Trump Isn’t Hitler & For Good Or Bad – I’m The Real Deal


IT’S NIGH IMPOSSIBLE . . . to watch a LEFTIST Television News Broadcast, listen to a LEFTIST Radio Talk Show, read a LEFTIST Newspaper, a LEFTIST Magazine, or Click on a LEFTIST BLOG, and NOT be told in one way or another, that President Donald J Trump isn’t somehow the REINCARNATION of Adolf Hitler.

We hear it all the time from the LEFTIST Media, especially through innuendo, just as the WEAK MINDED are continuously “EDUCATED” to understand, just how much the Conservatives in the Republican Party behave like NAZIS.


It appears to me . . . that the LEFT are having a SERIOUS PROBLEM dealing with a President and a Congress, which aren’t interested in Washington BS, has a REAL Love for the Country they serve, and has a President who not only wants to make America Great Again . . . but who also wants to remove the SHACKLES Hammered onto the people, THROUGH HEAVY-HANDED GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS.

THE ENTITLED POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS, & THE MEDIA . . . are TERRIFIED at the REAL prospect, that their TIME & GAME ARE UP, as President Trump RELEASES the People from Government SERVITUDE . . .

And if WANTING the People to be FREE, and the Government to WORK for the People, RATHER than the People WORKING for the Government . . . is being Nazi-Like, these “CHICKEN LITTLES” who are Clucking . . . Nazi, Nazi, Nazi, have obviously never looked up at the Sky to know what the Hell they’re Shrieking about.


Recently . . . I’ve been receiving some emails questioning my VERACITY. Wondering if what I write and say is TRUE, Made-Up, and or Embellished, which isn’t new to me, since I’m often asked if my Stories, Recollections and Quotations are REAL & ACCURATE.

SO – IN A SIMPLE ANSWER . . . YES. Nothing is made up. Nothing is Embellished, and EVERYTHING I WRITE IS TRUE.

I Have Lived, And Continue To Live An Interesting Life . . . meeting and speaking with interesting People, concerning Interesting Subjects. I’m one of those guys who gets onto an elevator, where everyone is silent, expressionless, and looking straight ahead . . . Who Strikes-Up Conversations.

I can stand in a Checkout-Line, with People ahead of me and behind me, whom I’ve never met, and will probably never meet again, who by the time I reach my destination, I’ve already made new “Friends”.

I can Dress-Up Formally and go to a Swanky Restaurant . . . or Wear Grubby Jeans, and Eat Beans and Hash at a Roadside Greasy-Spoon, and feel equally comfortable at either.

I can go to a High-Brow Event . . . or to a BIKER Get Together, and get the Best out of Both.

I WEEP WHEN MY HEART IS TOUCHED . . . And I’ll Walk Into A Back Alley With Fists Clenched When I’m Pissed-Off.

So Why Would I Need To Make Anything Up Or Embellish What I Write?

I’ve spoken at Parliament in Canada. I’ve stood before Crowds in the Thousands countless times, who Chanted my name. I’ve had a Private Meeting with a sitting American Member of Congress in Washington DC over issues of Bi-National Concerns. And Anne and I’ve been Feted in Parliament by Canada’s Prime Minister.

I ran multiple times as an Independent Candidate for Political Office, never even coming close, BUT ALWAYS GIVING IT MY ALL.

I’ve FOUGHT Quebec’s Separatists, and Quebec’s’ Separatist Government   TOOTH AND NAIL. And I was named Canada’s News Maker of the Year by the Chronicle Newspaper in Montreal.

I’ve been an Employer for most of my Adult Life. I NEVER . . . and let me repeat this again – NEVER did Anne and I miss meeting a Pay-Day for anyone who worked for either of us, NOT a Salary, NOT a Bonus, NOR a Commission Check. And NO ONE ever had to wait to get paid. Or received a partial Payment for what they did.

BUT ANNE AND I WENT MORE TIMES . . . than I care to remember, worrying about how we could put food on our own table, pay our rent, and make the car payment, while ALL of our employees were ALWAYS PAID. And ALWAYS Paid MUCH BETTER than Minimum Wage.

And during my Lifetime of Political Conservative Activism . . . I’ve been Threatened, Attacked, Spat Upon, and LIED about by the Media, while Anne and I lived with ARMED BODY GUARDS 24/7, for weeks and months on end, at our own expense, for just about Two Years.

