Maybe They’re Right . . . And Maybe It’s All About Israel (The Jews)



This is the Editorial I have been working on . . . and Put-Off, so I could write about Canada’s Parliamentary Motion called M-103, making it ILLEGAL to Write, Speak and Disseminate Disparagingly . . . about virtually all FACETS of Islam, which I published yesterday, February 9, 2017.


Anne and I are extremely MOVED by the Volume of Comments and Emails you’ve sent, OFFERING us Sanctuary in your American Homes. And by the People who have offered to Sponsor Anne and Myself to get American Green Cards.

1 – It doesn’t matter how many of you are willing to Sponsor Anne and Myself. Nor, how many, and even ALL OF YOU who would be willing to VOUCH FOR US. Nor, how much we would PROMISE NOT to be a Burden upon your American Society . . . It is EASIER for an ILLEGAL Immigrant, or Moslem Refugee to receive STANDING in the USA, than it would be for Anne and Myself.

2 – As much as Anne and I would LOVE Nothing More than to have Green Cards, and to become American Citizens . . . at a TIME Like this, when I consider that my Country IS AT WAR WITHIN ITSELF . . . I could not Desert the Embattled Ship .

If ever there ever was a Time for Strong, Clear, Unequivocal, and Patriotic Voices to be Read and Heard Across Canada . . . NOW IS THAT TIME!


FACT . . . Israel has OFFICIALLY Existed for more than 3,000-Years in the Middle East, with Jerusalem as its Capitol, under Israel’s FIRST Commander and KING, you know, the David of Goliath Fame, making Israel approximately MORE than 2,600-Years Older than the USA and Canada COMBINED, in our own North American Capitols.

FACT . . . There NEVER was a Country called Palestine. NEVER! So what claims do they have to anything?

FACT . . . Hatred for Israel EQUALS Hatred for Jews, which is the ONLY Honest Reason behind all the Rhetoric AGAINST Israel.


IN OCTOBER OF 2003 . . . Outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, said before an Audience of LEADERS OF 57-MOSLEM Countries, to a STANDING OVATION, that Jews . . . “Invented Socialism, Communism, Human Rights, and Democracy”, which according to the Moslem World, and Certainly to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, and the 56-Other Moslem Leaders who Applauded, are concepts that are somehow ANTITHETICAL TO ISLAM & SHARIA.

SO . . . FROM THIS STANDPOINT, where do we as Jews living in the DIASPORA, and Jews living in Israel, even begin to find an area, where we could establish enough common-ground to discuss anything with World Leaders from Islamic Countries, who DERIDE the Concept of Human Rights and Democracy?

BUT THAT WASN’T THE WORST OF IT . . . To the Malaysian Prime Minister and the other 56-Moslem Heads of State . . . Jews – but not necessarily Israeli Jews – BUT JEWS IN GENERAL, you know . . . Jews like me, who are Miniscule in Global NUMBERS, but nevertheless, according to these 57-Moslem Heads of State, as they declared – that we, who number approximately 13—Million People, which represents just 2/10ths of 1%, of the World Population, actually CONTROL the World through our Wealth, Stealth, and Influence over Secular Governments.

YOU’VE PROBABLY HEARD THE MANTRA BEFORE: Jews own all the Banks, the Media, and just about everything else Worth OWNING. So, all I want to know is . . . WHERE’S MY CUT?

AND IF WE JEWS WERE ALL SO POWERFUL . . . How is it then, that we’ve taken a Vicious Beating every few Generations somewhere in the World? . . . From: The Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Eastern Europe, Germany, and NOW MOST OF EUROPE ALL OVER AGAIN?

If it wasn’t EXPULSIONS it was DISENFRANCHISEMENT. If it wasn’t Disenfranchisement, it was the Crusades. If it wasn’t the Crusades taking it from both sides, it was the Inquisitions. If it wasn’t the Inquisitions, it was the Pogroms. And if it wasn’t the Pogroms it was the HOLOCAUST.

