Atlas Shrugged & 1984 – Weren’t Scripts . . . They Were Warnings



Whether it was George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm . . . or Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead – even though these FREEDOM CLASSICS were created as MYTHS, they also REFLECTED THE TRUTH, as it really was throughout History and much of the World, far removed from where we Lived and Breathed.

The Roman/Middle Eastern Era WASN’T Fiction. The Crusades were NOT Fiction. The Balkan Wars were NOT Fiction. The Holocaust was NOT Fiction, the Disasters and Revolutions of South America were NOT Fiction, The Civil War in Spain and the French Revolution were NOT Fiction. Cuba was NOT Fiction and the IRON CURTAIN WAS ALSO NOT FICTION.


Iran is a Dystopian Society, where Freedom of Expression is a Death Sentence, or a Sentence Behind Bars that could be Worse than Death. Perhaps as many as a HALF MILLION PEOPLE, Men, Women, and Children have been Slaughtered in Syria, with whole Communities Being Totally OBLITERATED.


IT’S NOT FICTION, because somewhere on Planet Earth, it has happened and is still happening. Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead, Animal Farm, and 1984 weren’t Fiction, because in many countries, AND EVEN WITHIN OUR OWN, we are LIVING the Beginning of a Nightmare, and we either don’t know it . . . OR DON’T WANT TO KNOW IT.

IT’S THEM AGAINST US . . . THEM ARE THE LEFT – and US are you and me. And they won’t stop until they reach whatever Sick Goal they are Fighting For.

When I See, Hear, and Read the VITRIOL coming from the LEFT, it is no longer Civilized Political Debate . . . IT IS NOTHING SHORT OF HATE. And when I hear the VENOM coming from the Mouths of MOST Within the Media . . . and when I read the Insanity Proclaimed by far too many APPOINTED Judges . . . I CANNOT Imagine Where We The People Can Turn To For REDRESS.


We have SURRENDERED the Tools of Defense for Freedom through Knowledge, as our Educators have DUMBED-DOWN our children, and subsequently us. We have ABANDONED OUR BELIEF in Individual Rights and Freedoms for the Promise of FREE-STUFF from our Politicians. And we have ABDICATED our position of Dominance to the Bureaucrats, who have become our Masters . . . ALL OF WHICH PLACES US ON THE ROAD TO DYSTOPIA.

WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE SO ARROGANT . . . to imagine that the Writers and Creators of Dystopian Societies . . . FOCUSED THEIR THOUGHTS AT EVERYONE ELSE BUT US.

If Civil Wars, Revolutions, World Wars and Islamic No Go Zones happen throughout Europe and around the World . . . WHY NOT HERE? How are we immune?

TO HEAR THE EXTREME BILE . . . coming from the LEFT, bordering on SEDITION, directed to the REALLY UNINFORMED, who actually think they know something, which is LEGITIMIZED by what is becoming a TREASONOUS MEDIA, without REAL COURAGE to say what they REALLY mean, is nothing short of a PRECURSOR to a SHOWDOWN that could in all TRUTH lead to a DYSTOPIAN NORTH AMERICA.


I don’t care who you are . . . or what you stand for in a FREE Society, where the Government is Elected – By The People, Of The People & For The People, where if your Primary Aim is to OVERTHROW the Duly Elected Government by all means Possible, you are NOT for Freedom and Democracy, but rather for ANARCHY, which moves the Debate to a WHOLE NEW, DIFFERENT & FRIGHTENING LEVEL.

To call President Trump a Nazi, and liken him to Adolf Hitler, is not ONLY OVER THE TOP, IT IS A CALL TO ARMS, since it isn’t just a VILE comment, but is a SICK MINDSET that will only lead to actions far and beyond what could be settled at a Ballot Box.

And for the so-called LEFTIST Moderates, who say they don’t agree with those Verbal Assessments of the President, but then go on to explain why “some” people do agree with those Slanderous assessments, is only a COWARD’S WAY of standing away from the Heat of the Flame, while pouring on more accelerant.

