LIKE MOST OF YOU . . . I’m on the Road to EXHAUSTION, with all the Shenanigans happening around the World, whether it’s in Canada, where I see very little hope for the Future . . . In Israel, where the Supreme Court seems to be believe they are above and beyond the ELECTED Knesset (Parliament) . . . and then the 800-Pound Gorilla, where FREEDOM ITSELF IN AMERICA IS BEING CHALLENGED EVERY MOMENT OF EVERYDAY.

I spent HOURS yesterday, writing about PHILOSOPHICAL THINKING . . . OPPOSED TO CRITICAL THINKING, which was the Thought-Process, which got us to where we were BEFORE THE LEFT SEIZED POWER.

WE CAN’T KNOW HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM . . . if we don’t know from where the Problem Stems. And we CAN’T FIX THE PROBLEM by tinkering. It’s much like constructing a building on a CROOKED FOUNDATION, and then trying to FIX the Cracks in the Wall, the Spaces between the Windows and Frames, and the Buckling Floors with REMEDIAL Band-Aids.

WITH SOMETHING LIKE A BAD FOUNDATION . . . The remedy is easy. TEAR IT DOWN & START OVER, which was the purpose of Yesterday’s Editorial.


ONLY BECAUSE . . . The Founding Fathers and Framers of the American Constitution CONSTRUCTED, by the GENIUS OF CRITICAL THINKING, and/or perhaps as many would argue, because of the HAND OF GOD – These GREAT Men, in a period of EXCEPTIONALISM, laid the Corner-Stone to a Foundation that became an INDOMITABLE STRUCTURE that Made America Great . . . before the LEFT & RINOS Constructed upon it, a Superstructure with Bad Engineering and Sub-Standard Parts.


THE BAD NEWS . . . Is that America, and as a result, the Entire World is in TURMOIL, because the American Superstructure is in Collapse, and once it starts to keel over, there will be nothing to keep it from DESTRUCTION.

THE GOOD NEWS . . . Is that the American Constitutional Foundation is so STRONG & ROBUST, that after the DETRITUS is cleared away from the Collapse, an ENTIRELY NEW SUPERSTRUCTURE can be Constructed upon the EXISTING FOUNDATION, to restore America to where she came from.


1 – DURING THIS REBUILDING . . . There will be enormous Resistance from the LEFT & RINOS, as we can already see, since no one in Government, which includes all the Bureaucrats, will be willing to surrender their place at the TROUGH.

AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE . . . will Big Business, Big Labor, and the Ultra Privileged LEFT, who through their LOBBYISTS, which provide Political Intravenous to BOTH PARTIES, which Feeds and Succors their FREE RIDES . . . will relinquish any part of that, which provides all of them with their GRAVY TRAIN.


2 – AFTER THE TRANSITION . . . And while the Dust of Insurrection Clears, it WON’T BE EASY, since so much DAMAGE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE by the LEFT & RINOS, that reconstruction is going to be a long and painful process. But as I wrote . . . THE GOOD NEWS, is that it WILL HAPPEN, as long as Conservatives are prepared to do whatever has to be done TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.


I WILL START WITH THIS PREMISE . . . The Government is INCOMPETENT & DECEITFUL, and I am NOT WRONG. I will also make this Statement . . . that even Politicians who enter Office with the Best and Most Noble of Intentions, they are quickly CONSUMED BY THE SWAMP, and overwhelmed by the SCOPE & POWER of Governance and Washington DC.

AND KNOWING ALL OF THIS . . . we all have to assume – ALL THE TIME, that it’s ALWAYS US AGAINST THEM, and THEM are playing on their Own Team, which is TEAM GOVERNMENT & NOT TEAM CONSTITUENTS.

IF IT WERE TEAM CONSTITUENTS . . . Crooked Hillary would already be INDICTED. The Clinton Foundation would be Facing A Criminal Audit. Crooked Hillary Insiders would be Scrambling to Turn State’s Evidence to keep their Asses out of Jail. The Higher-Ups at the IRS would be behind Bars. And so probably, would be Members of the Justice Department, starting with the past Two Attorney Generals.

And Administrators of the NSA & FBI might also be looking for New Careers.

IT IS INDEED PROBABLE . . . that none of us should have ever held any of our Politicians in such a level of High Esteem and Trust. But, because of FDR (Democrat) and his New Deal, coupled with Johnson’s (Democrat) Great Society, all of which was carried-on and added-onto by VIRTUALLY ALL POLITICIANS, in order for them to BUY VOTES with the People’s Money . . . until the MIDDLE of the 20TH Century was just a TRICKLE of Deceit, had morphed into a TORRENT OF UNABASHED LIES & ABUSE.

When Nancy Pelosi INFAMOUSLY SAID about her “Affordable Healthcare Act” . . . “That you will have to first pass it to know what is in it” . . . Is when the people, should have Gathered-Up the Pitchforks, Tar and Feathers, and Run all of them out on a Rail . . . REPUBLICANS INCLUDED!


I’m watching with considerable interest, as Congress is putting together yet another HEALTHCARE ABOMINATION, selling it as NOT being part of Obamacare, as if that will make it good enough.

