The First Victim In War Is The Truth



IN THE MIDDLE EAST . . . Syrians are being SLAUGHTERED Daily by the TENS of THOUSANDS. Christian Arabs are being Murdered, Beaten, Raped and DRIVEN out of their Homes and Cities in HORRIFIC Numbers. Yemen MIGHT become, and very probably will become the CASUS BELLI for a REAL War Between the USA, some Gulf States, and probably Israel against Iran.

Most of Egypt, thanks to HUSSEIN Obama when he was President, and Crooked Hillary when she was Secretary of State, is like a Match in a TINDERBOX, just waiting to SPARK A FIERY HELL, as the Moslem Brotherhood Skulks in the Shadows waiting for their chance to strike.


JORDAN IS HOLDING-ON . . . ONLY because of Israel’s Military Umbrella, even as the King of Jordan says all the WRONG THINGS about Israel, much like Abdullah’s Father did, even though Israel SAVED King Hussein MORE than Once, especially in September of 1970, when the Palestinians led by Yasser Arafat, backed-up by Syrian Troops and Planes of Hafez El-Assad, the GENOCIDAL DADDY of the Current GENOCIDAL Mini Assad, who led an Invasion against Jordan’s King Hussein.

If it wasn’t for Israeli Intelligence, which warned the King of Jordan of the impending Palestinian/Syrian Attack, and Israeli FIGHTER JETS, which beat the Crap out of Syrian Fighter Jets, Jordan would have become the Country of Palestine, and the Proxy of Syria long ago, WITHOUT surrendering Gaza or the West Bank.

IT’S ALL HAPPENING AGAIN . . . But this time, it’s not just a few Nations choosing to BEAT-UP on just one. This time, it seems that the Entire Middle East is a CAULDRON OF HATE WAITING TO BOIL OVER with Consequences no one can imagine.

WHAT A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY IT IS . . . that HUSSEIN Obama literally WIPED-OUT all the Gains America and America’s Allies made in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Pakistan, which are Back to Where they were BEFORE America, Canada, the UK, Australia, and others from the West Lost THOUSANDS of Lives, Minds and Limbs, in addition to TRILLIONS of Dollars, all of which was thrown into the Garbage, to create a world so DESTABILIZED that it’s hard to define.


Make No Mistake About It . . . Europe is TEETERING ON DISASTER, not having a CLUE as to what to do with the Cancer they invited into their Countries, which for almost a THOUSAND YEARS, since 1095 (the beginning of Crusades), Europe was able to KEEP-OUT.

But the Moslem Hordes are now within the GATES, at the INVITATION & LARGESSE of LEFTIST European Governments, who are ESTABLISHING their own SINGLE CULTURE & RELIGION . . . ABOVE & BEYOND the many Diverse Millennia Old Cultures of Europe.

AND TO ADD TO THIS TOXICITY, the EU is Falling Apart at the Seams, and will soon be Facing a Monetary Crisis no one has any idea how to deal with, as the EURO, at least in my opinion . . . Is Hurtling Towards Catastrophe.


CHINA IS MORE WORRIED THAN JUST SOMEWHAT . . . as their North American and European Markets might be COLLAPSING, certainly under the Leadership of President Trump and America’s REVITALIZED Long Overdue Nationalism, Codified in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN . . . which is far more than just a Campaign Slogan.


Whose DUFUS Prime Minister is busy spending Hard Earned Canadian Tax Dollars on all sorts of JUNK, like a Drunken Sailor on Shore Leave, who’s been at Sea For Far Too Long, who seems to be more interested in BRINGING INTO CANADA UNVETTED MOSLEMS, at a great EXPENSE and IMPOSITION to Canada, than to helping STRUGGLING Canadian Citizens, who BUILT Canada, and FINANCE Canada through our Tax Dollars.


I AM SIMPLY STUNNED . . . at how the Average American Citizen, with a BRAIN in His or Her Head, hasn’t yet TARRED, FEATHERED, & RUN OUT ON A RAIL His or Her Congressional Representative and Senator in either Party, who is OBSTRUCTING the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, who Voted For and Elected President Donald Trump, on a Clear MANDATE, which he is HONORING.


As the World is HOVERING on the edge of ARMAGEDDON . . . The Democrats and TOO MANY RINOS are busy Playing Obstructionist Political Games, ENDANGERING THE ENTIRE WORLD.

