CIRCA 1986 . . . Then President Ronald Reagan Said . . . “The Nine Most Terrifying Words In The English Language Are”:


As I wrote yesterday . . . I’m all but FIXATED on the supposedly new REPEAL & REPLACE Law for Obamacare. And what I am seeing and hearing from the RINOS, but especially from Paul Ryan and his KISS-ASS CADRE looking to be as Important, and as Close to Power as they can be, is not only depressing, it is as WRONG as Acid Rain.

THE GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME SO LARGE . . . That not only has it become a Living Thing Unto Itself, but it has SURPASSED it’s Meaning and Usefulness, to the Point, where WE THE PEOPLE SERVE THE GOVERNMENT . . . RATHER THAN THE GOVERNMENT SERVING US.

AND READ THIS CAREFULLY . . . The Government has become a VORACIOUS CARNIVORE, whose Principle Goal is to FEED off the people, by creating the ILLUSION, that what they do for the People is somehow essential for the Betterment of the People . . .

AND NOTHING BETTER EMPHASIZES THIS . . . than the HYSTERIA about PROPAGANDIZING how the Government should or MUST take care of the Health Requirements of the People.

SO LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . I don’t need a Politician INSTRUCTING ME, on how I Should Take Care of Myself. I am 100% Capable of Choosing a Doctor. I am 100% Capable of Choosing a Surgeon. I am 100% Capable of Figuring out how I can Pay for my Medical Needs. AND IF I CAN’T PAY . . . THAT’S WHAT WELFARE & OR INSURANCE IS FOR.


As A Canadian . . . Most Of Those Choices Have Been Taken Away From Me.

I’M GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF . . . Because TRUER Words Were NEVER Spoken – The Nine Most TERRIFYING Words In The English Language Are . . . “I’m From The Government And I’m Here To Help”.


If you want to make a SMALL FORTUNE with Government . . . Start with a BIG FORTUNE, and watch how fast it will get SMALL.

I WANT BIG BROTHER . . . Out Of My Face And Out Of My Life.

Government is NOTHING more than a Pack of Jackals, thinking how Important they are, as They Impress Themselves AMONGST Themselves, while Feeding at the Public TROUGH OF CARRION their Policies Leave in Their Wake.

UNDERSTAND THIS . . . The Government is NOT Here to Make Life Better for the People. The government is Here to make Life BETTER for Themselves, Regardless of whatever else they claim.

AND UNDERSTAND THIS AS WELL . . . It was NOT Candidate Donald J Trump who Coined the Chant – “DRAIN THE SWAMP”, it was the people. And by Candidate Trump’s Own (paraphrased) Words . . . I never thought about Draining The Swamp BEFORE Hearing it at the Rallies.

So . . . before you keep getting all GIDDY about President Trump’s Promise to Drain The Swamp . . . remember it didn’t come from him, same as “LOCK HER UP” didn’t come from him either.


You might argue that it’s still LESS THAN TWO MONTHS into President Trump’s Presidency, SO LET’S GIVE HIM A CHANCEBut You’d Be Wrong! Two Months at this LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT, is what could Make or Break Trump’s Presidency, especially given the POWERS ALIGNED AGAINST HIM . . . from Within and Without.


I’VE WRITTEN THIS MANY TIMES, and I’ll keep writing it until the Cows Come Home. If President Donald Trump should LOSE the SUPPORT of the DEPLORABLES, and LOSE the SUPPORT of Real Conservatives within the Republican Party – TRUMP WILL FAIL . . . AND FAIL MISERABLY.

BUT MORE THAN THAT . . . If President Trump should FAIL, he will Single Handedly be Responsible for Finishing The Destruction of America, which Barack HUSSEIN Obama Didn’t Complete.


Everyone is TESTING President Trump . . . The Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, Islamists, Russians, Europeans and the LEFTIST & RINOS From Within.


