Canada’s LEFT Is Taking A Beating From President Trump


I was all set to go for a long Walk this Morning with Anne and Stryker, come back, jump in the shower, and head off with Anne to an Indoor Shooting Range, where Anne Booked some Private Instruction, and for me to try out some new MAGS, which I just bought at Cabela’s. AND THEN I READ SOME CANADIAN NEWS.

SO INSTEAD OF ENJOYING MY PLANNED MORNING . . . here I am writing, which really isn’t a punishment. But you know what I mean.

Anne will head off in a few minutes to walk Stryker. I will finish this Editorial; take what was going to be my early morning shower later than planned, and will hopefully finish early enough to go to the Shooting Range with Anne.


Moslem ASYLUM Seekers are STREAMING across the Canadian/US Border seeking Sanctuary, because of their GREAT FEAR that President Trump will have them thrown out of the United States of America for being in America ILLEGALLY . . . amongst other reasons.

And what first started out as a TRICKLE of Refugees coming into Canada, is RAPIDLY becoming a TORRENT – and with Spring and Summer Approaching . . . “KATY BAR THE DOOR”, because Canada is soon to be DELUGED with Sanctuary Seekers from all Nationalities Fleeing the USA and their Mother Countries, for GREENER & MORE WELCOMING PASTURES just North of the American Border.

AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . I’m not writing about a few Hundred, or a few Thousand, or as many as 100-Thousand . . . I’M WRITING ABOUT MILLIONS!

It is estimated that there are as many as 13-Million Illegals in the USA. I happen to believe the number is far greater than that. It is also KNOWN that there are MILLIONS more from all of South America, Central America, Mexico, and Moslem Countries, AND NOT JUST FROM SYRIA, who want to make it to the USA . . . and if they can’t get into the United States of America – Canada will do just Fine as a Second Choice.


If you think, just because someone is ELECTED to anything, that all of a sudden, that makes that Elected Person Smart or Smarter? . . . Think Again, because the Montreal City Council just VOTED to make Montreal a SANCTUARY CITY.


AS HARD AS IT IS FOR ME TO GET MY HEAD AROUND THIS . . . for the Life Of Me, I have no idea How and Why the IDIOTS in Montreal, which is a FAILING CITY, without the money to even Maintain the City’s Roads, Infrastructure and Services, all of a sudden has the MONEY to welcome a FLOOD OF IMMIGRANTS, who will have to live on WELFARE, who do not know how to Communicate Properly or at all in English or French, who do NOT Share our Religious or Cultural Values, and in the case of Moslems, HAVE NO INTEREST in Sharing Either . . . think that for whatever STUPID Reason, THAT THIS IS A GOOD THING FOR MONTREAL?


FROM MY EARLIEST RECOLLECTIONS OF 67-YEARS . . . I clearly remember our Teachers Brainwashing us that Canada is one of the Greatest Countries in the World, for Several Reasons:

1 – We had a RICH Shared Heritage with France and England, which was nothing more than UNMITIGATED BS.

2 – We WEREN’T Americans with that COWBOY Disregard.

3 – Canada . . . even being more than 5000-Miles Long, with the Second Largest Land Mass on the Planet, Second ONLY to Russia, with 4-Time Zones, where we have 2-Official Languages (English and French), where in the Province of Quebec, the UNRESTRICTED USE of the English Language is AGAINST THE LAW . . . we were nonetheless INDOCTRINATED with the BELIEF that Canada was in fact a “VILLAGE”, which made us kind of Quaint and Cozy.


BUT WHAT I DO KNOW . . . Is that Canada ELECTED A LIBERAL MORON to become our Prime Minister, who has PROVEN himself to be CANADA’S VILLAGE IDIOT, who has made all manner of Public Statements that CANADA IS IN EFFECT A SANCTUARY COUNTRY, where no one will be TURNED AWAY who is looking for REFUGE, which is a message that is RESONATING all over the World, as we are witnessing, as our Borders are becoming Invaded by Asylum Seekers, seeking a Good Life at the Expense of the Canadian People.


Canada is FINANCIALLY Broke. Our Cities and Provinces are SCRAPING BOTTOM. Our Elderly can hardly get by. We have children who are going to bed Malnourished. And we have MILLENNIALS WHO CANNOT FIND JOBS with their BS University Degrees, as most of them owe TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN STUDENT DEBT.

