1 – Is President Donald Trump doing the Rope-A-Dope?

2 – Or . . . has President Donald Trump become overwhelmed by the Challenges?

I seriously don’t think it’s Number Two. But enough is enough.

What happened to Donald Trump the GREAT COUNTER PUNCHER, who counter punched all his Republican Opponents into Submission? And then counter Punched Crooked Hillary onto the Sidelines.


I’m still wondering why Crooked Hillary hasn’t yet been PROSECUTED for her High Crimes and Misdemeanors? And I want to know why there hasn’t yet been a FULL INVESTIGATION, or even charges leveled at the Greatest Family LED Political Corruption in a Democracy . . . AKA – The Clinton Foundation?

And why not open-up and conduct a REAL investigation into Hillary Clinton’s ILLEGAL PRIVATE SERVER, since by the Democrats OWN-NON-STOP accusations, and their PROOF IN-THE-PUDDING . . . that the Russians and/or anyone else easily HACKED THE DNC? . . . So what about Crooked Hillary’s UNPROTECTED & ILLEGAL SERVER, which contained Classified Information?

If the Russians are so Evil and Dangerous . . . I’m FLABBERGASTED . . . as to how come no Investigation has been started on the Gargantuan Uranium SELL-OUT (20% of America’s Uranium Supply) to the Russians, courtesy of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

HOW COME THE HAITIAN GOVERNMENT . . . knows that the Clintons are 100% responsible for an ENORMOUS Scam (Possibly in the Billions of Dollars), perpetrated against the Haitian People by the ONE-TWO PUNCH of Bill & Hillary, during Haiti’s GREATEST HOUR OF NEED, yet, the American Government has yet to say or do Squat?

AND WHY STOP THERE? Why doesn’t President Trump ORDER his Attorney General to open REAL & AGGRESSIVE enquiries against the IRS & NSA, both of which carried on Nefarious Political Based deeds during the Obama Regime? AND THEN THERE’S ERIC HOLDER & LORETTA LYNCH, starting with Fast & Furious, ending with the Not So Secret Tarmac Meeting with Bill Clinton.

I’M THINKING . . . If the LEFT really want to fight . . . Stop Pussyfooting, and GIVE THE BASTARDS A FIGHT, for which they’ll RUE the day they’ll never forget.


Even before President Trump became President . . . the Security Leaks to DIMINISH the new President and his proposed Cabinet and Insiders, were coming at him like bullets out of a Machine Gun.

BUT OUTSIDE OF BLAMING THE CROOKED MEDIA & FAKE NEWS . . . what did Trump do, other than to FIRE his most TRUSTED Supporter (General Michael Flynn), who was AMBUSHED & RAILROADED out of his Position of Influence and Power as Trump’s National Security Advisor . . . by a Vicious Cabal of Leftists?

ALSO . . . screw the fact that Flynn wasn’t Forthcoming with Vice President Pence, since Flynn was purposefully caught and squeezed between a Rock and a Hard Place not of his own Making.

I THINK PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . made a HUGE Mistake in Firing General Flynn, because it showed three things:

1 – That he was WEAK in standing-up to the LEFTIST ASSAULT.

2 – That he wasn’t prepared to go to the WALL TO PROTECT one of his own.

3 – That it ENCOURAGED & EMPOWERED THE LEFT to go FAST & LOOSE after all of President Trump’s Staff and Appointees.

THE PROOF . . . is in Jeff Sessions RIDICULOUS Recusal.


WHILE IT’S TRUE . . . that the New President hasn’t yet been the President for Two Months, IT’S ALSO TRUE, that he could EASILY be Knocked out of the Game in his First Two Months by a DETERMINED ENEMY, with Zero Ethical and Moral Grounds, which will Do, Say, and Connive anything they can to Reach Their Goal.

I don’t know anyone alive . . . who can remember America, and American Values and Freedoms under such Siege . . . especially from within. Yet, here America is, literally TEETERING at the beginning of what is shaping up to be an INSURRECTION, and as some have described it . . . A NASCENT COUP D’ÉTAT.

IT’S WONDERFUL . . . that President Trump is making good on most of his Campaign Promises, while I’m still waiting for the OFFICIAL announcement for the actual date when the American Embassy will be MOVED to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon. And that’s too bad for multiple reasons.


IT’S NICE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . threw his Daughter Ivanka a Bone, by agreeing to give Women PAID Family Leave, so they can literally ABANDON their children TO BE RAISED BY STRANGERS, so Women (mothers) could be out Making a Career for Themselves.

THIS MIGHT SEEM OLD FASHIONED & HEARTLESS TO YOU . . . But in my day, and to my way of thinking, you either choose to RAISE A FAMILY, or you DEDICATE yourself to a Career. And if you choose the AWESOME Responsibility of Raising Human Beings, that’s what you do, and you do it as best as you possibly can . . .

