Beyond What Candidate Trump Thought


When Donald Trump, the Candidate for the Leadership of the Republican Party Campaigned, I don’t recall him ever saying “WE HAVE TO DRAIN THE SWAMP”.

But . . . when Primary Candidate Trump became Republican Candidate Trump Versus Crooked Hillary, somehow along the Campaign Trail, a NEW MANTRA & CHANT EMERGED FROM THE PEOPLE . . . “DRAIN THE SWAMP”.

And . . . As Candidate Trump said repeatedly on the Campaign Trail . . . that the Chant of “DRAIN THE SWAMP” came at a Complete Surprise to him, Trump the Candidate quickly made “DRAIN THE SWAMP” part of his Mantra, which either equaled or surpassed “BUILD THE WALL & LOCK HER UP”.

It’s not that the People don’t want President Trump to “BUILD THE WALL”, which the Majority really does. And it’s not that the People wouldn’t love to see Crooked Hillary “LOCKED-UP”, and Bill Clinton TOO for that matter . . . But the REALITY of the Times, at least as it seems to me, is that the MOST IMPORTANT PROMISE amongst many, is that the People REALLY want President Trump to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” ASAP!


There are so many SWAMP CREATURES in Government, it’s hard to know where to begin to look for the First that Needs to be DRAINED MOST, so I’ll make it easy and rely on the MASSIVE SENTIMENT I ALWAYS HEAR/READ . . . In Just Two Words – It’s Called TERM LIMITS.

Like all Thinking People living in a FREE WESTERN STYLE DEMOCRACY, I despise the FACT, that our Politicians, through their own Political and Bureaucratic Devices, are able to CREATE Circumstances for themselves, which are so far ABOVE & BEYOND what you and I can EVER hope to enjoy . . . In PERPETUITY during their Natural Lifetime on our AFTER-TAX Hard Earned Money, that it is nothing short of being CRIMINAL.


IT’S BAD . . . REALLY BAD – To the Point of being IMMORAL, just how our Politicians & Bureaucrats have Carved out their Own Special World at our Expense . . . But it becomes even MUCH WORSE, when you see how our Politicians and Bureaucrats have become ARROGANT, CONDESCENDING & FAR REMOVED from the Real World and the People who FINANCE ALL OF THEIR PERKS & PRIVILEGES, that the People JUST WANT TO SEE THEM GONE.


OK . . . John McCain was an American War Hero during the Vietnam War. But so were EVERY Man and Woman who also SERVED in Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, The Spanish American War, the Civil War, the Barbary War Against the Moslem Pirates, and the US Revolution.

John McCain is NO MORE A HERO, than the Men and Women who SERVED and are Still Serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Elsewhere around the GLOBE . . . So ENOUGH with the CRAP that John McCain was a War Hero, which does ENTITLE him to receive the Nation’s Gratitude . . . BUT NOT AMERICA’S VOTES FOREVER.

PERSONALLY . . . I don’t think John McCain was ever a Great Senator. But then again, I don’t think MOST Politicians in the House or the Senate are all that GREAT. And when we see how America has FALLEN for Decades and Generations under their CONTROL . . . I think they’re all FULL OF BS, and aren’t worth the cost of the Paper and Ink their Salary and Perk Checks are Written-On.


ALL FEDERAL COURT JUDGES ARE APPOINTED . . . More than 600-District Court Judges, about 200-Appeal Court Judges, and the 9-Supreme Court Judges . . . BUT NOT ONE OF THEM IS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE.

THE ARGUMENT IS MADE . . . that all Federal Court Judges are VETTED & APPROVED by the Senate, which is Elected by the People . . . IPSO FACTO, the Judges have been Approved by the People, via the People’s Elected Senate, which “MIGHT” have MERIT, if the Senate wasn’t such a Disgrace.


I BRING-UP JUDGES . . . Because just YESTERDAY, a Federal Judge, JAMES ROBART, APPOINTED by George W Bush, PASSED JUDGMENT ON THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, declaring that President Trump’s Executive Order to “TEMPORARILY” Delay the Immigration of People from 7-Islamic Countries to the USA . . . IS NOT CONSTITUTIONAL.


