The Real Revolution Is Just Beginning


It was a GREAT Super Bowl. My team didn’t win. But then again, I wasn’t that invested in either Team. That said though, my Hat’s-Off to both Teams for Providing Great Competitive Entertainment.

AS FOR LADY GAGA . . . the Best I can say about her Performance . . . was that she didn’t Embarrass America like so many of her Fellow Entertainers. However, someone should point out to her, that she is No Dancer, and she’s kind of “Too Mature” to be wearing an outfit, where her Gut Hung over her Waistline, and the Bottom looked like a Rhinestone Diaper.


I am reading all over the “Map” . . . from the LEFT, the somewhat more moderate Media, RINOS, and even Trump Supporters, who are saying that they would VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN, but they wish he would just SHUT-UP and think before he Speaks and/or Tweets.


LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . REALLY CLEAR – Freedom in America and around the World is at TREMENDOUS RISK, since we are at WAR, and not just a Skirmish Here or There, but rather a FULL SCALE WAR, where WINNER TAKES ALL, and Losers can SUCK WIND.

AND IF YOU THINK . . . I’m referring to ISIS, The Moslem Brotherhood, and the Entire Host of Really Bad Moslem Actors, who are trying their Best to Wreak Havoc and TERROR Worldwide – THINK AGAIN.

I’m referring to our Friends, Families, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Educators, Entertainers, Media and all others who FILL THE BILL, who will STOP AT NOTHING, nor could STOOP TOO LOW to promote their LEFTIST Agenda of Socialism and One World Government.

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT . . . The Victory of Donald Trump is a Nightmare for PURVEYORS of LEFTIST One World Government Ideologues, supported by the STUPID, UNINFORMED, BRAINWASHED People we come into contact with everyday . . . people we call friends, family, co-workers, educators, media . . . and on and on and on.

The Socialist One World Government Movement seems for the time being, especially in Europe, where the EU is Scrambling to Survive, to be in Tatters, and could Temporarily be coming to an END, TEMPORARILY because they will NEVER Give Up.

AND AS A RESULT . . . the Panicked LEFT has Removed their Veneer of Civility, only to REVEAL to all who care to see, just how UGLY, VINDICTIVE & DANGEROUS they really are.

AND DON’T BE CONNED . . . The Villains who are PUSHING HARD for a LEFTIST One World Government, are the People in High Positions of Authority, also in all Business Fields, Education, Bureaucracies, Governments . . . which INCLUDE those people we have TRUSTED THE MOST, which certainly places the Media at the VERY TOP OF MY LIST OF VILLAINS.


THE ENTIRE LEFT HATE TRUMP FOR SHOW . . . The group the LEFT REALLY HATE, is you and me – the People who VOTED for or SUPPORTED Donald Trump, because without us, there would be no him. So, when these people portray Donald Trump as a Schmuck, Buffoon, Bull In A China Shop, Inarticulate, Far Right, Misogynist, Dangerous, Anti-Semitic, Pro-KKK, Anti-American, and ILLEGITIMATE, all of which are the EPITAPHS they’ve used and continue to use . . . IT’S NOT ABOUT DONALD TRUMP. IT’S ABOUT YOU AND ME.


IF YOU ARE OPEN TO REAL HISTORY AND TRUTH . . . The Nazis were NOT Conservatives as the LEFT wants us to believe. They were LEFTISTS, AKA“National Socialist German Workers Party”. CAN THAT BE ANY CLEARER?

THE NAZIS UNDERSTOOD . . . the Best Time in the LIFE of a Person to Brainwash Him or Her, was when He or She were most Impressionable . . . CHILDREN. So, you tell me, what are our LEFTIST Schools and LEFTIST Teachers doing to our Children?

NO ONE WAS A GREATER PROPAGANDIST THAN JOSEPH GOEBBELS . . . who made it clear, that the People will BUY ANYTHING, as long as you make the Lie Big Enough . . . and say it Often Enough.

And when you consider the LIES, which we, the People in the “Democratic” West have been Spoon-Fed from Kindergarten to Post Graduate Degrees . . . in the Media, ESPECIALLY in the Media, focusing on Television and Hollywood . . . from our Governments, at the Work Place, from One to Another . . . Perpetuating . . . and Giving Credence from One Lie To Another . . . IT’S NO MISTAKE that half the Population can’t differentiate between TRUTH & FICTION.

