I spent HOURS upon HOURS . . . writing an Editorial on how Vile and Violent Anti-Semitism is, and how it is ALWAYS followed by International Crises, where the entire WORLD Pays the Price. Just the Research to put this Editorial Together, to make sure that all my FACTS are Accurate, took several Hours of READING & RE-READING.

BUT IT WASN’T FOR NAUGHT . . . Because it provided a SOLID FOUNDATION for many of my Forthcoming Editorials, which will point to the SCOURGE OF ISLAM ON FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE of all Religions, and Jews in Particular Worldwide, but Specifically Jews in Europe and the Middle East.

BUT . . . all of that “said”, BECAUSE of a Canadian Issue, which is RAPIDLY BECOMING CRITICAL TO ALL CANADIANS & AMERICANS . . . my Anti-Semitism Editorial will be placed Temporarily on the Back-Burner, since what’s coming this FEBRUARY 16TH is NOT ONLY VERY SERIOUS . . . But will become a DIRECT THREAT to me Personally, and all People like me, who are Passionate about our FREEDOMS, especially FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


What Justin Trudeau’s LIBERAL Government is going to PASS INTO LAW, starting this February 16th, is MOTION M-103, which will also be a HUGE THREAT to the SAFETY of the United States of America, and to the American People Directly.


BUT IT’S EVEN MUCH WORSE THAN THAT . . . Trudeau’s Liberal Government will Pass Into LAW, a MOTION that will make it ILLEGAL for anyone, But Especially for People Like ME, to Write about, Speak about, and Disseminate by any Means AVAILABLE . . . Opinions which are perceived to be NEGATIVE to Islam and Sharia Law.


If I were to Write – as I presently do . . . ANY DISSENTION to Islam, or about Islam’s NEFARIOUS and MURDEROUS History, it’s ABHORRENT Abuse of Women, and the TERRORIST PLAGUE it has Spread around the World . . . I WOULD (WILL) FACE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES.


The Law that will be Presented and DEBATED on February 16th in Canada’s Parliament, will in effect Trigger ISLAMIC BLASPHEMY LAWS, rendering any Debate over the Virtues of Sharia ILLEGAL, Literally making a Place in Canadian Judiciary for Islamic Laws.

Justin Trudeau CAMPAIGNED HARD within Canadian Moslem Communities, to garner their almost Unanimous Support for him to become the Prime Minister.

NOT ONLY DID TRUDEAU MAKE ENORMOUS PROMISES . . . to Canadian Islamists, so he could become Canada’s Prime Minister, he also went through a PUBLIC CONVERSION TO ISLAM, which I think he did in TOTAL IGNORANCE of its TRUE MEANING, because in all REALITY, Trudeau is not the Sharpest Pencil in the Box.

BUT WHAT HE MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT HAVE REALIZED . . . Is that once you Take the Pledge To Islam, Mohamed, and Allah . . . IT’S ALL IN FOREVER.


As President Trump’s Travel Ban is beginning to TIGHTEN THE NOOSE on Islamic “Refugees”, these so-called Refugees are now STREAMING across the Canada/US Border into Canada, especially along the Prairies, where there are no Natural Barriers to keep people from just walking across the Border to Claim REFUGEE STATUS in Canada, where the Moslems KNOW they will neither be Prosecuted nor Deported.


If you listen to Canadian Liberal Bureaucrats and Politicians, they’ll Proudly Proclaim that Canada’s Foreign Ministry DOES A THOROUGH JOB of Vetting Refugees, even though American Security Institutions, which are amongst the BEST on the Planet, STATE with Absolute Conviction . . . that there simply is NOT enough viable Information to Verify the Veracity of MOST Refugee Claimants, which Canada says there is.


Between Mexico and the USA, there is the Rio Grande River, Desert, and the Sonora Mountains . . . measuring approximately 2000 Miles In Length.

Between Canada and the USA, there are Thick Forests, the St Lawrence River, the Great Lakes, the Prairie Provinces, and the Rocky Mountains . . . measuring (but not including Alaska) approximately 4,000 Miles In Length.


PERHAPS PRESIDENT TRUMP . . . and Homeland Security should consider the Cost of a Second Border Wall, Twice the Length of the Mexico Wall, ultimately presented with More Challenges, since the DETRITUS America is KICKING OUT, because these people who are bringing Little to Nothing to the Table for the Betterment of the USA, and POSSIBLY ALL HELL & DAMNATION . . . are finding SANCTUARY in Canada, with our VERY Liberal Prime Minister and Government.