TODAY . . . As I’m writing this Editorial – it is Saturday February 4, 2017, WHICH IS A FACT. Yet, this Seattle Judge, Far Removed from Washington DC, who was NEVER Elected by ANYONE to have the Position and the Authority he currently has, could DECLARE that today is NOT SATURDAY & NOT FEBRUARY 4, 2017, And That Would Become The Law, until someone Turns to another UNELECTED JUDGE from a Higher Court, who will Rule the Opposite. But by then, the damage is done.

SO PLEASE TELL ME . . . Where in the United States Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights does it specifically GIVE UNELECTED JUDGES, the Right and Power to CREATE Laws and DISMISS Laws at their Whim?

Because . . . if the American Judiciary really has this Type of Power, America is not a REPUBLIC Based upon the Rule of Secular Laws as was Established from the Beginning, but rather, a Country GOVERNED BY UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS, who were and are nothing MORE than Lawyers, who were APPOINTED by Politicians to Wear Black Robes.


When the People Chanted “DRAIN THE SWAMP” at Trump Rallies, I have serious DOUBTS that Candidate Donald Trump Imagined how Deep, Infested, and Powerful the SWAMP really was. But now that he knows . . . he has 4-Years to get the Job Done, with hopefully 4-More Years to replace it with something much better, because it’s hard to imagine MUCH WORSE.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

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  1. I have come to believe that the fundamental problem is that Islam is a very flawed religion. The only difference between the “peaceful” Muslims and the radical Muslims is location and opportunity.

  2. Lately everything you say is so right on…. I just can’t wait till it’s all fixed, once and for all.

  3. Amen to your thoughts above.
    I have long proclaimed that the greatest voting block in the U.S. is the bureaucracy. Throw in all those folks sucking on the government teats including contractors, counselors, researchers, education entities (elementary up), etc.
    The intellectual elite are the guiding lights of this voting block.
    Our Judicial system is filled with lawyers with little or no serious experience who are the product of liberal arts teachers.

  4. Another great editorial Howard. The liberal idiots moved north from California to the west side of Washington and ruined the state. Keep up the good work Howard, I look forward to your editorial every day.

  5. I am so glad that posted this message defining to the American and Canadian people, on either side of the isle, just what “Draining The Swamp” has come to mean. This should be our highest priority. Let’s hope Trump gets the job done.

  6. The basic problem is that we REALLY need the Supreme Court hear arguments to review and rule ON the JOB of a Judge. The two positions are voluminus, is a JUDGE’s Job to interpret our law or to change it as it is proposed to him/her.
    The founding fathers laid down such a superbly positive and clear foundation, it is ABSOLUTELY the “real deal”, and should be held as such since ONLY the Legislature can create or change law.
    And if they can’t write a good law get new legislators!!!!!

  7. How many times has Trump said certain things which no one believed, but were proven to be true in the long run? The LIBERALS FEAR Trump so much, hence this is the reason WHY all those VICIOUS RALLIES are occurring. He’s only been in office for 2 wks. & look at everything he’s already accomplished–promises which he had made! AND, he has just BEGUN to DRAIN THE SWAMP! One would have thought that of all people, MCCAIN would understand what Trump is doing to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! AMEN!

  8. Heard a commentary yesterday that the ‘liberal’ judges call ANYTHING THEY don’t like – unconstitutional! There are many things on Trump’s plate that require change. They ALL can’t be changed in two short weeks. Clown Schumar and his idiots are doing their best to thwart, disrupt, delay, deny ANY of Trump’s decisions – so deep is their hate and loathing. Term limits SHOULD be enacted and…retroactively. Illinois NEVER sees Durbin until election time. Middle fingers up to all of them!!

  9. Howard, I have screamed Term Limits for decades!!! Congress saw the need for the Office of the President & it was approved & ratified by the States. I honestly don’t think any of the States would not approve Term Limits on US Senators & US Representatives. The issue is getting both the US Senators & US Representatives to propose a bill & pass the bill. They defend their right to serve as long as they want by the US Constitution!!! I am behind a Term Limits bill – 100%!!!