OUR MANUFACTURING SECTOR . . . is a shadow of its former self, with ZERO Prospects for a Comeback. Canada’s Bureaucracy is BLOATED & UNAFFORDABLE; Our Fossil Fuel Energy isn’t worth a fraction of what it was during the Energy Heydays. And it’s not as if the World, including the USA, is begging for our Energy.

Many of our Veterans are living on the Streets, while “Refugees” Live in what used to be their Barracks, or the “Refugees” are living in subsidized Apartments, while many CANADIANS are living in shelters.

CANADA’S ONCE VAUNTED “FREE” HEALTHCARE . . . is coming apart at the seams, where there aren’t enough Doctors, Nurses or CASH to even come close to living up to its promise of FREE GREAT TIMELY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL CANADIANS.


EVEN AS OUR VILLAGE IDIOT . . . Spends TENS of Billions of Dollars, on Third World Countries who have no use for our Culture and Freedom, and gives Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to the UN, which seems to be focused mostly on HATING JEWS & ISRAEL, and Billions MORE on many TENS of Thousands of Refugees (THUS FAR), it seems that Canada doesn’t have the money to LIVE UP TO OUR COMMITMENT TO NATO, where we are OBLIGATED by our OWN AGREEMENT to spend at least 2% of our GDP on our Military, which Canada is Spending LESS THAN 1% ON. And for some UNEXPLAINABLE Reason, we expect to have an Equal Seat At The NATO Table.


If you want to know what Canada will look like . . . IN JUST ONE YEAR FROM TODAY, based upon our VILLAGE IDIOT’S Refugee and Immigration Policy, and the FACT that we are BROKE and getting MORE BROKE BY THE DAY, just look at Paris, Brussels, London, Stockholm . . . ETC – and then Insert Toronto, Montreal and few others.

IT IS UNFATHOMABLE . . . what we Conservative Canadians – have allowed our Media, and our Leftist Electorate to do what they have done to our Canadian Country. UNFATHOMABLE!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The news is either fair and honest or a waste of time. I’m not interested in having it balanced either; that’s garbage and why I watch Fox less and less. I can’t stand Beckel or Williams and always turned them off anyway. We need a news channel that is just plain honest. Hang in there, Howard; we need you.

  2. Look at the bright side, at least the village moron is unlikely to be re-elected and the Obama OFA that helped him has bigger fish to fry in 2018 than getting idiot-boy back in office.

  3. I left Montreal in 1996 and haven’t looked back. I’m happy to say that the metropolitan center closest to where I live, Miami, has recently rejected sanctuary city status. Montreal will be deluged with freeloading “refugees” who will be a great cost, and that won’t be the worst of it. But… the most racist society in North America is the xenophobic province of Quebec. Eventually the anti-multiculturalism there will explode. I have only 3 words for this: GOD BLESS AMERICA, my home.

  4. Stupid is as stupid does. And Cdn leadership again is proving to be stupid. And not only that, but true leadership of Canada does not seem to exist here. It’s all about leading and policy making for refugees and illegals. Not an ounce of leadership or productive action for Canadians or it’s minorities and Aboriginals who deserve so much more than being sidelined for some idiotic cause.

  5. Howard, another bulls-eye, as always. Anybody with an ounce of brains who has watched developments in Europe over the last several years can see what is destined for Canada as a result of its idiotic and ever increasing Liberal agenda. I feel sad for what you and like-minded Canadians are sure to experience as you are invaded by these supposed refugees who hate what you stand for. When these Libtards finally figure out what a bad ideas this really is, it will be way too late.

  6. A sad state of affairs for Canada home of one of my geneological lines. Just think if the loony tunes in Hollywood USA did what they claimed they’d do if Donald Trump was elected President you’d have them too.

    Bob Stalcup
    Copan, Oklahoma

  7. I commend you Howard, as you are one of the only writers, of note, to clearly see the horrific disaster about unfold right before our eyes, in Canada, and with no effort from any government to curtail it. I wish it were a stretch to say this, however, it is not…our grandchildren will suffer because of this tragedy, while our self-aggrandizing, idiotic leader, Justin Trudeau, led by puppet master Gerald Butts, thinks of it as just one of the pieces needed to weaken and fully destroy Canada.

