BEFORE ANYTHING . . . Thank GOD for the USA, and Thank GOD for President Trump. IN SHORTNo USA . . . No Israel!

Israeli Prime Minister . . . Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington DC today, February 15, 2017, to make Israel’s case to President Trump, for Israel’s RIGHT TO EXIST as a Sovereign Jewish State in Peace, Security, and Prosperity.

Which Unlike With Obama . . . No Case Needs To Be Made.

Israel is a Situation like NONE OTHER on the Planet, where a Sovereign Nation, ESPECIALLY a Democratic Sovereign Nation, which is a SERIOUS CONTRIBUTOR TO THE GLOBAL HUMAN CONDITION . . . HAS TO BEG TO SURVIVE.

AS A NORTH AMERICAN JEW . . . A SECULAR JEW AT THAT – I find this situation to be REPUGNANT, that we as a People have to LITERALLY Plead with the Entire World FOR OUR RIGHT TO EXIST.

And as I wrote in the Preceding . . . NO USA – NO ISRAEL!

NO SOCIETY ON EARTH . . . has ever experienced the level of Hatred, Derision and Violence as had the Jewish People . . . which will never come to an end.


I can’t understand WHY Israel is Twisting Itself into KNOTS trying to ASSUAGE a World whose PRIMARY Goal is to see the Jewish State Disappear.


Daniel Goldhagen’s Masterful Book . . . HITLER’S WILLING EXECUTIONERS, Brilliantly EXPOSED an Anti-Semitic World, which in one way or another, ran the Gamut through active Participation in the Holocaust through Direct Involvement . . . To Passive Complicity.

And for anyone who believes, even for a second, that JEW-HATRED was unique to the Germans and Nazis during that Era . . . KNOWS NOTHING. Or prefers to know nothing.

WORSE . . . Even while the SOOT of the Nazi Crematoria Still Wafted In The Air, and the Ovens were still Warm with the Skeletal Remains of their Jewish Victims . . . Europe placed the Jews, who just months earlier LANGUISHED in Nazi Death, Work, and Concentration Camps . . . into SORDID REFUGEE CAMPS, once again Behind Barbed Wire, kept-in like caged Animals by ARMED GUARDS.

AND ANYONE WHO THINKS THE WAR AGAINST JEWS . . . terminated with the end of WWII, and the RETURN of some Jews to the Ancient Jewish Homeland is Delusional.


In Israel – which to my way of thinking . . . includes ALL TERRITORY between the Jordan River (including the Golan Heights) and the Mediterranean Sea, from the East to the West, and Egypt to the South, with Lebanon and Syria to the Israeli North . . . IS ISRAEL.


BASED ON EVERY PARAMETER . . . Which Includes Biblical History, Secular History, Geographic History, Archeological History, Modern History, and the SPOILS OF WAR HISTORY . . . all of which screams that Israel – ALL OF IT, belongs to the Jews . . . PERIOD – FULL STOP!


If Israel ever comes to its SENSES, and tells the Rest of the World where to GET-OFF, and Declares itself to be a ONE STATE SOLUTION, the World WOULD BECOME APOPLECTIC.


ANYONE . . . WHO REJECTS THE TRUTH & FACTS – does so, because the TRUTH & FACTS are Nothing More than a Hindrance to the Narrative they will Push No Matter What.

Since there NEVER was a Palestinian State anywhere in the Middle East, and all of the so-called Palestinians were at one time or another identified as Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, or from other Arab/Moslem Countries, whose Citizenship they at one point carried, such as Yasser Arafat, who was born in Egypt; let them go back to carrying the same. And if they wish, they could Stay in Israel as Non-Citizens.

And since the CLOSEST the Arabs . . . who call themselves Palestinian have ever come to having their own State, where the CURRENT Palestinian Population Numbers as much as 50%IS IN JORDAN . . . SO LET THEM CARRY JORDANIAN PASSPORTS, while they continue to live in Israel.


SINCE JORDAN NEVER EXISTED . . . until the British and other European Countries Created it after WWI, as they DIVIDED THEIR BOOTY . . . which is just about HALF Palestinian anyway . . . JORDAN ALREADY IS THE ONLY REAL TWO STATE SOLUTION.

I KNOW THE WORLD . . . Especially the Arab/Moslem World, would really be UPSET, perhaps as much as the EU, if Israel would finally RECLAIM WHAT HAS BEEN ISRAEL’S FOR THE PAST 3,000 YEARS – So What?