It’s Interesting . . . that America’s First Lady, Melania Trump, has REPEATEDLY DECLARED, for all to hear, that even though she is the First Lady, her PRIMARY OBLIGATION is to raising her son . . . It’s Too Bad that her Example isn’t being followed by all Women who want to have THEIR CAKE & EAT IT TOO.

Also . . . if what you want is a Family – where is it written in the Constitution that it’s somehow a good thing for Tax Payers to Pay for your Family, and for the Government to raise your Family?

WHEN CLOSE TO 100-MILLION PEOPLE . . . who want to work are not working, and almost 50-Million People are living in Poverty and on Food Stamps, and far too many of America’s Elderly have to DECIDE whether to Eat, take their Medication, and/or Pay their Rent, and Veterans are treated far poorer than ILLEGAL Immigrants . . . President Trump seems to feel that America has the money to DOLE OUT BILLIONS of Dollars to Women who want to have Children, BUT DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO BE MOTHERS.

I LAUD THE PRESIDENT . . . for adding an additional PLUS $50-Billion for the Military to reconstruct itself, but $50-Billion is probably only half of what the US Military really needs to get the Job Done Right. But that said . . . it’s still an important start, since at least it’s a move in the Right Direction.


President Trump is 100% DANCING-ON-THE-SIDE-OF-THE-ANGELS in terms of the Preceding Headline. And as I see it . . . President Trump is following through all the way, WHICH IS A HUGE WIN FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . .



So . . . I’ve been wondering, FEARFULLY I WILL ADMIT, that even though President Trump has surrounded himself with BILLIONAIRES, Retired Captains of Industry, and some of the TOUGHEST Ex Military Generals Just Out of Uniform . . . is the President going to be INTIMIDATED by the Swamp Dwellers, including far too many Republicans, like Paul Ryan Specifically – OR IS HE JUST DOING THE ROPE-A-DOPE waiting for his opening?

AS IT IS TURNING OUT . . . Evidence seems to be mounting that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been CONSPIRING from the time of the Election to DEFEAT Candidate Trump, and now ESPECIALLY, since it is no longer Candidate Trump, but Rather PRESIDENT TRUMPTHE SCREWS ARE BEING TIGHTENED.


As much as President Trump wants to CREATE Jobs, Restart Fair Trade, Rebuild the Military, Protect the Borders, “FIX” Obamacare (which should ONLY be Repealed & Replaced & NOT FIXED), Reduce Taxes, and help Women become Workers and Executives INSTEAD of Mothers, at the expense of Tax payers . . . and does NOT want to go to an All-Out-War with the LEFT . . .

. . . WELL – TOO LATE . . . since that train has already left the station . . . ‘cause the LEFT has all but DECLARED All-Out-War on the AMERICAN DREAM, which was Founded almost 250-Years Ago.

And no matter what President Trump would LIKE to do . . . NOTHING can be done if he doesn’t DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP, starting with Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the CLINTONS, Corrupt Democrats, and the entire group of Obstructionist RINOS, who are MORE BEHOLDEN to Lobbyists, than they are to the VOTERS.


President Trump can lose many things and keep on going. But, if he loses the TRUST of the People who put him in the White House . . . he will have lost EVERYTHING.

President Trump will NEVER Read this Editorial. But whether he is aware of it or not, what I am writing is NOT OFF THE WALL, and NOR is it ALIEN to what MOST of the People want and expect from the man they ELECTED TO BE THEIR PRESIDENT.

AND IF PRESIDENT TRUMP DOESN’T DRAIN THE SWAMP . . . the SWAMP will DRAIN him and his Presidency. So, after just LESS than Two Months in Office, President Trump is already at what I presume is the MOST Serious Crossroad of his Presidency . . .


If President Trump does NOT Follow Through on everything Conservative that got him Elected, he will indeed become a One-Term-President by his own Hand. And America will FAIL & FALL.

PS . . . The Jewish People are NOT Election Gimmicks . . . The President CLEARLY PROMISED at Multiple Times during his Campaign to win the Presidency, that upon Winning the White House, HE WOULD MOVE THE US EMBASSY FROM TEL AVIV TO JERUSALEM.

I NEVER Heard Candidate Trump utter any Caveat . . . that it would take Time, Special Negotiations, or Anything else to MOVE the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. All I heard . . . was what you heard, and what we were led to believe, was that once Candidate Trump became President Trump, THE EMBASSY WOULD BE MOVED.

President Trump has MANY Challenges, just about all of which he COMMITTED Himself to HONORING. So Here’s A Simple Word Of Advice . . .

