I was watching a couple of minutes of O’Reilly yesterday (February 27, 2017), at around 7:30-PM Texas Time, while Anne and I were having a late supper. And on his show were Abby Huntsman and some Blond Bimbo (Gillian Turner), who were asked this simple Question . . .

WHAT SHOULD A POLITICIAN DO . . . who is yelled at, cursed and disrupted at a Town Hall Meeting, to the point where the Politician CAN’T SPEAK . . . so much so, that He or She CAN’T TAKE REAL QUESTIONS NOR MAKE ANY PERTINENT STATEMENTS?

O’Reilly Concluded His Question With . . . Under those circumstances, why would, or should the Politician even show up?

THE CONSENSUS BETWEEN . . . Abby Huntsman and the Blond Bimbo, was as follows . . . THIS IS DEMOCRACY & THE POLITICIAN SHOULD SHOW-UP NO MATTER.

I expected NOTHING More and NOTHING Less from the LEFTIST Bimbo . . . But the answer from Abby Huntsman, the Weekend Morning Host and Occasional Mid-Week Morning Host on Fox & Friends, was extremely disappointing.

SO . . . To Make This As Clear As Possible – according to Huntsman and the Bimbo, Politicians SHOULD PUT THEMSELVES FORWARD – to be Yelled & Sworn at, to be Defamed & Demeaned . . . AND to be Insulted by a MOB, whose ONLY RAISON D’ÊTRE is to SHOUT-DOWN the Politician and SMOTHER FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, only because the Politician put Himself or Herself FORWARD to Reach Out To The People.

I EXPECTED NO LESS FROM THE BIMBO . . . but from Abby Huntsman, it was a bit of a Shock, a REAL Eye Opener, and a Disappointment. But then again, I shouldn’t be too surprised, considering Apples rarely fall far from the Tree, and Huntsman’s Father has been an Unbelievable KISS-ASS, with a Capital K & A throughout his entire Political Life.

IT’S REALLY TOO BAD HOW FOX NEWS . . . is Stocking their Talent with a Range from Outright, to Soft, and Closet LEFTISTS. And in Abby Huntsman’s Case, one also has to ask what else should anyone expect from a “News Caster” who came from MSNBC?


I AM NOT A RELIGIOUS MAN. If I had to define myself, I would consider myself to be a Conservative SECULAR Jewish Zionist, who believes in the History, Traditions, and Culture of the Jewish People, WHICH IN NO WAY MAKES ME LESS CANADIAN OR PRO-AMERICAN.

FOR ME . . . Judaism isn’t about being PIOUS as it is for many – It’s about Accepting and Exploring the History and Traditions of the Jewish People, from the time of Abraham, when according to the Torah (Old Testament), Abraham made his Covenant with GOD . . . to the Challenges, Suffering, and GREAT PERILS, which the Jewish People Faced throughout the Millennia.


Over the THOUSANDS of Years of Jewish History, Millions of Jews left the “Religion” entirely, to become absorbed in different Religions, or no religion at all. And many Jews became Anti-Semites . . . The WORST Kind Of Anti-Semite Of All, who claim to be Jewish just for APPROBATION, when in reality, their HATRED of Judaism is PALPABLE.


We survived the Babylonians, the Philistines, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks, the Crusades, the Ottomans, the Inquisitions, the Pogroms and the Holocaust.

And Even Throughout our Greatest Times of Need and Despair . . . Not Only did we NEVER lose Hope or Give-Up Our Faith . . . we also NEVER Lost our Humanity, and Contributed as best we could in meaningful ways, as we ASSIMILATED in the Nations we called Home.


Even though, it has been slightly more than 70-Years since the end of the Holocaust – the EVIL of Anti-Semitism has not in the least been ABATED.

Europe is no less Anti-Semitic Today, than it was during the REIGN of Nazi Evil. And with the ONSLAUGHT of ISLAMISTS throughout Europe, it is Rapidly becoming just as Bad Today, as it was “Yesterday”.

IN SPITE OF THE MEDIA AND PR FAIRYTALES . . . The Middle East is No Less a CAULDRON OF JEW HATRED TODAY, than it has always been.


In the past Few Months, we are seeing Jewish Cemeteries DESECRATED, Synagogues Vandalized, and Jewish Community Centers Painted with Anti-Semitic Graffiti.

IT’S CULTURE CREEP . . . These are the kinds of incidences everyone wants to define as ANECDOTAL, because very few People want to face the TRUTH, that it’s like all previous forms of Anti-Semitism, which began as Molehills . . . until they became Mountains.

