I SURRENDER . . . Enough Is Enough


YESTERDAY WAS MY 67TH BIRTHDAY . . . (February 12th) and Anne asked me what I wanted to do most, to celebrate this occasion? And I responded with . . . Lunch at an I-Hop, and Writing an Editorial.

What else could a man of my Tender Age want, after I’ve enjoyed most of what I ever wanted, and give Thanks to GOD every day for what I have?

But I didn’t have the chance to Write the Editorial, because I was busy speaking with Friends and Relatives, who called to wish me the BEST, between answering a huge volume of Emails, also from WELL-WISHERS.

So Hear It Is . . .


I don’t make Resolutions, mostly because I do what I want anyway, and I have enough Pressure in my life without having to live up to Self-Made Promises I know I will probably not keep.

BUT HERE’S ONE I WILL KEEP . . . especially, since I’m already on my way to seeing it through. I AM NOT THAT MUCH INTERESTED IN WATCHING NEWS ON TELEVISION.

FOR A LONG TIME . . . I was becoming an Apologist for FOX News, criticizing some of their Shows, Hosts, and Paid Guests, but always countering my CRITICISMS with my support for FOX News Shows, which I appreciate, such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Watters and perhaps a little bit here and there . . . but have little time to watch.

I ALSO LIKE FOX AND FRIENDS, which I watch each morning with my coffee. But for the rest of it, I have very little interest. And for much of it, I have nothing short of DERISION.


It doesn’t matter what I watch, whether it’s FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, because in summary, they’re all the same, bringing you the same CRAP over and over again as Headline News, Breaking News . . . ETC.

Where in all reality . . . it’s all just a menu of REGURGITATED BS, repackaged, and served on a different Platter.


For all the News Purveyors on Television and in Print . . . It’s the Same Old – Same Old, as they sell their LEFTIST Propaganda, as if what they PREACH is the Absolute Truth . . . where in essence, it is THEIR Truth, FAR REMOVED from the TRUTH of the People.


And as for FOX News with their FAIR & BALANCED BS . . . There’s no reason for me to be INSULTED with the LIKES of Geraldo Rivera and their HOST of other LEFTIST Know-It-Alls, which FOX News constantly rolls out to show their Fair and Balanced BS, ‘cause if I wanted to hear from the people I disdain most, who are killing our countries, I could go straight to the source on Networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBC in Canada, and most of the “popular” Television Series, which extoll their “VIRTUES” I am MOST AGAINST.

I WILL NOT ARGUE WITH A LEFTIST SCHMUCK . . . So why would I want to argue and become aggravated with my Television and/or Newspaper.

A GREAT MANY PEOPLE READ GALGANOV.COM . . . Not because I’m a Gifted Writer, which I am NOT, but rather, because I tell the REAL HONEST TO GOODNESS TRUTH, not just as I see it, but as it really is.

People READ this BLOG, because I reflect the VALUES of all the people who care about Right Versus Wrong, Truth Versus Fiction, and Patriotism Versus National Apathy.

PEOPLE READ THIS BLOG . . . Because I support what the People Support . . . Individual Freedoms, Less Governance, Smaller Government, Less Expensive Government, A Meritocracy Opposed to a Bureaucracy, Real Justice, Defensible Borders, Love of Country, A Powerful Military, A Fair Shot for Everyone, Jobs for People Who Want to Work, CLEAN AIR, WATER, & SOIL without becoming Environmental NUT JOBS, Honesty, Integrity, Respect, FAMILY VALUES . . . ETC.

PEOPLE ALSO READ THIS BLOG . . . As I mentioned in the preceding, because I See the World, and Describe the World, as I See it . . . the way the World Really Is.

I see Islamism for what it’s done throughout it’s History . . . to Women and Minorities within its Midst. I see Islam for what it’s done recently throughout the World . . . from Unlimited Acts of TERROR against FREEDOM & MODERNITY, to the Twin Towers and MASSIVE ACTS OF GENOCIDE THROUGHOUT THE ARAB AND MOSLEM WORLD.

I See The EU For The Sanctimonious European Trash It Really Is.

And I see Israel, as an INCREDIBLE Little Country, which is a Technological, Medical, Social, High Tech, and Militarily Powerful MIRACULOUS GIANT, which it has become from the ASHES OF THE HOLOCAUST.


