters, have been “educated” into acceptance of this trash. For me unless that ” peaceful religion” acquires an air force ,I am not likely to conform short of a direct air strike.

  16. Just wondering what would happen if a CHRISTIAN PRAYER ROOM with THEIR SPECIAL ACCOMODATIONS were placed in the same area as the MOSLEM Students room?? What IS very SCARY is the thought that some U.S. Communities would/could begin to have NO-GO-ZONES like some Europeans do! Never debate IDIOTS [Liberals] when you find them because they will bring you DOWN to their LEVEL! Thank GOD for PRES. TRUMP! It could be much WORSE with HILLARIOUS as president! We ARE on the RIGHT TRACK! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  17. Separation of church & state only seems to apply to Judaeo/Christian folks. Besides ACLU, where’s that group that sues schools and gov’ts for any and all things having to do with Christianity? Your description of what’s coming is almost straight out of the New Testament of the Bible. Christ himself says this will happen before He comes again. Your insight is uncanny in often describing things of today that mirror Biblical prophecy. Keep the insights coming.

  18. Immigration without assimilation is invasion. The Congressional oath of office, in part, states: “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Is it possible the suspension of commonsense and reason have taken place?

  19. Is Islam a religion? Or is it a totalitarian system of government that is all-encompassing: a criminal code, dietary system, social service network, education system, legal system, body of laws (Sharia)…oh, and religion. We in the West automatically think of Islam as “just” a religion which we can separate from every other aspect of life, as in separation of chuch and state. But it is so much more.

  20. The more I know of the Muslim mentality the more I understand how despicable it is. And the more I see of the reactions of la-la-landers living in their bubble the more i understand the concept of losing a civilization to barbarians by refusing to believe they are barbarians and have nothing but contempt for civilization

  21. Right on Howard, I am going to share post this on face book every day and forward this column every day to my entire email list until they ask me to stop and if they do I will remove them from my list. I encourage everyone reading that read this column to do the same. I will also forward a column to the local each week. Howard, I’ll understand if you don’t repeat my postings if they are redundant.
    PS: For those of you that don’t understand column, replace it with editorial. Edgar Sellers

  22. WOW! So true and so sad…. America’s left (the party of Hate & Evil) needs to wake up and wake up fast!

  23. Common sense went the way of Sandusky. (An old saying) Once you lose it, It’s almost impossible to regain it. Much to their sorrow and the weeping will start to no avail. Sorry to hear you are leaving the Lone Star State but look forward to your return next Fall. Believe as if there’s no tomorrow. Billie

  24. Howard
    I scares me to think of the future of our children. I am walking up to the door of the end of my life and look back at the transition this great country has gravitated to and for me am glad I will not have to endure much more but fear for our children. We have to fight to keep the wolf from the door to the last breath!

  25. Islam is a “stone age” religion and has no business being acknowledged by a civil society.

  26. Attempting to talk factually with a Marxist is like pissing into the wind. We are given only so many days and so many words to use during those days; why waste them on sickos like that. Life is too short. That was time you could have spent with your loved ones with a smile on your face. It’s simply not worth it. Trump and his admin may bring us back quite far, but when he is finished the crap heads will want it destroyed again……unless enough of them are annihilated.

  27. Yes, the world we now live in is scary with our countries being invaded by people who are not interested in adopting the values of their ‘new country’ as our ancestors did who came to the US and Canada from other parts of the world. Instead, they demand special treatment …. such as having a ‘prayer room’ in our schools. They have no intention of becoming AMERICAN or CANADIAN. Instead, they want to change OUR customs to become the same as the hell-holes they left! We MUST stop this madness!

  28. The Leftists of today are as bad as the Krishna followers at all of the USA airports during the 70’s & the 80’s!!! Please, I am NOT putting down the Hindu religion, it’s just that these American followers were the most annoying people on the planet!!! They were extensions of the Hippies – Make Love Not War. You were assaulted at the airports & most times refused to listen to you, telling them to get lost. This is how I think the Leftists of this world are today – Blind, Stupid & Truly Uneducated

  29. Another fantastic and enlightening article. I have never read a more concise and factual argument. As you know, I am a fully committed pro-lifer and will use this article in future messages. May our God help us! When we cross Europe this summer, I hope to see first hand this message you are sharing, I know it will only make my fire already burning more intense. We are looking forward to seeing you at the end of May! Gary Burd, Amarillo, TX

  30. What I don’t understand, is why the Muslims come to this country, and then expect us to go along with their religion… and then we have the do good ers who think they are doing a great thing, by encouraging them to come… you get enough of them, and eventfully, they will own our country….To me it has already started, they are in our parliament now, trying to pass bills that protect the Muslim culture

  31. The Louvre I was there, Paris 2010, was constructing a large area for Islamic Art, apparently demanded????????. Montreal Airport 2010, sign like a Z with a dot in front of the top bar of the Z (Muslim praying) at foot of wide staircase from departure lounge led to Islamic Prayer room????? Maybe someone could check if it is still there. Monday March 21st M103 protest in front of Parliament (Ottawa) at 12.00pm and all City Halls. Act now, be there, or the boiling frog syndrome WILL get us.

  32. Islam is not a religion it is a way of life with Sharia Law. It’s a stone age way of life and when they (Moslem’s) come, our way of life goes out the door. We have to say NO, as Canadians of many nationalities and religions, let the PM know how you feel. All you have to do is see what they have done to their and other counties, by smashing or bombing it apart. Just remember if you don’t become a Moslem under Sharia Law your DEAD, its as simple as that! GOD HELP CANADA!!

  33. As long as the leftists control the school systems and the news media, this threat will continue to grow. We as conservatives don’t ever need to let up on our public criticisms of these two entities. Hopefully the election of Trump has unearthed the fact that the majority of Americans are opposed to liberal ideals (a.k.a. rationalized mental illness). We just don’t ever need to go back to sitting on our hands doing nothing about it!
    Thanks for your blog, Howard!


  35. GREAT ARTICLE! Can’t talk to a liberal. Waste of time. Hope we all wake up soon. Always a good word from you. THANKS!!!

  36. a few days before your superb editorial, a friend sent me an email with the title: Islam to overtake Christianity as world’s biggest religion by 2070. Plus a link. I read the page and replied: The world waited far too long to stop Islam’s momentum. They produce more kids than most religions. The Syrian civil war is on for 5 years, so all the refugees with children, 5 years and under (Millions) are fleeing and making babies instead of fighting back.

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