The Battle Lines COULDN’T Be Clearer



On Friday, Anne and I took the TEXAS LICENSE TO CARRY TEST . . . which both of us ACED. And to add Proud On-Top of Proud, even though Anne was terrified that she wouldn’t do well on the Overall Test, she Tied me in Shooting and Beat me by 1-Point on the Written Portion.

Even though we are going to try . . . It’s doubtful that either of us will be able to get our Actual Texas Carry Permits, since we are NOT American Citizens, while at the same time, we can LEGALLY have Holstered LOADED Handguns in our Vehicles and Place of Residence.

And . . . if push would ever come to shove, and we had to defend either ourselves or someone else, we would have the EXACT SAME RIGHTS to use our Weapons, as would any American Citizen, which is kind of WONKY to the fact, that we CAN’T Carry Legally, even though we did close to 100% On Our LTC (License To Carry) Tests.

We have NO CRIMINAL RECORDS whatsoever, we have EARNED the Right to Own Guns in Canada, which is NOT an easy thing to do, and we have been Cleared by Homeland Security (FBI) and the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) to obtain NEXUS US/Canada Border Cards (Most Trusted Traveler Status), and have ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) Approval to Transport our Guns and Ammunition throughout the USA.


As much as Anne and I would LOVE to have the Right To Carry, which we might or might not do, even if we had the “RIGHT”, just passing the LTC gives us BRAGGING RIGHTS very few Canadians can ever hope to have. And that means a lot to us.

BUT OF ALL THE PRECEDING JUST SAID . . . Anne and I FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE that we are NOT Americans, no matter how much we would like to have Green Cards and Citizenship – WE KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT AMERICANS, and are in the USA as the GUESTS of the American People courtesy of the American Government, which gives us 100% Protection under the US Constitution, WITH THE EXCEPTION of being allowed to stay in the USA . . . ONLY IF AND WHEN the American Authorities decide WE ARE NO LONGER WELCOME IN AMERICA.

IT DOESN’T MATTER . . . That Anne and I Speak, Read and Write English as well as, and perhaps better than MOST Americans. It makes no difference that Anne and I know more about American History, Culture, Geography, Politics, Civics and Laws than MOST Americans . . . ALL THAT MATTERS, IS THAT WE ARE NOT AMERICANS – Which brings me to a SURREALISTIC Street Conversation I had the other day while Walking Stryker.


SO . . . I’m walking a couple of days ago with Stryker and another Guy, who was also walking his dog, who is a US Vietnam Navy Veteran (not the dog but the guy), who is in his early 70’s, who told me Matter of Factly . . . that “TRUMP IS NO BETTER THAN HITLER”, which caused me to STOP WALKING, and look at him INCREDULOUSLY.

I asked him, and NOT in a gentle voice . . . “HOW THE HELL COULD YOU POSSIBLY SAY THAT?” His response to me was this . . . “Look how he’s Rounding up INNOCENT Mexicans; men, women and children, kicking down their doors in the middle of the night, and dragging them off just like the Nazis did to Jews.”

I COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING . . . So where do you even start to answer a person, who’s got it SO WRONG, and is SO BIASED, that there really is no Reasonable Retort? SO I DID IT THIS WAY . . . WITHOUT DEBATE.

1 – I know exactly from where you’re getting your information . . . you’re watching, reading and listening to the WRONG Media, and it’s unfounded. They are Lies, Lies, and MORE Lies. So, let’s start with the BIGGEST LIE.

2 – TAKE THIS AS 100% TRUTH FROM AN EXPERT . . . Anne and I are HERE IN YOUR COUNTRY “LEGALLY”. We crossed at YOUR Border with all of our Papers Intact. And answered all the Homeland Security Border Guard’s Questions with Absolute Honesty.

WE ALSO KNOW AND RESPECT THE FACT . . . that as soon as we reach the 182-DAY MANDATE to Leave your country, since we can only be in the USA for a TOTAL OF 182-DAYS per Running Year, according to Homeland Security, WE HAVE TO LEAVE, and can not come back until the 182-Day “Clock” Starts ticking again.