I wanted the Strength, Mental Health, and Good Judgment to Continue doing what I’m doing right now.

AND WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MY LOVE FOR ANNE . . . And my Joy to Hug and Kiss Stryker & April The Cat, and Continue to Enjoy having Horses – doing what I’m doing right now . . . IS MORE THAN JUST A BLESSING.

And You Who Read This Blog & Spread The Word – Also Play A Big Part In My Life.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I would serve under Netanyahu as Commander in Chief or as my B-29 Aircraft Commander over Korea…and I thank God that I do NOT have to serve under our current C.I.C., NOR do any of my three sons. I am ashamed enough of him as P.O.T.U.S.and don’t mind telling you that that does NOT stand for President of The United States in MY circles! The people who continue to lie to themselves about this administration are in for incredibly more disappointment and distress!

  2. 100% on the same sheet of music. Keep up the good work and enjoy life with Annie and the animals.

  3. You are right about why we read your blog, it is our one path to true information. I sure hope Trump continues to support Israel, and think he will.
    Happy Belated Birthday! By the way I am 83 and I want a party for my next one, never too late to continue to enjoy life and pray for the peace of Israel. I know Israel wins in the end.

  4. Happy birthday and remember once you are over the hill you start to pick up speed

  5. So, what is your “surrender”?

    Like you, I’ve pretty much stopped watching network news. I pick up stuff from the internet, but how do I filter what to believe and what not? I just look for multiple sources of the same story, and go from there. Happy Birthday!

  6. A 12 February birthday! Howard, you are in very good company. You share your birthday with Abraham Lincoln…and my wife! A day of excellence!

  7. Ditto on the birthday wishes Howard! It is like a rebirth having a conservative at the helm after 8 years of lies, corruption, fraud and whatever the left could conjure up to rebut anything they didn’t like. In spite of all the nefarious and fraudulent techniques they employed to elect Hillary, they were soundly defeated. Hope springs eternal! God bless President Trump!

  8. BRAVO! BIRTHDAY BOY!! Agree with you and so enjoy your “right-on” emails and share many of them!! Almost 82 and “hope springs eternal” for me!! Got to be Positive at all times, as contagious and good example!! What goes out, comes back!! xx

  9. My wife is 10 days older than you and thinks exactly the same way…..and she too is fine with IHOP. Must have been a good year and month to produce such wonderful people.

  10. Happy birthday Howard. May you have many more healthy and happy birthdays. About the Muslim phenomenon, I have lived with it since I was born, but thank God that I was able to escape in 1949. Unfortunately many people don’t realize what real Islam is all about. You have 4 options. You either convert; become a second class citizen and pay extra taxes; Leave the country or get killed. At least they give you options. I will do anything I can to stop the open border policy. Steve Acre, Canada

  11. A belated Happy Birthday to you, Howard. We wish you many more in good health and happiness. We still find it amazing how we see the same world through different eyes. We seek out what we wish to read, and some selective talk radio is a must listen in our home and has been for almost 60 years. I think Trump meets with Bebe early this week….fingers crossed!

  12. A warm, belated Happy Birthday to you, Howard! May the G-d of Israel bless you to celebrate many, many more birthdays, all in good health, strength, serenity, peace of mind and joy, all the way to 120!

    Dina Moskowitz, Jerusalem, Israel

  13. Best wishes on your birthday…..even though I am late….but it sounds like you had a good one doing what you do. I too have grown weary with watching, listening, and reading the news. Fox news, now gives the left liberal hacks way too much time to dispense their piles of crap. The networks, with their over-the-top coverage of Trump haters would like their viewers to believe the country and half the world is against Trump. I’m sick of all of it.

  14. Your words today have been my words until I quit watching all networks and very little of FOX. What you watch has been my standby. Your Birthday is the 12th mine is the 15th I wish I were as young as you. From what I have read above me we of February births have many things in common. We love you and what you write. “Endeavor to Persevere” is my motto and sounds like many others also. Thank You and God Bless all that you do and are!