Say What You Mean . . . And Mean What You Say!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard,

    I read every posting you make on the internet. I thank you for the facts you pass on that are occurring in the world. The mass media seems to only push the leftist agenda. I saw a commercial which showed the tea boxes being thrown in water with British soldiers standing in a nearby boat. This was the 1790’s. We need a similar demonstration, like the original tea party, that will morph into an army that will remove the leftist congressmen and women ie: N Pelosi.

  2. Well Howard, I forwarded your opinion to the site. I hope someone reads it and takes it to heart.

  3. With so much wrong it is easy to see he may be overwhelmed at times, but I agree he has to start to drain the swamp and have the FBI move on the Clintons and their foundation . The same should be done in Canada with the Trudeau foundation which recently received 200 million $ from China. This money should never ever go to Justin to support his life style as is obviously the intent. He and his criminal entourage probably intend to live high on the hog after this gig is over.

  4. I can only imagine the stress under which President Trump is slaving. His energy seems boundless. Being an honourable
    and proud man, I’m sure that he is working hard, and silently, to drain the swamp; a task that will take much longer than
    2 months; as will the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. I am an American; a North American; a Canadian North
    American; and I’m pulling for the president of my great southern neighbour; as you are, Howard.

  5. I think that’s great that you forwarded this blog/editorial to the WH website.. hopefully somone with some gut’s, will see that the president get’s to read it.. Howard, you are terrific.. you always do your homework and you are always right on time with your truthful perspective on all that is going on.. thank you very much!!!

  6. For those who are a little behind on information, all of the news about Russia helping Trump become President is just one big smoke screen for Hillary and her bunch have more time to figure the best way to impeach Trump. These people must get Trump impeached if they want to stay out of jail. At this moment AG Sessions is on the way to put Hillary and her people in jail. Lets all hope that AG Sessions watches his back as Hillary has been good at doing away with people.

  7. If emails sent to President Trump via the White House contact page actually ever reach President Trump, he will be receiving more than one copy of your editorial.

  8. Going after Obama and Clintons isn’t Trump’s job! (Why Democrats oppose man they know will do this!) “Impeachment” or “assassination” weren’t mentioned during Obama’s terms, but now what “liberals” already want for Trump? (What are they hiding?) Are most in Washington today “scared” of what might happen to them if they “say what they mean and “mean what they say”? (What “Political Correctness” has done to our nation!) Conservatives must have “patience” with Trump, just like they did with Obama.

  9. HG…On the money!!! I learned to live by 3 principles: 1) Do what you said you were going to do (if everyone did, over 50% of all lawsuits would be eliminated). 2) Never harm a person of good faith. 3) Hold people harmless from the consequences of your actions. Those who internalized the principles, told me they were trans-formative.

  10. Mr. Trump needs to listen to his speeches and act accordingly. I sincerely believe that he was chosen and won election by a greater power than mortal man. Surely the democrat platform has offended God which tipped the balance in this landslide victory against the “so-called” progressive movement; ie; killing the helpless, welfare, divisiveness, immorality, anti-Israel, lack of personal responsibility, etc,etc.
    John Ross

  11. If your suspicions are correct the jig is up – big time. On the other hand I have to believe that The Donald if he understood the depth and breath of the issue wouldn’t simply pull out the old gun firing wildly at everyone and everything. He would, like a good business person, create a plan, set the stage, bring everyone closer to him and than snap the trap shut. I may be wrong, I hope I am not but for the time being my money is on The Donald.

  12. The leftist Alligators: MSM, Hollywood, etc. attacking him every second of the day is brutal. Agree that the gloves need to come off & go on the offensive. I hope this Obumer wire tap is true and takes him down. These Dems are vile leftist creeps & need to get their butts kicked…

  13. I agree with most of what you say but i still think it is more important to get your ducks in a row and get it right as opposed to doing it fast!
    I hope President Trump are getting the ducks in a row

  14. I will sum it up. Either he fights or he goes down and the country goes with him.
    Which is it…do you choose life of death.
    “The World Wonders”….where are you Admiral Halsey

  15. I agree 100% with this Editorial. Also,is it just me or does anybody else see the hatred on Nora O’Donnell’s face whenever she interviews a Republican? Sure wasn’t a favorable piece on Kelly Anne Conway this morning. Should have been on “Face the Nation”. Speaking of “Face the Nation” good to see they did an UNBIASED piece on Russia and the election. Two members of the Senate intelligence committee.Democrat Mark Warner and Republican and “I will not vote for Trump” Susan Collins.

  16. COUPS EXPOSED: Flynn’s phone calls were tapped. Pres Trump sent out tweets yesterday declaring the O Admin wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower. The coups is being exposed with O/Dem operatives & the Shadow Govt. This false Russian narrative was created with the Dems trying to connect anything they can with Trump to Russia so that they can Impeach Trump. Flynn was illegally tapped. State Dept set up Conference with Sessions speaking & Russian Ambassador attending prior to GOP Convention. SET UP!

