IF YOU’RE PAYING ATTENTION TO THE MEDIA . . . You will HAVE to BELIEVE . . . to QUOTE the Media, that this has got to be the POOREST Presidential Launch in US History. In the words of the Media . . .

1 – The Trump Presidency is having a ROCKY START.

2 – There is CHAOS in the Trump Presidency.

3 – This has been a real ROUGH WEEK for the Trump Presidency.

4 – The Trump Presidency has STALLED.

5 – Trump has to STOP Tweeting.

6 – Trump has to STOP Waging War Against the Media.

7 – Trump has PICKED the WORST Cabinet Candidates In History.

8 – Trump hasn’t yet FIXED Obamacare.

If there was a way for the Media, the Democrats, the RINOS and the Rest of the BS-LEFT to find a way to TIE President Donald Trump to O’Leary’s Cow, which burnt Chicago Down, and the possibility for the resurgence of the Bubonic Plague . . . THEY WOULD.

BUT HERE’S THE TRUTH . . . The Inarguable, Tangible, & Verifiable Truth.

IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH, with everything the LEFT, including what the Propaganda Media could throw at him, in the guise of the Truth, which has been nothing more or less, than Selective Negative Stories, Lies, Distortions, and Innuendos, coupled with NEVER BEFORE SEEN Senate Obstruction . . .

. . . What Part Of “Make America Great Again” Does The Media Not Get?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP . . . has done MORE for the Working American Person, American Industries, and the POSITIVE PSYCHE of the American People, than any President in my memory . . . INCLUDING RONALD REAGAN.

IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH . . . President Trump has LAID DOWN HIS MARKERS on Trade, Immigration, Law and Order, America’s Military, NATO, the War AGAINST Radical Islam, the UN, and America’s Historical Friendship with Israel . . . AND THAT’S JUST THE TIP OF THE TRUMP ICEBERG. All of which was ACHIEVED BEFORE President Trump, has been able to have his Cabinet Approved by the most Anti-American Senate in American History.

AND NOW I’M READING & LISTENING . . . to the LEFT, literally SHRIEKING about how President Trump hasn’t YET FIXED OBAMACARE. And Once President Trump Repeals and Replaces Obamacare, somehow, it becomes TRUMP’S TOTAL PROBLEM TOTALLY, while Obama MIRACULOUSLY gets off the HOOK!


THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND – NONE WHATSOEVER . . . that President Trump will Shepherd a New, Viable, and Affordable Healthcare Policy to the American People.


THE ONLY QUESTION . . . Is – should President Trump Repeal and Replace Obamacare, the same as the Democrats Introduced the NOT SO “AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE ACT” under Obama, Reid and Pelosi, with NO REAL Debate, NO REAL Discussions, with the Decision Being Made Before it was Even Presented to the Congress and the American People, with NO BIPARTISANSHIP WHATSOEVER . . . ?

And in the words of Nancy Pelosi “WE HAVE TO PASS THE BILL SO YOU CAN FIND OUT WHAT IS IN IT”.

Is that the way the American People want their PRESIDENT & CONGRESS to run their affairs, in the Back Rooms, away from Debate, while Passing Laws in the DARKNESS OF NIGHT? Because if you listen to the Media, that’s what they’re saying.

I watched President Trump Deliver his ADDRESS, to the Tens of Thousands of People who RALLIED in Florida to hear and see him SPEAK, which the Media was calling Trump’s Campaign Rally. Someone should let the Media KNOW that this wasn’t a CAMPAIGN RALLY, since the Campaign is DONE and Trump WON!

ALSO . . . The Media would do well to Understand and Question, why the Popularity of President Trump is NOW OVER 50% & CLIMBING, while the Media and the LEFT continue their Mantra, that Trump’s Presidency is in DISARRAY – PLUS – PLUS – PLUS.


IN BUSINESS . . . The Job ISN’T DONE until the JOB IS DONE. You go home when the JOB IS DONE. You don’t go home or go on Vacation until the JOB IS DONE. And as I see it, CONGRESS NEVER SEES IT THROUGH, and always walks away before the JOB IS DONE.