And in one way or another, I’ve been involved in Multiple Court Challenges that have gone all the way to Canada’s Supreme Court, always Financing these cases somewhat . . . to all the way. And None Of Them Were About Me.

I’ve Created, Produced, and Wholly Financed a Multi-Million Dollar Campaign throughout Quebec . . . from Montreal to Quebec City, In Defense of Battered Women. I helped Feed and Shelter the Homeless. I worked with the Montreal Police to establish a Rapport with Immigrant Children. I started a campaign that ultimately ended-up feeding as many as 6000 Warm Meals DAILY, during the school year for Hungry Montreal Children.

AND I WORKED TO SAVE DISTRESSED ANIMALS . . . from Raising Funds and Awareness for the SPCA, to Standing on the Broken, and Breaking Ice Fields of the Atlantic Ocean, from the Sea Shepherd with Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Green Peace, 30-Miles from Prince Edward Island, Providing a Human Shield between the Seal Herd and the Seal Hunters, while I Broadcast a LIVE Radio Show back to Montreal and the World on Marine Radio, with Billionaire Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchel Hair Product Fame, who was on Board as a Financial Contributor to the Sea Shepherd.

Please Note: Even though Paul DeJoria was on board to help underwrite the costs of the Sea Shepherd . . . Not only did I pay My Own Way COMPLETELY, I also paid the Way for a Constitutional Lawyer and a Broadcast Executive Vice President, in the event we needed Legal and Media Corroboration, because of our Activities, which by Canadian Standards were in VIOLATION of the LAW Governing The Seal Hunt.

AND I HOSTED ONE OF MONTREAL’S . . . Top English Language Talk-Radio Shows, which led to other Broadcasters winning Accolades and Awards, for their Joint Broadcasts I did with them.

AND WHAT I JUST WROTE IS JUST THE SURFACE OF IT . . . So WHY in a Million Years, would I feel compelled to make anything up, or embellish incidents, which are already themselves exciting enough?

I DIDN’T WRITE ANY OF THIS TO BRAG OR BOAST . . . But rather – I wrote this to dispel any ideas that what I write isn’t 100% FACTUAL. And because of these PAST and CONTINUING Experiences, I am able to see the World for the way the World REALLY is.

And I see the Players in this World for WHO THEY REALLY ARE. And because of the things I was involved in, and not from the OUTSIDE LOOKING IN, but rather, from the INSIDE LOOKING OUT, I can give you a UNIQUE Perspective very few people can . . .

WHICH FOR EXAMPLE . . . Allows me to see the LEFT, for whom and what they REALLY ARE. And appreciate President Donald Trump, IN SPITE of his previous Moments of Braggadocio . . . FOR THE MAN WHO GENUINELY LOVES HIS COUNTRY, and will do whatever he can to Make America Great Again.

There are some People who Love me . . . and there are plenty who REALLY don’t Like me. But virtually NONE who know me are Ambivalent.

SO PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS . . . Love Me Or Hate Me – What you Read from what I Write, will always be TRUE, ACCURATE & UNEMBELLISHED . . . Whether you like it or not.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I watch Fox less and less; seldom watch at all. They have diluted the message – who needs balance ? They have a bunch of liberal hangers-on making easy money peddling their worthless ideas. Fox pays loser Juan Williams over $1,800 per day ($2 million for three years). If I see him I change the channel. Notice how they dumped Matt Drudge years ago and Judge Napolitano a couple of years back. Fox is overrated. They win viewers only because the competition is worse but read the Internet daily.

  2. Hitler came from the left. Trump is from the right. So how can be Trump another Hitler?

  3. You are one of my heroes Howard, and I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years. I owe you more than a few solids. I’m going to have to reach out to you again too.
    You’re the real deal–if a failed politician’s opinion counts for anything! LOL
    Best to you and Anne with a belly rub to Stryker and an ear scratch for April the cat.

  4. I find it almost inconceivable that anyone would question your “veracity”. They don’t seem to know you very well. Howard, you are the real deal. And the majority of your subscribers also believe that to be true. Anyone who disagrees with that don’t even to bother to read “we the people” who comment on your daily messages to us.

  5. Marvelous just bloody marvelous, you really are the man we need as Prime Minister in Canada or at the very least Ontario Premier. Is it too much to hope for that you might eventually get talked into running?