  15. Happy birthday, we are kindred spirits, I like Cracker Barrel on my birthday.

  16. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And many more, most of all with good health. Is Mazel Tov the correct expression? Keep on keeping on “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead”, you are a ray of sunshine in an often dismal world. How soon we forget, leftist philosophies, policies, etc. don’t work, never have, never will. Freedom ‘aint free, neither in peacetime or war. Thanks for what you are doing to “fight the good fight”. Sincerely, John
    P.S. “It’s” = it is, no apostrophe. Best to A., S. & A.

  17. Happy Birthday Howard. Just an FYI, there are way better places to eat than IHOP as they essentially re-heat commissary food and everything there is prefabricated. Little Mom-and-Pop diners are so much better–and usually less expensive. Find them in strip malls or use Yelp which I find invaluable in finding yummy places to eat during my assorted travel adventures.

  18. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Howard!!! IHOP is a great place to eat. I have always enjoyed my meals when I have eaten at IHOP. Yes, the truth is so important. Truth tells us what we need to know & how to manage it. I know when I read your editorials that they are truthful. I am encouraged with the truth. I also like to have truth in history!!! Because to me – There are NO Palestinians! They are Arabs! Trump will move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. It really needs to be done. }:O)

  19. So I have my birthday five days before you, but am 12 years older!We have both lived to see many changes in this world. Let us hope Trump will be able to right the ship before it is too late. He must be so frustrated with all the lies and corruption he has to try and work with. Wish we can do something for him to help his tough job.
    Keep up the good work you are doing. We support you all the way.

  20. Mr. G., try Fox Business channel, the only one I’ll watch anymore. Who needs the others when we have you, Rush, Savage & the great one, Levin, plus some regional guys who are great. A happy year for you & yours!

  21. Happy b/day Howard. I went 74 yesterday and had my steak at home. My ex-boss is 4 days older than me and we still do lunch around this time of year. Thats tomorrow.

  22. Belated birthday greetings, Howard! All G_d’s best to you and yours in the coming year! I am so grateful for you ‘telling it like it is’ instead of the ‘politically correct’ pundits on our newscasts. However, at least I get what’s happening in my own area as well as the spin! Are you coming out west this summer? Sure would be great to meet you and Anne!

  23. Happy Belated 67th Howard and hopefully many more! You are an inspiration to so many of us. If you and Anne ever find yourselves in upstate NY, we’d love to give a tour of the Finger Lakes where I grew up.

  24. Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a guy who has been around 21 years longer, but who appreciates your straight from the shoulder approach to contemporary commentary. You, Rush, Sean, and Tucker are among the few who really have their stuff together. It seems we have a new C.I.C. who shares your disdain for the BS put out every night by the media, and it’s now apparently obligatory for them all to puke up at least 10-15 minutes of obviously biased Trump-bashing on each “news” segment. Disgusting!

  25. Happy Birthday Howard all the way from St George, Utah. I see “pretty boy” Trudeau is visiting our “White House”. Appreciate all you do to bring the truth to those of us who care about this great country of ours. Keep up the great work. Mary

  26. People who DENY the TRUTH can’t face REALITY!Lou Dobbs on FOX Business News is an excellent host and appears to be a very SINCERE person!Due to Pres. Trump, the FAR-LEFT LIBERALS are now being FORCED into facing the TRUTH…and there is “A LOT MORE TO COME”!The “SWAMP IS SLOWLY BEING DRAINED”…HURRAH!We now have a GREAT LEADER and have a chance to RECOVER from Hussein Obama’s RUINATION of AMERICA! Lastly, the MILLENIALS have to START GROWING UP and FACE REALITY that they are not ENTITLED! AMEN!

  27. A very Happy Birthday to you Howard! I have not posted to you for quite some time, but continue to read your “powerful” blogs. Love them! I agree with you about the news. The only news I watch is Fox Business, Stuart Varney, Charles Payne, Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo. None of the Fair and Balanced crap, just good news! They keep me excited about our presidency as it SHOULD BE!

  28. a happy belated birthday Howard, just celebrated my 75th and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts you put in your editorials. it is truly a labour of love because your heart comes through in these editorials, your love for your country, the big brother to the south and for the country of your believe system. Please keep it up as long you find happiness in doing so!

  29. Sounds like your birthday was just as you like it – Happy Belated 67th. Lots of years left for editorializing, God willing.

