BIG BROTHER & IT’S NOT . . . 1984



AS I’VE WRITTEN REPEATEDLY . . . America is on Track to a Revolution, which could be as benign as a Political Revolution, or it could be as Serious as a Revolution in the REAL Sense, with the FEAR of Bombs & Bullets.


AND FROM HOW THE LEFT IS PUSHING THE ENVELOPE . . . I see far more of the LATTER than I do of the FORMER. And as we read MORE & MORE about how the NSA has been SPYING On All Americans, and how the FBI seems to be no better, and we seem as a Majority to be NEITHER concerned NOR aware . . . WE ARE THUS IDIOTS AND DESERVE WHAT WE GET.


Our World is AWASH with Fools, who have been Educated by their Teachers and CAJOLED by our Politicians, to really believe that Individual Success is a BAD THING, while GROUP-THINK IS SOMEHOW GOOD.

WE HAVE ALL HEARD THE DICTUM . . . There’s No Fixing Stupid, which is really TRUE, but what is Equally TRUE, is that there’s NO FIXING THE BRAINWASHED . . . And that’s where we are today.


I listen to Pundits who are now trying to PASS THEMSELVES OFF AS “MODERATES”, and the VOICES OF REASON, who lecture people like you and me to TAKE A DEEP BREATH, or CHILL, or CALM DOWN & SEE BOTH SIDES . . . and I wonder – WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? Their Problem is that I do see BOTH SIDES, and what I see convinces me without question, that their SIDE IS SICK, and not worth a Second of my Time to try to Understand.

I see the ongoing PLANNED Anti-Trump Rallies, which should be more aptly described as ANTI-YOU & ME RALLIES, which are NEITHER Spontaneous, NOR Grass Roots. I see the FISTFIGHTS at these Rallies started by the LEFT, wherever Conservatives Gather to PEACEFULLY Rally To Their Cause. And I’ve seen plenty of Vile, Dishonest, and Anti-Freedom Placards carried by The LEFT, which are attached to TWO BY FOURS & PIPES.

I’ve seen LEFTIST GOONS Smack around Girls and Women, and PUNCH, KICK, & STOMP people of all Ages and Gender, just to keep PEACEFUL Conservatives from EXPRESSING Their Freedom of Expression.

And we have all seen the LEFTIST JERKS from ELITIST Universities . . . who routinely Boycott, Protest, and RIOT against FREE SPEECH on their Campuses.

I READ THE LEFTIST NEWSPAPERS . . . Blogs and Magazines. And I watch LEFTIST Mainstream Television, including UBER-POPULAR Shows like Homeland, with Mandy Patinken – a Judenrat in the Holocaust sense, whose focus is on making America and Israel LOOK BAD, while finding ways to make Moslems look like the VICTIMS of a Few Radicals.

I don’t watch, but I’ve seen more than enough snippets of the SITCOMS on Television, which extoll the Lifestyles of Gays, Lesbians, and GRATUITOUS HETEROSEXUAL SEX, to know that these Make Believe Characters and Situations are having a Decidedly Negative Effect On Our Youth.

I watch the Big Screen Movies, where the FAKE HEROES . . . who are portrayed in REAL LIFE by Actors who Campaign with a Zealous Passion against Guns, as They, the Directors and Producers of their Films . . . RAKE-IN BILLIONS of Dollars using Guns as their Main Instrument to Kill Everything that Moves.

And Hire MOSTLY Men With Guns To Protect Their Safety And Privacy.


The Proverb we are all Most Familiar with, is . . . .Those who Can Do. Those who Cannot Teach; By George Bernard Shaw:

OUR TEACHERS . . . From Pre-School to Post Grad University, TEACH LEFTIST CRAP to those who are far too often USELESS Drunk, Drugged-Out, and Indebted Graduates, who think the WORLD OWES THEM SOMETHING, because that’s what they were Taught.


AS I’VE WRITTEN MANY TIMES . . . Just like Humpty Dumpty, some things cannot be fixed, and neither can this Socio/Political MORASS be fixed, which has been Brewing for Generations, which has all but reached its CRITICAL MASS.

We are witnessing the ABSOLUTE Breakdown of the Competence of our Young People, to whom we have to Pass the Baton, who are in NO POSITION to receive it, while all around us . . . GLOBALLY, those who want to TAKE what we have (China, Islam and Others) are Poised to TAKE IT in One Way or Another, VIRTUALLY WITHOUT RESISTANCE.

We’ve seen the DEMISE of Nationalism, which has become a Dirty Word in the Lexicon of a World of Useless Globalists pursuing a One World Government, in a Common Race to MEDIOCRITY, since UNCONTROLLED COMPETITION towards a MERITOCRACY in their minds Creates Winners and Losers, which according to the LEFT . . . LOSING IS A DIRTY WORD.


SINCE THE GOVERNMENT WORKS FOR WE THE PEOPLE . . . It is WE THE PEOPLE, AND ONLY WE THE PEOPLE who are to BLAME for what we allow our Governments to do . . . whether it is in Canada or in the United States of America.

AND NOW THAT IT’S SO BROKEN . . . Tinkering with the system will do NOTHING, other than to Extend the Inevitable, which by the LEFT’S OWN HAND, and not in the Biblical Sense, will bring HELLFIRE & FURY upon Themselves, as the Misery of their Hallmark Collapses Upon THEM & ALL OF US.

BUT AS I SEE IT . . . There seems to be NO ALTERNATIVE to Right the Capsized Ship of DEMOCRACY & MERITOCRATIC VALUES, other than with a Total Collapse of the System, where after the dust will settle, the MAKERS will once again Seize the Helm, and Steer the GOOD SHIP FREEDOM out of the Abyss and Darkness Towards The BRIGHT Light from where we went off course.