  17. Great article Howard. If my memory serves me correct there was also a guy named Bush skulking around Haiti at the time of all that begging the world for dollars to help the Haitians. And he was doing that “reach across the isle” BS with the not so Honorable Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation. Was suspicious at the time and now the president of Haiti is looking for Clintons neck to be in a noose as it should be, along with the Hils, and maybe an investigation of the Bush foundation also.

  18. Trump operates by planning and executing that plan. The move of the embassy requires more than just calling the movers. Should he publish his detailed time schedule for purchasing and modification of facilities or building a suitable, safe embassy? Is this in the budget?

    The enemy of our nation, also called democrats, will continue to do everything in their power to impede any announced plans to achieve anything.

  19. BINGO!!! Just what we are thinking! He had better get very tough!!! NOW. Millions of voters put him in office to annihilate the traitors. We are fed up with scumbags.

  20. We, the PEOPLE, only know about 1/10 of what’s REALLY going on in Washington!Trump “hasn’t yet been the President for Two Months”, but has accomplished many things thus far.People lack PATIENCE these days.He is not DRAINING a SWAMP, he is DRAINING a CESSPOOL! As RAY said, Trump gets his DUCKS IN A ROW before ACTING and that’s what he’s doing now.He “walks the walk” not just “talk the talk”!His whole CABINET isn’t yet complete.Agree w/MOLLIE-Going after Obama and Clintons ISN’T Trump’s job!AMEN!

  21. I AM ALSO FLABERGASTED TRUMP DID NOT IMMEDIATELY REPACE MR. CLAPPER AND ESPECIALY FBI DIRECTOR COMEY. HE IS OBVIOUSLY IN THE CLINTON/OBAMA CORNER. Sessions did not llie to Congress, it was how Franken stated (or twistd) his question. That is true Left wing Democrat. Real honest people like Session don’t expect someone to be tricking them with a double minded question. WE ARE IN FOR A BUMPY RIDE.

  22. I did write my Senator, Susan Collins, and accuse her of joining the pack of rabid dogs nipping at the heels of President Trump. If we all wrote our congressman and gave them hell maybe they would get the message.

  23. HG all is NOT lost . Just this AM , CNN is suggesting the American Dream for Americans is UN-obtainable ! Up Side: it seems that we Canadians are in fact Living the American Dream NOW ! I guess here lies Trump’s problem : Re-Creating the American Dream is NOT Do-Able as American’s have obviously forgotten what it was . The New Dream seems to be living for FREE off those who produce , the minority , and being led by a French Ass- Hat with Good Hair !

  24. Most people are not familiar with what a “koo” is. It is a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment. There is such a thing as a “coup” — English, in government and I think this is what will be used to get rid of Donald Trump. It is a ‘swift attack that relies on speed and surprise to accomplish its objective in a single blow.’ Look out Donald — if you can!

  25. Be patient Howard, he’s employing and age old strategy of both business and history. You let your enemy think you’ve severely weakened him, (only because they are too stupid to know otherwise), you quietly gather your intelligence, your loyal forces, you prepare you outcome, and then you bait the trap with more irresistible “bait”, and spring it!!!
    I have full confidence in “The Donald”, he is preparing his Generals, secretly briefing his staff, and he KNOWS the people are with him!

  26. The way to solve many of the problems we have to do away with members of congress that have a strangle hold on their
    continues election. A law must be passed for one term only and voted by the people on the next national election. Those elected head
    some of the committees ( demaCRAPS & RINOS) and are supported by funds from lobbyists ( lobbyists should be band all together ). If this does not happen nothing will change.

  27. Spot On!!! There is definitely something afoot with Obummer & the in power elites in the DNC!!! While I didn’t see anyone mention Soros, you can bet your sweet puppy, he is also involved with all of this. Trump is trying to do the right things for We The People & the Dems are doing everything to obstruct his actions & cabinet nominees. The Dems want a One World Order & for them to be in charge of it all. I wonder who Soros has groomed as his replacement – OBummer??? – Soros is NOT a young man.

  28. Well, we all know the choir loves to be preached to, so maybe that’s what Mr. Trump was doing. I’m still looking for Mr. Obama’s real birth certificate.

  29. I am wondering the same things. So many Galganovists have brought up such good points. First we must NOT lose our faith in God (who is in charge) or the man we chose to make our country great again. The task of draining the swamp rats requires much planning to execute and what with wire taps & other nefarious deeds going on, Trump can’t be too careful & play his cards close to the vest. I hope this latest shenanigan will bring Hussein’s thugs down for good. Thanks…I appreciate all you do.

  30. I believe that if a cake is placed in front of me I have the right to eat it. So I never did like the “cake” metaphor.

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