IF YOU THINK BACK TO MY LAST EDITORIAL . . . “How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A Pin” . . . it is once again being illustrated in the INSANITY of Government with this new ITERATION of Public Healthcare

SO HERE I AM . . . Throwing My Two Cents Into The Great Healthcare Debate.

1 – Borrow from the Best of the Canadian System, while THROWING OUT THE WORST.

2 – Set-Up a Private System and a Public System.

3 – The Private System would be JUST THAT . . . a system to be ENTIRELY Paid by Private Institutions (Insurers), Users, Doctors, and Hospitals anywhere in the USA, with ZERO Public or Government Support.

4 – A Public System, where Doctors’ Fees are FIXED for all Procedures, where “Public” Hospitals can Charge JUST so much for rooms and procedures, unlike the CRIMINAL Insanity of how Hospitals charge today for everything from a Washcloth to a Band-Aid.

5 – ELIMINATE LAWYER LIABILITY SUITS . . . which in just about 100% of the cases, does NOTHING for Better Healthcare, and EVERYTHING for Parasite Lawyers.

6 – Each State should be 100% Responsible for Healthcare in their own State, and as in Canada, can honor each other’s Rules, Rates and Procedures to Provide Cross State Services . . . OR NOT.

7 – In the Public System, there would be no Restrictions based on Severity or cost of the Procedures, or on any Pre-Existing Conditions.

8 – And in the Public System, there would be ZERO Elective Procedures covered. For that, GO PRIVATE.

9 – AND SINCE I DON’T BELIEVE IN FREE RIDES . . . Unlike as it currently is in Canada, where everyone with a sniffle to a hangnail shows up for “care” at no charge, I strongly suggest that each Doctor would be paid as much as $20 Per Visit By The Patient, to perhaps a maximum of $1,000 On The Year, to keep out the Hypochondriacs . . . or at least to make them pay.

10 – And as in Canada, CONTROL THE COST OF MEDICATION, by the Awesome Power of the Government Purse, by buying LESS EXPENSIVE Drugs through COMPETITION, and reducing the Number of Years Drugs could be Patented.


a – It takes Healthcare TOTALLY out of the Hands of Politicians and Insurers.

b – It enables People to make their OWN Choices for Care . . . Private, Public, or a Combination thereof, which I do know something about, because, if we can’t get Timely Care in the Province of Ontario, where Private Care is more or less AGAINST THE LAW, where Anne and I Live, we go to Quebec, which offers limited Private Care, and if that doesn’t work out, we simply Cross the Border, and go to the USA.


IN CANADA . . . Each Province is RESPONSIBLE for Charging and Maintaining its own PUBLIC SYSTEM. The Doctors and Hospitals are RESPONSIBLE for ADMINISTERING the Care from A-Z. The Government’s Job is to Collect and Pay.

The Federal Government also Provides FUNDS based upon the Number of People in each Province; but it’s entirely up to each Province to figure out how to Charge the People who Participate in the System. In some Provinces, each Company has to pay a percentage (around 4%) of their Employees’ Salary (Income) to the Government.

In other Provinces . . . each person who fills in a Provincial Tax – has a Healthcare Fee added to what they owe the Government based upon Income.

AND IF THERE’S NO STATE TAX . . . there’s always a Sales Tax, which to me is the FAIREST TAX of all, where a Percentage of each Sale could be added EXCLUSIVELY for Public Healthcare.


CANADA’S HEALTHCARE IS FABULOUS . . . for anyone with a Preexisting, Acute, or Chronic Condition. THE PROBLEM WITH CANADIAN HEALTHCARE . . . is that it’s abused by the People who find every excuse to run to see a doctor, which can and would be solved if the people had to pay PERSONALLY every time they wanted to see a Physician.

THE OTHER PROBLEM . . . Is that more or less, there’s NO PRIVATE Alternative for most Canadians who want to Pay for Healthcare through their own pocket, or by way of insurance, which helps to Overload the System, Causing Unnecessary Delays in Care for Everyone.


Our Family Doctors (General Practitioners) earn well more than a couple of Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Year, with very little Concern for Liability. Isn’t that generous enough?

Our Surgeons earn SERIOUS Money within the System, enough to live in Mansions.


UNLESS YOU FALL THROUGH THE CRACKS – NO ONE IN CANADA . . . who is in Need of Serious Help, is ever Turned Away, or has to WAIT if the need is Critical . . . OR EVER HAS TO WORRY ABOUT PAYING THE BILL, since there are NO Bills.


AND HOW DO I KNOW ALL OF THIS . . . ? I and every Canadian and Landed Immigrant I know, have been Recipients of Canada’s Healthcare. And years ago, I sat on the Board of Directors of one of Canada’s Premier Hospitals.

AND NO POLITICIAN in Ottawa is deciding on How Many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of A HEALTHCARE Pin In Canada.