AND FRANKLY . . . I don’t think Islamists or anyone else, who want to abuse America, care all that much if they do it from within the Walls of the USA, or from a Neighboring Country like Canada, with a Border of 4,000-Miles that can NEVER be Fully Guarded. NOT EVEN BY A LITTLE BIT.


As much as it PAINS me to write this . . . Canada is at SEVERE Risk in many more ways than just one, because we have an IDIOT for our Prime Minister, followed by IDIOT Liberals and OTHER Assorted Socialists, which comprise about TWO/THIRDS of Canada’s Voting Population, who have no idea what they’re doing.

THE UNITED STATES IS AT RISK . . . Because what the Islamists and Other Bad Actors CANNOT do through the Front Door, they will Attempt to do through the Back Door, through Canada.


I will Write, Speak, and be as PROFOUND & AGGRESSIVE as I have always been in DEFENSE of Freedom of Expression. And to me . . . Pulling Back, even a Little Bit, MEANS SURRENDERING ENTIRELY. And I will NEVER Surrender.

Anne and I spoke about this at Great Length Last Night, and over the past few days, knowing that whatever I decide to WRITE, will impact greatly on BOTH OF US, especially if it leads to Criminal Charges, for which I am MORE than Prepared to Face in a WAR FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.


TO MY GREAT FORTUNE . . . I’m MARRIED to a Woman, who on May 1st, we will be Married for 44-Years, who through THICK & THIN, has Stood With Me Through It All. And even though Anne would PREFER that someone else should Stand Tall & Take On The Fight, she too UNDERSTANDS . . . that without FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION . . . WE WILL BE LIVING IN 1984 AND ATLAS SHRUGGED.

We’ve FACED the BULLIES, the THREATS, the INSULTS, the FINANCIAL LOSSES . . . ETC for the LAST 20-YEARS – and we didn’t BACK-DOWN THEN. And we’re not about to BACK DOWN NOW!

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov


  • Let’s not forget that the West holds most of the world records for burning women and children alive.
    In over a hundred cities in Germany and Japan we deliberately burned alive countless thousands of defenceless civilians with “firestorms” Then in Hiroshima and Nagasaki we again forced thousand of women and children to die slow lingering deaths sometimes taking years of suffering before dying. Let’s look at our own history before sanctimoniously and hypocritically condemning others

    Joe Hayes, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Outstanding warning, Howard. Too few recognize the danger of Islam. Thank you for speaking out and for your courage and Anne’s as well. Thanks to your character you cannot do anything but continue to speak out. We thank you and wish you the very best!

    Don and Jeanne Glass, Sun City West, Arizona, United States
  • May God bless, keep and protect you Howard.

    Linda Roose, Columbus, Ohio
  • As far as I am concerned this country is finished, With Trudeau in power. This is part of the liberal master plan bring as many migrants as possible promise them everything and you have votes to keep the trash in power. Why did we send our grandparents and parents to fight in world war 1 and 2 to have our country bow down to that boy that thinks he is a leader.

  • Thank you, Howard, for bringing “Motion M-103” to our attention. I have signed a petition urging our government not to
    pass this law. I am now writing to my member of parliament urging him to support free speech and not vote for this draconian motion. I urge all to google “free speech Canada” for further information. We must stop this insanity!

    Arnold Eyre, Ottawa, Ontario
  • “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately”…Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The same holds true today as then. May God grant Americans the kahunas to stand with the conservative Canadian people to overcome this abuse of liberty!!

    Bob Ernst, Gillette, Wyoming, United States
  • Bravo, Howard! How thankful we are for you always writing the truth. I continue to be amazed at the liberals (in both USA and Canada) who refuse to see the evils of Islam.

    Karen McKim-Altman, Beaverton, Oregon, United States
  • Spoken like a Texan…. Hummm. Texas will never allow that kind of nonsense here. I’m sure you are already aware that our great governor, Greg Abbott, is fighting to rid Texas of even sanctuary cities. You know for a fact that you have a home here, if you decide not to return to Canada. We can make that happen!!!

    Winston "Flash" Gordon, Corpus Christi, Texas, United States
  • Hang in there Howard, maybe the silent majority will start to mobilize like it did fore the US election.
    and some of our weak backed MPs will come to their senses and listen to their constituents.
    Stay the course.
    God bless.

