With every Passing Day . . . my opinion of the LEFT is going from Really Bad . . . To Very Much WORSE. And my DISDAIN for the LEFT is developing into a Frightening and VERY UNHEALTHY MINDSET.

I DON’T SEE THE LEFT . . . as a reasonable movement with a different Political Philosophy than mine, who like me, want the BEST for our country in Freedom and Liberty, where the RIGHT of the Individual is GUARANTEED by a Democratic MERITOCRACY, with enough Social Awareness to keep People from Living on the Street without enough to Eat.


THE LEFT & THEIR ALLIES . . . have Crossed the Rubicon – and are ZEALOUSLY doing all that they can to UNDERMINE the President of the United States of America . . . Meaning that they are UNDERMINING the Freedom of the People, to the point, that their actions are becoming nothing short of SEDITIOUS.

I thought . . . that if the Conservatives LOST the Election, there would be a Large Conservative Faction to Rise-Up, especially amongst Conservative States, which would perhaps begin the Process of Seceding from the Union.

I also imagined – that had the Conservatives WON . . . the LEFT would be VERY BAD LOSERS. But what I didn’t imagine . . . is just how VICIOUS & EVIL THE LEFT WOULD ACTUALLY BE.

AND WHAT WE ARE ALL SEEING . . . whether we choose to see it or not, is to what extent the LEFT is prepared to DESTROY the Very Fabric of their OWN COUNTRY for their SOCIO/POLITICAL AGENDA.

AND NOW . . . as we are seeing, and are just beginning to see the EXTENT to how the LEFT . . . USED, MISUSED, & ABUSED their Power and Privilege, to the DETRIMENT, of the FREEDOMS and the GUARANTEES of the US Constitution . . . from LEFTIST Politicians, INCLUDING RINOS (Republicans In Name Only), the Bureaucrats, the Federal Agencies, including the Justice Department, and Several Appointed Supreme Court Justices, all the Way to the Past President of the United States of America . . . IS BOTH OVERWHELMING & TERRIFYING.

I FEAR . . . That the SWAMP is so DEEP, and is so POLLUTED with VERMIN, that NOTHING short of a FULL CLEANSING will accomplish anything.


If President Trump REALLY wants to DRAIN the SWAMP, let him begin by doing TWO THINGS:

1 – GO PUBLIC . . . and put on Record, that Paul Ryan and other Republicans like him, are NOT a FRIEND to the People, and are thus NO FRIEND to President Trump’s White House.

2 – FIRE EVERYONE IN HIGH POSITION . . . from Former Governments and Start Over.


MOSHE FEIGLIN, of the newly Created Zehut Party in Israel, which stands for “IDENTITY”, as in the Jewish Identity of Israel, is VERY Conservative, and is an UNAPOLOGETIC Supporter of Israel WITHOUT A TWO STATE SOLUTION.

I’M WRITING THIS FOR SEVERAL REASONS . . . which have REAL meaning for us in Canada and the USA.

It is very possible that Moshe Feiglin will sooner or later become the Prime Minister of Israel, and even if not, his Political Views will most probably become part of the Newly Forming Israeli Political Landscape, which will be a Game Changer for the World, since the Veneer will be STRIPPED AWAY, and the Gloves will come off.

Which Begs This Question . . . WHEN – NOT IF . . . BUT WHEN, Israel comes to the decision that there can be NO PEACE to be had with most of the So-Called Palestinians, and assumes full control of GREATER Israel, from the East to the West, from the North to the South . . . how will the rest of the World React?


Here Is Something Critical For Every American To Think About . . .

IN AUGUST OF 2016 . . . in an Interview, Feiglin was asked this Simple Question, which to my way of thinking has become as POIGNANT as can be, NOT BECAUSE OF THE QUESTION, BUT RATHER . . . BECAUSE OF HIS ANSWER.

THE PARAPHRASED QUESTION WAS . . . If you were to win power, what would YOUR SOLUTION be to the question of the Palestinians in Israel, and the Two State Solution?



Why are you asking US for a SOLUTION of a problem WE DIDN’T CREATE? The LEFT CREATED the Problem through the Disgraceful Clinton/Arafat/Peres/Rabin Oslo Agreement, so why should WE have to SOLVE it for THEM?

