No One’s WRONG When Two Conservatives Debate



President Donald Trump is SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES; the WORST OF WHICH might be Republicans In Conservative Clothing. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS . . . The People in his own Administration, from the White House, the Senate, the House, the CIA, NSA . . . ESPECIALLY THE STATE DEPARTMENT, and perhaps just as important, and maybe even MORE-SO, the Justice Department ARE OUT TO GET HIM.


VIRTUALLY EVERY MEDIUM IN AMERICA . . . And outside America, Including MOST of Canada, Almost all of Europe, and FAR TOO MANY in Israel, whether it be Print, Radio, Television and/or the Internet, are Literally Out To Get Trump by WHATEVER MEANS THEY DEEM NECESSARY.


THE LEFTISTS’ MANIACAL ZEAL TO TAKE TRUMP-OUT . . . Is all about the INSIDERS Hanging-On to all the Power and Privilege they’ve managed to ACQUIRE THROUGH DEVIOUS POLITICAL MEANS through Generations of Propaganda, and the PLACEMENT OF ENEMIES FROM WITHIN.


It’s all about A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT . . . where if successful, the LEFTIST ELITES would sit in Judgment of all of us, while CONTROLLING the Freedoms of People everywhere . . . BUTBECAUSE of President Donald J Trump, it seems that this LEFTIST ELITIST DREAM OF WORLD SOCIALISM, where Freedom is what the Elitists say Freedom will be, IS INDEED IN SERIOUS JEOPARDY.

56-YEARS AGO IN 1961 . . . Ronald Reagan WARNED the American People, that NATIONALIZED HEALTHCARE, would effectively BREAK THE BACK OF FREEDOM IN AMERICA, which really had far more to do with CONTROLLING THE PEOPLE, than it had to do with providing decent Healthcare.

Click HERE to listen to President Reagan’s Incredible Foresight.


Anne and I had a TREMENDOUS Lunch on Tuesday (March 15th) with 4-Texas American Patriots in Liberty Hill, with two Couples of our Age (somewhat a little older), all of whom invested their TIME, ENERGY & MONEY over the past 8-Years as Tea Party Advocates, who with their Patriotic Zeal for Truth, Justice and the American Way, helped RID America of a Democrat House and a Democrat Senate . . . WHO ALSO HELPED RID AMERICA & THE WORLD from a Democrat Crooked Hillary Led Presidency.


I should also mention that Anne and I had another GREAT Lunch two weeks prior in Harper Texas, with another Group of SEASONED Real Texas American Patriots, all of whom seem to be in AMPLE SUPPLY in the Lone Star State.

BACK TO THIS WEEK’S LUNCH . . . Since the Six of us are all CONSERVATIVES . . . there was no Distance between any of us concerning our Values. But, there was some space between us about what we thought of the direction President Trump is taking, which is where our Voices Rose and our Passion showed the most.

HOWEVER . . . Unlike having an Argument with a LEFTIST, where as a Conservative we’re arguing FACTS, while the SELF-ABSORBED LEFTISTS are Arguing BS . . . Our Debate was all about Honest Disagreements, NOT ABOUT WHAT IS BEST FOR A TRULY DEMOCRATIC CONSERVATIVE WORLD, but rather, about how to get from there to here.

AND AT THE END OF IT . . . when we sipped the last of our Sweet Tea, Coffees and Soft Drinks – WE RESPECTFULLY AGREED TO DISAGREE, with the complete knowledge and understanding, that we were all on the same Page for LOVE of Nation & FREEDOM.


Unfortunately Though . . . I think I was RIGHT, but I’m hoping that I was WRONG, and my fellow Conservative was RIGHT.


FROM EVERY MEDIUM . . . Radio, Print, Television & The Internet – all the Pundits and Political Analysts seem to AGREE, that the FIRST HUNDRED DAYS of Trump’s Presidency will be CRITICAL to his next 4-Years . . . TO WHICH I ENTIRELY AGREE.

My feeling . . . is that what President Trump has been doing, even before he took the OATH of Office has been FABULOUS. And what he has thus far accomplished is nothing short of a Presidential Miracle in Terms of Changing Attitudes, Creating Jobs, Saving Jobs, Creating Wealth, and Repatriating Wealth from Abroad.

AND IN THIS WEEK’S PROPOSED PRESIDENTIAL BUDGET . . . President Trump is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do, which got him elected.


1 – President Trump passed TWO Executive Orders concerning Immigration, both of which were literally STYMIED by APPOINTED LEFTIST JUDGES, which to my way of thinking is Anathema to the purpose and Authority of the Judicial Branch of Government.

