TO THE MANY AMERICANS . . . who regularly read this BLOG, you wouldn’t know that there was a DEBATE LAST NIGHT in Canada, to help determine who will be the Next Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party.

BUT TO THE MANY CANADIANS . . . who also regularly read this BLOG, I’m quite certain you were more Interested in what the American President was going to say at his Joint Congressional Speech, which happened an Hour after the Canadian Debate was to begin, than you were about what 13-Conservative Leader Wannabes had to say.


I heard virtually all of the Media, especially the more Conservative and Fair Minded Media say that FINALLY, Trump was PRESIDENTIAL, and that he NOW GETS-IT.

TO THE NON-TRUMP-HATERS . . . the Speech was the Best President Trump ever gave, AND FINALLY, Trump reached out to the other side.

I WILL CONCUR . . . That President Trump’s Speech Was Excellent – in what he said and how he said it . . . BUT, the President’s Speech was NO DIFFERENT, not even a LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT, than all the things he was saying from the Day he Won the Republican Primary.


Everything President Trump Campaigned For, while he took on Crooked Hillary, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, virtually the Entire News Media, Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry, Big Business, Big Labor, Wall Street, the Banks, the Unions, and every other LEFTIST Low-Life-Form we can imagine, WAS IN PRESIDENT TRUMP’S CONGRESSIONAL SPEECH LAST NIGHT.

It wasn’t that his Speech was his FINEST MOMENT; it was because in slightly MORE than just ONE MONTH, President Trump has already LIVED-UP to many of his Promises, and had done more in less than one Month, than the House, the Senate and the Past President did in 8-Years, and FINALLY, is being seen as the President he said he was going to be.

PERHAPS . . . All the Trump-Haters on both sides of the Great Divide (Republican/Democrat), are simply BLOWN AWAY at how hard this man is working, almost like a Human Machine . . . It’s one Meeting after another. One Success after another. And one new Executive Order after another, to make LIFE BETTER for the People, RATHER than being BETTER for the Politicians and Bureaucrats.

Instead of being on the Golf Course, President Trump is in the Oval Office WORKING. Instead of being on Air Force One on his way to yet ANOTHER VACATION, President Trump is on Air Force One on his way to meeting with Workers, Unions, Employers, Governors and ALL PEOPLE needed to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Instead of “HANGING AROUND” the Oval Office with his FEET on the RESOLUTE DESK, like a DISRESPECTFUL PUNK, as if it was a personal piece of his CRAP, President Trump is in REVERENCE of the History of the Oval Office, which has become the Center of International Freedom, and has saved the World more times than we can all imagine.

PERHAPS . . . After the last 8-Years, it is something of a Shock for many Politicians and Bureaucrats, to hear a President Shout Out – “AMERICA FIRST!”. And perhaps, it’s no less confusing to many of the Members of the House, Senate and Media to HEAR a US President EXTOLL the VIRTUES and EXCEPTIONALISM of America, rather than a President who travelled all over the World to PISS-ON his own Country and Flag in a Multitude of Apology Tours.


Last Night . . . President Trump DROPPED THE GAUNTLET. He reinforced his Promises to the American People, TO THE DELIGHT of the American People who want to FEEL PRIDE & CONFIDENCE in their Country and Flag Again.

It was kind of Reminiscent . . . of when Ronald Reagan became the President, beating-out the HAPLESS Jimmy Carter, after which by comparison, the People finally realized just how Bad And Destructive Carter was to the American Psyche and to the American Dream. It was like coming out of a Deep Sleep, just to see how much the world had changed while your eyes were closed.

AND PRESIDENT TRUMP PUT THE REPUBLICANS ON NOTICE . . . That Their Good Times of doing NOTHING for the people, while doing EVERYTHING for the Lobbyists ARE OVER. And if the Republicans don’t get on the Trump Train NOW – while it is still Just Leaving the Station, COME 2018, when the Full House and many Republican Senators come up for Election and RE-ELECTION, not only won’t they have the President’s Support . . . THEIR OPPONENTS WILL.

PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . Didn’t REALLY say anything NEW last night – NOR did he say anything REALLY Different. It’s MORE that the Politicians, Media and Bureaucrats FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE.

