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I am HUMBLED by your Kind Words, expressing your Support for the things I Write, Say, and Advocate, which means a lot to me, since APPROBATION from Good People is a Great Reward in Itself.

Even though Valentine’s Day is more or less Insignificant as a Holiday, it is a Nice REMINDER for people we care MOST about, for us to express our Joy In Life & Love.

SO . . . I will now take the OPPORTUNITY to wish all the Ladies who grace this BLOG, a Really Wonderful Valentines Day to be Filled with LOVE!


GOODBYE General Michael Flynn . . . and Here’s the first CHINK in the Trump Presidency’s Armor, which is more than just a Scratch.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The LOSS of Michael Flynn from the Post of National Security Advisor isn’t a tremendous LOSS in itself, because there are a great many really GOOD People who can replace him. BUT WHAT IS AT LOSS . . . is the Credibility of the White House.

I don’t care if Flynn spoke to the Russians about Sanctions during the Presidential Transition Period, because it doesn’t Amount to a Hill of Beans. And whether Flynn “LIED” to the Vice President about what he said to the Russians, and when he said it, also doesn’t amount to a Hill of Beans, since Top Players in EVERY Administration will LIE and/or WITHHOLD Information at the behest of their Superiors, to CREATE AN HONEST WALL OF DENIABILITY for their Superiors.

IN OTHER WORDS . . . If Flynn said NOTHING to Vice President Pence, the Vice President knew NOTHING, and didn’t LIE when he said it DIDN’T happen.

THE REAL STORY . . . Is how the American Security Apparatus KNEW what was said between Flynn and his Russian Counterpart. How did they know? Should all of President Trump’s Top People NOW LIVE IN FEAR, that American Intelligence is “BUGGING” them? . . . How else could the SPOOKS have known?

AND THEN THERE’S THE BIG QUESTION . . . Who LEAKED it to the Media? Was it the NSA, FBI, CIA . . . ETC?

WHAT WE DO KNOW . . . Is that President Trump is not only FIGHTING the LEFT, led by Bad Actors like George Soros, the Democrats, the RINOS, and the Media . . . BUT ALSO THE MEN & WOMEN UNDER HIS COMMAND, whose LOYALTY to the President should go WITHOUT Question.

AND NOW THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED . . . The LEFT have an entirely new “TOY” with which to “PLAY”, to do as much HARM as they can to President Trump’s Agenda.

AND PERHAPS EQUALLY, IF NOT MORE FRIGHTENING . . . is that there’s a LEAK at this Level . . . from the Men and Women who Know and Keep the Secrets, who are willing to DO SO MUCH DAMAGE TO THE PRESIDENT . . . At the HIGHEST Levels, that the ONLY word that can be used to describe it is TREASON.

AND IF TRUE – AS IT HAS TO BE . . . How can any Foreign Nation TRUST the Secrecy and Integrity of ANYTHING discussed with the White House . . . and/or with any of the People At or Near the Top of the Pecking Order?


I was quite certain FLYNN would NOT Step Down, mostly because he shouldn’t have had to, and because, it would give the ENEMIES of FREEDOM and CONSERVATISM a new Battlefield, from where they could Obstruct, Defame and Delegitimize this 45th President.

What we are Witnessing is TREASON at the Highest Levels.


I LISTENED . . . to the entire Press Conference LIVE on my Sirius/XM Radio, while on an Important Mission to the Blue Bonnet Café in Marble Falls, which reputedly has the best Pies and Meals in Texas . . .. And I am pleased to report – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


Before leaving for Marble Falls, I watched the Perfunctory Sit-Down and Hand Shake between President Trump and Canada’s DILETTANTE Prime Minister. And was not amazed to see Trudeau Leaning into Trump, while Trump leaned slightly away.

When President Trump Shook Hands with Prime Minister Abe of Japan, their GRASP was Forever. I didn’t think either of them would let go. But, when President Trump Shook Hands with Trudeau, it began and ended in seconds.

During The Press Conference . . . You could easily hear how SCRIPTED President Trump was, reading off his Teleprompter, INJECTING NOTHING PERSONAL INTO HIS SPEECH, unlike his Free-For-All and BUBBLY Speech with the Japanese Prime Minister.

President Trump used all the Right and Obligatory Words, written for him by his Speech Writers, to say the things, we on both sides of the 49th Parallel already know and take for Granted. Justin Trudeau did the same.


1 – Trudeau said that both Countries Agree on National Security. Yet Canada’s Policy is to let in all the RIFFRAFF, while President Trump wants them OUT.

2 – Trudeau said that Canada and the USA share in their Concern against Illegal Drug Importation, while President Trump wants to Eviscerate the Drug Dealers, as Trudeau is the Cheerleader for Legalized Drug Use in Canada.


