In Case You Doubt The Evident Truth


Even though this Issue has been dealt with JUST SOMEWHAT in the Media, it has NOT been dealt with nearly enough. And it has been almost TOTALLY IGNORED, as to how important it is as a HARBINGER of who and what the LEFT are, and what they really think of the FREEDOMS accorded to all People Graced by the American Constitution.

ON FEBRUARY 28, 2017 . . . a Democrat Video was made Public of Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch . . . who said in the Video about the Trump Presidential Victory . . .

“I know that this is a time of great fear and uncertainty for so many people. I know it’s a time of concern for people who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on, and even being rolled back. I know that this is difficult, but I remind you that this has never been easy. We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers.”

SO I WONDER . . . By February 28, 2017 – What had President Trump or the Republican Party Done or Said, to SOUND A WARNING BELL, of “Such Great Fear And Uncertainty For So Many People”?

LORETTA LYNCH WENT ON TO SAY . . . that she saw the “RIGHTS” of the American People “BEING ASSAILED” & “TRAMPLED ON”. So it must be asked, by what METRIC could Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch have POSSIBLY come to those incredible CONCLUSIONS?


“It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people who simply saw what needed to be done and came together and supported those ideals who have made the difference. They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.”


I don’t have to WONDER what Lynch really meant in the Preceding Quote, because it is 100% OBVIOUS TO ME . . . that she was referring to VIOLENT INSURRECTION, and there is NOTHING, which she, the Media, or the Government could possibly say that could even remotely CONVINCE me that I might be even Infinitesimally Mistaken.

LORETTA LYNCH WAS ENCOURAGING THE LEFT TO RISE UP WITH VIOLENCE . . . more or less to FREE themselves from the Yoke Of Conservatism and Conservative Nationalist Patriotism and Pride.


Loretta Lynch was NOT chosen to replace Eric Holder to become the Attorney General, because she would be an INDEPENDENT JUDICIAL ADVOCATE FOR THE US CONSTITUTION, but rather, she was chosen because Loretta Lynch would become an UNABASHED ADVOCATE for Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Socialistic One World Order at the expense of American EXCEPTIONALISM.


When Loretta Lynch was chosen by Obama to be his Attorney General, and she stood before the Republican Controlled Senate for Confirmation, 10-Republican Senators . . . Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and MITCH MCCONNELL voted to Confirm her to LEAD the HIGHEST & MOST POWERFUL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY IN AMERICA.

The Role of the Attorney General is so Powerful, that LEGALLY, she answers to NO ONE, including the President of the United States of America, since She or He MUST be 100% Independent of all Government Control. And to HAMMER THE POINT HOME, as to the extent of her Power and Authority, the Director of the FBI ANSWERS TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL.

And if it would be deemed necessary to RID America of an Attorney General, WHO WOULD NOT BE WILLING TO LEAVE, it would take IMPEACHMENT through an Act Of Congress. That’s how POWERFUL the Position is.


THE FACT THAT LORETTA LYNCH . . . all but REFUSED to Fully Investigate the Corruption and Criminal Behavior of the IRS, in spite of OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE of IRS Malfeasance, which targeted Targeted Conservative Groups and Individuals for SPECIAL TREATMENT, who wanted nothing more than to be SEEN & HEARD in the Socio/Political Process, like all other Activist Groups . . . SHOUTED VOLUMES about where Lynch’s Loyalties Lied.

THE FACT THAT LORETTA LYNCH . . . Did NOTHING to pursue SERIOUS Allegations, which had enough Evidence to IMPRISON CROOKED HILLARY for a very long time, least of all to take her out of the running to become President of the USA, for her High Crimes and Misdemeanors, and then had the GALL to meet secretly with Bill Clinton just prior to a Determination of INSUFFICIENT Evidence against Crooked Hillary, by her Director of the FBI, even though Director Comey presented a Mountain of Evidence to the CONTRARY, says to me, that Loretta Lynch was COMPLICIT IN THE COVER-UP, and was as Guilty as Crooked Hillary.

SO WE ALL HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Loretta Lynch Served NOT on the Behalf of the People of the United States of America, or in SERVICE of the US Constitution, but rather, at the Discretion, Pleasure, AND ON THE BEHALF of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Anti-American President of the United States of America.

AND NOW . . . The same Loretta Lynch, who DIDN’T prosecute the IRS or Crooked Hillary, who met with Bill Clinton, VIOLATING all Establishments of Judicial Integrity, is NOW calling upon the LEFT TO RISE-UP . . . Using Her Words – “TO RESIST” the Duly Elected Presidency of Donald Trump, even if it ends in the DEATH of those who she sees as Patriots to Her LEFTIST Cause.