The People Didn’t Believe Hitler’s Sincerity in his Book Mein Kampf, including, and perhaps even MOSTLY . . . the Jewish People of Germany.

BUT ANTI-SEMITISM . . . didn’t start with Mein Kampf; it has been accepted amongst the Finest, Best Educated, and Most Elitist People in the World, for as many Generations as there have been Jews. Even Shakespeare for example . . . was LAUDED for his Anti-Jewish Missives, perhaps best Expressed in his Merchant of Venice.

In Canada and the United States . . . Not that Long Ago, Quotas were set for MAXIMUM Jewish Participation, denying Jews the RIGHT to Equal Educational Opportunities and Jobs. Jews were Legally RESTRICTED from Restaurants, Hotels, Beaches, Marinas, Golf Courses, and Home Ownership in many Communities.

THAT WAS YESTERDAY . . . But Today – Anti-Semitism is MASQUERADED as Anti-Zionism . . . Zionism – which is effectively the Belief and Support for the Jewish State of Israel . . . as if supporting Israel is an EVIL Thing.


And instead of Jewish Quotas and Restrictions on Jewish Participation, now it’s BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), promoted Worldwide, throughout Multi-Levels of Educational Institutions, INCLUDING Major Canadian and American Universities, Unions and Governments at all levels.

STUDENT NEWSPAPERS . . . And Teachers from Grade School to Universities, DEMONIZE the “Horrid” Israelis, while these same Bad Actors EXTOLL the “FANTASY” VIRTUES of the So-Called Palestinians.

LEFTIST JEWS – DEMOCRATS, LIBERAL & SOCIALISTS . . . but especially American and Canadian Jews, mostly in Big Cities and by HUGE Numbers, claim to Support Israel, like Bernie Sanders, but ONLY as long as there is the CAVEAT that Israel MUST BE MORE ACCOMMODATING.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . North American LEFTIST Jews believe that Israel should Find Common Ground with People whose STATED AIM IS TO ANNIHILATE THEM. And by taking THIS SIDE OF THE ARGUMENT, they believe they are dancing on the Side of the Angels, and are by some measure, BETTER People than “Bad Jews” and Zionists like me.

THESE LEFTIST JEWS SHOULD UNDERSTAND . . . Selling Out, and Siding with the Enemy, didn’t keep Jews Just Like Them from the Ravages of the Inquisitions, the Pogroms, or from the Gas Chambers and the Heat of the Crematoria.


Anti-Semitism doesn’t just happen in a VACUUM, like ALL OF A SUDDEN it wasn’t there, and then magically it is. Anti-Semitism is NURTURED, TAUGHT, & PROMOTED.

What did the American Jewish Community think Obama was all about, when his ENTIRE History, at least the part of his History we have been allowed to see, was spent with Communists and KNOWN Jew and Israel-Haters?

Did the Jewish Community really THINK that Obama sat in the Pews of a VILE Anti-Semite (Reverend Jeremiah Wright) for 20-Years, UNAWARE of the Constant Anti-Jewish, Anti-White, and Anti-American Message, which Wright Preached?

DO AMERICAN JEWS . . . Even for a second, really believe that WHAT the VILE & EXCREMENTAL Louis Farrakhan Preaches, is followed by ONLY a Few Black Americans? Or do they realize that his Message is Heard and Accepted by Millions?

IN CANADA . . . IT’S NO BETTER – the LEFT are no less Anti-Israel and PRO BDS . . . than are Anti-Semites everywhere, which is very disconcerting, since our Canadian Population is about to become overrun with Moslem Immigrants who were RAISED TO HATE JEWS.


NOT ONLY . . . has the Democrat Party PASSED and successfully debated Multiple Resolutions Criticizing and CONDEMNING Israel . . . they just, by the Narrowest Margin, ELECTED someone who is NO FRIEND to Israel (Tom Perez), to become the CHAIR of the DNC, who APPOINTED Keith Ellison, a Representative of Minnesota, who is a Self Admitted Acolyte of Louis Farrakhan, who is in himself a supportive Moslem against Israel, to become his Number Two.

I’M NOT RELIGIOUS . . . BUT I AM JEWISH – And I am Equally Comfortable with my Conservative Christian Friends as I am with my Conservative Jewish Friends. I don’t go to Synagogue, but I wear a Star of David in my Heart, just as I wear a Star of David around my Neck, just in case I forget who I am.


DOING NOTHING AND SAYING NOTHING . . . is nothing short of supporting Hate and Anti-Semitism.


