Because the Media (PRESS) is FREE to Write, Say and Disseminate WHATEVER it wishes to Convey, WHETHER TRUTHFUL OR NOT . . . is not a guarantee for FREEDOM without Checks and Balances.


DID YOU KNOW . . . that in the US Constitution, in the FIRST AMENDMENT no less, that the “PRESS” was Accorded Special Mention, so as to GUARANTEE a Free and Independent Media (PRESS) for the American People, which has MORPHED into a Special Accommodation, which protects even the most Egregious and Vile Reporting, such as is routinely seen in the Tabloids, which through LIES, DISTORTIONS, HEARSAY & INNUENDOS, has also Destroyed Reputations, Lives, Marriages, Families, and Careers . . . WITH NEAR IMPUNITY?

IT IS ONLY THE PRESS . . . which in the First Amendment, has been so Honored and Singled-Out, to receive such an Incredible RIGHT, that one has to wonder where the OBLIGATION of the Media (PRESS) must be, to have MERITED such an unbelievable FREEDOM ALL UNTO ITSELF?

YOU HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF THIS . . . Because the Media (PRESS) has been RECOGNIZED to be so Utterly Important to the FREEDOM of America by the Founding Fathers & Framers of the US Constitution . . .

. . . SHOULDN’T THAT IMPOSE . . . a Special Burden on the Media to “ALWAYS” be HONEST & FACTUAL?


For any who are reading this Editorial, who might DOUBT . . . or not completely understand the Actual Wording and Importance of the First Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, OR OF THE PRESS; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”


SO . . . When I See, Read, and Hear the Media (PRESS) . . . SPECIFICALLY the News Media, behaving as if they were PUNDITS, PERFORMERS & ENTERTAINERS, instead of EXPLORERS & ADVOCATES FOR THE TRUTH – to me, this is all but a Total RENUNCIATION & ABDICATION of the CRITICAL TRUST the Framers of the US Constitution BESTOWED UPON THE MEDIA.

In the First Amendment . . . which I Published Atop this Sentence for you to Read for yourselves, just in case you haven’t read it, or perhaps you need a refresher, I cannot see any reference whatsoever, where the News Media (PRESS) must, or Should Engage in becoming a Political Appendage or Advocate for a Political Person or Party.

I DO NOT SEE . . . anywhere in the First Amendment, where it is by any means the Job or Obligation of the Media (MEDIA) to “CREATE” LIES OR REASONS TO DOUBT any Political Person, INCLUDING, but not especially the President of the United States of America, simply because the Media does not accept that Person’s or People’s Policies.

AS A MATTER OF FACT . . . Because of the EXTRAORDINARY Privilege Accorded to the Media (PRESS), what I see, is that it is a FREEDOM to Search-Out and PUBLISH FACTS & TRUTH, without fear of Retribution from anyone, INCLUDING THE GOVERNMENT.

IN ESSENCE . . . Having a PRESS or MEDIA, FREE to CREATE “Truths” . . . and to Instill Doubts and Fears with the First Amendment Protection of IMPUNITY, Flies in the Face of the First Amendment, which by the Dishonest Actions of the Media (PRESS) is not only Anti-American, IT IS IN ITSELF, A REAL THREAT TO FREE SPEECH.


I won’t even begin to list the Number of Media Personalities who have been CAUGHT LYING, CHEATING, SPINNING & CREATING STORIES out of thin air. And I won’t bother listing the Names of the Media, where LIES, DISTORTIONS AND NON-STORIES were hatched and disseminated to the TRUSTING Public, because of the Media’s (PRESS) OWN NARRATIVE & POLITICAL AGENDA.


The FACT that the American Media (PRESS) . . . along with Canada’s Media and the Media of the World are UP-IN-ARMS over President Trump’s SELF-DEFENSE, and Counter Attack against the “FAKE-MEDIA”, where in all reality, the President has ENORMOUS PUBLIC SUPPORT, should if NOTHING ELSE, let the Media (PRESS) Know how far they’ve STRAYED from the Day the American Framers of the US Constitution Placed their TRUST in the “PRESS” by SPECIAL MENTION & PROTECTION, to where the PRESS is Today.

John McCain Goes To Europe & INSINUATES President Trump Could Be A Dictator:

In a very recent Speech (February 17, 2017), which John McCain delivered to a Major European Audience at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, McCain ACCUSED President Trump, without Naming him by Name . . . but he just as well may have, as someone who could become a DICTATOR for his position AGAINST A FREE PRESS.

I NEVER HEARD SO MUCH AS A WHISPER . . . that President Trump was AGAINST A FREE PRESS, certainly not from his own mouth, nor by the People around him, or who are part of his White House, and/or Inner Circle.

BUT I HAVE HEARD THE PRESIDENT . . . Rail Against A Biased And Dishonest Media. RIGHTLY-SO.