When John McCain spoke in Europe at the Freedom Summit about one week ago, and spoke out-against ANYONE, who would dare to CHALLENGE the Press, specifically Politicians, as if it was an ASSAULT on Freedom and Democracy to question the VERACITY of the Media, LIKENING the person or people who Attack or Vilify the Press, as if they were Budding Dictators and Tyrants . . . it wasn’t even a DOUBT who McCain was Talking about.

So . . . to say that LEFTIST MODERATES DON’T AGREE ON LABELING President Trump as a Nazi, and especially as the 21st Century’s Version of Hitler, is AN OUTRIGHT LIE, because that’s EXACTLY what the MINDSET of the LEFTIST Media and Their Supporters Are Creating.


For the Media to COMPARE LEFTIST AGITATORS to the Tea Party, which helped DEFEAT the Democrats across the USA, and with success, they were able to Reconstitute the Conservative Wing of the Republican Party, is not just a LIE. IT IS A SCURRILOUS LIE.


The Tea Party campaigned HARD against OBAMACARE, with Good & Righteous Cause.

They also campaigned for TAX RELIEF, also with Good & Righteous Cause.

The Tea Party Campaigned to roll back Suffocating Regulations, which made a MOCKERY of the US Constitution, with Good & Righteous Cause.

The Tea Party STOOD for more FREEDOMS in America for all Americans, with Good & Righteous Cause.

The Tea Party Campaigned HARD against the OVERREACH OF GOVERNMENT, with Good & Righteous Cause.

In Addition . . . the Tea Party Campaigned to Roll Back Spending, Reduce the Deficit, Balance the Budget, and Pay Down the National Debt, with Good & Righteous Cause.

The Tea Party also wanted to PROTECT AMERICA’S BORDERS & LAWS, by keeping out all people who entered the United States ILLEGALLY, also with Good & Righteous Cause.

AND THE TEA PARTY . . . stood for Truth, Justice and Support for America’s Law Enforcement, with Good & Righteous Cause.

PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANT . . . Was that the Tea Party was Grass Roots Based, and Grass Roots Financed, fighting not ONLY against the Injustices of Big Government, Big Unions, Big Academia, Big Entertainment (Movies & Television), Big Business, and BIG MEDIA . . . but also against the OPEN ASSAULTS upon all Conservative Organizations by the POWERS OF GOVERNMENT; such as – THE IRS, NSA & JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

IN ALL ESSENCE . . . The Tea Party STOOD for a return to the US Constitution, and a Better & Freer America, away from the Excesses of Government.



The Tea Party attended REPUBLICAN Town Hall Meetings, to PEACEFULLY express their OPINIONS to REPUBLICANS, about how they wanted their REPUBLICAN Member or Senator . . . or Wannabe Member or Senator to Participate in Congress.

IF IT EVER HAPPENED . . . even a little bit, that Tea Parties went to DEMOCRAT Town Hall Meetings to DISRUPT, SCREAM, THREATEN, INSULT & KEEP THE POLITICIANS FROM SPEAKING, as the Democrats are now doing to the Republicans . . . I am totally unaware of anything like that happening.

SO HOW CAN ANYONE FROM THE PRESS . . . even consider, in the most LIBERAL Way Possible, that what the LEFT is doing to Republicans at Republican Town Hall Meetings, in any way resembles the way the Tea Party Behaved in their CIVILIZED DEBATE WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY?

AND FOR THE MEDIA . . . to even suggest, that the RABBLE ROUSERS Forcing the Closure of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION & ASSEMBLY at Republican Town Hall Meetings, by SCREAMING and Acting in every BOORISH way possible, is that they are DISCONTENTED Republicans . . . IS NOT JUST OUTLANDISH, BUT IS AS BIG A MEDIA LIE AS IT GETS.