  8. I feel “Jethro” Trudeau will be very cognizant of any anti Trump rhetoric now. If social media is indicative of Canadians mindset currently (which I believe it is) he’s in huge trouble. I firmly believe he’s already lost much of his past election support. If the Conservative Party chooses correctly we may very well see an overwhelming majority next election.

  9. What will happen when the Muslim people cluster together and advertise in some middle east language and the french only rule?

  10. It’s a very negative brush Howard but notheless, a very accurate one. Is there a glimpse of hope in this beautiful country called Canada?

  11. I feel your frustrations, Howard, similar to how we in the U.S. were helpless as Obama, our America-despising former president, spent time dismantling our culture, traditions and laws. People are waking up and resisting stupidity and tyranny in the name of government, one that acts against citizens in every way. If they were required to bring a family of refugees into their own homes to feed, clothe, educate and provide health care, would they do it? We all know the answer to that one.

  12. Yes, Howard, we are in serious trouble!! With a pretty boy as our PM who is as red as any Socialist can be, Canada will start taking orders from the UN. The New World Order & its agenda to create equality everywhere in the Western society which have been weakened by our own citizens who think it is the right of all citizens (legal or otherwise) to live off those productive citizens who believe in working for a living. Our national debt is $1.4 Trillion & growing fast as we take on more refugees

  13. A NEW SIGN: I just watched “another” video of a protest in USA, one sign read, WE ARE ALL MUSLIMS NOW. It is beyond outrageous. MSM talks about “How is TRUMP going to unite our divided country?” He isn’t. No one can as long as you have a Geo. Soros and an Obama paying and “organizing” the disruptive ones. Many protesters are in it for their “pay” and the consent to rip and tear and destroy. Time for curfews. PARENTS save your children don’t send them to LIBERAL infested Universities!!!!

  14. Please! They are not stupid at all. They are doing exactly what they are paid to do by the UN/globalists. It start way back. Remember Poppy Trudeau decimating our Bank of Canada, plunging us into debt? The next PMs attending secret Bilderberg Meetings, PM Harper telling us that it was ‘only normal’ that he had to give away some of our sovereignty to get a trade deal signed? Now King Trudeau telling the UN breathlessly how proud he is that Canada is a post-national state with no core identity

  15. It was bound to happen. Mexicans and South Americans, for the most part, work and many are great craftsman. The bunch for Europe we can do without. They have a negative value, take, give nothing and do not assimilate. They have nothing in common with a civilized community. Trump is putting together a force that will end the problem.

  16. Howard, the USA is not a perfect country either. We have ILLEGAL immigrants who upon arriving in our country are given about $19,000 EACH for their welfare. We have citizens working two jobs that are living worse than the ILLEGALS. So i understand why you are upset. Don’t know what the answer is besides closing our borders for X number of years so let those here assimilate (we did it once before) but President Trump is starting to round up the criminal illegals and sending them back.

  17. Tied for first again! I wouldn’t want to be at that indoor shooting range today. Not after this one!

  18. Howard, I said that before and I shall say it again. I honestly fear for my children and grand children future in Canada. Unfortunately our so called leaders are totally oblivious to what it will happen to our country and culture when they are opening the doors open to any Tom Dick and Harry, with no verifications at all. God help us from our fools in Government.
    Steve Acre, Montreal, Canada

  19. When I first came to live in Israel, friends back in Britain asked me if it was safe? Well, when I first came here in 1970, that was a valid question, but over the years it’s just about reversed itself, at least for some areas of Britain, although, to be fair, not all. Our son lives in a village close to Oldham, which has a high Asian population. but for him life is very much unchanged, that is except for the new morality that accepts homosexuality, etc. But isn’t that foretold in the Bible?

  20. For all of the Canadian liberals and progressives maybe the USA should adopt the Mexican method of handling illegals. Give them all a 20 travel visa after which if they are caught they can be deported or jailed. This way the USA could serve as a conduit for illegals the same way that Mexico is and Canada and Mr. T can have the problem. Historical note: though now considered to be a swipe against Italians, WOP meant without papers or being illegal.

  21. Howard the next time you have the opportunity to walk the dog TAKE IT . It will not be long before our Muslim leaders tell us Dogs are banned ! There really is NO answer to this . The fact is MOST Canadians I talk to think the whole PLAN is what the world needs and they agree with our Idiot Leader . I do not care who runs against him in the next Election , he is PM for life. Ontario is so broke we have run out of snow & cold weather … Global Warming ? WE WERE WARNED !