Before They’ll Come For You . . . They’ll Come For Me – Then They’ll Come For You!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, I am glad that you responded to this person and told them, they were no longer welcome. This is what we need. Listen, I am all for Freedom of Speech, just not on a person’s personal blog … Sorry. When you claim the right to Freedom of Speech, be careful where you use it and how you use it … That is all I am saying. I haven’t watched O’Reilly, in a long, long time. I simply, got tired of his whole attitude and bloviating. Plus, he is a legend in his own mind.

  2. Bomb threats are directly related to the lack of support for Israel. Showing the Jewish community as weak. The stronger we are the more our enemies respect us. The weaker we are the less they respect us giving them the idea they can attack us. Many jews think that attacking Arabs creates Jewish hate but they are wrong. Muslims are not Americans. They feel shame. Each culture has their own feeling and values they don’t share America values. Robin

  3. I am becoming more and more disappointed with Fox News. They are moving more to the left every day. Thank heavens there is alternative media sources to find out what’s really going on in the news.

  4. Let’s see…Fox News has a Saudi Prince as a board member, plus several board members sympathetic with “the spirit” of Islam…
    Why be surprised with Fox news drift to the left?
    Democrats now admit they watch Fox news because it is not as bad as they had heard.
    That being the case it appears that Fox News’s drift to the left something that has been happening incrementally for some time.
    Even Global news has gone Left. A leftist running a media HR dept can do Oh so much for Marx

  5. Fox hasn’t been conservative in a long time. Tucker Carlson and Hannity are all I watch any more. Fox Business News is MUCH better and there’s no Princess Shep Smith who is sacrificing what is left of his so-called career by bashing President Trump.

  6. Dear Howard, What a great inciteful article. I like, You have written many times forwarded many emails, articles about the subject’s you mention in your article. From my experience, many Americans have bought into the liberal media bias and
    political correctness You can not convince them they to will be victims.

  7. With Fox, I am left with Cavuto during normal hours. The likes of the Boozer Beckel, The “Water Boy” ( where did that joker come from?), Lefty Williams and that dunce “Fido” Riviera. Are they kidding? I am afraid the rumor is correct, there is a Shadow Group on the move, with Obama in the mix. It will only get worse.

  8. Howard,
    The left is calling Trump Hitler on a daily basis, so I believe these disgraceful incidents at Jewish cemeteries and Jewish Centers are being perpetrated by the left, to make it look like it is a result of Trump winning.

  9. As a family-less young man who worked nights to pay his way through High School I left Nevada and moved to Los Angeles where I was lucky enough to find employment with a wonderful Jewish family who treated me like a son. I still think fondly of them even after all these years. When I left for the Army they gave me a wonderful send-off and I will always be grateful to them Mr. and Mrs Leiber, for their kindness.

  10. Very timely article Howard as I just wrote to the CBC about a major US corporation that is IMHO complicit in the crime of Holocaust denial here in Canada. Why the CBC? They have an article online that mentions Holocaust denial is a crime in Canada. The hard part is having them file charges BUT my hope is that when the corporation is approached that they will remove the literature.

  11. I am sick and tired of the push against Trumps stance on the media. I am convinced he is not anti media as the lefties would have us think. I am sure the man would be fine with the media IF the media had any inkling of honesty at all. The bias of the media should not be tolerated given they have the Freedom of the Press. Tell it like it is, not as you perceive it.

  12. Agree there is a world-wide attack on Christians & Jews. Why the left is so aligned with Muslims has to be Satan’s influence, nothing else makes sense. Also agree that Fox seems to be moving left, don’t get that either. I watch Dobbs, Carlson, & Hannity. Sometimes The Factor but FF lib crap. Then we have GW Bush undercutting Pres Trump, he said nothing for 8 years about Obama’s disastrous presidency. Bush & Obama’s policies are a key reason why the Middle East is a total disaster.

  13. Fox still has Hannity and Tucker Carlson. No One is more Conservative than these guys!!!! And Prime Time.
    Still very much worth watching….. and if I’m not mistake, pro-Israel ….. something more to love about them.

  14. If we removed, bullet in the head would do, all the Jew haters in the world now ( obama, soros,and thousands of other leaders and originations ) we have others to take there place. We have survived all these centuries and will continue to survive. GOD bless Israel and the United States.