When the Air Traffic Controllers Pushed Reagan’s Hand . . . President Reagan Pushed Back With A VENGEANCE. When the Communists TESTED Reagan’s RESOLVE on the Tiny Caribbean Island of Granada, Reagan Swatted the Mosquito with an Elephant Gun.

SO HERE WE ARE . . . Is Donald Trump MORE in the Mold of Ronald Reagan, WHO SAID WHAT HE MEANT & MEANT WHAT HE SAID . . . Or Does President Trump Think that Reagan’s MOST TERRIFYING NINE WORDS are No Longer Relevant.

Government Complicates Everything . . . While None Of It Is That Complicated.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. It ain’t rocket science, is it, Howard? With your experience of being on committees and dealing with government types, you know what it’s like. Can you say….maddening?

  2. What can I say Howard, not only that President Raegan showed strength against the Air Traffic controllers and Granada, but just by becoming the President, Iran let go of all the American diplomats who were imprisoned for 444 days. Iran was scared that Raegan is really going to hit them hard if they keep the hostages. I hope that Trump will use common sense and resolve to push through his agenda. Steve Acre, Canada

  3. President Lyndon Johnson declared a WAR on Poverty when poverty was diminishing at a steady, impressive rate. Poverty has increased steadily since then. You’re right Howard – if you want something to fail , give it to the government to do.

  4. One of the biggest American misconceptions is the efficiency of the CDN healthcare system. About 40% of people here don’t have a doctor. From those who do, it can and often does take 6 months for appointments. Plus many of the doctors work semi-retirement hours and the people have a hard time reaching or getting appointments. For whatever reasons, new and younger doctors to fill these voids just aren’t coming in.

  5. I would love to share this post with others. Hits the nail on the head.

  6. A perfect illustration of government powers is the current and numerous refusals of US Border guards to allow entry by Canadian citizens WITH valid Canadian passports. One Canadian born citizen ( visible minority) was instructed to get a visa, though her travelling companions were allowed to proceed without one. When, as per instructions she went to the US Consulate in Ottawa; “they couldn’t help her”. BTW; the absolute discretion of the guard is NOT new. Howard wrote about it a number of times

  7. I read a lot of horror stories in the press about our Canadian Health Service. However my experience with same has always been exceptional. Suffice to say the Government is always looking at ways to improve service, which usually ends up making things worse. I truly pray that Donald Trump is going to be able to implement the changes he is working on. I think he has the best of intentions but is thwarted at every turn. God help us if he is not successful.

  8. Yesterday I was not able to reply to your editorial. I would like to point ot out that the fed’s have no authority to do any thing with health care. If you look at what has happen since Medicare, the price of health care has gone up for all. And will continue in that direction at a faster pace if they have there fingers in it in any way. If only we had Judges in the courts that could read the english language. We would have no SS are Medicare. That could be left up to the States.

  9. To the good people of Galganov Nation: I am personally not able to intelligently compare, so I’d be very appreciative to get some feedback into Mr. Trumps first draft version of how he would like to repeal and/or replace Obamacare. I’ve tried to find as much unbiased reviews of the first draft but have been unsuccessful. There doesn’t seem to be a middle area, some reviewers love it while most seem to call it Obamacare-Lite. Please help!!

    Confused in Canada.

  10. Government is force, period. You cannot delegate or give to government a power that you don’t legitimately have yourself. And no one has the legitimate right to force another person to provide health care or welfare for someone else. You must provide those things for yourself. It is tyranny to allow the government to assume those powers.

  11. Joel, the REPUBLICANs are SO BUSY fighting among themselves, they have me totally confused, as well! I don’t think they even know what they want!! And, some of these are Dr.’s too boot. All I know is that “WE THE PEOPLE” are the ones who are suffering, with the high Medical Costs we have to pay. Medicare is on steroids, & our dear Drs. absolutely hate the system! The Medicare system totally sucks, but then it was engineered by BIG GOVERNMENT….need I say any more!