WE DON’T LIKE THIS LAW . . . And we think it’s kind of STUPID, since Canadians like Anne and Myself come into the USA with ZERO DEMANDS on the American Social System. We come with Money to pay our own way. We do not come to work. So we can’t be accused of taking American Jobs. In fact, because we come with our own money, we help create and maintain American Jobs through our Purchases. We come with our own Healthcare Insurance, so we are NEITHER a drag NOR a drain on your Medical System. We do NOT break the Law. We do NOT Deal in Drugs, Prostitution, Extortion or anything else like that. And even though we are very much aware of your Political System, and have STRONG Conservative Opinions, we DO NOT VOTE, nor do we try to VOTE in any of your Elections.

SO – BY RESTRICTING THE AMOUNT OF TIME . . . Canadians like Anne and I can stay in the United States of America, is not only a bother to us, but it is a HUGE FINANCIAL LOSS TO THE USA. So it makes no sense . . .

BUT WHETHER IT MAKES SENSE OR NOT . . . IS 100% IRRELEVANT, since that’s the LAW. And we realize that we are nothing more and nothing less than “GUESTS” IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


3 – SO . . . If Anne and I, who are both PERFECT GUESTS in your country, know that we have to OBEY & RESPECT YOUR IMMIGRATION LAW & LEAVE, when our Time is up, how is it that MORE than 12-Million . . . and maybe as many as 20-MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS DON’T?

AND IF ANNE AND I . . . Overstayed our LEGAL Welcome to your country (182-Days), and were ARRESTED for Deportation – what Argument could we possibly put forward in our defense to stay, since there is NOTHING in the US Constitution that GUARANTEES OUR RIGHT . . . TO INVADE & SQUAT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

4 – SO EXPLAIN TO ME . . . Why an ILLEGAL Alien, should have RIGHTS to be in the United States of America, because he or she SNUCK across your Border, brought his or her child or children regardless of age, or overstayed his or her Visa, or entered under False Pretenses, WHICH ANNE AND I RECOGNIZE ARE RIGHTS, WHICH WE DON’T HAVE?

5 – The man who thought Trump was as bad as Hitler . . . Responded with – “Just stay . . . no one would know you’re here Illegally”, to which my response was simple . . . “It seems to me, that I have more respect for your country than you do”.

ANNE AND I WOULD LOVE TO JUST STAY . . . But that’s not how it works. And if everyone in America who has the same attitude as the Guy Walking his Dog alongside Stryker and me . . . had their way . . . AMERICA WOULD CEASE BEING AMERICA. And all the VALUES, Cultural Uniqueness, and Constitutional Laws that make America – America . . . would disappear in a Sea of Multi-Culturalism, which would lead to the END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM.


Our IDIOT Prime Minister, and I don’t use the Adjective Idiot Loosely . . . has DECLARED that Canada is essentially a Sanctuary Country, where NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY, including Immigrants with Mental and Infectious Health Issues, according to his Minister of Health, Jane Philpott.


Now that ILLEGALS in the United States are STAMPEDING for the Canadian Border, especially that the weather is warming-up, before Homeland Security and ICE can Catch and Deport them . . . how many “REFUGEES” and Phony Refugee Claimants, will Canada Accept under the Policy of EVERYONE?


WHEN THE “REFUGEES” . . . come to Canada, they are GUARANTEED FREE Healthcare, FREE Education for their Children. FREE Accommodations, FREE Food, FREE Legal Advice, and FREE Everything-else they can dream-up.


We don’t have enough money to meet our NATO Commitment, while our Military Languishes. Our Roads, Bridges and Airports REALLY Need Repair. We have Children who go to bed at night who are Malnourished. Many of our Elderly have to decide between Heat and Food. We don’t have nearly enough Doctors, and our Healthcare System is Failing. And that’s just the Tip of the Iceberg.

And given the LUDICROUS costs for our BLOATED Public Sector Workers’ Salaries, Perks and Pensions . . . which cause people like Anne and Myself to worry, whether Canada will be able to pay OUR OWN PENSIONS, which we INVESTED in with our Hard Work, is no Laughing Matter.


AND IF CANADA “WELCOMES” . . . as many as a MILLION Immigrants, (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less), who can’t speak either of our two official languages (French and English), and have nothing in common with our culture, who pray to a Religious Cult that is ANATHEMA to our Judeo/Christian Secular Rule of Law and Order – How long will it take, before Canada as we know it, will Collapse?