BUT BACK TO MCCAIN . . . What kind of a Person, especially a Sitting Elected American Senator, who is in a position of Respect and Authority, would say something like that about his President and the Commander-In-Chief of the World’s GREATEST Military, specifically at an International Security Conference, especially in Europe, where the EURO-TRASH FROTH AT THE MOUTH when a Well Placed American like Senator McCain BASHES HIS OWN.

AND IF FOR ONE SECOND . . . You might think, that this was not HARMFUL to the United States of America, because it was perhaps ONLY Harmful to the Reputation of the President of the United States of America – YOU’RE DELUDED.

PERHAPS BECAUSE OF MCCAIN – TODAY (February 20, 2017) . . . Of all days, on PRESIDENTS DAY, while Addressing NATO in Belgium, with the Entire World Watching, Vice President Pence was asked during the Media (PRESS) Q&A . . . If The World Should Worry Because President Trump Is AGAINST A FREE MEDIA?


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Howard, in your list of FOX News liberals, your “etcetera” obviously included Jehmu Greene who has to be the most far-fetched illogically thinking liberal, and most extreme Obama-lover of them all. I don’t just tune out all of them…I physically leave the room when they get the microphone. They spout only garbage, and could never ever be converted to logical thinking. Your position is grounded in truth and logic, and I, too stand with you. Thank you for sharing your platform.

  2. Two Senators who married for $$ and are both losers, John McCain and John Kerry. If not for their wife’s cash they would
    be flipping in McDonalds.

  3. Thank you, Howard. Is the MSM against making America great and safe and secure? Trump is right to call out those who are against America and its people. The liberal mind set is that they love what’s bad for our country and he hate what’s good for it. I think that more and more people are waking up and seeing this hateful bias!

  4. Sadly, John McCain has morphed into a poster boy for term limits. RINO is way too soft a label to place on him.

  5. The lying press along with the BLM terrorists, and the Obama/Soros “protesters” are trying to destroy America. It’s a sad day when you have a bitter old man like John Mc Cain bad mouthing our president in a foreign country. I guess alot of people don’t remember the Keating scandal Mc Cain was involved in. It’s past time for Mc Cain to retire.

  6. I find that the majority of the media play to the audiences, raising alarms (e.g. man-made climate change) and/or saying things that the majority of their audiences want to hear, thus improving their “ratings” and raising their income. Unfortunately, truth suffers.

  7. Thank you Howard, you keep my feet planted on the ground. During wwii children were brain washed, perhaps to keep us calm. We collected waste paper, tin cans, cooking fat, ect. After the war they left us that way, but I don’t regret that at all Proud to be an AMERICAN and love my country. But the sinister Master plan has infiltrated our schools and colleges to the point that we cannot relate to our own children, they are so sure that because they have a higher they know more than you do.

  8. The solution is NOT to harness the Press, but find out where the “support” (i.e. MONEY) is coming from! In my humble opinion the day the likes of George Soros, are no longer around, it should be a National Holiday!
    The Press does NOTHING without personal reward,accolades, or “next job” resume tweaks that mean more perks, and “Named” opening tag lines on a show!
    Cynical,….absolutely!! Probably truth,…..Positively!!

  9. I saw John McCain on tv last week. For as much respect that I have [had] for this man in years past, he is a total caricature of what he once was and stood for. He is totally irrelevant. He is a Republican ‘dead man walking’. If he was a professional athlete we would be begging him to hang up his spikes to do no further damage to his legacy. He’s well past his “Best Before Date” and should simply take himself out of the game. The man has become a total embarrassment to himself and to his party.

  10. While reading your editorial & then the comments so far, it is sounding like we’re facing another civil war. There is a real separation of beliefs, ideals & moral/ethical behavior among the citizens of this nation. It has been building since the 60s & now numbers nearly half our citizens. We recognize the method used (socialist professors & teachers) that has brought us here. Trump’s rise to POTUS was the push back for conservatives; that ignited the ire of progressives. Where/how will it end?

  11. Hyperbole will not work. Trump will lead the people to correct the media destruction of the last 2 decades. He is more than up to the task. Every day more people come to see the truth. In a real sense the media is exposing itself.

  12. HG, Kudos for yet another masterful presentation! To me; ALL of your editorials are of the caliber of a food presentation in a 6 star hotel, leaving nothing to be desired, even for the cynic. I have stated to myself, over and over, “I did not know that”, after reading your viral-qualified perspectives.

  13. John McCain is a traitor to these Unided States of America. The Obama’s now out of the presidency is trying to form a government within our government using overseas constituents from Muslim run countries. Our current President can not fight all of these battles without ascribing to some kind of war within our own government.

  14. God Save Our Soles. God bless the U.S.A.and Canada. I fear the time is close to civil war here in North America and Europe.

  15. As a Vietnam Veteran, I lost all respect of Hanoi John when it came to light that he was found to be traitor. It has been reliably reported that his confessions cost American lives while he was in captivity. Then consider his hiding files that showed we still had prisoners in North Vietnam that were no returned.

    He kept his mouth shut in order to be re-elected last year to his sixth term in the U.S. Senate. He’s nothing more than another progressive (aka RINO).