THIS IS NOT A NEW STORY TO JEWS . . . Who have heard and seen this STORY Played-Out for some 3,000 Years, always ending in Grief, Suffering, and Expulsion for the Lucky Ones who could ESCAPE everything else.


EVERY TIME JEWS HAVE BEEN IN THE CROSSHAIRS . . . Christians have soon followed suit. And every time Jews have been DRIVEN from their Homes . . . the Country, which had DRIVEN THE JEWS OUT, Inevitably Suffered Dire Consequences.

I’m NOT saying any of this as a Reference to Biblical Prophecy . . . I’m saying this as an Historical Fact. The Spanish, the Portuguese, and the French DROVE out their Jews during the Inquisitions, and not long after, Spain, Portugal, and France went from GLOBAL MASTERS, to Countries that owed their existence to Friends and Allies.

The following Paragraph has is a LINK to an 11-Minute Speech, which a Reader of this BLOG just sent me. The Speech is delivered by the NEW UN Secretary General, António Guterres of PORTUGAL, which he delivered on January 27, 2017 . . . Paying Tribute to Holocaust Memorial Day.

CLICK HERE to listen to . . . and watch what the Secretary General of the United Nations had to say to the ENTIRE WORLD, on what Anti-Semitism has cost the World, but Specifically Portugal.

AND IF YOU WANT TO DEFINE PAYBACK AS BEING A BITCH . . . It was Jewish Money from the Bank of Rothschild, which Financed the Duke of Wellington’s British Forces, ultimately leading to the Battle of Waterloo, and the End of Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars.

The Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and other Slavic States STAGED Deadly POGROMS Against Jews, Leading National Disenfranchisement of the Jews . . . to the Holocaust. And we all know how that turned out for the Eastern European and Slavic Countries from the early 1900’s to the Eventual Fall of the Iron Curtain.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN . . . And it won’t end Differently. Those Jews in the Crosshairs, who choose to believe that things will be different this time, will suffer one way or another. And those Countries, which allow it to happen, will suffer too. HISTORY HAS A REAL NASTY WAY OF TELLING THE FUTURE.


If you doubt what I write, or question my facts, or think that I am OVER-THE-TOP, Click on the TWO LINKS Below to See and Read for yourself . . . what Moslems APPROVINGLY Hear in their Montreal Mosques.

AND DON’T FOR A SECOND BELIEVE . . . That these WORDS of HATE and THREAT are UNIQUE to what is PREACHED just in Montreal. It is PREACHED all over the world.
Notice The Accompanying YouTube Video Was Blocked.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. Your point regarding the Jordanians and the balance of the arab world having only contempt for Jews, Israel and the West in general is well taken. Left to their own resources each in the arab (muslim) world turn their venom of death and destruction upon the West, beginning with Israel.

  2. Howard. I respect you for wanting to stay in Canada as a citizen to resist what is coming. Great courage. But sometime the tide is too great to stop the flow of water. Let us know if you change your mind. You do not want to end up in a Canadian jail!!

  3. Howard SPOT ON!!! I am a history buff & everything you have written is TRUE!!! History does repeat itself & most, including some Christians, don’t believe that the Jews are the Chosen People of G-d. Not only do I know my Bible, but I also know history. What the Ancient World & the Modern World have done to Jews is unconscionable. The time has come to stand for what is right, not living in fear for your life & country. I as an American Stand By Israel. Israel will survive.

  4. Howard, After watching and listening to the video and then reading the article’s My God! some of these people embarrassing these people
    and inviting them to these educational functions so they can brainwash the young people is beyond belief. Can people really be this ignorant? Neville Chamberlain would feel right at home I do believe.

  5. History repeats itself. It is really His Story! Mankind is in for a great tribulation not only in Canada but these United States of America and all of the world. Our President Donald Trump is but a link in the chain. I do not think we will be prepared nor can we prepare for what is on the front of the future. We just have to listen to God and try our best to do His will.

