Anyone who thinks the LEFT, the MEDIA, RINOS, BIG BUSINESS, ACADEMIA, & HOLLYWOOD, amongst a Host of Other LIKE-MINDED-TRAVELLERS, are Fighting a War just AGAINST President Trump . . . THINK AGAIN – Because the Real War is Against Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Decency, Competence, and a Meritocracy, which in the LONG RUN all represent Conservative and Independent VALUES.

WE THE PEOPLE . . . On both sides of the Border, including throughout Europe, and even into Israel, have for GENERATIONS been Spoon-Fed Media Gibberish with LIES, LIES & MORE LIES . . . from all the people who FEED OFF OUR TAX DOLLARS.

And all of a sudden – here comes an Outsider, who was initially an Insider, who is NOT ONLY DRAINING THE SWAMP, but laying out in public . . . all the Swamp Creatures, for everyone to see.


I’m just about as done with FOX News as I am with all of them. But, I enjoy drinking my morning coffee as I scan all the news from various sources with FOX & FRIENDS on the Television in the background, because I find their programming to be Conservatively Refreshing.

SO HERE I AM THIS SATURDAY MORNING . . . Enjoying the Light-Hearted Weekend Broadcast, when who comes onto the Screen, the EXCREMENTAL Geraldo Rivera, who I usually MUTE, when he appears. However, the discussion this morning with the man who sees himself as a “LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND”, saying that Trump and the Media “HAVE TO COOL IT”, peaked my interest.

Rivera says that Trump and the Media “HAVE TO COOL IT” because the world is in such bad shape, and is so dangerous, and America needs to come together, that America and the American People have to be PLACED FIRST IN EVERYONE’S MIND, rather than having a WAR between Trump and the Media . . .

SO THIS IS HOW THE “LEGEND” PROPOSED . . . that Trump and the Media should “COOL IT”.

1 – Donald Trump has to STOP Attacking the Media.

2 – Donald Trump has to STOP Attacking the Republicans.

3 – Donald Trump has to TONE DOWN his Rhetoric.


Donald Trump has to STOP, has to STOP, has to STOP . . . But what does the Media have to STOP?

It’s like all the MASSIVE LEFTIST LIES, which the Media tells about Israel ALL THE TIME – Israel has to STOP Building homes in their own Country. Israel has to OPEN UP Israel’s Borders between the Palestinian Territories and Israel Proper. Israel has to GIVE LAND BACK to the Palestinians. Israel has to give the Golan Heights BACK TO SYRIA. Israel has to ACCEPT the Iran Deal. Israel has to keep all Embassies OUT OF JERUSALEM. Israel has to SUPPLY the Palestinian People with Water and Electricity. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT WHAT ISRAEL HAS TO DO.

But what do the Palestinians have to do?




Rivera the “Legend”, said that the World and America are in Really Bad Shape, which might be the only Honest and Accurate thing he said at all, during this segment on FOX and Friends. So how come, when President Trump says: “I HAVE INHERITED A REAL MESS”, it falls on Deaf Ears? Because, if the World and the USA are in such TURMOIL as the “Legend” says that it is, from where did this TURMOIL come?

Who was the President for the Last 8-Years? And who was the President before him for the previous 8-Years, and the 8-Years before him too? And who sat in Congress for the past many DECADES? And who reported on the News while all these Presidents and Members of Congress (Senators and House members) DIDDLED with the People’s Money and RIGHTS?

So who should be Blamed for the TURMOIL the World and America is in?

A BREAKING STORY TODAY, Emanating from the “Not So Prestigious” Associated Press, was that Trump Is Calling-On 100,000 National Guard Troops to “ROUND UP ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THROUGHOUT THE USA” for Deportation.

Rivera . . . the “Legend In His Own Mind” held-up the Front Page, of what he called the Most Influential Newspaper in Arizona, where he was visiting his Mother-In-Law, celebrating her 70th Birthday, who is two years YOUNGER than Rivera, which is yet a different story, TO SHOW THAT TRUMP IS SOMEHOW BECOMING “AUTHORITARIAN” . . . by Calling Up The Guard for this purpose.


And as the THREE Co-Hosts of the FOX News Morning Show Pointed out to the “Legend”, that this WASN’T EVEN CLOSE TO BEING TRUE, and was DISMISSED by President Trump and all the people around him as being a Fabrication of the Media, the “Legend” was quick to make his Point, that this came from a MEMO someone had presented. OK . . .

Who Presented the MEMO? No one knows.

Who Drafted the MEMO? No one knows.

Did the MEMO Reach the President’s Desk? No one knows.

Was the MEMO even Prepared by someone in the White House? No one knows.

BUT AS FAR AS THE AP AND THE “LEGEND” KNOWS . . . this is BIG NEWS, because they want it to be BIG NEWS, and it made the President look like a Tyrant . . . Excuse me – AUTHORITARIAN.