AND NOT JUST IMMIGRANTS RUSHING-IN FROM THE USA . . . What about the Moslem Immigrants who are now being expelled from countries within the European Union and other parts of the World? Where do you think they will head, once word gets out, that Canada will take All-Comers, and there’s a Wealth of FREE STUFF FOR THE TAKING?

PERHAPS THE GUY I WAS WALKING WITH . . . should ponder that, and think more about HIS COUNTRY, and the RIGHTS of the American People, and LESS about the NON-EXISTENT RIGHTS of Illegal Wannabe Americans, and GIVE PRAISE to President Trump for Protecting the Safety, Culture and Integrity of the United States of America.

I just wish we had a Leader who would care as much for the integrity of Canada and the Canadian People, rather than his GLOBAL FANTASY of a One World Government, where we would all sit around a Campfire Roasting Marshmallows, while Singing Kumbaya.

Perhaps if things continue the way they are, especially with New Canadian Laws being put Forward, which are designed to Restrict my Freedom of Expression for anything Negative I write or Say about Islam . . . Anne, Stryker, April The Cat, and I will be knocking on the American Door . . . SEEKING “LEGAL” REFUGEE STATUS FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Mr.G
    The leftist i’ve known in my lifetime are a very unhappy lot. No morals, no manners and no God in their life to quail their hatred. Pray for them. In the long run they’re going to need it.

  2. I was no aware of the “182-DAY MANDATE” – and that’s a shame. I’ll write my congress-critter and ask him about it. He’s a strong conservative, which is pretty good for the southeast corner of Travis County. And he’s been excellent in replying to my questions over the years.

  3. Howard, I love your work and I do support you modestly, so please do not misunderstand my question…..What happened to the vote in Canada to make it unlawful to voice any complaint against a Moslem or your government?


  4. Howard, I hope you take a look at Kellie Leitch’s platform more closely as she is one that will give you your country back.


  6. I am glad you guys came down to the lower “48.” Good folks are always welcome to the USofA. And should you decide to become permanent that’s even better. So pleased you’re enjoying the great state of Texas. Should Florida ever be on your itinerary, we be a little slower. Average age is 103.3 or close to it.. That said we have a ton of Canadians as seasonal “snowbirds,” fine folk too. Do “Snowbirds” spend money? Yep!

  7. I could not agree with you more. You, Anne, & I might even say, although jokingly(?) that Stryker & the cat – know MORE about the history of the US than do most American citizens. Such a shame that we, as Americans, have been so brainwashed by liberal thinking that we can no longer think for ourselves. If I had my way, I would kick out a whole bunch of “Americans”, and GIVE you, Anne & pets Citizenship. You certainly deserve it!

  8. Junior’s invitation to the world was not only stupid, but massively disrespectful to all immigrants who came legally and live here productively. Canada is also put at great risk by this “offer”, both strategically and culturally. I am amazed that the Liberals can’t see this. A darker motive is that they can see it, that it’s not stupidity, rather a strategy to import Liberal supporters so they can rule over a future dystopic, cultural hell-hole… but why would anyone want to do that?

  9. Your friend is a product of generations (50 years or more) of brainwashing. The left, Democrats (Scialists/Globalists), George Soros followers and paid protestors and the social media who are in the tank, have been spewing this as news and truth for way too many years. It has been truly labeled PROPOGANDA and that is what it is. It has led many nations down the road to take-over, slavery, death marches, death camps and death chambers. They awakening is always too late. Got sent us Trump.

  10. One of the freedoms we enjoy as citizens is the right to be stupid. Unfortunately whether you might be a vet or not you can and many often do become so out of touch with reality, the reality you might have defended, that you become – stupid. I will not apology for those of us who are like that. We are free to be like that. The real question is, for how much longer can we afford such stupidity?

  11. If you did not know but cbans that did not work or pay any social security and are past the age of 65 start collecting SS payments and Medicare. Many of these people were already receiving free section 8 housing .cell phones and food stamps.
    Many born Americans do not receive these benefits. The only good thing abama in 8 years did was stop the wet/dry foot cuiban program. What Canada needs is protesters in force against the government for the up serge of muslims.

  12. Does anyone know for sure that the moron PM isn’t a convert to Islam and hence a pusher for more Muslims? He seems to wear their robes well and I am inclined to think he has “their” mindset.