SO . . . when you Challenge a LEFTIST with the TRUTH, demanding an answer, what does it say when all they can do is Blather, Obfuscate and Deflect?


Last Week . . . Breitbart Editor – Milo Yiannopoulos – A Self Described Jewish, GAY, Conservative Activist, caused A Riot at Berkley . . . ONLY because he was supposed to Deliver a Speech to People who wanted to hear it. But, he was ONLY ONE amongst a Huge Number of Conservative Speakers, whom over the years have been STOPPED, more often than not by VIOLENCE, or the Risk of Violence from EXPRESSING their Constitutional RIGHT to Freedom of Expression.

YET – WHERE WERE THE MEDIA . . . the Supposed Bastion and Defenders of Free Speech, who should have Ridden In On Their Trusty Steeds, like the Cavalry of Old, with all Guns Blazing to SUPPORT Yiannopoulos’s RIGHT to Express Himself?

REMARKABLY . . . The MEDIA chose rather to highlight the Mayhem, by ignoring the REAL ISSUE, since if Yiannopoulos’s RIGHT to Free Speech was DENIED, what would STOP the Same Rioting THUGS from DENYING Freedom of Expression to the Media and EVERYONE ELSE?


YOU CAN HARDLY TURN ON ANY MEDIA . . . News-Talk and Even Entertainment, without being served a Daily Dish of . . . Trump said this, Trump said that. Trump’s Inner Circle is Falling Apart. Trump has a serious Leak Problem . . . Trump – Trump – Trump:

Remember what the Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels Said about TELLING THE LIE, because with every Broadcast and Printed Story, the LIES ABOUT TRUMP GET BIGGER & MORE CONSISTENT . . . to the Point, where Trump Supporters start to worry, and defend against the LIE as if it has a Modicum of Truth To It, instead of EXPOSING THE LIE FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS.


A Good Friend Of Mine . . . In Kingston Ontario, who is a Secular Jew like me, but also like me, is a Solid Supporter of Israel, told me the other day, that Trump doesn’t Pay his Bills. Trump Stiffs his Workers. Trump is a Misogynist. And Trump’s ONLY in it to Promote the Wealth of his Friends, which is why his Cabinet is being made up of BILLIONAIRES.

SO I ADDED THIS . . . Trump is also a Friend and Supporter of the KKK and Neo Nazis. And he also doesn’t like the Jewish People. To which my friend said . . . THAT’S RIDICULOUS, to which I responded . . . If you can believe all the other LIES about President Trump . . . WHY NOT BELIEVE THESE AS WELL.

There’s a HUGE OUTCRY against President Trump . . . for the very Large Number of Presidential Executive Orders he’s ISSUED since Day One, which is TRUE.

But, True or Not . . . this is also a SCURRILOUS Argument, since the Difference between the Executive Orders Issued by President Trump, to the Executive Orders Issued by Barrack HUSSEIN Obama, is that Obama’s ORDERS CREATED LAWS IN LIEU of the Congressional Process; while President Trump’s Orders REMOVED Obama’s Laws, bringing America Back to where it was before Obama’s Orders FLEW in the Face of America’s Congressional Government.


I DON’T LIKE BILL O’REILLY . . . I think Bill O’Reilly of Fox News, can hold his own against, with, and surpass just about any NARCISSIST we know of. O’Reilly NEEDS to be seen as the Smartest Guy In The Room – ALWAYS, let alone his phony self-deprecation as being a “Simple Man”.

So, when O’Reilly Interviews people like President Trump, it’s not just to give the People an Idea of Who, What and Where the President is coming from, but for O’Reilly to be seen as the man to be Matching Wits with the President of the United States of America . . . who is also the Commander-In-Chief of the Free World.

SO – WHEN O’REILLY . . . called Putin a KILLER, in his Super Bowl Interview with President Trump, and expected some form of approbation from the President, that Putin was indeed a KILLER, which was an incredibly BAD & STUPID Position to put the President in, since President Trump WILL NEED to Negotiate with Putin, which more or less says all that needs to be said about O’Reilly.