But nonetheless, their Judicial Decision to USURP the Power of the Presidency . . . is a Direct Challenge and Threat to the Office of the Elected President of the United States of America.

2 – The FACT that President Trump’s Choices to fill his Cabinet have been, and are continuing to be delayed by Senate Democrats, seems on the surface to be just a Major Aggravation, but is far more than that.

What the Senate Democrats have done, and are still doing, is setting a Nationwide Example to their Base, that the President has to answer to them, rather than them answering to the President, instead of both Organizations being an EQUAL but not OBSTRUCTIVE part of the THREE PILLARS OF GOVERNMENT.

NOT THAT MANY YEARS AGO . . . We would look at this Fashion of Obstructionist Politics, including the LEAKS . . . to be Bordering on Sedition.

3 – President Trump just Tabled his FIRST Budget, that in many ways will GUT Inefficient Spending, Corrupt Spending, and Political Spending, which is now headed for the House and the Senate, to which House Members, especially RINOS will object to, since it will take away the wealth from their Lobbyists, who keep these Politicians at the Trough, which will also establish WHO IS WITH THE PRESIDENT & WHO IS NOT.


4 – President Trump STAKED HIS ENTIRE ELECTION . . . On Repealing and Replacing Obamacare almost simultaneously upon his taking Office. And it’s not happened, which is NO SURPRISE, since Obamacare has become so INFUSED into the Lives of so many People as a Cancer that has Metastasized, that even given the fact that so many people who Hate Obamacare still want it, because it’s become part of the FREEBIE Culture. Even though it is far from FREE for the people who PAY FOR IT, having severely Reduced Services and Choices.

President Trump had a Choice . . . He could have lived up to his Promise and the PROMISE the Conservative Republicans Made to the People that got them ELECTED. Or, he could have lived up to the PHONY PROMISE of the RYAN RINOS, who NEVER had intentions to REALLY Repeal & Replace Obamacare. BUT SAID THEY DID FROM DAY ONE, for over 6-Years, JUST TO GET ELECTED.

AND THIS IS WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD . . . If the Ryan Plan goes through, AND REPEAL & REPLACE is nothing more than Obamacare Light, with Smoke & Mirrors, President Donald Trump will be a ONE TERM PRESIDENT, REGARDLESS of all the Other Things he has already ACCOMPLISHED. And the Republicans will get Massacred in the 2018 Midterm Elections.


One side (not mine) suggested that President Trump Needed and Deserved MORE Time, which would be nice if that was available to him, while the other side (My Side) believes without question . . . that after the FIRST 100-DAYS, time will have run out, especially if the wrong decisions are made.

AS I SEE IT . . . Between the Media, the Democrats, the Judiciary & PERHAPS THE RINOS MOST OF ALL – the Enemies of Trump and the People are OBFUSCATING, DELAYING & DOING WHATEVER they can to keep President Trump from accomplishing his Objectives, the BIGGEST ONE PSYCHOLOGICALLY, being the REPEAL & REPLACEMENT of Obamacare.


FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SPEECH ON WEDNESDAY . . . in Nashville Tennessee, he seems to Understand More than Anyone, that his Strength lies almost Exclusively with the REAL CONSERVATIVE People of America, who REALLY WANT President Trump to Succeed, and if he loses that Support . . . even just because of his PROMISE to Repeal And Replace Obamacare as the people PERCEIVED it would be . . . IT WILL BE GAME OVER FOR TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS.


Today is ONE DAY PAST the Middle of the Month, which is when I ASK the People who Read this Web Site for Financial Support to LIGHTEN MY LOAD, to HELP me do and Write the Things that I Do and Write.

IT SOUNDS LIKE A BROKEN RECORD . . . But spending all the Time I do Writing, Managing, and Financing this BLOG has become a FULL TIME JOB, which I LOVE to do.

And whether ANYONE Helps out Financially or NOT, I will continue to Research, Question, and WRITE, because as I see it, OUR FREEDOMS ARE ALWAYS JUST ONE KEYSTROKE AWAY FROM OBLIVION.

I DON’T THINK TOO MANY PEOPLE . . . who Read, will ARGUE that we’re NOT Living in Precarious Times, where Honest and Well Informed Information is VITAL to our Future, where CONSTANT Vigilance against those who will SELL-US OUT & DO US IN MUST ALWAYS BE TOP OF MIND.

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Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov.

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  1. Howard: Check out Sen. Cotton’s questioning of the DOD guy regarding GB and number of muslims there at given times. His line of questioning is fantastic! Thank you for ‘saying it like it is’! Linda BTW…..thanks for ridding the site of ‘trolls’!