WHERE HAVE ANY OF US EVER WITNESSED . . . a Time In American History, when UNELECTED Judges, all the way to the Court of Appeal, would make Constitutional Decisions they have NO RIGHT TO MAKE, which OBSTRUCT the Legitimate Orders of a Sitting ELECTED President, especially during a time of GREAT NATIONAL RISK?

IF JUDGES ARE ALLOWED TO USURP . . . the Legitimate Power and Constitutional Authority of the President of the United States of America, because they DON’T LIKE HIS POLICIES, then America as we know it is FINISHED.


THE CIVILIZED WORLD IS IN FREE-FALL . . . America is NEARING Civil War as Universities, through their own Policies, and the Actions of their Professors, are EXTOLLING their Students to RIOT, SMASH, INTIMIDATE & DEFY Freedom of Expression they don’t like . . . AND LAWS THEY DON’T AGREE WITH.


The Media has taken the side of ANARCHY & THE ANARCHISTS. And in the case of FOX News, through their BS Fair & Balanced Marketing Propaganda, they too are Stoking the Flames by Featuring LEFTISTS to Defend the Indefensible, since the HEATED Debates between the LEFT and Conservatives . . . make for GREAT Entertainment and Higher Ratings, which do NOTHING other than to help SUPPLANT . . . Patriotism, Decency, Truth and Values.

Do you remember the very LEFTIST Anti-Vietnam Song by Barry McGuire of the 1960’s, EVE OF DESTRUCTION? You can take that Song Today, make just a Few Fundamental Changes to it, and Re-Record it to Describe where the World is From the Eyes of Any Conservative Patriot . . . On The Eve Of Destruction.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Right on Howard! I cannot tolerate the CBC, CTV, or Warren Kinsella who is a blight on Sun News Network. I don’t want ‘fair and balanced’, on Conservative news stations. The leftist drivel is ubiquitous. I don’t need my news watching spoiled. Keep up the great work! Proud of you and your stance! Thank you.

  2. Right on, Howard. I keep hearing the 70’s song, The Edge of Destruction” by Barry McGuire.

    “The Western world, it is exploding.,,”


  3. How right you are Howard. I can’t believe how many people have their head in the sand and don’t want to look at what’s happening all over the world. I am glad we have a strong leader now as the joke we had for 8 years did his best to destroy America.

  4. Oh, Howard…..If only you would get to the heart of a matter and tell us what you really think. You cover it all so beautifully and CLEARLY. It’s anybody’s guess where it will all end up. Seems like the entire world will have to go to hell and back first, and among other things, search to reset its monetary system…..if it can get that far after the fires are out. And still…so many have their heads up into a dark place trying to decide which restroom to use. INSANE!!!

  5. Wow, Howard! Today’s post is powerful, full of insight, and a warning to all who make similar mistakes. One of your best.

  6. Howard, I am with you all the way about how the leftists are destroying our way of life, free speech and democracy. As of our inept Prime Minister Trudeau, he is nothing but a far left who has no clue as to the damage he is causing our great country. He is bringing un-vetted Muslim refugees by the thousands and welcoming them with open arms, just like what Germany has done. Unfortunately we will pay the price later on. Steve Acre, Montreal

  7. WTH!!! Since when is it OK for an unelected Judge to obstruct the orders of the Commander In Chief, the President of the United States of America????? Something very wrong with this picture…
    As for Canada, and it’s 40,000 new immigrants over the last year, who have not been vetted properly, we have people in need in Canada and I resent the fact that many millions of dollars are being handed to immigrants when children in our own Country are going hungry and Canadian Citizens are homeless.

  8. Plato defined democracy as “authority of the crowd”. When enough of “the crowd” learns that their government can
    provide handouts, “the crowd” elects “snake-oil salesmen” who promise those handouts. Complacency, apathy and
    excessive government dependency set in, and the death of the “democracy” follows soon. The U.S.A.’s demise is overdue.
    Canada’s democracy is dying faster.

  9. Having lived in the deep South of Mississippi for many years, plus being born in Detroit when that City was at its peak before the ’67 riots that burned & killed the City, there are a couple of sayings I am reminded of; 1) You can’t fix stupid; 2) About common sense, it isn’t very common. Why did Canada elect Trudeau in the first place? Seems to me, he is Canada’s version of Obama. Well written Howard. Both our Countries deserve better in their lawmakers. God help us all.