WITH THAT . . . the Arab/Moslem World, and MOST of Europe, and the REST of the Anti-Semitic World would be UPSET, and I mean REALLY UPSET, just because the REAL Borders of Israel would finally EXIST as they should have since the Jewish Expulsion by the Romans at the time of Christ, and the Destruction of the Second Temple, followed by a Host of Invaders . . . all the way to the Ottoman Empire, which was FINALLY overthrown after WWI.


NO MATTER WHAT ISRAEL IS PREPARED TO SURRENDER to the Arabs, Moslems, and the REST of the Anti-Semitic World for the Phony Dream of an IMPOSSIBLE Peace, with people who have nothing but MURDER IN THEIR SOUL FOR JEWS, it will NEVER be ENOUGH, as long as Just One Jewish Heart Beats . . . in what the World Cherishes as a Land that NEVER Existed, for a People who NEVER Existed, in the MAKE BELIEVE NATION OF PALESTINE.


You can’t build a House on a Foundation of Dust . . . hoping it won’t COLLAPSE. And you can’t build a Nation on LIES & DECEIT . . . hoping it to be anything other than DYSTOPIAN.


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  1. Please include Guam in the drop menu for Galganov Editorial Broadcast E-Mail Directory. I wish to be included…Sgamby sends.

  2. Israel is hated by the majority of the worlds population. With the exception of Donald Trump Israel appears to be hated by all the worlds leaders. So it becomes only natural that the Hate Fest is now directed at Donald Trump and his White house staff. To the haters that is not enough. Hatred for America is also ratcheting up. Just read Canada’s National Post where rational conservatism is no longer welcome. And the newspapers claim revenue is down because of electronic media?

  3. Howard, love your words. But,you’re completely wrong on 1 point, its NOT no USA, no Israel, its NO Israel then NO USA. We’ve Israel have been around for 3300 years and survived every conceivable evil concocted, and still lead in all human endeavors, even with 1 hand tied behind our backs. we’ll survive and thrive through this current incarnation of evil. Its the US that needs us in order to full-fill their role of world leadership, not the other way around.

  4. Shalom,
    I strongly recommend that you read this “Culture and Conflict”, by Prof. Philip Salzman. It will help you stop repeating your errors about Terrorism and Islam. Plus, giving funds for weapons.
    It is the first study of Arab cultural structure in the Middle East and Mediterranean area in 70 years. An Egyptian anthropologist, around 1900, did the first study.
    This study shows Arab Culture as a tribal cultural from top to bottom. Each extended family has their own tribal structure that is

  5. The world does not care about the Palestinians, their plight or where they rightfully or wrongfully belong. Nor do they care about their rights, their bogus deserving of nationhood and all that other nonsense. The world’s ONLY concern is the destruction, delegitimization or devalidation of Israel. Remove Israel from the equation and the Palestinians will be relegated to the trashbins of peoples’ hearts and minds.

  6. The more I watch and listen to all the parties involved or not involved with the “Jewish” question the more obvious the only real solution to the situation is a one state solution. There either is or there is not an Israel – period. All of this tinkering around with boundaries by everyone and their brother-in-law is just plain stupid. I hate to admit it but Israel will be Israel only when and if it simply says, “this is our land, end of conversation.” Sorry to sound so strident.

  7. Of course Israel is as you described it, Howard. “Palestine” is a piece of past politics, a weak opportunity to meddle.

  8. In the early 60’s when I started thinking (13 or so) I wondered WHY Israel was being picked on, fought with, attacked. I always thought the Arab pop wanted the land because it had Mediterranean Sea “frontage”. But of course that was naive.
    I am with you and I believe the time IS NOW OR NEVER for ISRAEL to make this stand. Claim what is theirs and to hell with what anyone, any country, any news media, any terrorist, any world leader thinks. Enough is enough! Do it now while TRUMP’S with the

  9. Israel is ignored about slavery. The blacks hate whites, due to slavery. No one has been enslaved as much and for as long as the Jews. The slave owners were Democrats, the KKK was formed by thE Democrats, etc. They have done nothing to help the Blacks except keep them in anger and poverty. This is the same with people who lie and distort the truth about Jews. To all my fellow Christians – I WORSHIP A JEW. GET OVER IT!!

  10. Given the inarguable realities of the Peel Commission, the Balfour Declaration, the Palestinian Mandate, the Holy Bible and the undisputed historical record, there is no nation on Earth more legitimate than Israel.