3 – Both Men Sat at a Council in support of the RIGHT for Women to SUCCEED, as if there were Laws in Canada and the USA, which somehow PROHIBITED the Right of Women to Succeed, as both Men Sat in the room SURROUNDED by Powerful Women, who were Incredibly Successful . . . SO WHAT KIND OF A BS CONTRADICTION WAS THAT?

IN ESSENCE . . . This meeting between Trudeau and President Trump had to happen. It was as USELESS As TEATS On A BULL, other than for the Fake Optics, which showed how NICELY the Two Could Play Together.

And now that it’s over, President Trump can get back to Making America Great Again, while Trudeau can get back to Vacationing all over the World with his Wife, who now figures she’s the Princess of Canada, with our Tax Dollars as her Royal Purse.


AS BEST AS I SEE IT . . . Prime Mister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is already in the USA, and is being given ROCK STAR TREATMENT by Republicans and Democrats Alike, will set a NEW TONE OF RAPPROCHEMENT with the USA through President Donald Trump.

BUT . . . As I also see it, and I REALLY HOPE I’M WRONG, which I don’t think I am, the US Embassy is NOT MOVING TO JERUSALEM any time soon, in SPITE of the BIG ELECTION PROMISES TRUMP THE CANDIDATE made to Jews in America, in Israel, and Worldwide.


BUT THEN AGAIN . . . President Trump won’t be the First President, out of ALL OF THEM, to Screw Israel and the Jewish Community, by Making a Promise about moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, which they were NOT KNOWINGLY GOING TO KEEP, or pressured into NOT KEEPING by outside Forces.


Every Now and Then . . . I do LIVE RADIO. And if you want to Hear a Live Broadcast with ME AS THE GUEST, discussing whatever is on my mind, you can Log into . . . This Coming Friday at around 3:15 Eastern Time.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. This is the first time I have ever written/replied to any e-mails that I receive but I want to tell you how much I appreciate the work you do to bring honest information to your readers. ‘Would that all the major, North American news outlets did the same.

    Thank you. Solette N. Gelberg, King City, Ontario

  2. Moving the U.S.A. embassy to Jerusalem will take a while, but it will happen, despite the security risks.

  3. Is the Israeli Prime Minister being allowed to enter the White House through the front door this time?
    Will President Trump have dinner with Mr. Netanyahu instead of abandoning him to eat alone – or leave?

    What a difference a day – November 8th, 2017 – makes!

  4. It is sure a different welcome today that Netanyahu is receiving than his last visit. I do hope they move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and would love to know the reason IF they don’t. There is a lot of bible prophesy that is coming true today. It is quite interesting and happening just like it says and it does say ALL the nations will go against Israel.
    I agree it is going to be a lot harder for Trump with not knowing who his enemies are, Democrats AND Republicans.

  5. Mr. Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. After the RINOS he needs to fire those who leaked the information about Gen. Flynn. Mr. Reagan did it with the air traffic controllers; Mr. Trump can do it with these (and other) traitors.

  6. RE: Gen. Flynn: To quote Krauthamer…it was a cover up without a crime. And in draining the swamp…don’t forget the truly evil, deceitful, dangerous monsters that still live in it. They are not going to leave without fighting back with all the nasty weapons and lies they can produce! And the liberal media will be there to assist!!

    It’s more important than ever to SUPPORT President Trump.

  7. HG: Another superb editorial! You are a beacon of light in a political fog!!! As for those who believe “The power of prayer can never be measured”, with due respect; of course it can…or there would be no conflicts, hospitals or elections. Prayer is; doing absolutely NOTHING and believing you’re being HELPFUL. Believers cherry pick when prayers were answered. Psychology calls it “Confirmation bias”. If God wasn’t imaginary, we would have no need for science.

  8. Serious info in today’s blog. I am glad, however, that you mentioned the TRUMP/Trudeau meeting. I laughed my head off while watching it. TRUMP, waiting for Trudeau, looking Presidential. Trudeau bounding up the steps like a jock. He just flew into TRUMP. I thought he was going to hug him and plant a couple of Euro Kisses on both of TRUMP’S cheeks. Then OUT CAME THE HAND for the formal shake. Trudeau hesitated, looked a bit shocked, recovered quickly but the theatre was there. Loved it!

  9. With the mentality, or should I say lack of mentality that the left displays, and the ability to hold onto to people who have that lack of mentality puts the security of the US in some doubt. Those who put their trust in Obama and are still in place probably still put their trust in the Dumbocrats and hence could be a detriment to Trump and the government. Those bad apples, who have already shown their colors thru’ Flynn need to be gone, no question.