I’m NOT an Addictive Person, so I never had to Become Part Of A Help Group, such as AA, GA or Whichever. But from what I understand, BEFORE ANY ADDICTIVE PROBLEM CAN BE FIXED, The Person with the Problem MUST First Hit Rock Bottom, and then Admit to Himself or Herself . . . that He or She has a Problem.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. You’re ALWAYs, right on the $$, Howard G.! Keep up the awesome work, & God Bless YOU, Anne, Striker, & April the cat!

  2. I agree. It’s impossible to right a sinking Titanic if both the captain and the passengers are indifferent to its fate. Canada is like a cancer patient who stubbornly refuses life-saving treatment. Let her die. I don’t care any more. I’m applying for refugee status in Trump’s America as a member of a persecuted minority.

  3. I found out about 4-5 years ago that speaking about a potential civil war made me, in the eyes of some, a real jerk and radical thinker. Thank you for the company. 🙂 If we do not get back to the real America while President Trump is in office all bets are off. It is as simple as GOOD vs EVIL. Dennis Prager recently said in order to win, one side must THOROUGHLY defeat the other. We can read between the lines. The EU is looking at civil war.

  4. I have often wondered just WHEN the world began to go stark raving mad. It no longer matters. What DOES matter is for those of us who STILL believe America CAN AND WILL be great again, we better get off our literal assets and actually TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! If that means war, so be it. It is literally a matter of life and death. And, if we do, then Canada may get herself back as well.

  5. I have read that, in the past 3000 years, the average life of a democracy is 200 years. The U.S.A. is 250, and overdue. Mr. Trump is giving it more extended life. Canada is only 150, but Mr. Trudeau and company are hastening its demise.

  6. Great article. As always right on. Thanks for keeping us alert. Prayers for President Trump that he will succeed in helping to get America back on track before it is everlasting too late.

  7. Look up the word “deindividuation” on Wikipedia.

  8. After the election I received another email, supposedly over the Trump signature wanting funds and of course I gave again. It was the RNC in disguise. I contribute to individual candidates and not the party. Now I am being continually being solicited by the party. None of my funds should go to candidates like McCain and Thurman, entrenched professionals of the swamp. Supposedly I will get a confirming post which allows me to change my contribution and voice my opinion of the RNC in general.

  9. It’s amazing how little can be accomplished when you are standing in the swamp, trying to drain it!
    Some numbers of employees from on line, WH 468, FDA 8.8 (K) thou, CIA 20K, FBI 35K, IRS 90K, Homeland Sec 240K, DVA 280K, Exec 700K + 1.1 M civilians, and Fed Gov’t 2.8 M. How can Trump possibly empty that swamp? There will still be Obamacrats ready to undermine, from every level, clerk to director!

  10. Many things happened during Obama’s administration (that we are finally finding out about)! “Treason” or “Sedition” are no longer in the vocabulary of those who haven’t served in the military- more like “End justifies the means” (translation: “whatever it takes”- legal or not)! BTW, “Change” didn’t include changing our form of Government! In “liberal minds”, somehow it did, but Revolution isn’t the answer for USA! If “liberals” give Trump a chance, they might like him better than Obama!

  11. HG, VERY powerful!!! You are my canary in the political coalmine! I envy anyone who sits beside you while watching TV or a movie! I never heard of Mandy Patinken, and now, I’m glad I didn’t. I was Liberal until Libertarianism found me. That was after reading Ayn Rand, Dr. Nathaniel Branden plus related authors. You posses the rare potential to create a NEW educational venue: Hold a mike in a theater and comment on selected movies and TV programs! I mean it! Ticket sales will go freakin viral!!

  12. Sadly sir, you are spot on. Lord knows where we go from here. Conservatives must stay the course and pray logic prevails. at some point. I yearn for the days of Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney!

  13. Canadian swamp is full of Francophone Deputy Ministers, Mandarins & politicians led by Globalist Trudeau trying 2 make Canada French & allow Islamics to invade. Quoting HG: WE THE PEOPLE are to BLAME for what we allow our Governments to do. end quote. Discussion this evening about Muslims, friend said, “Well, what is the government doing about it?” I said, “They’ll do as they wish until you and a whole lot of others stand up and protest; but that takes courage”.
    “I have a voice, how about you?”

  14. I am taking in a LOT of info from this editorial. I know that you are right but my emotions want to deny it all. I remember when the Univ. of California Los Angeles hired Angela Davis as an assistant professor, in the late 60’s. She was a well-known member of the Black Panthers in the 60’s, a Communist, a Socialist and basically hater of Jews & Israel, Whites & Conservative Blacks. All of her actions & teachings did not bode well for the USA. She is part of the Leftist thinking in Calif.

  15. Most right thinking people don’t want revolution, and the blood and death, destruction and anarchy that comes with it…but we’ll meet it if it comes…and we have all the real men, women, practical intelligence, integrity and we have all the guns…what does the left have – homosexuals, the transgendered, beta males and man-hating feminazis, triggered snowflakes, the perpetually offended and the lying MSM, and oh yes they have their Gun-Free-Zones…’My name is America, and I am a mess…’

  16. The Brain washed can be moved. They have demonstrated how easily led they are. Trump is in the process of confronting them with reality. Truth can be very powerful when we have the courage to speak it. Where there is life there is hope.

  17. The three pillars of a democratic republic are the soap box, the ballot box, and the cartridge box. Our freedoms are protected by each, to be applied in just that order. One might want to read again the Declaration of Independence in order to understand why the American Revolution was launched in the first place. I pray that this “Second American Revolution” will be peaceful in nature, but if the left insists on violence, they will have only themselves to blame for the inevitable consequences.

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