Even if President Trump did INVOKE the National Guard to Round-Up Illegal Immigrants, SO WHAT? Since President Trump would not have been the FIRST President to use the National Guard TO GUARD THE USA, especially along the US/Mexican Border.

Where was the OUTRAGE, when in May of 2010, Obama AUTHORIZED the Deployment of 1200 National Guard Troops to the US/Mexican Border? And again in in February 2015, when Obama Decided to KEEP National Guard Troops also along the US/Mexican Border?


MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. With every passing Day, Conservative People with DECENT VALUES are getting STRONGER, while the Lying Media, Politicians, and all other Assorted LEFTIST ELITISTS, are seeing their Kingdom being DISASSEMBLED . . . Entitlement by Entitlement. And NOT ONLY don’t they like it, THEY’RE IN OPEN PANIC. And it won’t get any better for all of us, UNTIL THEIR ENTIRE HOUSE COMES TUMBLING DOWN UPON THEM.


I Received Quite A Few Letters In Comments And Emails, which were ANGRY with my Choice of Mad Max Bernier to Lead the Conservative Party of Canada. People were angry for several reasons:

1 – Bernier is from Quebec. And very few people living outside Quebec ever want to see another Quebecer sitting as the Prime Minister of Canada. Which is kind of hard to argue, since Quebec Prime Ministers have all done a number on Canada for them to secure and keep Quebec Votes.

2 – Bernier . . . many of them said; CAN’T BE TRUSTED, because of his REALLY Bad Choice in choosing a Girlfriend, which is also a fact, and because he played Fast and Loose with Secret NATO Documents. Also a FACT.

3 – Some . . . even went so far as to REJECTING MAD MAX TOTALLY, because he was a Lawyer. I wrote that I wouldn’t hold that against him. But I understand the reluctance to have a Lawyer Running Canada.


SO . . . Because the People who Read this BLOG are generally QUITE SMART & WELL INFORMED, some of them wrote in the Comment Section and by Email . . . WHAT ABOUT KELLIE LEITCH? To which I very embarrassingly shook my head, because I actually knew very little about her, except her name, SO I READ-UP BIG-TIME ON KELLIE LEITCH.

And what I discovered was a Woman who shares ALL OF MY VALUES. Who is a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon (with a Real Heart), who sat in Stephen Harper’s Cabinet, who comes originally from the West (Winnipeg Manitoba), but makes her home in the Heartland of Ontario. So she’s NOT from Quebec or affiliated with Quebec.

IT SEEMS THAT KELLIE LEITCH . . . Stands for just about everything Mad Max STANDS FOR, less his antithesis for Supply Management, which is OK with me.

She also hasn’t SCREWED-UP showing Bad Judgment, and has from the Shadows, all of a Sudden LEAPT Forward With Serious Political Momentum.


Even though Anne and I support(ed) Mad Max thus far, it doesn’t mean that either of us CAN’T or WON’T Change our Minds, which is MORE than just a Possibility as we continue to READ-UP ON KELLIE LEITCH, and listen to what she has to say . . . who – if she impresses us enough, will become the Recipient of my BLOG’S SUPPORT, and our Personal Financial Support.


Please Remember . . . Donald Trump was EXTREMELY LOW on my List of Candidates during the Primary Leadership Debates, to the point, that I convinced some of my American Friends to SUPPORT other Candidates with their Money.

And ONCE Donald Trump made it to become Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and then PRESIDENT Donald Trump, he does not have a Bigger Advocate Than Me. So lets see how Kellie Leitch Does.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Excellent Howard, I to do not want fair and balanced on this blog either and I can’t wait for Bibi to speak and hope he isn’t shut down.
    Thank you

  2. Trump is giving as good as he gets. That’s MY President–and he take NO crap from anyone and doesn’t back down, Gotta love it after all the PC leftist garbage we’ve been forced to endure!

  3. Leitch has the dynanism, integrity and brashness to make conservatism reputable in Ottawa for the first time. O’Leary is a charlatan with not a conservative bone in his body. Poor Maxime has all the credentials but will never outlive a security scandal that has forever doomed his political future. Leitch is The Donald in drag, exactly the medicine that ailing Canada needs at this time in its history.

  4. Howard, your comments about Trump and the media, as usual, strike right at the heart of the matter. There is so little from the “news media” in the US that matters or has mattered for decades. For many, many years we have been extremely selective. We don’t know if we’ll be around to witness it, but we do pray Trump will leave the Leftists in this country, as they say….”in the trash heap of history”, where the EVIL scumbags belong!

  5. As usual, Howard, you are “Spot-on.” I firmly believe the current Conservative Movement got it’s initial grounding / traction in the various TEA Party groups. Those seeds are now growing and the media does not know how to handle the honesty of President Trump (I love those 2 words).