  10. I know you and many of my Jewish friends want the US Embassy in Jeruselem, but consider the consequences. This would just be an other boiling point for the Palestinians and Hamas. Don’t you think Israel has enough battle ground without creating another one. What does it hurt to leave the Embassy in Tel Aviv? That is where the largest airport is located. Don’t let your emotions rule your good judgement and brains.

  11. There have not been two political parties in the US for many years. The GOP is rife with RINOS but still functioning, however, the Democratic Party of yesteryear was taken over a long time ago by the Communists and all other anti-Americans to become the ENEMY. They are everywhere…like cockroaches, AND they are loaded with traitors after so many years of destroying our Republic. We need to pray for Trump and his administration, that they do the RIGHT thing for America to be successful again.

  12. What we need right now is for Trump to huddle with his “people”, write a super “great communicator” speech, and he has , the ability, to give it PUBLICALLY from the Oval Office in an 8pm prime time period, ad let us know DEFINATTIVLY that he IS the President, admit a couple of early “disappointments” and. The entire philosophy and direction of the regime, and the “red lines” he has which are sacrosanct to him. Let me know where the lines are AND convince me you will work diligently for us!

  13. The swamp is deeper than even I thought….. I am sure President Trump will get to the bottom of it. Sad that he doesn’t know who he can trust! Sad that the dems, the Party of Hate & Evil won’t stop their attacks in every way, every day!

    Thanks for always being right on! I appreciate reading your blogs and the information I receive from them.

    Happy Valentine’s Day…….

  14. The Flynn episode a wake up call to Trump, the regime is loaded with people that want to sink him. Hold overs, long term Diplomats, the list is endless and lots of $$ to do the deed. He better sleep with one eye open. As the week-end visits continue in Palm Beach, the costs are climbing. As one Official said, not to protect him, but to hold back the paid Activists
    and Marchers and the clean up. I am told the rate they get is $100 per day plus transportation. Thanks George.

  15. Some one has to start a movement to have members of congress to serve one term with no benefits and this applies
    to all those receiving all the tree stuff. The founding fathers did not intend that congress was a full time job.
    That’s really draining the swamp.

  16. First of all, happy Valentine’s day to your wife Anne. She deserves a lot. In regard moving the U S embassy to Jerusalem is not the most important thing. It would be better if Trump makes a statement in Congress that Jerusalem is the undivided city of the Jewish people in Israel. Furthermore the Palestinians already have their State, but alas, the British called it Jordan when they created it. What is left of the Palestinian territory belong to the Jewish people as was promised Steve Acre,Canada

  17. Flynn Intel Group founded by Michael Flynn acted as a Lobby Group for Erdogan and the Islamic Brotherhood – This was a non-issue under Obama and poorly reported on (of course) and somehow lost in the Cabinet creation – Also Flynn’s appointment was supported by Reince Priebus (RINO) who does not support Trumps stand on putting a hold on immigration and most other things. Communication with Russians? Perhaps that is more of an excuse to eliminate a problem. Flynn is now free to Lobby…again?

  18. Firstly I agree with Terri Newman. President Trump is on a very steep learning curve and I don’t think that he will let the Flynn episode go unnoticed! I also think some back room scenes from now on might be very exciting and on the same hand swiftly tragic for some people especially those who betray trust! On your pouncy Prime Minister trudow (yeah wrong spelling – but that’s what he deserves) won’t see the ‘bar room’ brawl that is coming with President Trump. Darling ‘Justine’ down and out!

  19. Yes, BODY LANGUAGE does reveal a lot! Netanyahu is meeting with Pres. Trump tomorrow.I doubt that the Pres. will “Screw Israel and the Jewish Community”.Like all other administrations, the Trump Administration is NOT perfect & other issues will arise in the future.Meanwhile, Pres. Trump has accomplished more in less than 2 mos. than Obama during his 2 terms.The FLYNN situation will soon be MOOT! The rest of Obama’s staff needs to be eliminated from the White House. DRAIN THE WHOLE SWAMP! AMEN!

  20. you’re right, Howard (as usual). How does such conversations get leaked and why do we let the media get by with conviction by inference and innuendo without substantive fact?

    But, equally distressing is why President Trump was so quick to push Flynn out? Seems to me like he’s running scared already and that is a HUGE mistake.

  21. I observed same mannerisms n body language at WH Press meeting. Diametrically opposite that extended to the Japanese PM. Trudeau had his smug face, he was not welcome, Trump looked away, never a real smile. It’s clear Trump doesn’t have any respect for the Apprentice. If there is anything to criticize about Trump. maybe it’s just too much too soon because he is in a hurry to fulfill his promises. Good summation HG of what wasn’t discussed. Trump and the USA will prevail while Canada burns

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