  22. Howard + 10.5 stars for you, this blog, and the informative information you share.
    About 6 or 7 years ago (you can understand why), I started doing research on moving and attempting to become a citizen of Canada. In my research I found that Canada was not my best option. Ireland was not a good option, along with a few other places. After reading your blog I’m starting to think that Trump may have been the answer the US needed for the last 20 years. I hope he succeeds!

  23. Howard, you hit upon one of my pet peeves with the statement that just because one is elected it makes him smart. I have been preaching this for the last 40 years or so. Mostly it makes them sneaky or sly but definitely not smart. The voter needs to realize this before he votes and then really check out the candidates credentials.

  24. Howard, I am sorry for Canada but where did you think the free-loaders would go? They certainly weren’t going back south from whence they came. Gov Abbott has finally said Texas will no longer support sanctuary cities and backs Pres Trump. I guess they could go to CA, NM, or AZ, those states will try to hide them for a while.

  25. Too bad we can’t arrange an even swap. The U.S. would take you and your Canadian friends and we would send our illegals and refugees to Canada. That would make us very happy while giving Canada exactly what they want/deserve. Maybe Trump can negotiate this.

  26. Oh, Howard – What a mess this is. Now, for us in the US illegals leaving in droves is fine, BUT not if they are going to Canada!!! Canada has been our ally for a long time & to have this happen is just not right. I realize that your Village Idiot has made this all possible & your Government is just as stupid for doing nothing, but in my mind, it is wrong, wrong and more wrong! My heart is very sad that this may come to pass. All I can do is pray for Canada, as well as the US.

  27. Expect a mosque on every street in about 2 years, some will be backed from money sent be iss ,then Canada will have
    major problem.Trump could put Canada in the list of no entry’s. If Canada had the form of government as the U.S.
    you cold try to impeach him.

  28. Now much to my disgust, I am watching what is coming in the US. Now the worst president in History, of the USA, Obama is roosting in a grand home very close to the White House. Along with Wicked Hillary and her minions they have a common goal now, getting Trump out of office to relieve their personal hysteria over having lost the elections. Now the arch-bishop of San Diego and Archbishop Cupich of Chicago are pushing and preaching for the masses of illegals etc. to riot for their demands.

  29. Note to Gary Andersen from Redding CA. It is already too late. This ahole clown prince, who is living proof you don’t need brains to have a university degree, has in his short tenure done more damage than his old man did. The old man only cost us money, the kid has destroyed the country. New talk surfacing about western seperation. Lets git’er done AB, BC and SK, we need not the pinkos of the east.

  30. Howard you are SO right! All this makes me so mad! Why can’t people rub two brain cells together and see what is happening in the USA, Canada and the world. The Democrats are acting like idiots and the longer they carry on the stupider they look. Where do they think all their privileges spring from? Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are like no other! Freedom is NOT Free My gosh – we barely made it thru Obummer’s 8 years with an intact nation. Will they “wake up” in time?

  31. It’s all about votes and power and greed and money. The politicos couldn’t care less about the Canadian citizens, after all they HAVE TO pay taxes and abide by the laws. The regfugees can live off their taxes and vote and keep the idiots and traitors in office. We, the USA, almost fell into this hell hole. Thank God for Trump to leave his Ivory Tower with no problems and take on all the mess and problems Obama left behind.

  32. Had you not inserted “Canada” in several places, I thought you were describing the USA. But why are refugees leaving the US going into Canada? Have they misinterpreted the push to remove criminal illegals? If so, that’s a problem of their not learning our English language. It makes things better for USA but Canada is getting what Trudeau ‘asked for’. Are you sure you and Anne don’t want to apply for citizenship in the US?

  33. I am not in favor of any situation in which the United States gains and our dear neighbors to the North lose, but unfortunately this is the present situation as you describe. I hope Canadians come to their senses and manage to out their socialist in chief.

  34. Glad you did not have to give up quality time at the range, Howard. That is never easy. Hopefully one day soon we’ll awaken to find out the entire world is tuned in to Trump while they are sucking up a large dose of reality. We feel badly for you and your Canadian people. Many must be suicidal. But remember we just escaped the same scenario. Something tells us as soon as the wall on our southern border is complete, we had better get a fast start on one up north.