    Roger Godin, Stirling, Ontario, Canada
  • John and I stand ready to sponsor you and Ann for US citizenship.

    Teri Newman, Belleville IL
  • Howard, first, a point of information. As I started to write you a note, this page was replaced with the Unsubscribe page and I had one heck of a time getting back to here…. Thought you should know…. Anyway, I have a few cousins from Toronto, bright guys, college professors… Now living in Pennsylvania… They are so left wing liberal, I can’t believe they are otherwise bright. They both detest Trump with a venom and yet, support Trudeau…Is it something in the milk up there in Canada?

    John Zimmer, Huntington Woods, Michigan, United States
  • Great article, Howard; and quite frightening. I do hope that if you are ever threatened with legal action in Canada that you might request political asylum in the United States to escape persecution for freedom of speech/expression.

    Jim Pope, Phoenix, AZ
  • Come to Texas for asylum. We will welcome you with open arms. Very sorry this is happening in Canada and will pray sane minds prevail.

    John And Frances Owen, Katy, Texas, United States
  • This is Orwell’s “Animal Farm” all over again; “Some animals are MORE equal than others.”

    Trudeau and chump’s like him are the enablers of Sharia Law taking over.

    David Norris, Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Howard, you and Anne will always be in my prayers. You stand up for so many and I thank you. In regards to Islam and Sharia Law, most of those proposing adherence to it know NOTHING about what it really is. I point out that women are treated worse than dogs and they don’t believe me! Heaven help us all!

    Linda Gibney, Dayton, Ohio, United States
  • That is extremely disturbing. Do you really think it will pass?

    Janice Nowka, Lowell, Arkansas, United States
  • This M-103 is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of. I agree it’s like Big Brother in the 1984 book. I keep asking the question, why is the left, world-wide, so rabid in their support of Muslim’s? I just don’t get it. Islam’s history of death & destruction says it all. The left try’s to have you believe it’s just the fringe but a high percentage of Muslim’s believe in Sharia Law. I just saw a graphic that had a breakdown by country. At least we in America have the 2A (for now). God speed Howard!

    John Dawson, Hillsboro, Oregon, United States
  • Howard, I do believe that if Hil’Liar’y Clinton had been elected. The United States would by now be facing exactly what Canada is facing now. Because our major Media is already owned and enslaved by the “Liberal Socialist Party”. Guised as the Democrat party. Which no longer exists. Donald Trump Has brought a revelation of exposure, throughout our Nation. We are divided between “Constitutional Republic Americans” and the “Defiant Liberal Socialist Anarchist”. Labeled as Democrats. Please relate.

    Danny Clyde Buckles, Elizabethton Tennessee
  • I have brought the matter of M-103 up many times , mostly to deaf ears . Bring it on plus two are my thoughts today.
    High time to face the Dragon and kick it’s ass. Of course our betters are aware there could be some dissent out there , hence the need to ratchet up Gun Control in Feb 2017 as well . Amazing how stupid , ill-informed , uneducated , that 2/3 of the Canadian population is . I guess the education system is working after all .

    Bruce Caskenette, Cornwall Ontario
  • Looks like the DEVIL is winning bit by bit.

    Owen McNamee, Yorkville, Illinois
  • Canada’s potential passing of M-103 is going to wreak havoc on Canadians in the long run. Howard, I encourage you to contact Pres. Trump’s office NOW, before his meeting with Trudeau on the 13th and try to discuss this situation, so that Pres. Trump might be able to “jawbone” Trudeau and the Canadian Government into backing down on this action. Further, I encourage you and Anne to ask for asylum in the USA, if this law passes, because of curtailing your personal safety and freedom of speech.

    Sherrye E Schwarz, Hidden Valley Lake, CA., USA
  • Howard it time for you to leave Canada and claim political persecution and move to Texas and write what you think of
    trudeau and the government that supports him. I can just see a mosque on every street in Canadian cites like in france .
    If the courts rule against Trump and his action to hold back muslims from the 7 countries it will be a victory for muslims
    and a threat to the U .S.

    Larry Lehrman, Aventura, Florida, United States
  • Looks like the door will be open for you and Anne, Stryker, and April the Cat to declare political assylum to the USA and mostly Texas who will welcome ya’ll with open arms and freedom to carry the fight on safe ground, such as Texas can provide.