  6. I loved the press conference! Each day I see more and more what the party of Hate & Evil stands for and how much damage they are trying to do to our President and our Country. I truly believe that this is a battle of Good vs Evil and I’m reminded of this scripture Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  7. Right Howard. If we just take a deep breath, look around with open eyes and ear, it is everywhere. The dark evil forces promoting constantly.. Like you, all of us need to shine the light on these selfseekers.

  8. All Americans who believe in, trust in our new Preside r, should call the White House, Senators and Congress to voice their strong support for President Trump and his actions to date. The lefties are copycats of the Tea Party, only far removed in their sincere efforts to reveal Obama’s real agenda. His Obamacare is destroying our healthcare system, and Obama is a few blocks from the WH, putting his weight and efforts behind those attempting to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

  9. Just like you Howard I figured that Max was the man, based on his no nonsense business
    ideas. Then I noticed Kellie and her common sense platform regarding immigration.
    As a New Canadian – since 50 yrs – I am totally committed to the full screening of anyone coming to Canada.
    Max fails on this, badly.
    I meet Kellie next week and shall give her your regards!

  10. The virulent opposition to Trump is because he is the best for America. When I think of the crooked Clinton winning, I get the shivers. For me Trump is Moses sent to save the US, I hope your wishes of the crumbling of the left happens very soon, they are slowing Trump and his great plans. As for Rivera, another great liar. The chief RINO and hero McCain is completely GAGA and should retire, really very overdue. Europe seems to be following the Trump model, France, Holland, UK and more.

  11. Looks like she is value oriented. The values we believed in for centuries. Is The Shepherd of Israel hearing the cry of HIS people? The remnant has been crying out for a long time!

  12. I will continue to watch Fox News. By watching more than one show and getting multiple points of view from a conservative standpoint, I get a broader picture of what is going on. AS to the liberal guests, the ones that can present their own viewpoint I can learn from but the ones like Juan and Rivera, that only spit out the liberal progressive line, are aj oke and as they usually identify themselves as such by non stop talking, I dismiss. Remember the Chinese general, “Know your enemy”

  13. Every time Trump acts quite independently of what the media demands he do and speaks directly to the people, his popularity increases. When a big-time store drops Ivanka Trump’s line, suddenly her perfumes become #1 on Amazon. People are now gathering in the streets to SUPPORT Trump. When the media prints or spouts obviously fake news, their subscribers and viewers drop them like the scum they represent. I think we are seeing the beginning of a real REVOLUTION and a return to sanity! GO TRUMP!

  14. Howard. You can not complain about Sean Hannity in the evening for FOX news. He has been and is a srong Trumper!!. O’Reilly & Chris Wallis are tough, but pretty fair. They remind me a little of Tim Russert-formerly of Meet the Press. Did you see the tweet from the moderator of Meet the Press after Trump’s presser on Thursday?What a weasel!!What a weasel! Fire him. DJT is so smart to go back to what won him the election -RALLY’S! All is good! Do not worry!

  15. Kellie Leitch sounds good, check her out some more, I agree. Today the first thing I read was Sen. McCain speech in Munich, Germany!!! While McCain didn’t mention Trump’s name, he cited his policies. What’s the difference??? By not mentioning Trump’s name does that save him from being label a traitor??? The man should have never been re-elected this past Nov. FoxNews hasn’t said anything about this. Is it because Cindy McCain is one of their news correspondents??? Hm, makes one wonder?

  16. I’m hoping to vote for a leader, i.e.: one who enunciates Canada’s objective for Canadians, and describes how he/she
    proposes to achieve it. I’ve been hoping for that since I first voted, to no avail.

  17. Watched the same program this AM. You are so on the mark with your evaluation of the content of that conversation it is amazing. It is high time to get rid of these self appointed “representatives of the people. Geraldo was never a favorite of mine and the more he talks the more I am of the belief that he, like the rest of the crowd like him, are the problem surely not the solution. “Legend?” Maybe in his own mind but not in the minds of anyone with any sense.

  18. I received a e/m from a friend that shows a phycologist being interviewed and claims that Trump is crazy and a ego
    maniac. To be honest most head docs and phycs are not all there. To me this sounds like another demacraps put up job.

  19. Pleased to see your comments on Geraldo. Why FOX bothers having his comments on anything is quite amazing, as he does nothing for the tennants of common sense and simple logic. Somewhat like you, I change channels immediately upon his appearance on any program.

  20. I also like Leitch’s stand on immigration and refugees.

    She sees Moslems and their ideology for the cancer that they are.