As President Trump DRAINS THE SWAMP in Washington DC, I think you will Sooner . . . Rather Than Later, see the People in their own States, Provinces, Towns and Cities, who will also start to FEEL EMPOWERED to Drain their own State, Provincial and Municipal Swamps Too.

Make No Mistake About It – The Trump Phenomenon Is Spreading Worldwide.


Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Whether or not you like Trump’s style, we’re all going to like the results. Unless you’re a leftist, a Dhimmi-crat, a RINO, a JINO, or a Mullah. MAGA!

  2. With the BEYOND incredible messes that Obama created and left us, while continuing to hide in the shadows, clearly now playing FILTHY politics without any official capacity or identity related to him and a few others, we might be lucky to get beyond disgraceful in reparations in the next 4 YEARS! Let those who know what they are being part of, truly search their souls and realize that what they are destroying is truly a self immolation and a just God will never forgive them! Bud Farrell

  3. You’ve hit the nail on the head once more, except for one thing. Pelosi didn’t say that “we have to pass the bill so YOU can find out what’s in it.” She said, “we have to pass this bill so WE can find out what’s in it.” The liberals had no idea what they were voting on. They took Obama at his word. “You can keep your plan.” “You can keep your doctor.” And forced the rest of the country to pay for their stupidity.
    Things look like their changing for the better.

  4. You are right Howard the swamp is not regulated to just Washington D.C. ,we have a swamp here in Miami-dade county Florida. Before the exodus from latin America countries english was the speaking language ,written in newspapers
    and courts.Now we have spanish,and french haitian for notifications and interrupters in our courts You watch TV interviews
    and many who have been here for many years and can not speak a word of english. If u look latino they start speaking
    spanish even county worke

  5. It is very interesting that there is so much BS being done by the losers that are acting just lite junvinals that did not get their way when THEY wanted and are crying like baby’s!


  6. Howard as I read your always good report on President Trump I am listening to the radio as you know what use to be the right wing show but since Bell Media took over 580 CFRA, they now have left wing moderators and have nothing good to say about Trump and keep on about the media is being unfairly treated by him. Therefore I no longer listen to or watch the left news on Radio or TV. Keep up the good blog Howard. Mike

  7. I’m amazed the biased media didn’t accuse our lovely First Lady of plagiarizing the Lord’s Prayer! They are such utter and total lying scum that it’s shocking. They squandered the last remaining shreds of their credibility with their slobbering sycophantic devotion to shoving hillary down our throats, clearly not realizing or not caring that CREDIBILITY is their stock in trade and, once gone, is impossible to regain. The media is finished and they don’t even know it.

  8. The first part of the swamp that needs to be drained is the CIA, et. al – too many career left wing loons in intelligence.

  9. Trump can give an account of 100 positive things that he has done, then sum it up with a foolish comment – and that foolish comment is all that the gullible public will see from a very controlled media. I have started to let the SPONSORS of these biased newscasts know that I will NOT be purchasing their products until A) they pull their ads , or , B) the news service presents unbiased facts with no partisan opinion.

  10. Trump won with the votes from middle America, the people who want the swamp drained. The Democrats have got caught
    with their hand in the cookie jar for the last time and they are pissed because their life of crime is over and from now on the good people of America will be incharge. Some say the Democrats are sore loosers, but this is true only to some. The
    others are sore mostly because they have been found out about and no longer operate in their old ways of doing what they please for them.

  11. I’m old enough to remember vividly how the left (losers & media) railed to the rooftops against Ronald Reagans run and ultimately his win – God, the names the left had for him! and now De-ja-vu all over again, this time for Donald Trump! What is it with the American left mindset? A conundrum? That’s an understatement! As others have aptly said it’s “a mental disorder” and it’s applicable to many – world wide!