The Real Battle Has Yet To Begin.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I am a a financial and like-minded supporter of yours. However, I think if FOX was all right wing conservative, many would not watch. It is by the stupid vitral out of the mouths of Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Alan Combes, Kristin Powers, Geraldo Rivera that makes me even more solid in my conservative beliefs. They show how anti-American, stupid, ignorant of the facts that the Left is. Like watching a debate and knowing which side you are on, and getting more certain your side is right

  2. Congressional reps don’t have any responsibility to people who live outside their district. All they need to do is put cops at the door to check voter registration cards to make sure they are not bussed in Soros-paid astroturf payroll protesters. If you aren’t a registered voter who lives in the district, YOU DON’T GET IT. Problem solved. Congressional reps don’t even accept email from people outside their district and you have to prove it.

  3. Finding anything in common with someone with one foot in a socialist swamp and the other stuck in an ideological bear trap and their only intellectual device is denial, rrrright. An act of God is about it.

  4. This article explains the state of affairs in our USA in a most excellent manner. John McCain is a member of the deep state. He feels threatened by President Trump just as he feels threatened by Senator Ted Cruz in the Senator. Perhaps, the fraud and big-time RINO McCain believes he may ultimately be exposed as a total fraud by President Trump or Senator Cruz. Do your own homework. McCain actually was a collaborator with the enemy in Vietnam. The majority of his image as a war hero is fake news.

  5. The truth comes out about the control of the media.
    Brzezinski: “Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are that he is trying to undermine the media and trying to make up his own facts. And it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that, that is our job” You can see and hear it on YouTube.

  6. I am much more concerned with what Trudeau is doing to Canada than the Americans who are badmouthing Trump. Trump can handle himself. He’s tough. Justin, however, is scary in his ignorance.

  7. Rem of Enoch Powell, 2 quote from his speech “Rivers of Blood”. “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'” Beyon comprehension 2 believ so many blind 2 th truth by media n being led mindless down the path of destruction. It’s brainwashing the masses at its best by globalist who seek 2 rule the world. It’s a battle between Soros, Islam and President Trump’s island of sanity.
    Same in Canada, just sub Trudeau for Trump.

  8. In 1965, after reading some of the work of Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945) and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955), I became aware of the existence of a ubiquitous, universal, nameless, group of people who shared what de Chardin called the “noösphere” (“no-ah-sphere”), “the mass self-consciousness of Mankind”. (The prefix “noö” is derived from the Greek “noös”, or “nous”, meaning “of the mind”, or “intellect”). You and your readers are part of that growing group. Take heart, and thanks, Howard

  9. Very well said. Ultimately, the lessons of history must be learned by each individual in order to keep a society free. Often a work of fiction is the best vehicle to do such. As to Mr Trump …he’s neither said nor done anything to restrict anyone right to speak. He has only warned the entrenched, gate-keeping media, they can no longer manipulate the flow of information with impunity. He will send his message directly to the audience, the people who matter, the voters.

  10. My-oh-my… you ever get it…..BIG TIME, Howard. We were adults in the 60’s and the war proclaimed by the Communists was as plain as the nose on your face. It was shocking how so many Americans did not see what was happening, still don’t….and here we are 60 years later. And we agree…”The real battle has yet to begin.” Too many still believe we are dealing with a “normal” mindset in the Leftist ideology. Their sickness is beyond belief, and Americans are long overdue to wise up!

  11. Great summary of the problems that we conservatives face. We must establish a recourse which is legal.

  12. Where was the media during them 8 years obama was destroying the country and acting like a muslim king.
    Like the 3 monkeys ,HEAR NO EVIL,SPEAK NO EVIL,HEAR NO EVIL Most of all use your intelligence to what is the truth.

  13. So let’s start “filling in the blanks”, who is John Galt, and Dagney Taggart, and Chairman Mouch, and Director of the State Science Foundation, and Where is Galt’s Gulch, and how do we get there?
    The classic TV commercial, made by Apple Computer to i troduce the MacIntosh in 1984, and shown on the Super Bowl, which was THE NUMBER ONE commercial on the Super bowl until this past year, was a really prophetic assessment and a mirror of today’s stupidity.