  15. German Pastor Nieumuller who was a nazi victim wrote; “First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out for I was not a socialist. Then they came for the communists and I did not speak out, for I was not a communist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out for I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics and I did not speak out for I was a protestant. Then they came for me and by that time there was no one left to speak up”. I recite this poem in all my presentations

  16. It’s all about envy … envy of the accomplishments of jews … envy of the Israeli democracy … envy.

  17. I don’t watch most Fox shows. But Hannity, Dobbs, Fox and Friends are being used by Trump to communicate. They will thrive and ratings of others will force change. Trump is brilliant. Don’t quit the good shows. They need support.

  18. Unfortunately you are so on target. We have commented to each other about the “shift” at Fox, to the extent that we ask each other if, ever, it really was conservative or just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Keep the faith! The Jewish history is milestone marker for what was, is and ever shall be so long as there is evil on this earth.

  19. Once again, I will encourage your readers to watch Fox Business Channel if possible. Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto and Lou Dobbs are terrific. Dobbs comes on at 6 pm here in Louisiana, then repeats at 9 and 10 pm. Varney starts the day at 8 am and Cavuto follows him. Charles Payne at 5 pm is also a good man to listen to. FOX only has 2 at night worthwhile, Carlson and Hannity. Only watch O’Reilly on Wednesday when Dennis Miller comes calling. Give the Fox Business channel a try!

  20. I concur Howard! I’ve been watching Fox for years, and since 1) Rupert Murdock took over the helm, and 2) Roger Ayles forgot that you “Don’t play where you gat paid”,…. it has been in a decline mode.
    They are still better than the “Pablum” channels, i.e. CNN, MSNBC, and the rest,…so I continue to watch. I must say I agree with the reader who lauds the Fox Business channel folks. They are facts, not opinion and supposition to stir the “Pot”
    But regardless it’s declining.

  21. Trump is hitting the leftist-media. He hits her here. He hits her there. He hits her everywhere. So, that is why they are calling him a Hitler. He faces her here. He faces her there. He faces her every where. So, that is why they are calling him a facist.

  22. Lou, Hannity, Tucker, Cavuto – YES! I’m becoming irritated with Chris Wallace who only seems to be antagonistic when he interviews Trump’s people. Grass roots people are all Trump has since the leftist media, FOLLYWOOD, all the DIMMS and half the Repubs are against him. Like it or not – Trump is EXACTLY what BOTH parties and the country needs at this time. No one else would have the guts or energy to do what must be done for America. GO TRUMP!!.

  23. The politician should show up, Yes; but when audience is rude, loud & not allowing him/her to speak, the politician can & should just leave. I’m sure they were aware of what was coming & smart enough to know the rude screamers were paid to disrupt. As for “this is a democracy” in reference to those rude/loud protesters, #1 this is a republic; #2 those protesters have taken democracy to another level, one that is rebellion & insurrection. If conservatives did such things, they would be jailed.

  24. I agree that FOX news has become less & less revelant to conservatives.
    My winter months in Palm Beach has me watching O.A.N. (One America News).
    It is very conservative. The US news is well covered as well as world news via Euronews.
    Try it if you can or ask your cable or DTV to carry it. You will have a little competition.

  25. Arnold is right. Certainly the Muslims and Europeans dislike Jews because of the Jews’ many accomplishments. I am retired from UCLA (administrator) and if the Jewish faculty were to leave en masse, the campus would be near-desolate. This is especially true in the School of Medicine, where I worked.

  26. I guess I must be really naive, BUT WHAT THE HELL did the JEWS DO to exact so much hatred from so many??? Is it just because they are GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE? Is that IT? If so, get over it & accept the Jews as you accept anyone else! Geese…grow up JEW HATERS!! The world really NEEDS more people who truly respect others for WHO they are..not WHAT you THINK they are or should be! Get a life! We would ALL be better off.

  27. I heard a commentary recently, about Jewish Democrats. How can that be? The conclusion was that they are Jews who have left their faith behind and are no longer Jewish but are now Leftish. To me, it is the only explanation for American Jews who hate President Trump. Do they not care about their people Israel? After the election, Prime Minister Netanyahu could not wipe the smile from his face. Nor could I….

  28. Keep up the Great work: Some time back you wrote a blog titled “Why do they hate us”; us being the Jews. The answer to that question is because the house of Israel are “God’s chosen people” as descendants of Abraham. God made a covenant with Abraham, and God whether you believe in him or not, keeps his covenants, whether we do, or not. If one looks at the logistics of the Yom Kipper war one has to see the hand of God as plain as in the battle of Jericho or any of the many times God intervened.