In Moshe Feiglin’s Mind . . . ADDING TO A BAD DECISION ONLY MAKES IT WORSE. So, as he sees it, and I agree with Feiglin – STOP PILING ON, do what has to be done, and ACCEPT the Realization that the So-Called Palestinians and the Arab/Moslem World’s PRIMARY & PERMANENT OBJECTIVE . . . is nothing more and nothing less than to DESTROY ISRAEL . . . and make the ENTIRE REGION FREE FROM JEWS.

And end the Fairytale Supposition that there ever was a Palestinian People, a Palestinian Country, and that for some PROFOUNDLY DISHONEST ASSERTION, Jews have no right to their Jewish Heritage and Nation.


I would Apply this to Canada too . . . but why bother, since Canada has become so NATIONALLY INCONSEQUENTIAL AT HOME & ABROAD – that I would only be wasting my time, effort and key-strokes.

BUT IN THE CASE OF THE UNITED STATES . . . President Trump says repeatedly, that if he wanted to be Politically Smart, he should do NOTHING about Obamacare, and let it totally COLLAPSE under its own Weight, throwing the Entire Nation into Medical DISARRAY, PAIN & SUFFERING . . . and then Point a Finger at Obama, Pelosi, Reid and all the Other REALLY Bad Liberal Actors, and then say to the People . . . DON’T BLAME ME . . . Blame the People who gave you this ABOMINATION.

But that wouldn’t be Leadership. And wouldn’t be why the People Elected this President.


Why would President Trump want to FIX EVERYONE ELSE’S PROBLEM, when the solution is easy?

1 – Don’t Debate how the Problem Came to Be. It’s Irrelevant, since it is what it is.


3 – EXPEL all Illegals who’ve committed a Crime, even little ones, like Failing to pay a Traffic Ticket.

4 – Give Law Abiding Illegal Residents GREEN CARDS, without EVER having the Chance for Citizenship.


MOSHE FEIGLIN . . . has it 100% RIGHT. Don’t try to FIX Problems Created and Compounded by others, especially when the SOLUTION is simply to do the Right and Obvious Thing.


Don’t Debate With People Who Are Your Real Enemies – YOU CAN’T WIN!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Canada’s Home for Hard News and Straight Talk far superior to Fox uses video, photos, and interactive tools to cover Canada’s national and international news, politics, and varying opinions.

  2. Some days I think you are psychic Howard. I disagree about the green cards UNLESS they are also never eligible to collect from any taxpayer funded social service since the average unskilled illegal is a 400K liability to the taxpayers over their lifetime. Other than that, I agree.

  3. I listened to the Democraps reply after the presidential speech the other evening, and was amazed at how dribble was coming out of their mouths. What a misguided bunch of fools. They ought to be marching in the streets. Oh that’s right, they already are….

  4. “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results! Liberals talk “Democracy” when they truly desire a “Communist Dictatorship” here in USA! (They were so close, but got “Trumped”!) USA, like Israel, must learn that not everybody is their “friend” (even if they claim to be)! “Peace” in the minds of Palestinians is when they have everything in their favor (plus most living in the world are Muslim)! Main problem in society today is “mentality” (very difficult to change)!

  5. Every time I think you’ve written your best column, you come with one that weighs much above any previous one. I’m going to post this one on Twitter and hopefully it gets to the right place.

    Best to you, Howard.

  6. I admire folks who are pragmatists! The problem is most folks, as you point out, simply want to “beat the problem, situation,” to a long slow death,….not SOLVE IT!!. Trump is the ultimate pragmatist, as are most businessmen worth their salt. Study the problem, situation, consult others, at all levels, think about all your input, and assign it to you’re best problem solver, provide ALL the direction you can, provide ALL the resources necessary, and get out of the way, don’t micro manage it

  7. You must realize that Dems/Progs expect always to get a prize. Since the Presidential election has no “Participation” medal they feel entitled to throw a tantrum for not winning one.