  2. I agree. Leftists have moved the centerpoint so far to the Left that what used to be considered sane Leftism is now radical Right in these lefties’ minds. Center or Right arguments are now considered fascist. I’m amazed at how far ridiculously Left the Democrats (and Liberals in Canada) have gone. The moderate elements of those parties have become completely sidelined and irrelevant. It’s like it’s all become about feeding the egos of radical, lunatic Lefties.

  3. PRES. TRUMP has been questioned & ridiculed so many times regarding his various statements, accusations, etc… and has always “come out smelling roses” because of their being TRUE! Again, one cannot expect him to RESOLVE all the PROBLEMS which HUSSEIN OBAMA has created in EIGHT YEARS in just a FEW MONTHS! So far, he has accomplished much of what he said he would do! HEALTHCARE is very COMPLICATED and will need some FINE TUNING! There IS a “light at the end of the tunnel”! GO TRUMP GO! AMEN!

  4. Spot on Howard. ONE AND DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also He should tell those federal judges to pound sand.

  5. There are several ways to fix the problems with congress, one is to have one those elected to one term with no retirement package of any kind, the second one is do away with lobbyists as most are past members of congress. These changes have to be brought forth with a national vote not by members of congress. Only intelligent persons understand the TV /print
    news as BS.Problem is most people do not care or are stupid.

  6. One thing about Conservatives having a discussion……no one feels offended. Ideas are expressed and carefully inspected. Freedom of speech is respected and observed by all participants. And the best part….I truly believe everyone leaves the table with another point of view to consider and ponder. If everyone could debate the issues like Conservatives generally do…the world would be better off. Sadly, this type of discussion is beyond anything the Left could or would ever attempt.

  7. “Hope of the Wicked”- The Master Plan to Rule the World by Ted Flynn in 2000 mentions everything going on! (“Used” from Amazon $10.) Many “players” (“Elitists”) in this “game” to “change” USA! “Web of deception” is huge- Clintons, Bush, other “billionaires” working towards “New World Order”! (No more “Nations” or “Borders”- UN runs world, with one world currency)! Trump making “changes” (not on their agenda) by fighting to keep USA a nation not under control of UN or “Foreigners”! Go Trump!

  8. You four “rub” points were dead on. However, I’m thinking that getting O-Care out of our lives is much more difficult that anyone imagined. However, if I remember correctly, Trump did say that he would he would have something ready for discussion within two weeks. I’m sure we all of us hope so.

  9. First, President Trump has made the death knell mistake of accepting a subservient level of power to Federal judges. President Trump should enlist his U.S. Federal Marshals to enforce his executive powers. Unfortunately, he has cow-toweled to the liberal judiciary. His presidency is effectually destroyed, it is finished. Second, the government should not control health care. Medicare should be abolished. A medicaid style safety net for the poor. Funded and run by each state.

  10. Unless Washington/politicians gets involved, there are usually very simple solutions to complex problems. To me, the simple solution to Obamacare is to let it run its course as the democrats designed it. They own it. Let it succeed on its own merits, as designed, totally, by democrats. I see nothing in the Constitution which defines health care as a right. It is just more federal government involvement and control of our personal lives.

  11. “bordering on sedition”? Isn’t that similar to being a “little bit pregnant”? Their delaying tactics and pronouncement of this executive orders as unconstitutional are the left’s revelation, yet again, they care not one whit for “we the people”.

  12. Seems Trump’s presidency has revealed more swamp critters than anyone imagined (e.g, heads of VA centers, not just DC & RINOs). But since the process has been in the works for decades, the swamp has become overrun with brainwashed & OWO advocates who believe gov’t is supreme & those who disagree are shouted down, marginalized & gotten rid of–or so they think. Trump is biggest threat to their plan & move to one-world gov’t. It’s weeds in wheat field. I pray Trump stays strong & wins for us.

  13. I will be so glad when and if we ever get to the stage of “Obama who?” Do you think that this will ever happen because when it does we won’t have the political back stabbing and playing power sides to deal with. Sooooooo looking forward to that day and then and only then can Trump do what he needs to do to unite this country again and “get stuff done”.

  14. We are very much inclined to agree with you, Howard. Trump cannot afford to give the traitors one inch. It has always been obvious they want the entire 9 yards, and they were so close last Nov 8th they can taste it. The traitors among the GOP will make things very difficult for us. Maybe it is time to re-read your recent editorial about a revolution. The crazies are overtly threatening Trump, yet not one has been investigated let alone had to face charges.

  15. First thing to do stop all immigration from all countries until we are able to vet all. Second thing an executive order ALL people in government to go under Obamacare. Third clean the judicial system of their power to interpret our laws to please their emotions. Happy St.Pat’s Day

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