  6. Howard, you are so bang on it is scary. It is always about the Jews. Plus what Blacks, Gays, Jews, Women, Sri Lankans, Mexicans, Aboriginals, Veterans, African Xians and anyone else do not yet get, is that they ALL take a backseat to muslims in the eyes of western gov’ts and institutions. They are ALL deemed not worthy enough to receive the same status, attention, finances, promises, laws, rights and protection.

  7. Your article today brings to my mind a question that I’ve not heard an answer. You speak passionately about Israel and your faith. But it just seems there is a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between the Jewish people whom you describe and the Jews here in the U.S., the majority of whom appear to be progressives. It seems that gap also exists between them and Israel. Perhaps you could explain it to us sometime.

  8. Canada is in for some Big trouble allow The Muslims to gain so much Power, thanks to The Liberal Government….
    pretty soon we will be walking around with our Prayer Rugs under our arms.

  9. Looked up the Canada Parliamentary Motion M-103 yesterday. You are spot-on correct Howard. There is a posted picture of Trudeau kneeling in a mosque on the website too. Seems Christianity for that of Islam is all for a few votes. Sad. Why does he not refer to all Canadians as “INFIDELS” then? Will Canada’s National Anthem now be in Arabic if it passes?

  10. Howard, you started this article, It’s all about the Jews. Well I’ll go farther and included the Arabs, a family-feud! (Genesis 16; 21. Canadian Establishment, I believe would much more likely to put you in jail, if Canadian Motion-103 is passed. Dependeding when it is passed, they may not even let you back in. But, either way, here or in Canada, free or not, your word will get out. And your fellow Canadian citizen had better wake-up, every quick. And we all need to pray for you and Anne.

  11. A promise to Abraham and His Jewish Descendants
    Genesis 12:3 I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”
    Any time the US has pushed a 2 state solution on the Jewish people, something has happened to the US. Stock market crashes or natural disasters. The “Coincidences” are absolutely amazing. People can google these events for themselves.

  12. I’m amazed that the Malaysian PM, Mahathir, said those good things about the Jews. The fact that these concepts were not meant as compliments but as “bad” ideas surprise me. Of course authoritarian regimes want power concentrated at the top where they make all the decisions. Freedom of speech, religion, etc. are only going to cause chaos & disorder – it is easier to shut the people up. That is what Bill M-103 is designed to do & out of adherence to PC, the Oppositions will say nothing. SAD!!

  13. Howard, all I can say is God go with you. You are never alone. We Americans have your back. With God on our side how can you lose?

  14. Canada’s prime iminster meets with Trump next week I wonder if Trump has the cloves off and tells him by letting the muslims
    in with out the proper venting he is putting the U.S. in danger. I wish I could be at the meeting.

  15. Thanks for this, Howard. As always it’s spot on. Thank God for Guterres; what a breath of fresh air he brings to the UN. But…that, too, shall pass, and not even he will be able to “fix stupid”. You write of “our own LEFTIST Mental Disorder”. If this disease cannot be cleansed after all these centuries, and Jews continue to vote for those who would kill them, how could we think things will change…ever? The hatred among Islamo-Nazis is passed on in the mother’s milk. Call it a double whammy!

  16. M-103 is just the beginning. They will not stop there.
    It is now very clear what the goal is; To make life significantly harder for all non Muslims, by any means available.
    As native Canadians are stepped on Muslims will continually be any means available.
    And where do you think it will end??

  17. You seem to have omitted a reference to the fact that these banking families, or bloodlines made it a habit to fund both sides of these conflicts. The Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks and the Tsars. They funded Napoleon too! This behavior is questionable at best, BUT, the fact that they are Jewish or not is completely irrelevant – unless you’re a racist or anti-Semite looking for something to support your mistaken beliefs – the fact that they are a banking family is relevant!