Last Night Was A Good Night For America.


SO HERE IT IS IN A NUTSHELL . . . There were 13-People on stage in a PITIFUL DISPLAY OF LACKLUSTER. The debate Hosts and Directors proved beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that AMATEUR HOUR in Canada was still very much Well, Alive And Kicking.

THE ENTIRE FORMAT WAS . . . More than enough to put the most interested person (like me) to Sleep, Weep or WRETCH. And in three words to describe this insult . . . IT WAS DREADFUL!

AND AFTER A PAINFUL HOUR OF WATCHING . . . Before I switched off to the Trump Speech, this is all that I came away with. The ONLY pertinent part of this excuse for a Debate . . . Were The Opening Statements.


1 – The ONLY Candidate NOT to show-up was Kevin O’Leary, of Television Shark Tank Fame, whose presence was NOT missed, and who should go back to the Flim-Flam he is obviously best at. Canada doesn’t need a Huckster as Prime Minister.

2 – I was somewhat Impressed with Pierre Lemieux of Ontario, who might have a chance, but would probably be a better Minister than a Prime Minister.

3 – I wasn’t NEARLY as impressed with Dr Kellie Leitch, as I hoped I would be. But the STUPID FORMAT didn’t support a real Debate, where she probably could have done much better. BUT I WILL STILL SUPPORT HER AS MY NUMBER 2 CANDIDATE.

4 – Maxime Bernier, who quipped about being called the Albertan From Quebec, who is also known as MAD MAX, and STRUGGLES TO SPEAK ENGLISH, is the Candidate I SUPPORT THE MOST.

TO ME . . . MAD MAX BERNIER – Is a Street Fighter. He is right out there with Clenched Fists, who is seemingly ready to Take-On All-Comers in Defense of Canada and REAL Conservative Values.

I DIDN’T realize how POORLY Mad Max Bernie spoke English . . . and I really appreciated, unlike how so many of the others who threw a Language Bone to the French, to show that they could speak BOTH Official Canadian Languages, that he didn’t, NOT because the French Viewers didn’t deserve the Respect of hearing their Language, but mostly because, the Format and the Overall Audience did NOT lend this Non-Debate to be Bilingual.

I HAVE SEVERAL GOOD FRIENDS . . . With VERY Heavy French Accents. And from time to time, I do business with, or simply have conversations with people who can hardly speak English, not because they don’t want to, but rather, because they can’t, which does NOT make them any less Canadian, less Compassionate, and less Competent than someone who can speak just English or Both Languages.

So . . . I look and Listen to Max Bernier, who Flubs and Guffaws in English, who is a Fully Engaged Player with Passion and Ideas, who can in his own VERY DIRECT WAY take on the Establishment and make Canada Conservative Again, which is what I want to hear.

There are some people I speak with, or who write to me, who say they will NEVER Vote for Max Bernier BECAUSE HE’S FROM QUEBEC, which is understandable, since Quebec has been SCREWING OVER CANADA FOREVER . . . and has LAWS which Demean and Punish English Speakers because they’re English. But that DOESN’T mean Bernier is part of that Mindset, since I have French Friends who are MORE Canadian and Fair-Minded than many English Speakers I know.


1 – Bernier is still my Number One Choice.
2 – Leitch is Number Two.
3 – Lemieux is Number Three.
4 – O’Leary should stop embarrassing himself and Canada.

And for all the others . . . Dreams are what reality is made of. So keep dreaming.


Please join the Conservative Party NOW, so you can have a say in who will become Canada’s NEXT Conservative Party Leader, because, if you don’t speak out for yourself, someone else will speak out for you.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. A new channel started recently “OAN, One American News” conservative, no publicity, more international news, a no crap channel. No O’Riley that interrupts his guests and forces his opinion at every turn, we want to hear other’s views but he shuts them off. OAN does interview lefties but are not embarrassed to ask them very daring debates. I agree with you, we have to defeat the left first, they are the ones that forces on us all that shouldn’t be allowed with their politically correct crap.