  6. HG…Love ya!!!! And after all of that what did you do in your spare time? Three things:
    1 – I enjoyed your work/life history.
    2 – I watched the Acad Awards to see what the LEFT would do…not much, I was surprised…then there was IRAN and you
    have probably heard about that!
    3 – My son went to the drag races in Phx and when one of the winning racer’s made a negative comment about TRUMP he
    was BOO’d mercilessly!!! by 1000’s.

  7. Never once have we thought that what you write isn’t the truth. Have always appreciated your words and encouragement to stand for what is right for us and the people of our countries as well as the world. The left is so afraid they are losing control that they will stop at nothing to poison the news and those who will listen against Pres Trump. Blessings to you, Anne, and your wonderful animals. Keep up the good work. THANKS!!!

  8. Howard, impressive life well lived. The left is always on the attack, it’s a never ending battle. The USA Dems just elected two extreme leftist to run their party. Both with ties to terrorist Muslim groups. Then we have paid antagonist’s booing Jesus and a Vietnam Vet, leading the pledge of allegiance at a republican two hall meeting. Dems town halls in Oregon nada. Senators preaching to the leftist choir, a love fest. They are so inclusive & tolerant….

  9. It never seems to me that people use the epithet NAZI have a clue as to what the NAZIs believed and worse what they did. The expansionism and hatred especially of Jews by Germany resulted in WW2 and the total of nearly 80 million world wide. Hyperbole in any discussion can only be countered by knowing the facts. Too many on the left seem to resort to ridiculous accusations simply because they just don’t know or believe the facts.

  10. “Give ’em hell (Harry), Howard. Full speed ahead. I admire your ability/willingness to “tell it like it is”. Growing up, I was taught to tell the truth so I wouldn’t have to try & remember what i said or wrote or to whom.

  11. Howard, I will always love you as a brother and your family as well. At the age of 83 I know that what you speak of & how you speak is the truth and will defend all of you. I know not if you believe in God or His son but, I am sure you are a good man and God loves a good man. May He continue to bless you and yours.

  12. All true… and I remember Howard being in trenches with us in Montreal, fighting separatists.

  13. Most know by now – if at all honest with themselves, that the left is in deep panic mode. more & more we are seeing this kind of crap from them – hoping there are still a few of the brain dead still paying attention to their B.S. receivers in Americas electorate. Batten the hatches, a lot more Marxism ideology coming our way from them – you can be sure! Watch for it – humorous times coming from them – to be sure, so lets watch em squirm in the mire of their own makings.

  14. Howard, it is so REFRESHING to hear/read truth spoken. If only the majority of politicians would learn the simple fact of speaking the truth, rather than what they think people want to hear.

  15. Wow-great bio/overview and well overdue! What everyone has already said ‘good’ about you and your efforts above X 73 for me! Your efforts and editorials are greatly appreciated and I for another one, wish you were running for the Ontario PC or Federal PC leadership. Unfortunately, all of the choices we have up here do not have the right kind of passion for the people(electorate), demeanor, persistence, life experience or drive to overturn the lackluster Entitled Establishment! THANKS

  16. You strike up conversations with total strangers, so do I. I love to put a smile on the faces of those I meet, especially strangers. My way to do that is engage in conversation. Nothing puts a smile on someone’s face quicker and makes them feel better than to admittedly ask a ‘dumb’ question. I especially enjoy seeing a smile on someone who appears to be having a bad day. So, Howard, have a good day and smile, especially to Anne.

  17. Always enjoy the way you tell things like they are and I trust that they are always true and factual. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for all of us.

  18. Howard…I always like what you say and look forward to sharing you and your words with a rather large group with my email pals….we are already tired of the ” Trump ” bashing from the newspaper, TV and THE Celebrities….we even saw it last night on the Oscars…I thought Obama took care of the “bad talking about the President?”…I sure hope they award Mr. Trump with his Nobel Prize for his “TOLERANCE” of all of those that fall into the above list…If they don’t have one, then add one!

  19. As a dear friend once said, What’s there not to like. Just keep on trunken. Billie

  20. Good editorial Howard. The first time someone sent me your editorial a few months ago I knew you spoke the truth and I have looked forward to each one you write, all I can say is thanks and keep it up.

  21. So Howard, you are a friend of the modern day pirate Paul Watson, who should be in a jail somewhere for his acts of piracy, and he should not be allowed to sail the seas again. He could never be taken as a Canadian hero from my point of view. He is one of the bad guys.