  10. Wow again, dear Howard, I cannot find any comment appropriate enough to commend you on this one. Canada is even more in need of a thorough drains cleansing. In the States, at least, a good 50% always reject the Obama types. Here, a year and a half later, Baby Trudeau’s favorability percentage is still close to 70%!!! His reactions to the Quebec massacre are beyond the pale. I caught him on CBC (that I usually NEVER watch) adjuring us all to remedy to the situation by CODDLING the terrorists!!!

  11. “There are so many SWAMP CREATURES in Government, it’s hard to know where to begin to look for the First that Needs to be DRAINED MOST.” – One could start with, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by G. Edward Griffin, and move forward from there…But judicial tyranny, especially at the Supreme’s level, is subverting the constitution…and destroying America and the West! Oh and never, ever say – “…because it’s hard to imagine MUCH WORSE.” – it can always get worse…much worse!

  12. AMEN, PERHAPS AN EDITORIAL about the DEEP STATE would be appropriate. President Trump vs. The Deep State. Or is Donald Trump really just a member of the Deep State ? In time, all shall see.

  13. Nailed it, again. First President in a long time actually doing what he promised and folks go nuts. Had to live thru 8 years of of bs, glad its over.

  14. Term limits have been needed for decades and since Congress won’t do it then WE THE PEOPLE must convene a Convention of States to get it done. We only need one more state to have the 2/3 needed. Look to your state and get involved. I have collected pages for Term Limits and will continue to do so. It is time to take our government back!

  15. I was so disgusted at this judge and thought to myself, ” Who is HE to over ride the President?” How in the world can they twist the Constitution? BTW they also twist the Bible so why would they not twist anything they despise. I am so sick of the Trumpaphobia, the riots , the stupidity and ignorance of these Left-wingers. It is just plain evil. I am concerned about where this is all headed. This is a struggle between good and evil for sure.

  16. Howard: Excellent analysis once again of the situation at hand and what ‘we the people’ are ‘Fed’ up with in our govmt. and so-called leadership….never mind the ‘bottom line’ called debt. This is your ‘second editorial’ in a row that is an ‘out of the park’ homer and be assured that we in Canada have all of the same ’embedded swamp’ conditions as the US. Many of us feel that the ‘team’ ELECTED by the people in the US is our only chance for N.A. to avoid all of the EU mgmt. mistakes lately.

  17. Speaking of the swamp, in the inimitable words of the great philosopher Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

  18. Pres. Trump as Commander-In-Chief has issued an Executive Order that makes it more difficult for terrorists to infiltrate the United States. We are at war with terrorism and the President is attempting to protect America. Kennedy did the same thing with the Cuban Blockade. It is treasonous to stand in the way of these measures. The judge who ruled the order unconstitutional should be taken immediately off the bench and tried as a criminal.

  19. Look how hard Mr. Harpers government worked to get mandatory minimum sentences legislated only to have Canadian Supreme Court stab him in the back. He even appointed some of them under the auspices of being conservative thinkers and using common sense. But, these glorified lawyers pissed down his back and told him it was raining. Progressive thinking judges are a complete detriment to any Judeo-Christian society and democracy simply fails to exist!

  20. Does anyone really believe that Congress — i.e. our Senators and Representatives, will ever pass a law limiting their own
    terms of office?? They would be destroying their own privileged status such as free health care, expense accounts, obscene retirement income, etc. This proposal must be placed on a ballot and voted upon by we, the people. Are we willing to circulate petitions for signatures to this effect? It’s the only way term limits will happen.

  21. I have been of the opinion for over 20 years that TERM LIMITS should have been put in place IN THE FIRST PLACE! Then, perhaps, we would NOT be facing the crises we are now. As usual, Howard, YOU ALWAYS seem to be able to read my mind. Well done!!!

  22. Perhaps President Trump is trying to draw these people who do have power out into the open. Now that we are aware of what someone like this “so called judge” can do it is our turn to do what we can to get them out of power. Sorry to see it is on the communist controlled west coast where freedom and common sense are low on the totem pole. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I was unaware these un-elected judges had that much power.