  2. I cannot understand how the current PM is allowed to do as much damage to Canada as he is – my father spent the last years of his life talking about how proud he was that he was able to spend six years in Europe fighting for Western freedom as a Canadian soldier – I know what he would have to say about that useless idiot in Ottawa

  3. Trump was excellent last night….very Presidential and he treated the Marxists with more respect than they deserve. On the other side of the coin…..We wish you and your fellow Conservatives in Canada all the best. Wouldn’t it be nice if Canada were to follow the lead of the US and go on to work hand-in-hand on making both countries great again?

  4. I love the joke going around….

    President Trump came out in support of oxygen last night and this morning it was reported nearly half of the Democratic Party had suffocated!

    The Democrats pretty much came out against everything Trump is for.

  5. When you consider all the good and accomplished people Canada has to offer, it surely becomes obvious as to why they avoid politics in this country, after watching that dull, pathetic and poorly staged debate from Edmonton last night. O’Leary may not be our man, however, he was right to pull out of the debate because of the format.

  6. I’ve been a Conservative or PC all my life and will die as such. I don’t like their chances next election tho’. Now to back up a couple of days. Anyone who deliberately sinks or rams another vessel on the ocean is a terrorist, one of the people you write of in your blog. Paul Watson is one. As for Barry Jackson of St Lazare, I have never professed a claim to fame, unlike your claim to fame, a leech on Canadian society from Quebec

  7. I renewed my Conservative membership the other day …. and so far, I haven’t decided between your first two for my #1 choice. At this point – as long as a Conservative wins in the next election!! (any of them would be far better than ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau!) However, I will make my #1 choice.

  8. It sounds like the Canadian Conservative Debate was just as bad as the US’s first debate with 16 candidates & a lousy format. It seems as though today’s debate moderators don’t know how to really moderate debates! I am still praying that Canada gets a conservative PM in your next election. I watched Trump’s speech & felt that finally, the GOP members got it like you said. He even got some of the Dems to stand & applaud. Most of the White Ladies sat & pouted. }:O)

  9. I also renewed my membership a couple of weeks ago. Max Bernier may be excellent but my vote goes to Kelly Leitch!. I am so tired of so many of our former Prime Ministers coming from Quebec. Re: Trump, he is amazing!

  10. Canada needs a Trump like politician to tell it what it is that is taken down the country. Yes the Donald did a great speech
    and so far he has done a great job,but it will get harder as the demacaps will oppose him at ever thing he proposes.
    Words mean nothing only actions is everything.

  11. Howard, I hope the day will come when we can have someone like Trump take over in Canada and get rid of the Trudeau/Obama syndrome. Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  12. In a little while, Pres. Trump’s TRAIN will soon be riding over the SWAMP which he and his staff have DRAINED! Last night, the Democrats didn’t seem to know whether they should clap or stand up at times. They were too busy talking to each other. “PRESIDENT TRUMP DIDN’T ADD ANYTHING . . . AND HE TOOK NOTHING AWAY” which shows that what he has promised he he intends to “carry through”. He’s already begun to do so. Good Luck with your politics in Canada, Howard. AMEN!

  13. We wish you and all our Canadian neighbors the opportunity we now have of having a conservative in charge of your domestic and foreign policy.
    As to the reaction to President Trump’s speech last night, it was a unique experience for many liberals to hear him. Until now, so many liberals have only taken their talking heads’ word for what he was saying because their delicate little psyches can’t handle very much reality! I’m sure you have some folks just like that north of our border.

  14. I have read some comments on the President’s speech and a lot of them were calling him a fat old man that had to read from a teleprompter and then said how pathetic. It is scary that there are so many people out there are so uniformed. They try to find faulty whether there is any fault or not. If not, make some up. ALL Presidents have used either paper and read their speech or used a teleprompter since it was made available including OBAMA!!!!!!!! What a shame, they must have a miserable l

  15. I remember the Canada of about 1960. The U.S dollar was at par with the C$. and accepted at the Royal York in Toronto. It was the most gorgeous hotel at which I had ever stayed. Sunday afternoons as one drove around Toronto, the many drum and bugle corps could be heard practicing. The pride and nationalism that I saw was honest and justified. The way that Ann Coulter, several years ago, was treated at “last chance U” in Ottawa is indicative of what has happened in Canada.