  22. Conservative minds recognize truth, Howard. There’s never a question of your passion and sincerity as you share your thoughts! We need your strong voice. Thank you so much! We must speak up against the invasion of mindless hatred that’s sweeping across our countries, which I’m appalled by every day. Scripture states “the devil blinds the minds of the unbelievers.” We are in a spiritual war. “The devil goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.” It’s all happening right now.

  23. I find it odd. I’ve been reading your editorials for quite some time and never once felt anything was untrue or embellished. You have a unique approach to subjects that never made me question their veracity. I have been around my share of dispensers of hot air so I usually know when I’m being snowed. Bill

  24. Howard I have never considered even for one moment that you were not the real deal. Your bio makes mine seem dull. I got married at 20, had 3 children and worked 40 years at the same job. I retired at 60 to play more golf, travel and study genealogy. I’ve done all of those so now at age 81 I can sit back and enjoy my 7 great grandchildren.
    Keep up the good work you are doing, I enjoy your blog every day. Edgar

  25. Howard!!! We think we would prefer to continue to love you. Maybe we’ll think about it for awhile and we’ll get back to you. 🙂 You have had a life well lived. May God bless you and Anne with many more years of happiness, good health and expressions of wisdom!

  26. You have to admit the Donald has a big mouth and with it leaves him open for the left to hammer him with BS and lies.
    I don’t know if his close advisors try to rain him in and if he would listen to them. He needs to control him self he is not the business ex that he once was and say what ever he care too. Being President he needs to act like one and forget facebook etc.

  27. Howard, since I am from Montreal, I have known a lot about you and what you had to go through with Quebec separatists until you moved across the border to Ontario. I take my hat off to you for all you have done on our behalf. God Bless.
    I am with you all the way. Steve Acre, Canada

  28. Thank you Howard for what you write. I hope that more people will read and learn just how far left we have gone.

  29. I like someone that says it like it should be said. You do not mince words but are genuine in communicating to us — your audience the way it really is. Life is for real! You don’t pussy foot aroung expecting sympathy and asking for hand outs. Some people will truly love you and others would like to do away with you. I guess as I read your editorials, it intrigues me the way you communicate un-biased and great editorials. Most people are not equipped to “think” and come to right conclusions

  30. I, for one, have never doubted the veracity of anything you have written, Howard…and I have agreed with you on the large majority of it. I also have never doubted your good intentions or the courage of your convictions on anything. Keep it up, friend, and never give the abominable Left an inch. You are RIGHT ON. Continue to march!

  31. Paul Watson is a hero. Jim Anderson’s claim to fame is that he survived brain-donor surgery.

  32. How in the world can ANYONE call President Trump a Nazi ? They are really showing their ignorance or else they are using the Nazi’s statement about making a lie BIG and keep repeating it.
    And HOW can anyone ask if you are telling the truth? Everything is upside down. It is crazy. Thanks again for your great blogs. Love ’em.

  33. Hey Howard … You’re the MAN!! “The Truth?” The Left can’t handle “The Truth!!” I’m borrowing & slightly changing a quote by Jack Nicholson, but it fits so good, I just can’t resist!!! And “TrustTrump” .. he’s helping us as fast as he can!!!

  34. Your comments are a voice of truth and reason and we hear you. Thank you for enduring all the hardships. I wish I could do more but know I appreciate everything you write. Blessings to you and Anne.

  35. I knew I liked you by what you wrote, now knowing some of your history, I am even more thankful to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing some of your history.

  36. Howard, you are beloved & believed by your readers. I trust your instincts & statements. The first time I ever read one of your editorials, I was amazed. Now, here’s a passionate man who speaks the truth & writes about it. I look forward to each & every editorial. I have never met a stranger in my lifetime. I will talk to anybody in elevators, doctors offices, the grocery store standing in line, so on & so forth. I understand the ability to talk to anyone & everyone – I have that gift, too. }:O)

  37. Like everything that starts out good, there are those who creep in to, I believe, purposely disrupt the unity and try to break it up. Ignore them, Howard they’re not your time to waste and respond to. And anyone thinks that Trump is a Hitler, Facist, etc., look at the ENTIRE-LIFE of that leader. And then tell me who has changed Trump or those past leaders.

  38. Howard, Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Tenacity and a fighting spirit are your trademarks. We love you, now get back to Canada in time to become the new leader of the Conservatives. I like Kellie Leach, you share her values but would be much more aggressive, just like President Trump is for America,

  39. Totally with you, Galganov. Just ignore the ignorance & carry on. Mary Curren, Port Angeles, WA

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