  13. Your dog companion probably watched one politician that called Trump, “A Hitler”…pathetic comment, and ignorant reporting! What would be the warm and supportive welcome if we organized 1M Judeo/Christian emigrants to go to Mexico, or Saudi Arabia? Canadian “bleeding hearts” are hopeless! C’mon Kellie Leitch..we need rational people to redo Parliament and a strong Conservative Party with Trump like values, purpose and principals!
    HG As a vet he should have known better…sorry!

  14. Howard there are many comparisons in what you are saying between Australia and Canada with the exception that we don’t have such an overtly stupid prime minister as Canada. Thankfully Australia has pulled back somewhat in relation to illegal immigration, but the farce in comparison, depending on the country of origin of an ‘overstayer’. Probably if you are from somewhere like the U.K., Canada, even the U.S. you would be out faster than some from ‘other’ countries. Look forward to your articles

  15. Howard, After reading your comments one after the other, literally, I find the you have a great passion for the US and an great distain for Canadian politics. Today being “Oscar Sunday” I wonder just how many of the liberals will have anti-Trump speak. My wife and I wonder how the money spent on self promotion of this liberal group could be spent to improve conditions here at home. You have it RIGHT our governments are more concerned with illegals than with our own citizen.

  16. Too bad the guy’s dog couldn’t talk, Howard. At least you could have had a more meaningful conversation! Anyone who is not aware of the STUPIDITY AND INSANITY THAT PREVAIL IN THIS WORLD brought about by Marxists and Islamo-Nazis is obviously brain dead. Unfortunately these brain dead zombies are in some influential positions of authority that PROHIBIT common sense, and the rest of us have to put up with the madness. It might take a real civil war to ultimately get us back to normal!

  17. Howard, I was unclear whether or not you actually DID tell the “ignorant” Vietnam vet who was also walking his dog that which you’ve posted in this editorial. It was an excellent editorial, by the way. If you did actually say those things to him, could you elaborate in an upcoming editorial what his actual response was? I’m very curious. Whatever the situation, your observations, as always, are pinpoint accurate! Excellent piece.

  18. Americans have forgotten (and so has our government) that we have immigration laws. They have not been followed and that has led to the problems we have today with too many illegals. Why they get free homes, food, schooling, hospital care,
    I do not know. It’s insane. We can’t even take care of citizens and returning veterans.

  19. Howard, it is a fact that people only worry about govt. policies when they are DIRECTLY affected – if it doesn’t happen in their back-yard, it is of no consequence. I have actually come across some well-educated people who have NO problem with unrestricted borders. I couldn’t believe it when I actually heard this coming from an acquaintance who is so annoyed by the immigration policy of Trump that she said, “I hope he gets assassinated!!”. Needless to say – she’s a Liberal voter!!

  20. I am a proud Canadian and am very grateful that we’re lucky enough to have the American people as our neighbors. They say good fences make good neighbors, so just as Mexico should be taking responsibility for the hoards of illegals pouring into the U.S. I wish the American government was doing more to prevent these fake “refugees” from sneaking across our border looking for a better hand-out. Our clown of a Prime Minister won’t stop it, so Donald can you help ?

  21. I came to Canada 3 years ago with enough money to support my wife and myself. She is a Canadian Citizen, my sponsor. I paid my money for my work permit and for my PRC. Because the system was broken, I had to wait 2 years to get my PRC rather than the normal 6 months. For 2 years I could not work and my small fortune quickly got eaten up but I persisted and waited. My wife and I resent those who are given everything and are not expected to become Canadian in heart and spirit.

  22. It is sad that some “good people” like you do get caught in our laws. However, you can still do lots of good as you do in you editorials by teaching and promoting “things” in a proper manner. I appreciate what you do and would like to meet you on a presonal basis some day. Who knows, God works in a mysterious way and His ways are far removed from ours.

  23. “Ignorance can be fixed”… You did a great job of fixi’n on the dog walker. What could he say? Truth wins. Re: coming to the U.S. permanently, my youngest son lives in Scottsdale, Az. Arizona has it all. If it gets too hot in summer, just go North to Flagstaff or beyond. You are mobile. My son has a big 5th wheel & diesel 3/4 ton Ford P.U. A house on small acreage in the South for you Anne & the critters (+horses, of course). Keep on ‘blogg’in’. Regards, John

  24. I can visualize your “Hitler” friend’s eyes glazing over at your response. They will not see! They will not hear! I have held more satisfactory conversations with stumps than people of that ilk!
    We must change out educational system which punishes teachers and institutions which stray from the liberal line.
    Our MSM talking heads cannot/will not be embarrassed by their terrible lies, slanted stories nor stupid “mistakes.” They,
    like teacher/professors, dare not expose one another.