  30. Happy Birthday and biker like hugs. As of today I will always remember it. Its on the same day as my daughter.

  31. Happy Birthday! President Trump is meeting with Trudeau today. Let’s pray that Trudeau goes back to Canada with a mindset like Mr. Trump’s

  32. Happy Birthday, Howard. When I read your blog, I get the unvarnished truth as you see. And more importantly, I get to see your heart, and where that truth comes from! May you have many more heartfelt days and blogs!

  33. Happy belated b’day. The Mexican government will NOT accept the deported unless they can prove they are ‘Mexican.’ The left can’t believe that we actually have a Pres. who is following AND supporting the LAWS! Brings smiles to my lips-crocodile tears to their eyes. Baker’s Square – another good diner. I also love hugging/kissing my rescued Jack Russell. HER honesty and joy of life are also mine. Keep up the good work and writing. HIP, HIP HOORAY for YOU!!!

  34. Happy birthday from another “getting older Boomer.” I could not agree with you more about FOX. The programs you listed are the exact same ones I watch …. the rest are becoming garbage …. and Geraldo? OMG …. he should go back to digging up old graves on TV!

  35. Good wish’s on your 67th and many more to come. I also only watch the same people as you on fox news,but listen in
    face the nation,on cn, Sundays I will not mention the host because I detest him ,His guests are mostly demacraps with two republicans, he has been a trump hater since the first day he declared his run for president.

  36. Happy belated birthday Howard and many more. Thank you for your great service to both Canada and the USA by speaking the truth to and of the people. Your overlord is visiting the White House today. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that one. 😂

  37. This little saying was given to me a few birthdays ago. Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that people who have the most live the longest. Like you, network news is a waste of time. But I do watch Fox Business News from time to time.
    May you stay young and healthy, age is just a number. Billie

  38. Do hope you had a pleasant birthday.I am 80 and honest to goodness this news business has about drove me over the edge .I understand how you feel.I wonder how President Trump handles it .Shocking how many are so really UN-American .
    Yes I read this to see the truth and I thank you for always being there .
    Marlene Glidden Indianapolis,IN

  39. Happy (albeit belated) Birthday wishes, Howard. I know what you mean about doing all the things you “want” to do, and getting things done you “can” do! (And I’m only 4 years older than you!) Ha! Ha!
    Here’s hoping you and yours are finding the weather nice, the Friends in Texas amiable, and you get to write what is on your mind.
    Your Friend, Mike R.

  40. We also can now only take about 15 Seconds of CNN. At the end of the day, we do like Lisa Laflamme on CTV,(Toronto). Very business like.

  41. Happy belated bday! When you get back home, you’ll have to come over for some homemade pancakes, beans & a nice, fresh fruit salad, oh & Emils liver pâté. I sort of feel bad as I have become lazy for a while now because I don’t bother listening to any news on radio or TV. I rely on you & your Site. In your pursuits, just don’t forget to take care of yourselves. As far as Trudeau, he should take lessons from Trump.

  42. Howard, ‘Happy Birthday’. You should feel on top of the world, in fact ‘ignited’ by the support from your followers and those that contribute to your site. I hope you can draw on your support for Strength, Mental Health and continued Good Judgement and your Wisdom. I am concerned for what the future holds for my children and grandchildren I have always adopted the mindset that I want to leave this world a better place for them. But the ‘dark forces around us, this may not be the case.

  43. Howard, Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. Thanks for always telling it like it really is. Please keep up the good work. We appreciate all you do to keep us informed.

  44. Happy birthday but I’ve got 10 more years on me than you have. I can even remember when some of the Democrats were good people in the old days. Remember Harry Truman, sort of like Trump and said what he thought. I sometimes watch CNN as they are the best for fake news which is entertaining when I know the real truth. I don’t expect some of these Democrats to ever give up to the fact that they lost and that’s why America has problems now, we were being lead by a bunch of nuts.

  45. Happy B-Day, Howard. I have had to also cut down on my TV coverage, and even though I am retired and should theoretically have enough time to check everthing under the TV sun, I have cut it down to Hannity, Lou Dobbs, Varney and Judge Jeanine Pierro. I don’t watch the lib stations because they don’t make sense—never did—and I don’t want to waste my time with their incessant diatribe and excuses for Obama+Hillary. Trying to argue with a liberal is like trying to argue with a telephone pole.