I COULDN’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT LORETTA LYNCH . . . Since she is without Charisma, and is no Leader to be followed. But what is REALLY CRITICAL, is not who she is, or what she has done or not done, but who she Represents, and how much Money, Power, Influence, and the many EMBEDDED Anti-American Americans who are behind the Mindset that enabled Lynch to USURP the Rights of the American People, while Trampling upon the TRUE MEANING OF THE US CONSTITUTION.

SO WHEN I WRITE . . . That The Revolution Is Upon Us – Loretta Lynch is Walking Talking PROOF.

AND WHEN I WRITE . . . That the Swamp Includes RINOS like Mitch McConnell and others who VOTED to confirm this Loretta Lynch ABERRATION to the American Dream, I’m not just Whistling Dixie . . . anymore than I’m NOT just Whistling Dixie, when I warn the People about Speaker Paul Ryan, the RINO in Conservative Cloth.


WHETHER WE WANT IT OR NOT . . . The Revolution Is Now Upon the American People, And It Will Be Winner Take All. AND REMEMBER THIS . . . It was NOT Conservative Leaders who Fired the FIRST SHOT, and it is NOT Conservative Leaders who PUBLICLY CALLED FOR RESISTANCE against the Government and Presidency they didn’t like, and it is NOT Conservative Leaders who are suggesting that if NEED BE . . .

Death Would Be A Noble Price To Pay For Freedom From Certain Values.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I say leave the lefties on Fox. They are a constant reminder of how bad they are

  2. Scary. This editorial and the one yesterday say it all. We may have to split up the United States, as some have joked in the past, because the differences are so great. I write this as a subject of Kalifornia, obligated to stay by the will of God, to serve our community, but let me tell you, this example of the future of the U.S. ain’t pretty. Those of you who live in other healthier states had better fight for your lives to keep them healthy.

  3. I saw this. She asked for or encouraged that blood flow in the streets.
    Hopefully, it will be hers.

  4. Thanks, Howard! Finally, it is out there now where all Americans who are interested can see the OBVIOUS. Never before have the traitors been so… “in you face”! They are pulling out all the stops. WAKE UP AMERICA! How many times must you be warned?

  5. After watching Waters world last night it has become more evident how easy this overthrow is going to be.. He was interviewing a bunch of no nothings from NYU and most of them expressed admiration for the superiority of the world over the rights of the USA. Things are going down faster and faster and I hope these momma suckers never gain control. The interview was truly frightening.

  6. Pathetically the left has nothing left but to resort to more drastic issues which will further distance themselves for centrist Americans be it Repub or Dem. It would be nice to see President Trump & all cabinet members respond to the media stating we are moving our plans forward and unfortunately the Democrats refuse to work with us implementing the voice of America to bring jobs back to America, lower taxes, lower the price of health care, and take the necessary measures to Make America safe.

  7. Yes, Loretta Lynch was an UNABASHED ADVOCATE for Barack HUSSEIN Obama! EVIL was clearly established in our Country during the past 8 yrs. It will take much CESSPOOL DRAINING before being able to see the TYPES of RESULTS which will FAVOR Pres. Trump! The RESIGNING of Obama’s ATTY. GENERALS is a GREAT STEP in the removal of BHO’S followers! Trump needs to do more. COMEY should also be removed. The RINOS are just plain DISGRACEFUL in not supporting Trump’s agenda and CONSERVATIVE VALUES! AMEN!

  8. Howard, your research and knowledge is admirable and beyond reproach, but more than that, very scary. It is obvious the Dems are scratching around in the dirt every minute trying to find something that will catch on and stir up the anti against President Trump. They are a despicable bunch of takers, not makers. We are experiencing similar activity in Canada led by our globalist PM; did you notice the tan shoes & Dalmatian spotted socks he was wearing in Texas?

  9. The World Wedge Drivers have very large teams based in the USA, Canada, & Great Britain . Their primary objective is to drive ” wedges” between ethnic groups, and split societies into waring fractions. Foster hate and discontent. PAC’s , secret power foundations, and even animal rights organizations. Major goal is to disrupt family units, and get neighbours hating each other. Watch out there may be a wedge close by. No longer a pie but a crumbled mess!

  10. I read Lynch’s statement as advocating violence. That is unconscionable for a former attorney general to say such things.

  11. loretta is nothing more then a piece of dodo. Like her last name lynch,thats what we should do to this traitor as prison time would still have her ugly mouth preaching hate. obama is living in DC and is the leader of opposition against Trump, this muslim anti American deservers the same treatment as loretta,,please some one do away with the SOB.

  12. Treason and Sedition! We as Conservatives had better wake up and call these people out for what they are and what they are really doing and hold them accountable or we will not have a US of America anymore. May God help this country!