    Jeffrey Koinm, Mercedes, Tx. 78570

  • Just unbelievable….facts don’t seem to matter to many. If you need “back up” email me!!! Trump will make a difference and maybe drain the swamp. Canada is a great place but over the years has become draconian with rules and regs. I’ve hunted in the western part, fished in Ontario and enjoyed it but now I won’t go back.

    Contact Trump before the 13th!!!!!

    Terrance A. Shively, Whitehouse, OH. USA
  • Our Dear Howard, So often I want to give you and Anne a Big Hug for all you both do and put up with while standing up for all Freedoms in both our countries. I so admire you and Anne for that. I keep you in my daily prayers. May God protect you and yours. You are on the Right Side of He who gave us OUR FREEDOMS! Thank you for your wonderful, patriotic work for all of us. God will protect you both. God Bless You & Anne.

    Gerry Quinlan, St. Charles, Missouri
  • May the Resident Buffoons of the Canadian parliament and their Pom Pom Boy, who are proposing this dreck, be the first to experience the hazards of Islam and Shariah Law. Howard, you, Anne and your pets need to move to the U.S., permanently.

    Lamar Michael Krueger, Huntsville, Alabama
  • If the worst comes about……you know Vickie and I will do whatever we can to help.

    William And Vickie McCoy, Leander, TX
  • Sounds like Canada needs a Constitution like the USA has with the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and the rest of the Bill of Rights. It is highly unfortunate that at the Treaty of Paris when England was ready to give the USA Canada, the US representatives to the Treaty did not know this. From York eastward, the Brits were ready to give this territory to the Americans. How different things would have been.

    Jeffrey Zucker, Bellingham, WA
  • PLEASE, apply for political asylum here in the U.S.A. Here, you can continue writing without worry of being arrested.

    Charles Matheson, Sr, Elgin, Texas
  • America is not far behind you. We just got rid of a Muslim president, but not before he destroyed and disabled over half of our ships, planes and ammo. Now, how do we fight what’s going to happen? Thanks to Obama, his Muslim Brotherhood is getting ready for us. It will be very bloody, and literally heads will roll. Come on down to Texas at least until we are no longer safe. Ever been to Iceland?

    Peggy Johns Bland, San Antonio, Texas USA
  • H.G. IF you write and publish when you are in TX half the year would you STILL be subject to this horrific law? I will refer to it as Mayhem-103. If you would not, could you find a way to publish via the U S the other 6 months? This is APPALLING news….

    Judith Kay Ash, PRESCOTT VALLEY AZ
  • Let’s hope that Pres. Trump is aware of Canada’s MOTION M-103! Upon this passage, Canada would become just like France re: its over-population of MOSLEMS!Yes, a SECOND wall MAY also have to be built!Do people really need another 911 EXPERIENCE in order to WAKE UP re: the RADICAL ISLAMIST’S THREATS which are occurring all over the world?The GOODY-GOODY LIBERALS are the worst re: our Country’s SAFETY, as proven by their present opposition to BANNED IMMIGRATION! HG, you need to move to the US.AMEN!

    PAULINE M DEMERS, Woonsocket, RI - USA
  • The odious M-103 must be defeated… now or later! Regardless, can you publish your editorial before Feb 16th? Roger Jones, PEng, FEC.

    Roger Jones, Thornhill, Ontario
  • Howard, When I was last in Canada, many years ago, there was a joke that Trudeau was in the East and the rest of the “true” Canada was the West. That was then and this is now. Canada has fallen for the Trudeau’s idiot philosophy. Think about Texas, I would invite you, et al, to California but then we have our own “leadership” problems. Keep up, we will try to stand up. It will be a tough time for both Countries, but at least we have Trump! G-d Bless.

    Howard Brookfield, Whittier, California, United States
  • I don’t know wheter Trump knows, I would think much more likely that he does, than he doesn’t but, I’ll let him know about it any way. And all of you should also do the same. And pass this on so that we can start another wave of concern we have for our country.

    Tom Kopper, Titusville, PA
  • I think I’m going to be sick! It doesn’t surprise me that the grand, progressive leftist, Trudeau, is resorting to fascist tactics to get his way. Gee, what a surprise. Haven’t seen that one before.

    Joe Eliott, Montreal, QC
  • Howard, it’s time to apply for American citizenship! How on earth Canadians could even contemplate allowing such a measure to become law is inconceivable. May God have mercy on Canada.