  12. My wife has been in the hosptal for a month waitng to get a date and time for open heart surgery. No choice of surgeon or hospital. Plus the hospital food is horrible. In the USA I have been in several hospitals, unfortunately. Private rooms, good food and my personal doctor did rounds. 10 years ago at Desert Regional in PS the daily cash cost including: OR, bed and board, television, telephone, all testing (x-ray, CT,lab …,etc) was only $3880.00. Bed and board at Abbotsford, BC $10,000.

  13. Drain that swamp! Drain that swamp! Let’s keep saying that ‘until the cows come home!’ Great editorial as usual, Howard. Sometimes I think Trump was put in this place now, just like John the Baptist was, as the forerunner for someone even greater to come along. But first the quagmire and quicksand have to be emptied out and dredged. God speed…..

  14. The biggest problem with public healthcare in Canada is salaries of Medical personnel. Sice the 1970’s Medical salaries have increased out of all proportion with the private sector. If demands of Doctors and nurses are not met they extort the money from the people via strikes. Dr;s and nurses are now the highest paid of all professions. Budgets are exhausted on salaries and patient care is nickle and dime, delays avoid costs -death is the best medical cost saving preferred by the State.

  15. If you really want to fix Obama care make congress enroll in it.
    The crooks voted themselves out of it when they passed it for the rest of the country. Also pass the law that congress will pass no law that doesn’t apply equally to them. The time is now. All send a post card to Trump on march 16 showing support. We could overwhelm the postal service and the libs

  16. Once again I will say that term limits would have prevented this mess. The Founders never dreamed that “civic duty”would become career politicians. Another great article, Howard.

  17. I wish I had a soapbox to speak from ! I suppose I’ll have to rely on Howard to speak in my place. He more often than not does a remarkable job ! My only wish for Howard and family is that they would concede to become part of America. It seems such a waste to allow Canada to have him.

  18. Could not agree more with the comments by both Michael Seery and Linda Gibney. To my way of thinking, term limits is an absolute must. And there is no way that we, the voters, should tolerate these leeches passing laws while excluding themselves from coming under them.

  19. I think Trump has so many battles going on in all different directions that he has to delegate broadly. Having been a large corp manager for 40+ years, I found that delegation is necessary but things don’t always get done the right way. Through these challenged times he will find out quickly who gets it and who doesn’t. However, when many of your team members from different organizations are trying to sabotage you, it makes things doubly hard. Hopefully he can weed out the trouble makers.

  20. Ahhh – Term Limits!!! In my dreams of a perfect US Congress – It would be Term Limits!!! It was so easy for our Congress on March 21, 1947, to approve the 22nd Amendment of Term Limits for the President – This amendment was NOT for them!!! This amendment came about due to FDR’s 4 elections!!! Must admit we were in WWII when he was elected for a 4th time – A bit of a sticky wicket to change the President in the middle of a war. There should never have been a 3rd time in 1940.

  21. “One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.” Reagan. In UK people in mass denial about the true nature of the “NHS” &, worst of all, it’s “psychiatric system”; enforcer through lethal force, of Political Correctness, straight out of NK or Cuba

  22. Trump is a tough, experienced New Yorker from Queens, I am now beginning to notice that they Titanic is turning, lets hope that it has better luck than the original. This next week it should be “power to the starboard engines.”

  23. Great article Howard.Why can’t people just get their own health insurance wherever in USA, just like car insurance.The gov’ts part would to put in place regulations for insurance company’s to follow, make sure people are covered that have prexisting conditions and medcaid people are fully covered.One dept in each state to keep the insurance companies legal making sure they tow the line at keeping health insurance affordable.Car insurance is probably a state coverage but I think you get drift.

  24. Healthcare is one of the ways to “control” people! (Hitler knew this!) “Humanitarian” efforts towards “equality” today provide both “citizens” and “non-citizens” same quality of care (when their former nations didn’t have many doctors or hospitals)! U.S. Healthcare system is literally on “overload” (much like our prison system)! Some of us are tired of paying for all the “automatic U.S. citizens” that “foreigners” are coming to make, plus all the “illnesses” and “diseases” they bring with them!

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