  14. The love not hate inclusive left is just plain vile. I struggle daily as to the best way to support Pres Trump. The vicious attacks by Libs world-wide is just plain sick. My wife & I pray for him each day, because we believe the Lord will protect him from this evil. He needs help from above.

  15. The quote that comes to mind is from Animal Farm, also by George Orwell, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”
    I feel that sums up the opinion of the liberals.

  16. Our biggest threat in the coming years is that our youth will have been indoctrinated by the leftists in our schools, starting in kindergarten. Our values will have been lost and our country will be doomed.

  17. Add to your list of literature, 1984 and Atlas Shrugged– also Watership Down. This is not just a book and a cartoon movie but is another warning, but with a little hope at the end.

  18. All of the above… I despair at the time it will take to unwind the damage done by the “progressives”. The US is taking teetering stops towards sanity. Canada has not even recognized that we have a problem.

  19. Evil is insatiable and so very evil. Evil moves in and fills the space in our hearts when we, pride-filled people, refuse to fill that space with acknowledgement of and faith in the God of the Universe; when we wrongly proclaim ourselves gods over our own lives and over the lives of others. Corrie ten Boom, whose family saved many Jews, and who suffered in concentration camp warned western Believers not think we will escape the persecution that 2/3 of the world’s Believers are experiencing now.

  20. Like to ask the other prisoners that were in the Hanoi Hilton with the self-made hero. He and Kerry fell from the same tree.
    To my knowledge none were by his side while running for office. Where are you guys to sat this straight? I know, vindictive
    Is his middle name. W.Va. you are so right.

  21. Thank you, Mr. G., for your words regarding the purpose and agenda of the various Tea Parties. I was a co-founder of one of the most successful and well-attended Tea Parties in the northern suburbs of Michigan. During our 6 years of existence, we
    met monthly with our 1,000 members, offering information and encouragement. To compare our group with the offensive dissidents disrupting Townhall meetings is a disgusting insult. Sincere thanks to you for noting the difference.

  22. Howard, I only got part the way through you article (A.M. Australia time). Your comments are spot on and I will be brief…it is accomplished with assistance from the media and as they say in Australia ‘She’ll be right mate’…Complacency! The leftards don’t realise they are the ‘drummer boys’ for someone who thinks they are much bigger than the world. Trouble for the ‘drummer boys’ they are also in the firing line and are dispensable to their masters and a waste to their enemy.

  23. The USA already has no-go zones because of Islam- one in Detroit where police won’t go or follow an assailant. As for those books foretelling what was coming–have you ever noticed that some sci-fi subject matter usually comes to pass within 15-30 years. First realization was the 1954 movie “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” where the sub was nuclear-powered. Well, a decade or two later, we had nuclear-powered subs. The book was written a lot earlier but it seems that movies get it done for real.

  24. Spot on Howard,
    All part of the big picture.
    The people listen but don’t heed the warning signs.

  25. The majority of the press prostitute themselves to the Bully’s they fear.

  26. Very good writings today Howard. It is amazing and sad to hear of the many thousands of protesters around the country that believe in the sad rhetoric that their marching for. These are people of all colors and age. Have they no common sense or brains? Who brain washed these people? If half of our country believes in unbridled immigration and that our president was not legally elected, then we are truly doomed as a country!!!

  27. I worry for both the USA & Canada! Neither country is safe or secure. I didn’t want McCain in 2008 & I knew he would lose. I didn’t realize how much of a RINO he really was! He is also a sore loser. But, what he did in Munich was totally traitorous! A patriot simply does NOT criticize the leader of their country, in a foreign country – It just isn’t done. I don’t see McCain as a hero any longer, either. He was just re-elected. So the USA must deal with him for another 6 years!!! Bummer!!!

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