  23. Well sir being a mother I would not like to see any of our children go to war & most mothers do not. But if it takes a Fonz to get this world back in shape again, against the nut cases ISIS then it must be done. God help us all. AS for the politicians in D.C. they should have been kicked out long time ago. Some of them are as old as Gramma Moses, they sure as all get out need to get out of Dodge for sure. That does not mean with the salaries they have either. Let them live off of their annietie

  24. When nancy polosi (the wicked witch of the west) was elected as her first house majority leader she stated “drain the swamp”She is one of the major members of the swamp.

  25. This sanctuary city thing is out of control. We should not pay for it…it makes no sense…illegal is illegal. People have lost all common sense when it comes to this and gender base. Trump is doing all the right things but is being screwed at every turn….just let him “drain the swamp”!

    Check out the sheriff from WS….another great person!

  26. Again, you, as a Canadian, understand our thinking and beliefs, far greater than the liberals on both coasts. Great things are achieved in very small increments. The nomination of Betsy DeVos is the first step in taking back the minds of our young. That is an absolute necessity if our Constitutional nation is to survive. Little by little has been the approach of the American Communist Party, going back to Gus Hall, for decades. Circa 1966, Barron’s had a long article on this subject.

  27. I was shocked that a RHINO judge in leftist Seattle has this kind of power. There is something very wrong when an appointed judge has more power than the POTUS. And in addition we have riots impacting free speech (against the right) and no one gets arrested. Us conservatives need to start raising hell with our elected officials. Maybe counter marches. Never seen anything like this in my life!

  28. The original quotation is: “When you are up to your ass in alligators, it is difficult to remember that your initial objective was to clean out the swamp!” MSM is using “Mushroom Management” (“keeping us in the dark; feeding us bullshit”)! Judges are now “taking the law into their own hands” by “misinterpreting” the Constitution! “Foreigners” are used to “Having things their way” and totally disrespecting “citizens”! Who is America for today? Anybody who lives here or who was born here? No way!

  29. I may have posted this before, but term limits will not be passed by congress. There is no way that the bill introduced by Senator Cruz will pass because few will vote themselves out of office.

    Term limits will only be done by an Article V Convention of States meeting.

  30. Hello Howard,

    Thanks for your excellent article, as usual your on FIRE 🔥….keep up the good work! Any chance, you have any good insights into the best Leader to support for the Conservative Party???

    Would LOVE to see your opinions in this matter.

    Thanks, again


  31. McCain was an admiral’s brat. He’s no more a war hero than you or I. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Surviving a POW camp does not make him a hero. Period. Full stop.

  32. Lindsay Graham bragged today on TV how he voted for Kagan(UGH) Does this make him stupid? pliable? spineless?, Rino? This administration is still filled with Obama appointees and these are the ones who didn’t ruin this country completely with Obama in 8 yrs, so they are going to do all they can to finish the job. These protestors are paid by George Soros, et al. They admit it. Pray for the safety of Trump.

  33. 4 years? why not 8?
    Don’t you prefer the optimism of Tom Hanks “I hope the president-elect does such a great job that I vote for his re-election in four years.”
    This time Political correctness only lasted until the curtain in the ballot booth closed.
    Draining the swamp starts with the reset of the AG’s and the elimination of the RINO careerists in Federal management. Careerists; because in the real world what they feared “your fired” that’s why they hey sought PC Federal manager spots.

  34. We go from Rent A Mob, to Rent a Judge to the NEA blocking ($) the Election of our new Education Secretary. There sure are a lot of people to eliminate.

  35. Correct me if I’m wrong, but generally speaking, what prevents a Gov’t from doing anything it wants just by passing any law it wants? It seems to me that the only check and balance for the Gov’t itself is the Judiciary. i.e. the Gov’t must be compliant to the very constitution that the country is founded on. If a Law is challenged and a logical argument is made, then can’t a law be found to be unconstitutional and the Gov’t must comply with the ruling?

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