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RESPONSE WAS . . . America is NOT Lily White Either, since America has also done some pretty Bad Things, which set the STAGE for Trump Haters, and even Trump Supporters, to Jump all over the President, for Comparing America to a Known Killer like Putin. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT PRESIDENT TRUMP DID.


JUST IN CASE YOU CARE TO KNOW . . . There are no shortages of Non Americans and Americans who have ACCUSED the USA of SEVERE WAR CRIMES, including the Bombing of Hiroshima and the FOLLOW-UP Bombing of Nagasaki. The use of Agent Orange and Napalm in Vietnam. The “Secret” Bombing of Cambodia. The Slaughter of TENS OF THOUSANDS of RETREATING Iraqi Troops by A-10 Warthog Pilots and AC 130 Gun Ship Crews. The Torture and Dehumanization of Arab Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison. Waterboarding . . . ETC.

And what about Barack HUSSEIN Obama . . . who ORDERED the MURDER of “INNOCENT” Afghan Civilians, including Children by DRONE-FIRE, while they attended Weddings and other Family Events, or while Asleep in their Beds, just to Kill ONE Combatant?

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . The LEFT is out to get us, US BEING CONSERVATIVES who cherish INDIVIDUAL Rights, Freedoms, and a Meritocracy with Limited Government, who take PRIDE in Nation, Flag and the Right to Believe in GOD.


If what you want is a President who will Stand for all these things, and SPEAK OFF THE CUFF, as we all do in our own conversation, so we can get a REAL FEEL for who and what the President REALLY STANDS FOR, even when he MISSPEAKS, like we all do from time to time . . . HIS NAME IS DONALD TRUMP.

BUT, IF WHAT YOU WANT . . . is a President who delivers a Speech where every Word is Constructed, Spoken, Written, and Vetted by a Team of PR Jerks, so the President’s Words are MEASURED for the Media . . . YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR CROOKED HILLARY.

How’s That For An Easy Choice?

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. The president’s response to the barbaric actions of the Muslim fanatics is to remind us that centuries ago the Crusaders allegedly did some nasty things in the name of Christ. What a limp excuse from the limp excuse for a national leader. I hope Mr. Netanyahu is not somehow dissuaded from speaking to Congress next month. I want to hear a real leader speak.

  2. Another feather, stopping by MCDILL to thank and support the Military, class act, nice speech. More and more folks are getting on board, he is the real deal. Loved the Media reporting on the march outside Mar a Lago. Joke, they were kept across the Intracoastal in West Palm Beach while 800 attended the Red Cross Ball which raised Mega $$$$ at Mar a Lago.
    Just nice folks helping out so many that are need with their good fortune.

  3. Good article – thank you, Howard. Forwarded your comments to a couple of friends. Hope that is okay. Should have asked first.

  4. Howard: Right on for a strong North America we need a strong President in the U.S.A. To bad we have a Snowflake P.M. here in Canada.

  5. SuperBowl proved “Maturity and Experience” can overcome “Youth and Ability”! Given strong leadership, teams can “overcome half-time score” to tie, then win! Donald Trump is the right leader for our nation at this time! He is a “Patriot” who knows score isn’t in his favor, but he must “win this game” for the American people! (“Foreigners” don’t like his attitude, but “citizens” do!) “Fourth Quarter” for USA? “Game Over” for Democrats! Not yet- they are still hoping for a “tie” with enough lies!

  6. The Progressives, Dems and Leftists, as a Political force, are on the path to irrelevance.
    Their resistance to voter registration, and an extreme vetted immigration policy, will be their undoing. We will ultimately discover, both these policies will produce the desired results; safe secure America, and a Republican leadership, into the foreseeable future.

  7. a person i know who keeps using the bad adjectives when describing President Trump commented that she thought abortion was bad and how could women consider to use it. then she said she supported a ban to keep bad actors out of this country. iI almost couldn’t believe that my discussions about policy had made a dent. Just like you Howard keep telling the truth and we’ll change public opinion.go President Trump

  8. I hope Trump kills the Iranian Nuclear Deal and works with other countries to END Iran’s Nuclear Progress. Iran can Build as many Nuclear war heads as it wants in over 8 years. Total insanity. And if Trump has to use Force to same humanity …. Guess who the liberals will blame? Yup … more of these kind of media lies and attacks. So I’m glad he’s already got the liberal media on their heals by speaking out for when this time comes. Hopefully by that time the American people will Hear the Truth

  9. Thanks for another great article! I, too forward your editorials to others, many of whom are now faithful readers & supporters. I agree that O’Reilly is an annoying narcissist and seems to have gotten worse in the past couple of years. I rarely watch him anymore and didn’t watch his interview with Trump. I hope Trump refuses to allow him anymore time, as it seems O’Reilly is jealous that Trump actually won. Tucker Carlson’s show is great, but many of the other Fox hosts are not anymore.