  8. A few years ago Arizona passed a law so illegals couldn’t get all of the free stuff and they were self deporting, until the Obama administration sued Arizona so they couldn’t enforce the law that the citizens passed. The wall needs to be built as soon as possible. The left wants all of the illegals because they will have more voters that want everything given to them. As it is now we have to many takers.

  9. Another great editorial Howard!!! The only thing I’m not so sure about it giving them green cards.. Does that mean we have to support them with out tax dollars?

  10. Great editorial Howard. Our greatest threat is not from the charlatans and hypocrites in charge on the liberal left, but from the morons who believe their every word and follow like sheep in attempting to destroy this once great country.

  11. Great piece of writing Howard. What you say about Israel & the Palestinians – very informative. As for your points per the U.S. and the leftists & rino’s, long ago I quit using for them the term ‘Democrats’. they truly are America’s version Communist party, so that’s the term we should all be using for these Marxists. The hoards of Latinos here is fast putting us in the poorhouse. This trend MUST be stopped & pronto! And don’t kid yourself – they vote and multiple times, that’s been proven.

  12. I have written many senators and HHS about green cards. You are right. We need workers. Green cards, no citizenship and voting rights. One judge put in that “Anchor Baby” rule. One President can cancel it. I lived on the Mexican border 22yrs. I know that several million illegals with driver’s licenses vote in our elections – even Mexican National friends living in Matamoros. We need citizanship cards like Switzerland!!

  13. Do away with the anchor baby deal and cut out benefits to all except genuine citizens. Then you dont need a fence as there would be no reason for them to come here. But not us, we take from the citizens that have and give to those who are worthy of nothing. Just ask that dirt bag Pelosi! If Trump can fix all this I will be surprised.

  14. I don’t mean this the way it sounds, Howard, but your conclusion about the ENEMY…. finally…. is music to our ears. It was evident as we watched over 50+ years ago how things were going to play out. A Marxist/Communist/Socialist/Fascist/Statist or the same by any other name is PURE SICK EVIL…..PERIOD!!! They are all guilty of sedition at best; TREASON would be more accurate!!!!! There is NOTHING they will not do in an attempt to TOTALLY DESTROY AMERICA…and ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!

  15. My dad told me when I was a young boy, “Never get in a pi$$ fight with a skunk, because the skunk will always win.”
    The skunk here are the Demon-rats and some Rino’s.

  16. You are so right on this.Don’t waste time and effort on problems you did not create. Get on with your own programs. Above all ignore a call to battle a “SKUNK” You can win but at what cost.
    Bill Buckingham, Houston TX.

  17. We need to beef up voting laws and make illegal voting a felony punishable by immediate deportation for illegal aliens. And jail and loss of voting rights for any citizen. This would put little fear into the voter cheats.

  18. Trump is in! HalleluYah! ‘Boy-Wonder’ Trudeau is in. Will Canada survive him??? I shudder -uh- every time – uh – he opens -uh – his mouth!! The US is in good hands. Canada, on the other hand, is sliding down the drain!! How can we oust ‘wonder-boy’??? SOON!!! Before the Canada we have known and loved – is totally GONE!

  19. I wonder how Moshe Feiglin can tie together handing out Green Cards to Illegal Residents and at the very same time ending Anchor Babies???? Illegal Residents have and will continue to have babies born in the USA. Handing out Green Cards so they can continue to have more Anchor Babies doesn’t sound that great. Mind you once the wall is built that fixes it a bit.
    Birther Tourism should also be cracked down on.
    That’s going on right now on the Left Coast of the USA and on the Left Coast of Canad

  20. I agree with your solution to the “illegal immigrant” problem. It would be highly impractical and costly to remove all immigrants who came here without papers. A friend of mine, Mexican, respopnded to my question of why so many illegals
    are her. Her reponse was interesting. Most came to the USA only hoping to be here temporarily, to earn some money to send home and to return. However, they got caught up in the US lifestyle: cars, homes and loans. They got stuck and couldn’t return.

  21. Hell of an idea!! Don’t come up with all kinds of “solutions.” Just enforce the laws, and let the chips fall where they may. I can use that in my every day life too!. Thanks Howard.