  10. You make me want to run and hide but there is no where to do this. The world is crazy and up side down with greed and they want more and more power to boot. Scary as all get out.

  11. OMG! I’m glad that I’m as old as I am! At 84 years I can only sit back and watch the idiots (including ‘you know who’ a.k.a our P.M.) do his idiotic worst!

  12. Paul, Lawrence Kansas. Ontario and Quebec basically voted in Trudeau. It’s a long story that I can’t fit in 500 characters. Maybe Mr. G will tell it one day. Many people up here were fooled by Obama and Trudeau took a page from Obama’s play book. Literally! Trudeau is playing at Prime Minister (drama teacher) and he is spending us into debt we will never see the end of just like Obama. Canadians need to know there is a price for stupidity.

  13. The clown prince of Canadian politics, even tho’ he has nice hair, in my opinion is on the verge of introducing Sharia Law here. That better not come to fruition. The new government is dead set on Muslim immigration but is still not looking after our native population properly, let alone the young of this country who are not eating properly. Still the pinko in power has the money for the rest of the worlds poor. He is a disgrace.

  14. What would have happened if President Trump thanked the 9th circus court for its decision on the temporary immigration ban and said that in his administration’s opinion the court has no standing in the case, and he directed the INS to continue the ban until the government gets its vetting act together or the ban lapses?

  15. Many great comments here. And the ‘free fall’ the world is in … especially Canada, with ‘pretty-boy’ Trudeau at the helm! He’s essentially giving Canada – OUR HOME AND NATIVE LAND – away to his friends! Can’t we impeach him or something?? He is the absolute WORSE Prime Minister I have ever known in my 73 years. God help us! That is my prayer and my plea!

  16. You said it all. I thought my Ottawa area friends were reasonably intelligent but apparently not.

  17. In America this anarchy is lead by the party of HATE, the democrat party. A party run by a dingbat from San Francisco, A nutty harridan from Massachusetts, and a schmuck from New York. (Yes I know the yiddish meaning of schmuck and it fits Chuckie perfectly)

  18. As you stated Canada is welcoming illegal Muslims into their country. They are accepted when entering through the rails, planes etc. Now I read that illegal Mexicans are leaving the US and entering Canada over the unprotected border. Canada should be worrying that all these illegals will suck up free services that will cost billions. The more that leave the USA, the better for us. I pray that President Trump will continue to put pressure on the illegals and boot out the
    criminal ones.

  19. It may just come to this if the police, national guard, military can’t stop these idiot members of ANARCHY & THE ANARCHISTS, WE the people may have to fight. And one thing is needed to be stopped righ-now is the one who is funding this crap, George Soros. Arrest him and charge him for high-crimes against OUR country. And who knows how much he is or has been giving to bring down Canada also.

  20. I have a lot of confidence in Trump and the majority of the American people. Fox is now being recognized as part of the problem. Fox business is much better. Charles Payne is excellent and Lou Dobs is great. Most others are good too. Trump is using twitter brilliantly to bypass the media. He is onto them. The new media keeps gaining ground. They are exposing the left. Keep the faith.

  21. To all you bloggers who appreciate and enjoy the great informative, educational editorials Howard brings to us, today is his Birthday.

    Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send him a donation to make his day and help to fund the excellent work he does for us.

    Happy Birthday Howard on behalf of all your Canadian friends.

  22. Great song. I think I’ll listen to it when I get off this computer. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Howard. I like One America News and Newsmax.

  23. Trudeau is another “I’m ashamed of Canada Pro-Muslim liberal” continuing Canada’s quiet racism against native peoples. Justin proudly ignored reality and championed another invader of Canada Viola Desmond onto Canadian money. Horrors if any Aboriginal Canadian were to ever appear on any Canadian currency.
    Liberal owned Journalists like Sun’s Tony Furey claimed to know nothing about Desmond prior to writing and will likewise claim to know nothing when they champion the 1st Muslim on CDN money.

  24. Young people today do not have a clue how things have changed for the worse since PC has become the norm. We who lived through the changes see what has been lost and many of the college kids today have been brainwashed and do not realize it. They are ignorant of history and REAL life in general…. They do not have a clue….And THIS is our future generation? God save us and those who DO see the truth!!!

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