  10. Very well said Howard as are all of your commentaries. You have put the description of our present political malaise in plain English. We need to wake up, the enemies of freedom are in plain sight. Thank you.

  11. Reading the book, Big Agenda by David Horowitz. He covers most of the leftist stragies over the last 50+ years, scary stuff. We conservatives need to street fight just as they do. Republican leadership has been chicken to fight back and still are. We need to support President Trump & hold congress accountable. Call, Tweet, email, Fax, etc. daily that they either step or pay the price at the ballot box. Fight back against the MSM & Hollywood via boycott and social media. Tweet against Schumer!

  12. Howard: Another ‘home run’ or should I say ‘touchdown’….game winning editorial…. perfectly outlining the truth about the NWO folks and their dreams and aspirations for one world, Orwellian rule by them. Thank you. I hope more people get the idea/truth of what’s REALLY going on around us in the name of fear, chaos and back breaking debt which leads to worldwide control of all…by a very few. They like to ‘create the problems, get our reactions and then present their solutions!!!

  13. Trump is not a PERFECT revolutionary. However, he is OUR revolutionary, and is doing everything he possibly can to make America great again. And Mattis was not a PERFECT general. But he is OUR Secretary of Defense, doing everything he can to make our military so massively effective that only fools would dare to challenge our might. I pity ISIS (or anyone) if they think they can stick their foolish heads into the mouth of THIS tiger. The result will be an unmistakable lesson not to mess with us.

  14. An’ another one – Bit the dust! Great blog today!!! Trump has a lot to do & only so much can be done in a 24 Hour period. I really like what he has done so far. He has hit a snag with the Immigration Ban on 7 Muslim Nations. But, he has countered with going to the Appeals Court. I personally think it is time to dissolve the ALCU – Forever!!! In the beginning, they were fighting for Civil Rights Abuse – Not so today. Today they are nothing but propaganda for the Far Left Alt!!! GO TRUMP GO!!!

  15. You don’t have to like the fellow down the street, just talking with him does not have to change your attitude towards him.
    Just because Trump talks with Putin does not mean Trump will change his attitude towards him, but it may. At any rate it would not hurt us to have Russia on our side when the time comes that we have to deal with China (and most of Asia). President Trump will do what he has to in the best interest of the US.

  16. You are correct Howard they will never ever give up, ever. So where dose that leave us? We will have to fight for it once again to survive.

  17. The game looked like it was orchestrated by Kellyanne Conway, slow beginning, superb finish, just how President Trump made it to the final. The left is in chaos in North America. Dump Trudeau and find a Canadian Trump. Interesting you noticed the belly bit hanging out LOL. It’s outrageous that the Legal beagles would dare to challenge the President. Trump will win and they will lose while jihadis can come in unlimited, unvetted.

  18. HG–your best sentence is–“…when you Challenge a LEFTIST with the TRUTH, demanding an answer, what does it say when all they can do is Blather, Obfuscate and Deflect?” Also, LIBERALS feel that they’re the only ones who can PRACTICE FREE SPEECH! Speaking of KILLERS–what about HILLARY’S being responsible for the MURDER of 4 American citizens in BENGHAZI and SHE blamed it on a VIDEO? Pres. Trump is NOT A POLITICIAN who uses PREPARED SPEECHES! He may MISSPEAK at times, but he is SINCERE. AMEN!

  19. The left is panicked! However,so am I . If they win…all that we and our ancestors built is gone. What you will have in charge is the hate that you see in the media and on the streets.