  13. SO Simple According to the Media : Old Short White Guy = Bad Black Woman = Good regardless of qualifications Same can be said of Judeo / Christian = Bad Moslem = Good
    Bullying ( when misunderstood Leadership ) = Bad Pussying Out / Pacifying = Good

  14. I wrote about this at the Obama beginning. Jarrett in charge, object to destroy and take over this Country. The shock to the whole plan was the Hillary loss, they made a bad choice. Now their only hope is to Impeach President Trump. They are all assembled in Obama’s basement plotting their moves funded by Soros. Anyone that does see this is blind.

  15. Howard I don’t let this kind of tripe bother me at all. In fact the more the left and their minions rant and rave the wider the smile on my face grows. It reminds me of a great line I once heard in a movie. Two guys are railing against a third guy so the third guy gets into his truck, shuts the door, and through the window he says to the two ranters “Pretend I’m still here and tell me all about it!”. Then he kicks up dust as he pulls away leaving them standing there slack-jawed.

  16. MCCONNELL AND RYAN are two RINOS who are a part of the swamp that should be drained. Surely
    President Trump knows this?,,,,,,,,Ashley Raper……Rocky Mount, NC, USA

  17. I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is the DemonRats, a fascist, anti-American political movement dedicated to the overthrow of the existing order. That’s what Obama meant when he advocated the “fundamental transformation” of the country.

  18. Fact: We have a “Kiss Ass Congress”! Under Obama, anybody unwilling to “do things his way” wouldn’t be in charge! Trump is trying to be “nice” (won’t get him anywhere)! “Millions” are “dumbed down” today (too stupid to realize they are being “used”). “Liberals” didn’t get their way, so time for “retaliation” (very immature tactic)! Let’s try Communist dictatorship or Sharia Law? No Way! No Thanks! Some of us aren’t “fools”- we can still think for ourselves plus know when we are being screwed!

  19. I think we’re gonna need a bigger drain because the swamp seems to be bigger than we all thought. Hmmm….I think we need to put a garbage disposal right beneath the sink. We don’t want to clog up the drain now, do we?

    OK, yes, these statements are in jest, but thinking about it does make a bit of sense now, doesn’t it?

  20. The left expected the see themselves obtain their craven desires with HiIlary’s win. They know that America will revisit Regans words that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction” the Trump win has put a hold on extinction. The aged leaders of this coup wanted to see freedom dead in their lifetimes the way a lobster can die if the heat is turned up slowly. Violent boiling is all they have left and had hoped to blame Islamists. America still doesn’t get it.

  21. It’s kind of funny (in a sick and twisted way) or the radical-left is always insinuating that the “political-right” are a violent bunch… yet most of the hate and rioting, is caused by the political-left!?!

  22. Ms Lynch comments are like unto those spoken during Hitler’s reign. Hitler used the same words more or less to get the children to turn on their parents and other members of their family. From the actions of those Lynch has already reached, she is having the same effect on the mindless who are still in school. Children are no longer encouraged to think for themselves or to search for the truth.

  23. Don’t worry Trump is just getting warmed up. He knows the stakes are high and once his cabinet and cabinet appointees are in place the swamp will be drained. He’s smart enough to not project all his intentions. The left won’t be able to keep up with his moves once his people are in place. This is gonna be fun as it unfolds but seems a bit scary now. The people of the USA could not have picked a better leader. God bless America


    I assume you mean Snopes

  25. Mitch and his RINO cronies just KNEW that no conservative president would beat Hillary and so they voted to go along and get along and retain their treasured status as the elite, inside the Beltway, ruling class. Of course they voted for Ms. Lynch. Of course they voted for most of what Obama wanted. Otherwise, they’d have been booted off the “A-List” for parties and good grief, we cannot have that!!

  26. Right On!!! Not really sure where we need to start. Part of the problem, electing in this past election – RINOs! McConnell was just re-elected, so there go 6 years of crap. We do have a chance with the US Reps., but most voters will vote the same. That is our biggest problem – The VOTERS!!! Pres. Trump can only do so much. It is the voters who are literally screwing the USA. Most don’t even know how the USA Government works, yet alone the US Constitution. They are the Takers!!!

  27. Howard, as usual you have done a good job of summing up whats happening in the back ground. Most people know but do not want to face the facts as you have presented. I hope it does not end up in a Civil war but very well could. I don’t think President Trump can put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Sad to say! Pray the Lord have mercy upon this nation.

  28. Sad part is the wealthy elite have divided the rest of us into 2 factions thru brainwashed ‘education’ in public schools & public supported colleges/universities; this done for the exact purpose of revolution/civil wars so martial law can be declared. Then those elite, who have control thru gov’ts, will have ultimate world control/power. OWO with one-world gov’t under them & then one-world leader. All playing out just as written in the Bible; satan still thinks he can win.

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