  16. Howard, I watched President Trump’s speech and YES I Loved it what a man.You guys in the States are lucky to have him while we have the Snow-Flake up here.
    Howard as to the CPC I’ll disagree with you as I’ll vote 1 – Kevin O’Leary (maybe) or – 2 Kellie Leitch ( maybe),
    And last but not least my old M.P. Lt. Col. retired, Pierre Lemieux.

  17. Trump’s speech made Obama look like a turd! “Very Presidential”- made me “Proud to be an American”! Totally encouraging after eight years of B.S. and “liberal lies”! USA deserves somebody who places interests of American citizens first. Jews are taught to “make the world a better place”. Trump is trying to do this, starting with our own nation! Democrats reflected the “Middle School Mentality” prevalent in society today! White is for “purity” (most Democratic women aren’t “pure” thinkers)!

  18. Howard, the news in Australia this morning…nothing about President Trump did but of Kellie Clarkson (I hope I got that right) was disrespectful putting her feet on the couch. Therefore negative news for President Trump. There was nothing on the Canadian debate. Strange, we should have so much more about the U.S. bearing in mind all the anti firearms movement in Australia continually compare Australia with the U.S. as justification for their grubby gun laws.

  19. Howard, are the muslim immigrants placed in Quebec, and if so what happens if they only speak their native language that is definitely not French? Is it only English speakers that are demeaned and/or punished? Or are the muslims just not allowed in Quebec? It’s hard to understand how 1 area of the entire country speaks only the 1 language and am trying to understand.

  20. As A president, as a speaker and as a Leader of the American people Trumps address to congress last night is probably the best speech ever made in Congress by an American president. It was masterful in that anyone who attacks the contents and the substance of Trumps address really cannot call themselves an American.
    Bernier is the only bright light in the running – and he has two years to become very good in English if he really wants to win.
    He even speaks better French than “Boy Justin”.

  21. I have researched as extensively as I could to attempt to rationalize how Canada ever elected Trudeau as PM. I long to see the Canada she once was. I can only think that whatever virus that crippled America’s better judgement for the last eight years was contagious. We are on the mend, I pray your country is as well.

  22. My in box is being filled with Conservative info from all the Candidates now that I have become a member vying for support. My first choice is Andrew Scheer. He shares quite a few of my values and I feel he can go toe to toe with that idiot we currently have as PM. I will support who ever wins although I am not fussy on Kellie Leitch. I don’t think she is in for the long haul………

  23. Howard, again, ANOTHER awesome column! I’m with you, on Mad Man, Max…..anyone is better than that stuck-up Frenchman you currently have, Pierre the Prick!! I am praying that you dear Canadian brothers & sisters find your way out of the woods. I’m half tempted to join your Conservative Party, for $15.00 a clip, just to show you some love & support. Just don’t give up before the miracle. God speed to ALL MY BELOVED CANADIAN BROTHERS & SISTERS!!!

  24. I wish you and all the others who live in your part of Canada get the people into office that you all so badly want and need.
    Hang in there. Wishing you & praying for your beautiful beloved Canada.

  25. Look for Eric the Beholder to join the Crowd in Obama’s basement as they ramp up the overthrow attempt. He is a real anti–American and a Muslim. Will be a nice fit.

  26. for Canada:
    #1 President Donald – Trump great speech
    #2 Kellie Leitch
    #3 Pierre Lemieux
    Never O’Leary, never never Bernier, or any Francophone.
    2 many French Ministers & Deputy Ministers, the latter who don’t change after an election. Public Service is biased heavily with Francophones. Very difficult for Bernier to drain the swamp in Canada.
    Opportunities in Canadian Government and Public Service are based on speaking French or being bilingual with a French name. Blood is thicker than wate

  27. Massive post card mailing planned for March 16th, SUPPORTING & complimenting Donald Trump; please send to President Donald J. Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500. 1.5 million expected.

  28. Finally a president with cajones, and a man that does what he says he is going to do, to get elected. Very rare nowadays. Huuuumm, reminds me of you! NO BS.

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