  12. If I may:
    Out of the tree of life I just picked me a Trump.
    You came along and everything started to jump.
    Still, it’s a real good bet the best is yet to come…

  13. The definition of “premise” is an assertion, presumption, presupposition, assumption or proposition SUPPORTING or HELPING TO SUPPORT a desirable conclusion for the person or party issuing the premise. Such is the bent of the fake news media President Trump calls out. Saw it on full display this morning on FOX News Sunday when the panel discussed the ‘the depth of White House disarray’ (after only 4 weeks in office for Pete’s sake!!!). We The People see through it. Excellent work Howard!

  14. I can’t understand why the people can’t see just what Trump is trying hard to do. to help all of us here in the US They must not see what is on the internet, and what is on the e-mail !! the is trying to get us all back on the right wAY!!! If the media would get this, it would help us all!!!!!!

  15. Canada has a huge, infested, swamp to be drained. I count 212 federal ministries and agencies. And I count 368 provincial ministries and agencies (not counting 162 police boards) in the province of Ontario alone! It’s no wonder that almost half of
    Canada’s population (36,000,000) derive a large part of their livelihood from the public sector.

  16. I see that Obama is “setting up shop” in DC to pull the strings on an army of left-wingers whose only mission in life will be to oppose our new President no matter what he does or does not do. I cannot recall (and I’m an old man) when “the loyal opposition” became not loyal, but with the sole objective to oppose. THIS IS DETESTABLE. It’s detrimental to the best interests of the United States, and borders on treason. The holdovers from the Obama era need to purged from our government, and fast!

  17. Howard, You were exactly right with the factual saying of Pelosi regarding the ACA………”We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” I found it on the Internet in a list of many quotes of Pelosi! Kudos to you for all your editorials.

  18. Thanks again, Howard, for a great and uplifting article! You’re head and shoulders above the panoply of “liberal” and biased journalists, who this morning are squealing like a pig caught under a gate. Finally a president is calling them out for their lies and distortions. Tell me: why do liberals love what is bad and hate what is good? Why is it that though they hold themselves out to be paragons of virtue and compassion while at the same time are the most snarly and hateful people around?

  19. Right on, Howard! And isn’t it pathetic that the former war hero had to go to Germany to bad mouth our President? McCain has turned into a girl-boy elitist. A year from now all of the anti-Trumper’s will realize they have been rolled over by a very large and successful machine. Isn’t it interesting they don’t have any problem accusing Trump of things they never would have said about the traitor Obama? Such scumbags!!!

  20. McCain says we need the press to sustain our democratic system.Yes we do,BUT we do not need a DISHONEST press.I watched Meet the Press his morning.Not one good thing was sad about POTUS by Chuck Todd and only one good thing by one of his round table guests.A dishonest press who objective is to damage POTUS actually hurts our country.He and his team have to spend so much time defending themselves instead of working for the people’s needs.POTUS will win, but it just aggravates me to watch the BS.

  21. AND…it was said that BARACK was one of the best community organizers, but not until PRES. TRUMP came along!Had Trump not FIRST addressed ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and the MAINSTREAM MEDIA’S hypocrisy, these topics would have never been discussed by ALL other candidates!One can already feel the PRIDE in AMERICA when viewing his rallies and hearing him speak.The First Lady, Melania, surprised everyone with the LORD’S PRAYER at the rally.The “SWAMP IS SLOWLY BEING DRAINED”! Good Luck Pres. Trump! AMEN!

  22. It has been said that you cannot judge a book by its cover and this applies precisely to our Wonderful President Trump!
    He is a bit frayed around the edges, but we patriots are not overly concerned by that rough exterior. We judge our leaders by substance and President Trump has more substance than any of his predecessors in my (80 year) memory. Yes, I wish he had more of President Reagan’s wonderful “persona” but he is what he is and we are blessed to have him.

  23. I am totally sick of the words coming out of the mouth of John McCain ….. he needs to get out of the Senate and go home to Arizona and lick his wounds ….. “poor me, poor me.”

  24. The left will see our economy, our military, our social fabric totally destroyed before they will ever give up. Make no mistake about it, this is a fight to the death.