  11. To me, the reason the world hates Israel/Jews is because of God’ blessing bestowed thru Abraham. Jews have a God-given knack to succeed, in everything; & that generally equals wealth. The world is jealous. They’ve been jealous of the USA too, her ability to help others (also a blessing from God because our founders established US on the same God). And both nations being Judaeo-Christian makes it worse because of the Biblical moral/ethical standards held (or used to be in the US).

  12. Howard, as a Christian British/Israeli I know that I’m supposed to apologize for what happened during the Mandate, but as it was Britain that stood up to Hitler and declared war on Germany, then Britain more than compensated itself. What I do think is that Israel should include at least Judea and Samaria. The problem is what to do with the poor Palestinians living there? We know some of these ordinary folk and they, just as much as Israelis, have been subjected to violence from their leaders.

  13. The More the Jews in Israel give in to handing over more land to anyone other than Jewish people, the more land that will be demanded to be handed over again soon after.
    Proof!!! Gaza. They should never have handed Gaza over. Never!!!! Israel is God’s Land. Not the UN’s Land. Never Obama’s Land. God’s Land. And God gave it to the Jews as an inheritance. How many of us would just hand over our inheritance from our parents to our enemies? None. So neither should the Jews! Just Keep Building!!!

  14. Howard, I couldn’t have said it better. The Arabs and the so called Palestinians tried to destroy Israel in 1948; 1967 and the big sneaky attack of 1973… yet now they are willing to live in peace with the Israelis? who the hell are they kidding.?
    There is only one Jewish country in the world, vs 22 Arab speaking countries and another 30 Muslim countries. The Arab countries rejected the United Nations partition in November 1947 and created the misery of refugees. Steve Acre, Canada

  15. Conservative thought is entrenched with the ability to think critically. My fear is that logic is dissipating worldwide at a faster rate then ever before. Without Critical Thinking….the world will end. When the world ignores Israel….the world is not thinking!

  16. The name “Palestine” or “Palestinian” comes either from Titus who led the attack in 70 a.d. when legend has it that he declared the land “Palestina” = No Land, as the Roman legions were leaving or Philistines (sp.) the mysterious people who Israel fought against when thy crossed the Jordan River into the “Promised Land”. God gave the land to the Israelites following their captivity of 400 years in Egypt. As you state, NO ONE has the right to dictate where Israel can live, build, etc. Period.

  17. I hope &pray something good comes of Pres. Trump’s meeting with Israel’s PM. Having visited Israel, in 1995, truly changed my understanding of what the Israel nation goes through on a daily basis. It is really sad, for a nation to have to suffer thru the harassment, hate etc. The only time I was REALLY frightened, was when we went into the ARAB section, of the OLD CITY! Keep up the good work, Howard, of telling it how it is. I also hope the capital is moved to Jerusalem, where it belongs.

  18. Israel is a miracle! Our God says he who blesses Israel l will bless! When President Trump recognizes Israel watch the USA get blessed. The struggle is not flesh and blood but against powers and principalities in high places There is one Lord one faith one baptism and father of all! Israel is living proof

  19. Any doubts remaining about our President’s and our country’s commitment to Israel were buried by the terrific joint conference Mr. Trump and Mr. Netanyahu held this morning. I bet the former Muslim in Chief was seething, if he bothered to watch! I was not working this morning and was able to watch the entire press conference, thrilled by the expressions of mutual loyalty and obvious respect and friendship by two of the worlds great leaders.

  20. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem has been under discussion here before. I don’t understand why it is not being done…immediately. Can it be possible the Israelis believe things can get worse with the Palestinians if it is done? Hello! It needs to be moved to show any Jew hater in this world Israelis will do what they want in their own country, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stick it where the sun don’t shine. Israelis do not have to beg for anything. It has already been earned!

  21. The Bible states that countries that support Israel will be blessed. Hitler made the ultimate mistake going after the Jews during WWII as have other leaders and nations. Look how blessed the USA has been.I have mentioned Mark Taylor’s 2011 prophecy about DJT becoming the next POTUS.His prophecy also states that Israel and the USA will be the 2 most prosperous nations going forward. So lets support our new POTUS and watch to see what happens in the next 8 years.(Yes, he will be reelected)

  22. Great Blog Howard!!! First of all, Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. The USA should move its embassy in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem!!! Forget a 2 state solution – It will never happen. Israel should only be a 1 continuous nation!!! Jerusalem should NEVER be divided. I personally think the 3rd Temple should be built on the Temple Mount!!! The mosque is illegal in my mind & they don’t have the right to keep it.

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