  21. ANOTHER AWESOME COLUMN, Howard G., you definitely hit this “out of the park”! I just hit the mute button, whenever Juan, Geraldo (definite NO LEGEND, in my book!), or some of the other creepy-mouthy libs are on the Fox evening shows, which was last evening!! Don’t know where Fox finds these people. I’m hoping for this Kellie Leitch person, as she will be a wonderful replacement for your present PM! Go Canada….I’ll be praying for you, & that sanity returns to your politics!!! McCain? No-Go

  22. My humble observation: If the polls were so wrong during the election – and criminally wrong in my view – then why are they, the media and particularly CNN using the same polls against Trump?? Intelligence lacking? Well why don’t the media – particularly CNN – not plaster all over the place the approval/hypocrisy ratings of the networks? Just asking.

    R. A. Crane Beaconsfield Quebec

  23. Have been thinking about Kellie L.- after reading your blog, I will be supporting her. Whether she wins the leadership or not, I find her firm stand on Canadian values encouraging. Since P.E. Trudeau changed our Constitution in 1982, Canada has been divided between the French & English-speakers. Quebec is socialist & are addicted to social programs paid for by English-speakers in the ROC who are usually conservative. Kellie is from the West, her values will be conservative. YES to her!!

  24. You say Jerry Rivers aka Gerardo Rivera was in Arizona. I wondered where that disgusting odor that was permeating the air.
    Now I know. I wonder if Hanoi john tried to out do jerry by going to Germany on our dime.

  25. I am not sure about Bernie, being from Quebec I would not vote for him; I believe Kellie will always put herself first and then the rest of Canada will come after. Not at all like President Trump, HE put the US first; There will be a lot to consider who will be a great Conservative Leader.

  26. Just up the Coast, 9 thousand inside and 15 thousand could not get in, the Rally in Melbourne, Florida this afternoon. First Lady opened with the Lords Prayer, well received after 8 years of silence. Next on to the President. Vintage stuff, that is what got him elected. If he keeps getting out in front of the People there will be no end to what he can accomplish.

  27. Since Murdock’s sons have taken Ailes’ place, Fox has not been the same. Shep Smith is right up there with Geraldo and Juan Williams and Bob Beckle! Not a conservative bone among any of them nor a drop of honesty.

  28. Kellie wants ALL immigrants screened and only those showing knowledge and support of Canadian values eligible for admission. Now who could possibly be against that? Well, instead of supporting her whole-heartedly, she’s being accused of being racist and the media is following that line without question. Oh! to have truly analytical and objective media to report facts instead of propaganda; how much better would our countries be! Hang in there Kellie!

  29. President Trump needs to be very concerned about the leaks that are coming from inside the WH since there are so many
    Obama leftovers. The President really hit the mark during his recent “press conference” when he said that he does not need to tell anyone, that is “ANYONE” in advance of doing it (whatever IT is) and I hope that he meant that. Because until he has his own loyal people around him, leaks will continue from the LEFTIST who are left.(behind that is)

  30. Agreeing with you about Rivera, that obnoxious “legend in his own mind,” precisely! I am also sick of Fox News and their “tiring effort” to be Fair and Balanced. We voted for Trump because we’re done with those rabid Leftists, yet Fox keeps them on, subjecting the audience to the same crap we voted against. I can’t get through 10 minutes of most of their programming these days without shutting them off. They need to get a clue.

  31. We first discovered just how massive the lies of most American media were when we flew our brand new Cessna to Albuquerque to hear Barry Goldwater speak in ’64. Virtually all they said was a blatant lie. Including the claim that we flew a PIPER CUB (2 passenger); it was actually a 6 passenger all weather lightplane. If they don’t agree with or understand something they make something up, whether cultural, engineering, aviation, or political events.

  32. In all my years of scrutinizing Quebec and federal politics, I have seen only ONE francophone Quebec politician have the audacity and unique courage to publicly state what all true liberals know to be so — that Quebec’s anti-English, anti-Canadian language law, Bill 101, is ridiculous and unnecessary.
    His name? Max Bernier.
    Unless he has changed his view on this, Bernier should be judged fully on his own merits, and not tarred by the many disappointing legacies of Quebecers who preceded him.

  33. Every day now some morons from the “entitled” “elitist” left wing carry on their diatribe without putting the brain in gear. How they can ever come up with some of the trash they spew is way beyond sane thinking. Rivera has always been a moron of enormous proportions, always. No potential for help neither, no brain capable of thought.
    I’d go for Kellie Leitch, straight shooter.

  34. Kellie Leitch has said many things that no politician has said, and of which I fully agree. Unfortunately, the press passes her by or depicts her in a bad light: speaking honestly appears to be a mistake to the MSM. The most recent knock against her that I have heard is her voice; not her ideas. Max Bernier is my second choice, warts and all. But its politics, so thing may change. Rest assured, the media will be tearing down the Conservatives from convention to election regardless of leader.

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