  35. How sad. My mother (from Hamilton, Ont.) must be rolling over (spinning?) in her grave.


  37. Howard, you and your family should start applying for U.S. Citizenship as fast as you can! It won’t be long until cities in Canada will be asking for American assistance to help “ward-off” the influx of terrorists in those cities.
    I’ve lived to see 13 U.S.Presidents, and the writing is on the wall… Next thing, Canada will be like France…!

  38. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is a hard left fascist dictator. Just read his new animal control bylaw to understand how dangerous he. The following is an shortened exert :
    “ANY EMPLOYEE responsible for the application of this by-law, may:
    1)visit and inspect any occupancy
    2)have or give orders to have euthanized any animal that is dangerous, at risk or prohibited.
    It is an offence to prohibit or impede in any manner the access.

    There are so many frightening aspects to this bylaw. Just re

  39. It appears that we, as Americans, should be welcoming our Canadian neighbors to the world of absurdity. Fortunately for us, and I do not like the idea of passing unfortunate things off to our northern neighbors, these migrants are leaving us for “better days” with you. Maybe you can take all of them?! And some of the folks in Hollywood? Maybe even some of our politicos? Maybe take……., nah, there are too many of them that need to go………

  40. What is needed in Canada is a duplicate of what happened before our last election. The Christians, finally realized their wickedness of foresaking Him. And by acting upon His promise, “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and HEAL their land, (we did it down here). We voted, the highest % of evengelical Chrisians, GOD CONFUSED THE ENEMY AND WE WON.

  41. Thanks to Mohamed Trudeau Canada will now become Canuckistan ahead of schedule. Tomorrow I am applying for my Green card as Cana-duh becomes overrun with gypsies, outlaws, martyrs and other riff raff. Lets open the borders and destroy the once best country in the world to ass kissing the Useless Nations (UN), screwing over all our vets, seniors and other citizens for charlatans who come here not to assimilate to our way of life but demand change aka Sharia. Thanks Quebec for another Einstein PM!

  42. WOW! All Pres. Trump had to do was to THREATEN and start a process to get rid of the ILLEGALS and OUT they’re going! CANADA will be INHERITING many of them, especially now that the “Montreal City Council just VOTED to make Montreal a SANCTUARY CITY”. As others have also suggested, make your MOVE to the U.S. ASAP. Trudeau is a REPLICA of Obama, so the WORST is YET to come for Canada! You have a lot of FORESIGHT–so please use it for this TASK! You all would be an ASSET to our Country! AMEN!

  43. Howard, from far South U understand n know much about what is happenin while U hav been away, it’s alarming, very scary n average Joe just doesn’t get it. Parliament, Liberals so far, has active Muslim MP’s working toward implementation of Shariah. Muslim progess to their ultimate goal is faster here than in Europe. Muslims have learned how to infiltrate the legal system and use our law against us. I now feel not just mentally sick, beginning to feel physically sick. God bless and save Canada.

  44. Toronto and Montreal have declared themselves sanctuary cities for the Illegal Immigrant Free-loaders. How brave these cities are to say to America – “Well we’ll show you”!
    So how is Canada or these Sanctuary cities to finance these proven welfare demanding Illegal Aliens? Raise municipal taxes?
    Raise provincial taxes, Federal taxes? Maybe this time Canadians may wake up that to liberals sharing wealth just means throwing away money taken from tax payer by force.

  45. We sure do have our share of leftist numbskulls. In New York State we have Schumer and Cuomo. Thank God Trump got elected Pres. Hopefully you can oust idiot Trudeau in your next election. In a local school board meeting last night a group of veterans showed up to protest a motion that would have allowed students to sit and not pledge allegiance to our flag, following the disgusting example of professional ball players who refuse to stand during our national anthem. The motion was tabled.

  46. Howard, this blog certainly elicited a great response . I have a problem with how thick (stupid) the mililenials are. I have 6 Grandchildren with at least 3 of them that voted liberal. When I try to talk to them about what is going on they are not interested. All are well educated, is this part of the problem ? These are scary days, the scourge is getting here too fast. I know how you feel and believe me I feel the same. My best to you and Anne and Stryker of course.

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