  18. We Jews are the moral conscience of the world and that is why we are the Chosen People and why we are so hated. For as long as Judaism survives the others will have to compare themselves to what they could be. Unfortunately, we don’t always do such a good job of teaching and say do as I say and not as I do. However, time and G-d are on our side and morality will prevail.

  19. Not to make light of this, because I gave classes in the military on the Holocaust and am well aware of the horror. But to borrow a line from Tevya, “God, I know we are your chosen people, but couldn’t you choose some one else sometime?”

  20. Howard , being the bigot I am, I always seek out a Jew when legal or medical matters arise . Jews seem to monopolize these two industries. I have noticed however that “successful” people are discriminated against by the less fortunate or lazy as the case may be . Perhaps this is the real cause of anti-Semitism : Envious people. It’s always easier to blame the next guy for your own sloth than working on it . Canadastan will need your help , but MOST will not approve of it .

  21. Howard, I have never understood where the hatred for the Jews began. Was it because HE was a Jew, & therefore the most exalted person ever? Is it simple jealousy..especially by Muslims? Can you please explain this to me? I am a Christian woman, but know little about the Jewish faith. That is why I have such a hard time understanding the hatred so many have for the Jews. Thanks for your insight.

  22. Howard, your voice must NOT be silenced. There are so many listening and depending on your logic in this illogical and crazy world climate. Hate and fanaticism, when backed by religion and the inability to hear the truth, is the most dangerous of combinations. For your voice to continue to be heard, you may be required to consider taking asylum here in the USA. Being silenced by captivity does no one any good. Many of us are counting on you to “put it all together” so that it makes sense.

  23. As I remember,60-70 years ago,”mixed”faith unions were frowned on.Not sure about Jewish marriages, certainly Roman Catholic intermarriages,with ANY other religion, nondenominational was not recognized,by the church.Children could not be baptized.Divorce was just notallowed. Abortion was a “sin”. Remember, Inquisition? We are at a similar point with the Muslim Radicals and Shari Law! My genetics,Ashkanazi Jewish,religious upbringing, Anglican, belief, Pantheist.Beware the enemy “within”(Canada)

  24. Howard, would tell us when, where, and how Trudeau became a Muslim as you mentioned in your last blog.
    It is beyond scary if it is actually a true fact. If it is a rock solid fact then it means we have no defence to a flood of Muslim immigrants to Canada and even more-so that they will be given maximum assistance and accommodation to set their roots down here. I am beginning to really be afraid.

  25. I live near Dearborn, MI which has the largest population of Middle Eastern people outside of the Middle East. The changes that have been reeked upon all of Dearborn and its surrounding communities is unbelievable. ALL of the terrorists/pilots from 9/11 were encamped in Dearborn. All of the wonderful Jewish stores are NO MORE. Radical Islamic Terrorists have taken over and much is aligned against Christians and Jews. Your Editorial is spot on. I no longer enter Dearborn, MI.

  26. Howard & Anne
    See how many people care for you both, we Americans will take you in anywhere at anytime. But you are a brave man who will not leave your sinking ship. God be with you both, know your welcomed here if your ship has sunk like the Titanic & you have to leave your always welcome here. Blessings to you both:))

  27. I have read and studied the first accounts on mankind on earth several times. Now I am not sure, have no photos, or fingerprints, but I am convinced, the serpent satan was, or at very least, fits the description of one extreme liberal left profile. Possible the first marketing field rep for that breed. I know this may be a considered, a jump to conclusion. But it’s really not a jump. More like a short hop. He began by twisting the words of God, to suit his sales approach. Sound Familiar?

  28. To all who are concerned about Howard; I will be shoulder to shoulder with him and I am sure there will be others as well. Since I was too young to fight during the Holocaust, this fight, I will be part of. And we will NOT go to jail. In 2012 on the steps of Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa, over 500 people took a PLEDGE OF NEVER AGAIN. I was the one given the honour to deliver that message. The Pledge was not mere words. It is a commitment.


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