  46. Happy Healthy Birthday Howard
    I’m with you on news stations if I watch any it is Fox for the same people you like
    Don’t watch BBC now as they are so Left I don’t relate to anyone or thing they do or say
    Listen to Music now Much Happier.

  47. Yes Howard, you ARE a gifted, truth writer. Belated birthday wishes to you and prayers that you have many, many more. By the way, I cancelled my DirecTv service today. I can’t handle it anymore either. B
    lessings to you.

  48. Belated Happy Birthday. I have become much like you regarding Fox News. Varney on Fox business is usually great. I am becoming increasingly concerned about the audacity of the left. In my ideal world, there is zero demand for those who disrupt normal legal actions.

  49. Happy birthday……drove from near London Ont last week and passed by where you are to see a friend in Buda (south of Austin) Weather so much better here! Keep up with your wonderfully frank blog. I gave up on Fox a long while ago. See today our dilettante PM doesn’t like how Trump shakes hands….really !!

  50. Happy Birthday wishes! I am on your wave link with Fox. How come you don’t mention O’Reilly? I like him also.

  51. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Howard! Wishing you many, many more!

  52. Happy Birthday Howard. And keep this going. You bring in some news that I don’t know of. Quick and to the point, with-out all of the stupid ad’s that get’s in the way when reading articles. Again, Happy Birthday, and God Bles you.

  53. Just a short note to say thanks for what you do and also to wish you a Happy Birthday and many more.
    A dedicated reader.
    Don Beamish

  54. Howard, I am sorry I did not know it was your Birthday yesterday the 12th of Feb. so I send you a belated Happy Birthday to you wishing you many more to come.
    Thank you always for your editorials you write for us they are wonderful. God bless you Anne and all your furry loving animals.

  55. Happy Birthday wishes. I’m glad you are with your true cousins (us) when you celebrate.
    Your comments, in light of the meeting between Trudeau and Trump today, allowed me to appreciate Trump all the more for how he used to do to his own benefit. Trudeau is an empty vessel, all you have to do is dangle a carrot in front of him and he follows. How amazing is the liberal mindset.

  56. Happy belated birthday Howard! Even though you’re a great man of wisdom and knowledge, I honestly believe it’s time to slow down a bit, and enjoy the great years you have ahead. Some days I feel your head is about explode form the ills of the world… that we can do little to change. You are great man, and I admire your writings bigly, to coin a good man. As we say in the Texas hillcountry, “slow down and enjoy the Bluebonnets”. I would very much like to have dinner with you soon my friend.

  57. A blessed and belated Happy Birthday to you, dear Howard. I remember what a 93 year old lady told me when I turned 67:
    “What’s my secret?” she cracked. “Don’t let an old person inhabit your body!” So that’s my wish for you! Keep up the good work that the Lord has graced you with. He gave you honesty, integrity, and honorability. So share it with us. God speed…..

  58. Howard,
    I agree about everything said about Fox News and the Media in general. I have sensed a change in Fox back to the shedding of Roger Ailes—more to the liberal, that is. Like you, I have given up watching news shows that try to be ‘fair and balanced.’ I have grown particularly impressed with Lou Dobbs and to a lesser extent Stuart Varney; even Maria Bartiromo has times of brilliance lately. I am glad I was turned on to you recently. God bless you.

  59. On the contrary Howard, you are a gifted writer, excellent command of English words. Recently: a woman, in Quebec, asked Trudeau a question in English, he replied in French and told her we speak French in Quebec, English in rest of Canada. Several times he spoke French at WH Press meeting. Someone should have told him he was in America and they speak English. He was somewhat smug and clearly, body language, Trump doesn’t like him. Send HG a donation for his Birthday

  60. Belated Happy Birthday Howard. Appreciate your great blog & agree on your Fox points. Lou Dobbs is the best, no balance crap on his show. Well, the leftist Mafia got their first scalp in <1 month, Gen. Flynn. These WH leaks by leftist snakes need to be plugged. Then we have the NFL bullies after Texas on gender bathrooms. What the hell does that have to do with football? Tucker had a leftist nut job rioter on is show last night, she belongs in an asylum. Must be something in their Starbucks!

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