  25. We’re fed so much BS by CBS, CTV and Bell controlled CFRA. They’re no better, one might argue worse, than th USA media becus they follow CNN in attempt to brainwash Canadians. At least we have opportunity to abolish CBC, no Gov funding, if we get another Conservative government. Harper was going to cut some funding but didn’t get a chance; Trudeau actually increased it to get control, ban any negatives about Muslims, and spew out garbage, like CNN et al.
    Canadians Vote 4 Kellie Leitch

  26. 1. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    2. The Gordian knot unraveling takes more than a month after 8 years of Obama’s phone and pen complemented by Harry Reid and his minions.
    3. With the subversives in Washington and the “loyal” press corps, the swamp draining will have many starts and stops to clean the filters.
    4. 18 wheelers take a bit of practice to get up to speed and on track.

  27. What on Earth will it take for the Media, RINOS & Lefties to actually “SEE & UNDERSTAND that what Pres. Trump has ALREADY done & will CONTINUE to do…is what WE THE PEOPLE have wanted for a long time? I realize “THEY” have been in power so long their heads are up their (you know whats)…but, wouldn’t ya think they would start to “get it.”? All rhetorical questions, of course. BUT, they Wii have to…sooner or later. One can only hope.
    As usual, right on Howard.

  28. Soros with his “Open Society Foundation” and Obama with his non profit “Organizing for Action” are behind the riots and protests coming from the left. They are actively training people in “Alinsky tactics” with the goal of overthrowing the Trump government. All with the help of moles in the government and the media. God help us.

  29. Good editorial Howard! I pray that the cleaning of the swamp happens sooner than later. I read that SOS Tillison has cleaned out the upper 0fficials in the State Department. It’s about time!!! These were key positions, too. I also want to see this happen in the Dept of Justice! That Dept really needs a house cleaning & has for a long, long time. Then the CIA, NSA, DOD & the DHS. Doing all of that would certainly be good for the country, as well as for We The People!!!

  30. I tolerated Obama Bin Laden for 8 long years,I was forced to pay for his”Affordable”health care. Which I could have lost my HOUSE!I NEVER Rioted in the streets, burned cars,beat up people,smashed windows,looted stores,burned My Country’s FLAG!Never did trust Obama to do anything good for us Americans.Re:our Media I TRUST THEM LESS!IF NOT AT ALL! President Trump speaks from his heart, is saying things that President Reagan spoke of President JFK spoke of and those before him.Let’s Trust Him.

  31. Another excellent editorial. I am so thankful that, early on, our electorate had a vision of what could be with Trump as president. As he admitted: He had manipulated the system and knew what was wrong in Washington and would fix it. I love it. Regarding obamacare, the democrats own it. Why must Trump fix it. Insurance companies base premiums on risk. The government screws up everything it touches outside of providing for the common defense. Obama started screwing that up also.

  32. Following his successful Rally in Melbourne, Fl, they attended the Benefit held at Mar-a-Lago for Cancer Care and research. At last the Copter Pad has been approved, that will take a load off the roadway from PGIA to his home. The Media loves to call his home a “Resort”, why can’t these Clowns recognize his home. Bama lived off the Peoples money, Trump lives in his own house FREE, ditto in NYC.

  33. Readers, don’t question Howard unless you have the facts. The FACT is, Liberals wouldn’t know a fact if it hit them up along side of the head. God bless The Donald and the U.S. of A.

  34. You need your own radio show to compete with Rush Limbaugh, or better yet, sub for Rush when he needs a break. The only issue as I see it is that you are a lot more direct than Rush (read – less bombastic BS).

    I agree, Trump has accomplished a lot, but more needs to be done. He is on the right track

    Nice seeing you and your wife at the Rifle Range the other day. Remember, Range Rule 27 is strictly enforced 🙂

    Best regards

    George – U.S. Army Retired, Vietnam Veteran

  35. Howard in response to your previous blog I have found a creditable NEW News Broadcast station. Its called OAN or One America News. How refreshing to get only the news with NO spin. Its like taking two Excedrin for getting rid of a terrible headache.

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