  20. Acquaintances of mine it turns out have made Sports into a political metaphor of sorts, or worse represent sports as indicative of how far leftist pollution extends into Major league events.
    I was shocked to hear that the Super bowl was a chance for the Black team (Falcans) to beat up on the Whites (patriots) they seemed oblivious that both teams were mixed racially. Hatred was directed at Tom Brady because he was Trump supporter. What next – NFL/Media bans on conservative players?

  21. “LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR . . . The LEFT is out to get us…” OK…If it’s a war they want then I say, “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”…We have all the guns and the guts, the real men and women and moral fiber hardened by toil and struggle – what does the left have…metrosexuals and feminists, homosexual-shame paraders, protest signs and purses, LOL…Well, they have hooked up with Islam…So if the swamp’s to be drained, LET’S GET ‘ER DONE!

  22. Right on, Howard. And a war it is. Maybe we are expecting more from Trump than he can deliver in just a few weeks. He and his admin are just warming up. He has good people around him. The Communists used our courts to get where they are, and they will continue. The GOP had better get rid of the wimps….NOW.

  23. When President Trump spoke about America, it was the government, not the people. Four chances I think this gov’t had to stop Islam terorrist or greatly subdue them when nothing was done during the Black September hyjackings’, killing of the Marines in Beruit, when Clinton had the choice to take and arrest of Osama bin Laden and finally the underground bombing of the Twin Towers. All in the gov’t take an oath to proctect the ConstitutionotUSA or WE the people.

  24. Right on. I winder how Trump is going to deal with all the men in black robes that think they can make laws and they are getting by with it. But in all fairness to lady Gaga. I thought her performance was excellent. For Lady Gaga anyway. The outfit she had on to start with, that looked like she was diapered, was needed to support the weight of her body hanging from the ropes. You cannot just wrap a rope around the waist and swing from it. I tried that when i was a kid. It does not work.

  25. Right on Howard, and despite Bill O’Reilly’s desire to be the smartest guy in the room, I kinda like him. Moreover, he usually is the smartest guy in the room. A little like you. ;<) Please take this as a compliment.

  26. Howard, regarding the media. Our local newspaper is so leftist it is a crime. They never miss an opportunity to denigrate Donald Trump. Of course Trudeau’s constant foibles get little press. Last week in parliament he was filmed using his cell phone, not paying any attention to what was taking place around him. Not mentioned in the local paper. However some female city workers used a city vehicle to go to the Woman’s March, without permission. Was reported. These are interesting times.

  27. Get off Lady Gaga’s back. She is a very talented singer and performer. She is original and refreshing. Her voice has perfect pitch. I like her creative costumes. She is GREAT! She had the good sense not to bash President Trump in front of the VEEP and 2 wounded soldiers and millions who voted for him. .
    Sports and politics are like oil and water. They do not mix. Why can’t Tom Brady he a Trump supporter. Get off his back too!
    Some goes for owner Mr. Kraft!

  28. Howard, we are so tired of the slanted news that we have stopped watching CBC, Global, NBC. ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN and the BBC. If we do watch, its only until we can’t stomach the bias. Much the same for radio. When ever “majority of the voters” comes up, people forget that many presidents did not have a majority, such as Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln won with 38% of the “popular vote”. The US system uses an Electoral College, not First Past The Post.

  29. Roosevelt worked with Joe Stalin in a very friendly manner. He is one of histories greatest terrorists and mass murderers. Makes Putin look like an alter boy. No Problem. O’Reilly is an ass.

  30. Howard, I second that about O’Reilly (oh, really?)…NARCISSIST is putting it lightly. He always interrupts when people are getting ahead of him…we can’t let that happen after all he is “a simple man”.

  31. Howard, Huge KUDOS for today’s blog!! Couldn’t be more succinct or accurate. Trump is on the right track if we will only stay aboard for the ride. Many thanks for your courage and contribution. Boss and Shirley, Modesto, CA

  32. I’m hoping and praying that people who are so against Trump will begin to see the “shining light” of capitalism and realize there is something better out there. Do you realize that there is an entire generation out there that has never experienced the “good life”. Instead they have been told that this is the way it is and life will never be the same again and we the government will supply all of your needs. Just wait 18-24 months when the capitalism ball starts rolling along.

  33. Wow! What a commentary. I don’t think saying you hit the nail on the head is giving you enough credit for today’s post. Bravo.

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