  29. Re:”Jew bashing”, anti-semitism, prejudice, “I’m an authority”, well-educated, right, and all adamant statements, arrogance, ad-finatum-nauseum, a lot is the result of a “BIG I, little you” attitude. My Dad had a saying “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. Right is right. Truth is truth. Those who twist, lie and manipulate people & events are an abomination to honesty. Keep up the fight “Illegitimi non-carborundum” trans: (don’t let the bastards grind you down).

  30. We can relate deeply to your words of enlightenment to those who are STILL unaware or in denial, Howard. I swear it’s like we share some gray matter. It will never change……NEVER. Did I say ….NEVER? That’s what I meant to say.

  31. I have never understod Christians being anti-semetic. We worship a Jew. I have had Christians get mad to livid with me when I say Jesus was a Jew. This shows how ignorant and biased they are. My theory is that the Muslims came from Ishmael, the bastard son of Abraham. They haven’t advanced, or gotten worse due to the Koran. The anti-semetics are jealous and feel inferior to all the accomplishments of the Jews. Europe died at Austchitz. All those brains, talents and abilities.

  32. Responding to this one is difficult. My early years were spent in a small town in Alabama during the 1930’s. Some of the merchants and their families went to a different church and not on Sunday. They provided jobs and I never heard anything but good about them. My junior year of HS, I went off to a military school. I had Jewish room mates there, and at Ga. Tech. They were just like everyone else except for generally, being very intelligent and they joined different fraternities. Why???

  33. A Christian Conservative Constitutionalist, I share a Jewish heritage: religiously, culturally, genetically. To the extent the rule of law is a pillar of Western Civilization, then our common Judeo-Christian heritage is that pillar, Moses its giver. British Common Law, commented upon so eloquently by Blackstone in “Commentaries . . ” depicts that moral compact. Those who seek unbridled power and pleasure – must deny the ultimate Giver of the law and His truth. Anti-Semitism? The face of evil.

  34. I think we have to consider that Abby Huntsman and the Blonde are Millenials. Abby may lean right and usually I like her, but Millenials are soft squishy things with no experience in standing their ground. I don’t think most Millenials were taught manners and decorum in the first place and they didn’t watch their parents demand respect at home or in public. So why would they think that the politician would demand respect rather than stand and take abuse ?I have never been a fan of John Huntsman

  35. The moslems are not the only anti-semites. Christians in many instances are just as anti-Semitic. Anti-semitism doesn’t live in a vacuum. Hate is inculcated in the children and fostered throughout their life. I’ve heard that crap most of my life, and I won’t let it pass any more. Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs are more accepting of everyone than Christians as a whole.

  36. Gillian Turner is a HOT brunette who worked for W and BHO in some NS capacity. Schooled in South Africa. Definitely not a bimbo but not exactly Ann Coulter either! Huntsman–agree!

  37. Jews believe we are here “for the sake of others”. Many people today are only for themselves or whatever they personally can get out of a “deal”! Fox News is now “Fair and Balanced” (allowing liberals to give their opinions, for better or worse). “Mediocre minds” are easily programmed, so propaganda is rampant in the news media today. Facts are difficult to come by- often “twisted” or “fabricated” (not necessarily the truth)! Jews are “God’s chosen people” for a reason (why others hate them).

  38. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to visit Israel in 1995! This trip changed my view of the middle east, & my hope that Israel, if anyone, can bring peace & sanity to this area of the world!! Fox is going down the path of the liberals, only Hannity seems to know what is going on. Also, Fox & Friends, early AM seems to be ok. Beckel the Boozer seems to have gone the way of Glenn Beck (off the deep end). I just keep praying for our country & Israel, that God will continue show us the way.

  39. I can’t stand the extremes on Fox’s so called Fair and Balanced. The hosts have no clue and allow the most outrageous remarks from guests unchecked! They do not cover any serious news, just headlines, and it is nothing but extremes bickering all day. I will watch Hannity or Judge Jenine, but otherwise I watch Fox Business! Varney & Co in the am, Charles Payne at 5 pm CST followed by Lou Dobbs tops off my night. CRTV with Mark Levin.

  40. Great editorial today!!! Israel fights anti-Semitism daily. Every terrorist attack is anti-Semitism! The whole Middle East denies that there ever was a Holocaust. In fact, the Moslems have hated the Jews for over a millennium since Mohammad walked on this earth. Do not tell me that Islam is a religion of peace because it is not. In fact, Islam is a violent, hateful, killing ideology. Did you know that there are Bedouins who proudly serve in the IDF (the Israeli army)? That’s how bad Israel is.

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