    Karen Smith, Casselberry, FL USA
  • Howard, I would be curious to know whether George Soros and his minions happen to be supporting Mr. Trudeau and whether he is financially helping or standing on the sideline to see how most of the Canadian population respond after February 16, I feel this Guy has the morals of a snake and the PM doesn’t sound as if he cares at all for his people.

    Dale Hefner, Amarillo, Texas, United States
  • I agree with John and Francis. Relocate to Texas permanently and become a US citizen. And your wife too!I realize that it is not easy to leave your homeland, but you live in Texas half of the time now anyway. President Trump will welcome you and Ann and every your dog and cat! We should have 8 years of President Trump so you will ready to retire by the time he leaves office.

    George Pecoraro, Lower Burrell, PA
  • You are welcome here on the Frontier of Kansas too! If this thing passes on the 16th in Canada, I urge you to start the US Citizenship process. If passed it is the first step in silencing the masses. The next is silencing the press. After that, I hope we all have enough ammo stockpiled. They will not stop at Canada. Pray there remains some Christian conservatives still left in Canada’s Parliament. If not, continue to pray.

    Paul Kuzinski, Lawrence, Kansas, United States
  • What a heart-breaking article. I ‘feel’ for you and Anne when you head back to Canada if that ‘law’ passes. If it passes, Canada will soon be a haven. Heck in the four years the PM is in, Canada may very well become an Islamic nation. Wouldn’t surprise me if Trudeau doesn’t try it; he’s that goofy.

    Patricia Robinson, Waynesboro, VA
  • Howard, I just saw a video today about how the Moslems want Sharia Law both in Europe & the USA! I felt a fear like I have never felt before. We may have Trump but we also have some of the dumbest politicians on the planet!!! What they do NOT know is that they will NOT be in charge, should Sharia Law takes over. This will strictly be a full Moslem country, should it happen. The women politicians haven’t a clue just how badly they will be treated. Head to toe burkas, to start with.

    Mickey D Watson, Douglasville, GA, USA
  • A motion that’s passed is not law. Only a Bill becomes law. So this motion, if passed, will be an expression of Parliament but will not be binding or give anyone any legal rights, nor can it make any action illegal.

    David Sherman

    David Sherman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • In my state of total confusion about politicians, I can only say that you almost duplicate my attitude and views. I thought I knew Canada as I am heavily invested in natural resources there. I have more ex radical friends in the Ottawa area than I have friends in north Georgia. The beautiful, to me, Alice Hinther Design, recently messaged me on FB that her mum/my fishing buddy is very sick. I pray for her good health nightly. I will never again be able to drive north to fish with her again.

    John F. Morgan, Dalton, GA USA
  • Our boy wonder is meeting with President Trump very soon. I am hoping that someone in the US or Canada will make sure that President Trump is made aware of this pending new law and its consequences. Someone out there must have Trump’s ear and he must be informed as soon as possible. I am hoping that the President will do something about it. The Liberals are eroding our Freedom of Speech and must be stopped.

    George McLean, Greely, Ontario
  • This doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. His commie father destroyed the morale of this country with his far left views that brought in the Human Rights which in reality is only rights for the idiot lefties and their want for socialism. It gave the takers more power than the makers and it has disgusted me since the old man pinko brought it into law. M-103 can’t be allowed to happen. If he wants a new law, make it a law demanding assimilation.

    Jim Anderson, Victoria BC, British Columbia, Canada
  • If this passes in Canada I wonder how long it will take the democrat party of hate to start pushing this in America?

    Bud Brown, Deer Park, Washington, United States
  • YES, I am afraid. A personal friend actually voted for this moron “because he has nice hair”!!!!!
    I couldn’t confuse her with facts.


    Andy Reti, Toronto, ON
  • I have said for years, ever since Obabla stumbled into office that our Northern Border would be the point of entry for his brethren, they are here by the 1000’s.

    Paul Branch, Osprey, Florida USA
  • Wake up Americans, Canadians too. Those who committed 9-11 tower attacks were Muslims, dedicated Muslims. Bear in mind that the Koran says it is OK to lie if the lie will advance the cause of Islam. And now we have idiots in our governments who placate Islamists. Cities with cadres of Muslims immigrants do NOT assimilate. How can anyone, including left wing judges, or other idiots in government, tell the difference between a bad Muslim immigrant and a good Muslim immigrant? You can’t!

    Harold W Black, Sun City West, Arizona, United States

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