  22. Howard, I agree whole heartedly with what you said. I have a question though for anyone that can give me an answer. How come nobody made a big deal out of Ex President Bill Clinton talking to the A/G of the USA alone for over half an hour, when his wife Hillary was under investigation? Something is fishy here. Now watch out for the so called Democrats that will stoop so low to try and spoil any good thing that Trump wants to do. What a shame. Steve Acre, Canada

  23. As has already been alluded too, never get into a —-with a skunk — you know who is going to win! Howard, you are spot on as usual. The “people of the swamp” are setting a trap for our President Donald Trump as I write this. I do not see how he can possibly survive.

  24. The left showed how vile they are at Pres. Trump’s address to congress. The pit of vipers crawled away like cockroaches after his great speech. Now they are after Sessions on this fake Russian witch hunt. He had to recluse himself because RHINO’s piled on with the evil Dems. The left is so evil that one can only surmise they are under Satan’s
    spell. And now Iran is spending the billions Obama gave them on a huge arms buying spree. Also, word is that Obama is behind an shadow effort to get DJT!

  25. There will be no peace with the Palestinians. They have had several good offers & have refused to accept anything!!! They simply want the Jews to be dead & gone forever. Well, that’s not going to happen. It’s a One State solution & the world must accept it, period. As for the USA, Trump is being placed in a bad situation. It involves Sec. Sessions having to recuse himself over the Russian contacts. Soros is trying to get Trump impeached, using the FarLeft Dems to do the dirty deed. Beware.

  26. The world is getting so polarized. Bi polar…….I think……evil Vs good.
    You are absolutely right on every thing you said here. The last sentence was what I needed to hear on a personal level. There are some who attack and NO MATTER what TRUTH you give them they twist it and make you the bad guy. U R sooooo right. I found out that I cannot be right about anything to my enemies. That is how I finally realized that they WERE my enemies and abusers.

  27. After many moons not watching TV. I decided to watch the Presidents’ speech to Congress. What I saw was insanity from the White Begrade to the most disgusting manners toward a sitting President and the widow of a Navy Seal doing his duty for our country. Shame to them just doesn’t cut it. Banishment from humanity would work.

  28. Howard – I agree wholeheartedly with your solution for illegal immigration. Specially the NO more Anchor babies! And the Green Card without ever getting citizenship is brilliant. Most people don’t understand the word “illegal” when it’s placed in front of the word “immigration.” A wonderful solution, Howard. My hats off to you.

  29. Howard, it seems the left is the same world over, its like a ravenous beast chewing up every thing in its path. Trouble with the left, that in the end they will also destroy themselves. Its just whether we can withstand what seems like an all out war on anyone or anything that doesn’t agree with their perverted views and ideals. They are so out of control one wonders if the only solution is a bloody one? I hope not!

  30. Another winner, Howard! Keep it up! Someone needs to be clear and conicise!

  31. EL DIABLO [Obama] is VICIOUS & EVIL, so it’s not surprising that the LEFT has followed his DIRECTIVES.I agree with Lilian above that the word SWAMP should be changed to CESSPOOL!Also agree that Pres. Trump should FIRE all of EL DIABLO’s White House staff;however, some of his own staff has not yet been appointed, which may be needed to be able to do so. Trump is known for the word FIRE, so it won’t take him long to use it when everything’s in place The LEFT envies Trump’s accomplishments! AMEN!

  32. Thank you Howard, for your blog. I hope all your readers will consider sending to President Trump, a “postcard” or a letter to
    let him know that we appreciate his efforts to save our country. He is doing all he can to “Make America Great Again”. Don’t
    you think he would like reading some encouraging thoughts from his SUPPORTERS ? Just think of the negativity he endures
    daily ! God bless you Mr Galganov. And may The Good Lord continue to bless our two countries. Pray like you mean it !

  33. Howard,

    Your wisdom, clarity & ability to think strategically is deeply needed around the world, especially in these UN-united States! What you stated aptly describes what happens when truth & morals are replaced by Leftist swooning lies of foul play, when they are the evildoers. Recall what Goebbels accomplished in Germany, take a deep breath, then look at the proud-peacock-Dems who lie through their teeth. Please, never stop your column! Thanks.

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