  25. I look for simple answers to complex problems. I have yet to find an easy solution for an honest path to US citizenship or dual citizenship. A refugee from Canada because of persecution against freedom of speech could be the next position to take.

  26. Liberals/Democrats: always welcome the newcomers at the borders with wonderful entitlements and buy their votes

  27. The PC bunch are too busy spewing out propaganda and brainwashing our youth, the future of the US, that they have no time to teach history, or even reading and writing and arithmetic. Kids are being dumbed down so that they make easy followers and slaves. This has been going on for about 50 years and even more. We need to get the kids out of public government sponsored schools and teach the truth at home, or get rid of the public school system as it is. Big job ahead on those issues.

  28. “… knocking on the American Door . . . SEEKING “LEGAL” REFUGEE STATUS FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM?” The idea of it seemed so ridiculous – until recently…I can’t tell if it’s a curse or a blessing living in Interesting Times!

  29. Howard, come right-on in! And make your voice even louder, by being a guest on various media networks. It wouldn’t take long at all for people to notice a former non-American citizen coming in with far more information on America, Isreal and around the world than most of us do.

  30. Quote:” as many as a MILLION Immigrants, (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less), who can’t speak either of our two official languages (French and English),” You forgot to mention that if they do learn either official language the Government says they are fluent, cuts their welfare and they have to get a job…
    So guess what!
    They are refusing to learn English or French to ensure that the Free cash, Free Housing and Free benefits continue.

  31. Democrats are closed-minded and have turned into fascists.

  32. I swear, Howard, your comments/blogs get better and better. I wish we could put you on one of the FOX News programs where millions of people could hear you. By the way, we would love to have you stay here in the USA full-time.

  33. Howard, a great editorial today!!! I understand your “pain” of what your country is doing as the US has done this for decades. In this world of today, it is imperative that republic or democratic countries get immigration right! What was done over a hundred years ago no longer is valid – We have a real threat to our countries by those immigrants who truly want to kill us. Of course, not all of them do, but, there are enough to make our lives frightening.

  34. Your dog walker companion obviously didn’t learn anything from his Vietnam service! I, too served from 67-71 as an NTDS Radarman onboard one of the “Redcrown” radar picket cruisers at the mouth of Haiphong Harbor. Two lessons I learned were–Your government lies to you all the time and politics are only slightly less important than breathing! Keep up the good work–I enjoy your blog immensely!
    William Meeks, Negaunee, Mi., USA

  35. Excellent editorial and Canada equivalent to President Trump is Kellie’s Leitch & Policy Priorities:
    Screen Immigrants and Refugees for Canadian Values
    No National Carbon Tax
    Cap on Government Spending
    Develop Canada’s Natural Resources
    Let the People Speak Act
    Safer Canadians
    Mexican Visa Requirement
    Six-Point Budget Policy – Balanced Budget & Debt Reduction
    Support of Supply Management

  36. Howard, i think I can see the hand writing on the wall! You would be most welcome here, and I hope you make the decision to make your home here, sooner rather than later. You and Anne would be a great asset to our country, and Texas especially! I look forward to that day and hope it comes to pass!

  37. Seems like we had this discussion a while back about citizens and rights. Oh, and by the way, I am a Viet Nam vet. also and I have found that that fact has little to do with intelligence. Or for that matter political leaning.

  38. “FREE STUFF FOR THE TAKING” is a GREAT LIBERAL MOTTO! Boy! What an answer you gave to this guy! It appears that he didn’t even try to DEFLECT the topic-at-hand. Just wish that the celebrities who THREATENED to move to Canada because of Pres. Trump would do so ASAP! Your Country is heading for a similar DISASTER which we experienced in the past 8 years! You, Anne, Stryker & April should IMMEDIATELY be SEEKING “LEGAL” REFUGEE STATUS FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM before it’s too late! Good Luck! AMEN!

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