  16. The MSM or what we call the Marxist Media, has been mostly anti-American for at least 30-40 years. And in addition, who needs enemies when we have John McCain? Hopefully one day soon we’ll get back to cherishing the VALUES established by our Founders. But that will not happen with a polluted press and legislators. Peaceful demonstrations are also legal. Anarchists and scumbags who destroy lives and property must be jailed…NOW! This IS a Civil War, and we almost lost our country on 11/8/16.

  17. Agree with your major point, Howard. Sadly, we in the States no longer benefit from a “free press.” Instead we have what is, in reality, a propaganda ministry passing itself off as a free press.

    I’m only half way through it and can’t for the life of me figure out why Hillary and Bill Clinton are not in prison NOW! Here’s hoping President Donald Trump will take a crack at them soon.

  19. Like everyone else who responded, I could not believe I heard John McCain utter those words …. the other poster is right …. the word RINO is too good for him.
    And tonight on “the 5 at 5” program on FOX, Bob Beckel acted like he was pitching for a fight! He was so antagonistic, angry, and just plain nasty that I think he still doesn’t believe Trump won. GROW UP BECKEL!

  20. In MHO McCain is a TRAITOR. I was sickened at his display! He needs to step down. He is filled with as much Hate & Evil as the party of Hate & Evil, the left. Not sure how we can get him out but he needs to go. What good will he do our country when he’s not letting go of the rhetoric during the campaign. It’s obvious he will not work with or for our President. He’s a disgrace!

  21. Though McCain is “a brother in arms” I can’t help but believe that some of the crap he was exposed too while was a POW rubbed off on him.

  22. I have long held the idea that John McCain has outlived his time in the Senate, & that he needs to retire. His attitude and ideals have changed drastically over the years, & he has become “Washintton-ized”…too much a part of “the old boys club.” And yes, the PRESS needs to backtrack about 25 years & once again be the ideals we actually grew up with…a deep respect for ALL With the TRUTH.

  23. Any freedom comes with responsibility and accountability and without abuse of. Defying any of these brings chaos or fear. And this is what the media has been doing for decades, only to escalate since Trump was elected. McCain, his time has been long over due to leave and go to the pastures.

  24. How in God’s name did we slide from what the founding fathers of country intended and meant to a media, not to mention elected politicians and political appointments and judges, WHO ARE OPENLY AGAINST/HOSTILE to the incumbent president? How would the last eight years have been if the media did their job in a “timely” manner instead of being eight years late?
    Mr. G thank you so very much for showing the very true and sordid, seedy bad actors for who and what they really and truly are.

  25. Howard, thank you for talking about McCain’s speech in Munich at the Munich Security Conference. When I read about it, I was floored!!! How could any US politician talk about the President of the US, the way he did???!!! To me it was treason. I’m sorry but this man NO longer has my respect. He is still mad at Trump over a comment that McCain was not a hero, just because he was a prisoner. I didn’t believe the stories about Hanoi John – Now I wonder???

  26. John McCain is years beyond the “best before” date. Zonans should put the run on him. Your reference to the erosion of rights from my point of view is M-103. The word is it won’t become a Bill but once the lefties get their foot in the door, start checking if you see if you still have a pulse. The media may be the first victim of that trashy motion.

  27. Where was the press,TV,and radio, for 8 years while obama was destroying our country.Put 11 muslims in high security jobs as aids to obama ,some had ties to radicle originations Except for fox news and a few newspapers ,they show how to the left they are. If Trump was smart he would stop talking about the press and ignore them.

  28. Except 4 Fox News, US media, #1 CNN, spin n distort 2 discredit President Trump. painful obvious. Sweden: Trump proven right. Canadian media mirrors US. Moreover, Canada CBC, CTV, CFRA almost certainly under a gag order. Only REBEL, (CRTC shut down honest SUNTV) n Howard Galganov bring truth, specially about Muslim activities, Media never does. Quebec Mosque shooting received huge attention in favour of Muslims. Christian Canadian shooter was called the terrorist. McCain a disgrace.

  29. Rino,yes,Politically correct,yes…Senator McCain is at the end of his career having recently been elected to another 6 years by Arizona citizens. McCain is also thin skinned and is lashing back at President Trump for his commentary about him during the now ended political season primaries. McCain does the US a big dis-service by being overseas and speaking out to our Allies in this manner. He has 0 to lose…….McCain is a political figure that should retire! Go Trump,stay focused.

  30. It always befuddled me how McCain could be the choice of the Republicans for president. He made his career out of stabbing the Republican party in the back. He made that the motto of his campaign – Maverick nonsense. He should never have been in the running much less chosen to be the candidate. It was appropriate that he chose Palin since she had done the same thing to the Republicans in Alaska. The sooner both are retired and out of politics the better off we’ll be.

  31. A free media is a necessary BUT NOT SUFFICIENT condition for a personal freedom, free speech and a free state. We must add eternal vigilance to rebut and criticize what the MSM publishes.

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