PS – THERE ARE VERY FEW GOOD GUYS IN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE. The Doctors, Hospitals, Insurers, Pharmaceuticals, Lawyers, Lobbyists & Politicians Are All Whores Out To Make As Much Money From Human Need & Suffering As They Can.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Exactly. Right on the money Howard. Leftist BS not needed. We get enough from the politicos!

  2. We absolutely must allow insurance companies to sell their products across state lines. This would create competition and drive costs down. I am not aware of ANY government program in my lifetime that met estimated cost or came in below. Today is my 81st birthday.

  3. Simply stated we end a new national “party”, I suggest, THE AMERICAN PARTY, I will serve as the temporary Director and we can have An election some REAL AMERICANS, who care about America first and foremost. We are the single most generous country on the planet, the single most anything country, and we are being perverted by “politicians”!!
    We have three+ years to a “National Convention”, WE CAN PREVAIL, (and it will take more Jimmy Stewarts, and Donald Trumps,.. but it will happen!

  4. You need to keep your eye on the Australian Prime Minister too! Doesn’t seem to matter all the warnings and the left still blunder and rush THEIR way with the majority silenced by the media, by innumerable politicians, apathy, islam and the biggest stick of all…’you are racist’. Never mind though because I am of the belief that those who consider themselves ‘the elite’ will be the first ones to go!

  5. Mr. Corcoran, you are totally correct. Where do I sign up?

  6. Heady stuff Howard…why can American politicians and the public not see how really simple our system is?
    On another point, boycotting is fine, protesting is fine, riot is criminal. Enforce the law!!
    I really think Trump is becoming overwhelmed…today he said he “guessed” he is becoming a politician….SAD!!!

  7. Howard Health Care in Ontario is not FREE . We all pay for it every day through all the assorted taxes we pay . ONTARIO is broke ! Did Healthcare do it ? Did Hydro do it ? Did Welfare do it ? BAD MANAGEMENT of all of the above ? Wait Times are too long Dr availability is too low Care is marginal in some places and NFG in other places. To our US friends : Healthcare should cost money every time you use it and FREE Healthcare for everyone is not sustainable. The real issue is FREE STUFF

  8. H.G.—I’m 73 now…2 days ago. I spent 45 years marketing/selling/teaching into the hospitals, doctors, nursing, old age homes etc. in Canada predominately but into the US too. In Canada I’ve seen it all! However, I’ve hardly ever seen any provincial government hold the CEO’s and management of the hospitals accountable for continually ‘running their/our business..the hospital…in the red. Very little proper management, no standards in products used, no standardization in systems, records!!

  9. Very interesting editorial. Just knowing the American people, Canada’s Healthcare system would not work in the USA. Sorry, but Americans are spoiled. They’re used to getting their procedures done as quickly as possible, no long wait times. It seems like the House of Reps. are not doing their job, as per the voters. The voters want to repeal the ACA completely & offer a new system. Yes, the USA’s health care system definitely needs reform, I have been saying this since the 1970’s.

  10. re the Canadian/Ontario system, I beg to differ. My female friend waited forever for knee replacement and she got four replacements to get two good knees. Her brother in law waited for ever for a hip replacement. Afterward he was in continuous pain. The surgeon punched his card and told him pretty much that it was in his mind. Said surgeon did no x-rays or anything. Finally he took the advice of friends and changed doctors. The joint was not attached to bone. It must have been excruci

  11. Howard, I agree regarding a fee for each visit to your doctor. Plus I thought the idea of every user receiving a statement showing their use or abuse each year would be good. If the US adopt our plan they would probably improve on it, which could be good for our users. Part of our problem with wait times is not using our resources enough. We pay millions of $ for sophisticated equipment which is only used for part of the day. Take care Howard.

  12. As usual, I continue to be overwhelmed by your intelligence and common sense. If I had a magic wand, I’d wave it at you and create as many Howard Galganovs as there are politicians, and then I’d wave it again and eliminate the politicians. That might help.

    Susanne Sauer Douglassville, PA USA

  13. After watching the news today concerning the new healthcare program I have come to the conclusion that all 570 or so in congress, together, could not pass a glass of water.

  14. Howard your writing is so good. I am now using them for editorials, and putting them on Facebook. Trump’s people do read Facebook. We all need to get what you say around as much as possible. It is so easy, just shorten the information without changing what you are saying. Love it. Thanks

  15. Your very last statement (PS) tells everything! People today must take more personal responsibility for their own health, but thanks to the availability of health insurance, they simply don’t do this! Watch TV or read any magazine to see all the ads for pharmaceuticals! (What if we weren’t forced to pay for all these ads?) What if members of Congress had same plans as citizens? Healthcare for families used to be benefit of having a job, but now folks expect this without working!

  16. Canadian health system A1, 2nd only 2 U.K. where many more freebies available. Recent news: Canadian system collapsing due to Muslim invasion, many elderly and infirmed immigrants not contributing, taking advantage. I saw in hospital waiting room, 1 muslim male, 2 wives, 6 kids, go figure who’s paying. This is cute too, family of eight in Canada for a year, man no speak English, no English no job, gov provides unlimited welfare. No chance he’ll ever learn eh? Trudeau loves, wants USA illegals

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